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On the 24th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

On the 24th day of Christmas my true love gave to me... 3 peacocks screeching and a Kookaburra in a pear tree.

November 18th

It's such a nice day, we dedicate it to working in the yard. It sounds boring to some I guess but after 38+ years in an office, on a plane or a tour bus, it's a delight to be surrounded by nature and beautiful weather.

I hear from Sis and MIM scores the highest award at school, god she is doing well. Great that she loves to learn, like a little sponge soaking it all in. very excited that we will be seeing them at Christmas.

It's another beautiful day here, so a bus day to the coffee place. As i approach the bus stop near our house I start to laugh. Sitting up by the bus sign is a kangaroo , just sitting upright like he is waiting for the bus. I'm careful as i approach, fearful he might jump in front of a passing car. He turns around and hops back into the bush. A nice start to my day. I never grow tired of seeing our awesome Aussie creatures.

November 19th

While the weather is good and only a few weeks left to burn off, we decide to tackle the dead tree and remove the mighty stump. It's huge and the roots run deep. It takes forever but we stand determined and finally get it out of the ground. What an effort, we are both absolutely worn out and collapse together on the ground. Somehow we got it onto the wheelbarrow, so heavy that the tyre is dragging along the ground. Into the fire you go, you big bastard.

We both wolf down our homemade hamburgers during dinner, all that yard work sure creates an appetite.

November 20th

I start on our little piece for the "Birds...." book. It might not be what they want, but I'll give it a shot. It's not too hard to look back on our relationship but I'm trying not to be repetitive around quotes etc that we've already used. Still it's really an honour to be asked , I guess after all these years to be in such a stable loving relationship is pretty cool. Joined at the hip.

November 21st

This gigantic wind storm hits Melbourne. Quite ferocious by the time it arrives at Mt Dandenong. Our power goes out for a few hours, trees are down elsewhere, but Ailsa Craig is nice and safe. The storm stops and eventually the power comes back on. 45 minutes later it's started up again and the winds are really picking up speed. We hear giant trees crashing to the ground elsewhere and the power goes off again, this time for 16 hours. Many people would get freaked out , no tv, no foxtel, no sheepbook. It's a chance for candle lit romance, and we did this weird thing. We sat around a table and had a conversation- how absolutely Retro is that! I wonder if it will catch on. I light up the Loo with candles for photos, we played candle lit Pool and even went for a walk under the stars. Maybe it's the universe telling us all to get back to basics, even if it's just for a moment.

November 22nd

Mark has wanted to remove this big tree limb that fractured in one of the storms. Too high for ladders and even throwing a rope. I take charge, and point out that my skills as Bat Boy will come in handy. I create a rough Batarang and tie some thin rope to it and I wield it well. Straight up and around the branch , tie on the rope and pull it up. Soon we have the tree limb down on Terra firma. Now we just have to find a way to cut it. Our main chainsaw is in need of a service and the chainsaw place has closed up. We'll work it out. Meanwhile Mark starts sawing off some pieces with a handsaw. What an effort... and thank you Batman for giving me Batarang skills at an early age.

I head to the art room and work on some Christmas art canvas for mates for Xmas. They are a bit too nice for me but i'm rolling with the Christmas spirit early this year.

November 23rd

My hair is trimmed, short for swimming as the pool opens soon. A new dye job, "Bittersweet chocolate" is the colour , does that mean i can eat my hair. I have to keep Mary away from it with her love of chocolate.

I receive a nice early morning mauling from Banshee. I look like I have been fighting with a wolverine, so many scratches. Naughty kitty. The feral cat in her rose to the surface.

November 24th

LOVE the Michael Hutchence "Mystify" documentary that was on the ABC tonight, great edits, great footage. It's really worth seeing. Kylie looks just beautiful without her make up. Our friend Jen Brown penned the recent book on Michael, along with his sister Tina. ("My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS"). So I must have a read of that too. I keep forgetting to buy it.

Mark spoils me by converting my Angels Live at Collegians May 1979 cassette to a cdr. I just LOVE it, it's a bit muffled, after all it's just from our cassette player all those years ago. So many memories come rushing back. We are chatting just how kind lead singer Doc Neeson was to us. We always seemed to be broke and just have enough money for train fare home during those teenage years. A few times Doc would buy us dinner or grab food from the band room. We saw them at Bomaderry and once again we were hungry so he wandered out with a big foil wrap of chicken satay and spring rolls. Chicken satay was rather exotic for the 2 wollongong kids at that time. Fun days. sad he is no longer with us. He really has become an Angel!

November 25th

We are loving "Kingdom of the White Wolf" on cable. Ronan Donovan is kind of cool and you can tell he really loves these creatures. Some exceptional footage. Filmed in the desolate Arctic , Ellesmere Island, a landscape uninhabited by humans. One to check out.

I have an idea for a Christmas card, for us. A bit of fun.

November 26th

Happy Birthday to Maz and Toija. Tow wonderful ladies that we love. Have a great day gals! Nice to have lovely phone chats with both of them.

We are packing up the 4WD and heading to Little Desert for some desert training. Fear not we are not joining Isis!!!!

We are near our friend Marys new house so a quick surprise visit which is a lot of fun. Next I drive to Aldi as I heard they had cheap harmonicas (don't ask) but all sold out. I do manage to grab some things from the Chemist Warehouse that is near it , and get a script filled out for some Stillnox for an upcoming international flight. I love wandering down the aisles of the Chemist place, so many fascinating things.

November 27th

On the drive to the desert we call into Bunnings and buy a new mini chainsaw, a great price and handy to have. It will do till the big baby is serviced. Marky is frothing at the mouth to use it.

November 28th

I'd forgotten how cold the nights can get , especially after super hot days here. We did well today. Adding a few more skills to what we have. Still a bit of a secret.

November 29th

I see Scumo's Union Busting Bill fails, to pass the senate. A slap in the face for the coalition- Hanson and Lambie get the thumbs up, crossing over to vote with Labor & The Greens.

November 30th

So nice and peaceful here, I finish a first rough of the piece for Jen Brown. Still not sure if it's what they actually want.

My arms and legs ache from too much hiking. I dream of a long , deep hot bath. get the desert sand out of my ears. Not long to go now.

December 1st

We clear the post office box on the way home and our first Christmas Card has arrived. All the way from Plymouth, Sal (aka Miss Pink suitcase). It's looking a lot like Christmas.

I'm standing at the kitchen window and I swear i can hear walking on our roof. Next minute a very large peacock, yes a PEACOCK lands on the railing of the decking. He is HUGE! I call Mark and bolt outside, and it starts making those LOUD peacock noises, calling in his mates. By this stage I'm shouting "peacock, peacock, peacock" to Marky like a total nut job. As Mark walks out 2 more fly in and up on the railing, a smaller male and a girl. They are now shuffling around the plants on the decking. Marks staring in disbelief, Banshees at the door with a "what the fuck are you, a BIG chicken" look on her face. I grab a camera and Mr Peeps sunflower seed jar. Thankfully they love sunflower seeds and soon they are eating them out of my hand. These magnificent creatures stay at our place for several hours. Suddenly all three take flight , and manage to fly over the very high fence boundary and let off a final honk. Impressive. We are so fortunate to live here, how many people get to have wild peacocks visit? To make it even weirder, at the start I was wearing some Santa shorts for a photo shoot. So forget Rudolph , Vixen and Comet . I have Vinto, Minto and Lacinda the 3 peacocks.

Ho, Ho, Ho.


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