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Pirate Pete-Kalorama 2019

"Pirate Pete-Kalorama 2019"

May 20th

The last episode of Game of Thrones, very enjoyable, although Foxtels endless plugging of the show starting turning us off, there is hype and there is HYPE.

This diary has it's 523,000th visitor. The old girl still continues to tick on over, after all these years.

I'm walking to the office and the heavens open and it buckets down with rain. Thank god Mark burned all those haystack piles , a lot of excess vines and stuff now gone. My energy levels crash this afternoon so climb into my very snug bed. Banshee sneaks in and joins me, the last thing i remember is the blissful sounds of a cat snoring. Think my body needed a big sleep.

May 21st

Chat to Laura around their upcoming visit to Egypt. The first time is always exciting , sometimes exhausting but such a thrill as well. People get so crazed over "isn't it dangerous"? You could get run over walking down the street or have a heart attack from being overweight, the world is such a wonderful place to explore, playing it safe is so dull.

I head to the art room and make a birthday card for Claire. Use the hair dryer to get it ready for post an hour later.

I head off and buy my friend Fen a Wollemi Pine for her birthday. I'd forgotten how insanely expensive these are, I thought by now the price would drop but apparently not. Such an awesome tree. originally only known through the fossil record, until some hikers found some in the rainforest wilderness in 1994. The one we have growing in our yard was originally just 30cm , it's now as tall as our house! It really is the freak of the tree world, what other trees grow 'fake" snow on the end of their leaves during Winter! All we need is a dinosaur to go with it.

I remember to send Sharon Finn a quick birthday email. Nice to hear back from her too. Wishing them well.

May 22nd

It's always fun to have a chat with Nigel Griggs. Both of us moaning about mother nature on the mountain and how quick the tree branches grow and cover our satellite dishes. A day that sees us both up on our roof removing tree limbs. Which isn't abad thing anyway , it should be clear because of fires.

Happy Birthday to Morrissey today. The good ol' English press turn on him so quickly, sometimes his own doing but other times just bitter "journalists" who have lost court cases to him. Best revenge for Mozza is another Top 5 album.

May 23rd

Raid our cupboards and cook up some new food creations. I have to say can't wait for my election pay to arrive, they are so slow at paying. I try to be patient.

May 24th

Morrisseys CALIFORNIA SON is out today. Love his cover of Jobriath's "Morning Star Ship".

I wonder if my photos will be used on the vinyl release of "The Very Very best Of Crowded House in the UK?

May 25th

I meditate in front of the fire for 30 minutes. I found some nice calm area. Banshee must have felt the vibe as she curls up onto my lap. Good one Miss Kitty.

Someone spoils me with baby cherry ripes. As I wander around the Kalorama darkness I stuff my face with them, what a little piggy. Thanks Chocolate Angel.

May 26th

I remember to send our mate Benny a quick email, it's another fast year and I keep forgetting to make contact with friends. Still they have fingers too so can make the effort as well. We all get so entrenched in "life" ... need to depart the fats zone and drift in the slow zone for a short while.

Hmm Election pay is late, so that is annoying (again) , I give our pantry a good work out. It did encourage me to raid the garden for spuds and make some really nice chips.

May 27th

Snow in the alps, feels like it here too- very close to Zero.

Happy Birthday Neil Finn, 61 now , all the Enz are ageing, a few more facial wrinkles.

Chat to Giles & Fen , always up for a bit of a chuckle. They certainly bring out the rude & crude in me.

May 28th

I missed our friend Allie when she called in last week, but had a nice phone waffle today.

I spend the entire afternoon in the office, answering emails and continuing boxing items. Since Trump changed the international postal details for America, the paper work is so time consuming, each item has to be listed, weighed etc. So if you have 4 things in the one parcel, they have to be listed individually, and weighed. Logged in etc. It's slowed everything down for us. Still not even sure why it all changed, it won't mean a think to customs.

Brown and Green Lentil Curry for dinner. Well for me anyway, Mark hates lentils.

May 29th

We woke to the coldest day of the year (so far). I bet we have snow this Winter- I always say that don't I? I just want to take the tobogan's to the arboretum and slide the entire way through the snow. Maybe wear my iPod with some kick arse HM playing. Wendy C sent me this impressive selection of winter hats a few years back, perfect for a sleigh ride.

May 30th

Have an awesome holiday Laura and Kevin. Egypt is such a special place.

Give Fen a quick call for her birthday, May is nearly over , I've lost count of all the May birthdays.

May 31st

Mark suggested we watch every episode of LOST on Bluray, and such a great suggestion. I'd forgotten just how cool the show was. I decide I need to have a little Lost photo session for the image for my Sheepbook page. Got to make the effort, Facebook is so boring around the images peop,e attach to their posts . The smallest bit of effort please.

We are catching up with some friends for a birthday dinner tonight so (sadly) we miss Andy White at Merri Creek Tavern. No doubt an awesome show.

U2 return to Oz in November , never been to a bad U2 show -always a fantastic night. Bono was born on May 10th in Dublin, which makes it May 11th here, so same birthday as me .. technically.

Skyhooks song "Mercedes Ladies" is stuck in our heads , going round and round and round, brilliant lyrics that one. "Take pottery classes and you make passes, At every young man you find, Recapture your youth oh ain't it the truth, That you're just one of a kind ..." . Love it!

June 1st

1st day of Winter but it's felt like Winter for a month now. A nice week on Magnetic Island is needed I'm certain about that.

We watch "American Animals" , a cool movie. Excited me that it's situated around Transylvanian University... a famous art heist! Worth watching.

June 2nd

A sleep sort of day, Montage coffee fails to kick in, which is rare. I last a whole one hour in the office. After all it is Sunday, maybe it's meant to be a day of rest.

June 3rd

The Deadwood Tv movie is on tonight and we really enjoy it. 99% of the cast returned, older looking but the writing is still fantastic. Love the "waltzing matilda" song ending!

Very strange Amelia Earhart dreams last night. Sitting with her on a small tropical island. She tells me that Fred is dead. (Noonan?). She tells me not to go yet but sit and have a drink. She asks if I like Benedictine - "my favourite" I exclaim. "Mine too " she says. Eventually I wake up, it all felt way too real. I kept thinking it was my subconscious creating the bit about Benedictine. Till I check on line and find out she kept a bottle on the plane. I see some overhead images of Nikumaroro island (East of papua New Guinea) and I'm convinced that is the island in my way too vivid dream. All of this sat in my head all day - just felt way too real to me. Scary, Bizarre , Fascinating.

June 4th

Banshee wakes me up very early. Old cats certainly get hungry during Winter. In the end it's easier to give in , instead of her driving us nuts. We are cat slaves, that is for certain.

I'm on the decking and a flock of King Parrots arrive. One decides that my shoulder is a great place to sit, so the bird spends the next hour sitting on my shoulder while I walk about. I must look like Pirate Pete!!! At least it didn't crap all over me.

I'm away from the office today, determined to wipe out a list of "other things". One is cutting up a small tree limb for fire wood. My muscles ache, I'm only using a hand saw as my chainsaw is out of action. I stay focused and get it done.

Both of us are wearing our flanny Pyjamas tonight, Mark comments that mine looks like Chris Hemsworths chequered suit. Just a pity that I am no Chris Hemsworth eh readers?!

June 5th

I like cooking in Winter. Our huge ancient Windsor oven keeps the kitchen warm.

I find this cool Rosaleen Norton image. Taken by Robin Smith in April 1964. I think it's the Apollyon Cafe in Kings Cross. Perfect for the Witch of Kings Cross I guess as Apollyn is one of the names of the Devil in Revelations.

Finally get it together to mail our lovely mate Wendy C, some of our home made Jams.

June 6th

My moment at Montage surrounded by women. First Mary, then we spot Andrea who stays and then i run into Veronica. Fun gals all three of them.

In the afternoon I head to Montrose Post Office and mail a huge bag of parcels. $350 worth of postage . Montrose has a mighty little post office, a really nice bunch. happy to give them my hard earned loot.

June 7th

Dark Phoenix-The X-mens Final Battle opens today, we'll patiently wait till it is on Bluray.

Call Telstra around some illegal phone calls, we work out that it has been happening since December 2014. They are following it up, but they sure do make you feel guilty.

Great that the rather awesome Dandy Warhols return to The Forum on November 3rd. Quite a few shows coming up, U2 tickets on sale now too.

June 8th

i'm playing The Smiths cds in the office for most of today. Boring paper work like customs labels etc today. It slows the entire process of mailing parcels down. So extremely dull, so The Smiths make it all bearable.

So in 3 weeks time we really have retired. So I'm staying focused and getting everything done before the last day of June (there's a song in that line isn't there?). All part of the "big plan" I guess. It will be fascinating to see what happens. I still have to learn to be patient.

I make the BEST Enchiladas for dinner. You know when you cook something & you really get it right.

June 9th

Yes the diary is late, totally my fault. I'm blaming Winter. I even got to sleep in today. Well kind of, a call from Wollongong woke us up. We are both in Winter "go slow" mode.

I checked out the new Singapore airlines first class suite. The divider wall comes down and gives you a double bed. Yes please. That sounds pretty nice to me.

Can you believe it is almost mid-year? Six months since I waved goodbye to the band, but it all still lingers. I'm ok with that .

Stay Happy!


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