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fire and homemade pizza

"Fires, Home made Pizza, & Mohair jumpers- staying warm @ Kalorama."

April 15th

Sometimes it's the simple things in life - that give you a moment to ponder life. Today i did my washing-that was my moment.

Finally after 3 attempts my portal on the AEC election page works, I accepted working at the election. Hurrah.

Great visit from Laura and Kevin. Easter eggs, good friends and Kevin made this awesome metal garden flower piece of art for Marky. It's very cool, perfect for Ailsa Craig.

I give them both some oddball advice on Egypt . I think your first visit to Egypt is always the most exciting as you are like a sponge and just take in all those colours, smells (donkey shit?) the people and the places.

I get a call around my Pre Poll work area for the Election, am excited, happy to put in the long hours. I love seeing Democracy at work.

April 16th

Nice to chat to our mate Trudi, she gets us 100%. As soon as the world settles a bit, we are catching up. Which is always fun, we've known her for ages now. She's a good egg (is that an easter joke?).

Shocked about the fire engulfing Notre Dame catherdral in Paris. The spire crashing down did my head in. Amazing isn't it that governments etc can act so quickly around money for repairs yet are so exceptionally slow around helping the starving , homeless and poor.

I completed my first election test, it was like doing my HSC all over again, took awhile but managed 94% which isn't too bad. Guess a few brain cells are still rattling around in my old head!

April 17th

Nice that we still here from fans and frenz every single day . Such a good bunch, those many years i will always cherish. Mark found a handful of those cool orange Enz Millennium shirts , and in XL sizes. Good old Noel Crombie signing them, now that is a COOL thing. maybe Noel IS God! or at least a very arty fallen angel!

I took some "me" time and watched TV, felt very weird to do in the afternoon. I really enjoyed "The Cook & the Chef" on the ABC. Excellent recipes.

April 18th

A bit nutty today, so i take it slow. I work in the garden , eat healthy and ride my bike. A very black dog day, I'm lucky i have so few. Grab myself by my ears and pull myself out of it (yes a fun visual for you dear reader).

April 19th

Good Friday and i have the urge to be Bad. Can't someone invent "Bad Monday"? That could be fun.

We are spending three full days on the yard project. Mark has the vibe for it. Removing dozens of massive Viburnums, they've gone gone past their use by date, way too huge to even trim. Massive strip back . Our place has pretty much full privacy and it's nice to control it a bit, otherwise it will end up looking crappy. Hell it will be great to see this awesome house again from a different perspective. So shovels out, ripped jeans on, we go for it big time. Work till 5.00 . Lots of music playing.

Visit our friend Mary with some eggs and flowers for easter. Maybe I am being good on Good Friday after all! Ha!

April 20th

MAX Tv's "1000 Greatest songs" is on over Easter, our beloved Skyhook boys do well , four songs in this year. I also cast a vote for Split Enz "I see Red" it peaks at #149. Our Official Skyhooks facebook page gets 40 more "likes" today, maybe that is due to the video exposure on Max?

Yes back to the yard project. Extra cool that you can now see both Sphinx. I love the stone work on these, very very old, takes 4 people to move them. The water feature woman fountain is appearing out of the wild bushscape. I get the lovely task of clearing out 14 years of slush, and mud. I bury some of it in the garden and compost bins, as it is full of nutrients. So back into the soil it goes. I expect exceptional vegetables next year. I refill the huge water base, and keeping my fingers crossed that some families of frogs move in. Otherwise i'll have to go to the creek and borrow some tadpoles.

We are both worn out, fall asleep on Marks chest on the couch. We certainly put in a big day.

April 21st

I cook us breakfast. I woke up early and just had the vibe to do so.

Our third and final work in the yard day. We now have 18 giant haystack piles ready for the big burn in May. I shred, compost etc as much as possible but in the end , the only way to get rid of this much is a burn. Thankfully we have all those mighty gums to suck in the carbon.

We watch 'Earthquake' on Bluray tonight. We love a good classic disaster film. Pamela Ewing with that giant wig...love it.

April 22nd

I complete my second election training, this one seemed harder, scored another 94% , so that's a pass. I'm just happy that the online stuff is over, just leaves 2 physical training sessions. Mark flips out that it all seems so "endless", but i get it, they want every aussie that is registered to vote to have their say. If we stuff it up at our end then peoples votes may not be counted so it's important to get it right.

Today is a weird day , you know when you wake up and it seems like something isn't right. You can't put your finger on it and that feeling lingers all day. But nothing happens.... all in the head? Perhaps? perhaps not.

April 23rd

Chat to Sis, MIM's about to lose her first tooth , which is cute. It falls out while she is on a jumping castle, so everyone had to stop jumping till she located the missing tooth for the tooth fairy to collect later that night! Cute.

April 24th

I head into the office for an hour and wrap and box a few more items. Do the drive and get them posted. Just a couple but thats a few less to worry about. Doing everything at our speed at the moment , just making sure my best friend is ok.

April 25th

Anzac Day.

A bit sad the Dawn service no longer happens at Kalorama, but sometime later on. So i don't go. I head off and pick some of our flowers for the shrine at Kalorama oval which is usually ignored. Good to see 2 other people have left flowers this year. I stand and observe some silence while the wind blows the golden leaves in little spirals around the shrine. The oval looks awesome with it's leafy colour and those majestic pines.

I watch the Commemorative Ceremony for Indigenous Australians who served in the Australian forces. It was at 'The Rock" on the slopes of Mt Ainslie in Canberra, just exceptional. A majestic setting. The young soldier playing the Didgeridoo truly awesome.

Chat to Andy White in the afternoon, he called to check on Marky which was nice of him. Looking good for another Andy show in Melbourne in late May. Details down the track.

April 26th

Nice to talk to Nigel from the Enz today. We seem to catch up every 2nd week. Tried to call Noel but have a feeling they are down the coast again on holidays at the camping ground.

Loved LOVED the last episode of Gotham! It's become our favourite show from The Flash, legends etc. Sad that it has ended.

April 27th

Shit it was cold last light. Insane for late April. I had to get up early from my nice warm bed and do the drive for the election training class. Was worried about traffic so I left early and of course arrived early. So wandered about a very large lifeless building area, the few seats outside had ciggy butts everywhere and of all things mummified banana skins. Why the hell are people so stupid to continue smoking in 2019? I ended up sitting in my car. Training was fine, 2 hours later, the people I'm working with all seem really nice.

The weather got worse in the afternoon , so we had the fire roaring away, I made a really good home made Pizza from scratch and borrowed one of Markys mohair jumpers. It's one of my faves, his lovely Mum knitted it , fits Mark perfectly but is so huge on me.

We decided something throw away to watch, so Independence Day on Bluray ... !

April 28th

Get a call from Bongo Skyhook, he's going to visit us today which is really nice. It has been awhile since we've seen him, so this was fun. It seems a million years ago since he was our Guarantor at the little flat in Toorak , when we first arrived in Melbourne, a very kind generous moment from him, one we will always owe him for. We had a chuckle when he said we had become "domesticated' ..HA! Maybe, maybe Not! Banshee makes a rare visit and wanders up and meows hello. She's such a Skyhook fan!

Latest "disaster" movie viewed by us was "Airport" on blu ray. Such an oddball movie but we still like it. We domestically snuggle up to watch it. (: (: (:

So tomorrow the pre-polling is underway for the Federal Election. So work for me, away from Email etc for 2 weeks, and probably Sheepbook too, so don't panic if you don't hear from me for 14 days.

Another year is flying by, how strange that May is around the corner and another birthday for me on the 11th! It all rolls by way too quickly.

Stayin' Warm


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