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I'm a Monkey Man- Kalorama Trees 2019

I'm a Monkey Man- Kalorama Trees 2019

August 26th

We are loving the Unanderra FB page. We discover that Mark and myself had school yard crushes on 2 sisters. But neither of us knew it till today. How funny is that. We stalk them a little to see what they look like in 2019 and both really beautiful women. Good to see.

I phone my cousin again but still no answer, I may have to call in the cavalry , in this case my sister who is only a few suburbs away so she can check. She's so busy with Maddison, swimming, ballet, piano etc I'm hesitant to ask her, but I will. Thankfully he is ok.

August 27th

Montrose today- a quick visit to buy our friend Laura a lotto ticket for her birthday. The power was out at the Montrose Post Office, poor ol' Gerry in the dark. Such a nice bloke, always friendly, always helpful. It's a great little post office this one. We give them a lot of our business. Most of the locals at Kalorama go to Montrose , it's such a short drive and I guess it has the butcher shop, IGA and a few funky stores.

I come home to find Marky back on the 'Growing Up In Unanderra" FB page. I love that he is enjoying it. So many things trigger our memories, peoples faces , and I'm quite blown away just how many people knew my Mum and Dad. Once I run out of school photos some of Marks will probably go up. Plus I've got a few oddball photos that some of the Sheepbook people will hopefully appreciate, & that little bit of film footage that i filmed at the last day of school.

Allie calls and so happy for her. She's now part of the amazing choir. Very brave, doubt i could do this. The first public airing is coming up soon. Congratulations, nice to see some love back in your heart, very proud of you.

August 28th

The awesome Hauskeeper polisher arrives. Red and silver and cute as far as polishers go. Everyone makes the same Freddie Mercury "I want to break free" joke. (rolls eyes). It's ready for action.

August 29th

Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world- hope you like the present.

Sadly my sisters birthday also reminds me that it's the anniversary of Shirley Strachans death. Gone 18 years now which is mind blowing. We decide to put up the marvellous "Warm Wind In The City" from Shirls celebration memorial get together at the Palais. Ross Wilson on vocals- such a lovely song. Lots of nice comments from fans.

August 30th

I was going to make coleslaw today but got sidetracked with phone calls from friends and some visitors. The day just disappeared.

I head to the lower yard with the Green bin and start attacking the ivy in the trees. We both have lunch way up in the tree tops which is rather awesome. We are so lucky to be able to climb trees. Some people are younger than us but so old, and keeping getting fatter while their bodies crumble around them. You'd think with their bat wings they could fly up to a tree branch. ! It's such a lovely view up here.

So nice to chat to Kim today on the phone again, it's been awhile. Excellent that Nigel from the Enz has stayed in contact with her (and vice versa). She still has that remarkable sense of humour. Thanks Nige for the number.

August 31st

Mark, Mary and myself head off to Bunnings to support one of the local schools at their sausage sizzle and I buy some baked goods from them. While we are at Bunnings we use our vouchers (thanks Wendy C and Miss Di) to grab some bits and pieces including some flowers for the decking-some Dahlias and Nemesia. Next stop Woolworths where we all do a major shop. The car is packed, and Marys sense of humour has us in stitches.

I'm on the decking in the afternoon potting plants and the phone rings. It's our friend Claire, so we have a gigantic phone chat. While I'm talking the sulphur crested cockatoos arrive, first two, next four and the numbers keep on growing-heading towards twenty. They were everywhere and there was one "Boss Cocky" sitting on our chimney screeching at the others, telling them what to do. I grabbed the expensive camera and took some pretty good photos. They were happy to pose today. Banshee was sunning herself and as soon as the bird population staretd growing she was off the decking and inside.

September 1st

I see Andy White has an online EP available soon. 5 awesome tracks including "The Rain Dance". You can get it via Andys store, check it out. The Running Round In Circles EP. http://www.andywhite.com/shop/singles-eps/82-running-round-in-circles-2019-cd-ep.html

Happy Birthday to our good friend Laura. I have a photo of her that I have been saving , so i use that on my FB page and Twitter. A snap from when she lived with us at the 44 Surrey Rd Sth Yarra house- in 1984.

My Mum freaking out that she is now 8 stone (50 kilos). She's always been skinny, so to think 8 stone is overweight is probably realistic for her, she's still twig like. My Mum has agreat laugh , thankfully no matter what happens in her life her humour will stay intact. As she says "enough angry old bitches in the world already". She is so right.

September 2nd

Such a fine day, I decide it's time for another bus adventure. Sadly I'm the only one on the bus. I'm sitting near the exit door and a $20 note blows out from under my seat. My quick moving converse sneakers stomp on it so that is a good score. I do pop my head under the seat in the hope but just old dried chewing gum. Still I'll happily accept $20-thank you money gods.

Django Reinhardt- Swing le Paris is playing over the speakers at Montage, which I love. All the way from 1940!

September 3rd

I just finished washing the big glass table on the decking and re-filling the glass water bowl for the birds. Two cockatoos turn up, one walks across the decking, climbs onto the table and tips the water bowl upside down sending a waterfall over the edge, what an ungreatful bastard! Ha-ha.

I'm pencilling in a day to go through the two large wardrobes in my room , we all have way too many clothes, I'm sure someone else can benefit from a few of these, so a nice long overdue clean out. Who knows what i will find.

I remember to send Allie a good luck message for her debut with the Choir tomorrow. Hope they raise the roof!

September 4th

Total Government Debt for Australia is now $998,000,000,000 that is just so terrible. No government in our history has ever reached such levels of debt. Morrison and his wankers are just pathetic. Future generations will be stuck with this debt for numerous decades.

Montage empty today, so I have a moment to myself which is nice and kind of rare. I'm happy for it to be disturbed by Di and Mr Chops, REALLY great to see them on their way home to Canberra. I pose for a photo with Di and lean on the small table and the lid flips off. It's not the first time, an older lady with her hand bag made it do the same thing awhile back. I do give it a rough repair, the underside being crappy chipboard so no wonder it was unstable. Apart from that a fun afternoon-safe travels home you guys.

September 5th

Yum schnitzels for lunch with organic cheese. A favourite of ours.

Katja contacts me from the airport, she's on her way to Egypt and promises lots of photos. Envious and excited for her, we both love the country and its people. She will have fun.

We are still planting a tree or bush a day. I decide to head to Karwarra today and buy some smaller native plants. A Morrisonii shrub, A Tassie lancealato, a female so will have to grab a male plant next week so we can grow the little pepper berries, and a Sessiliflora which is an evergreen and I believe I've spotted these in the Grampians. While I'm at Karwarra on this exceptionally beautiful day i go for a little walk in the Karwarra gardens. It's free thanks to the state government and so much colour , Spring certainly has arrived. The Leioneme elatius has this exceptional Fruity smell , usually it is found in QLD, and down from it a Boronia muelleri. If it crush it's leaves they release this cool foliage scent. I love walking around here. Sometimes sit and meditate. Come visit Karwarra- it's just behind Kalorama oval. They keep asking me to volunteer , it is tempting, maybe when the weather improves.

September 6th

A few of us connect today, some thoughts to our mate Robin , who has been gone 12 years. Such a wonderful lady-we miss her . I light the african candle that Trudy gave us in Robi's honour.

We are having dinner tonight & a strange power spike hits the mountain. We end up lighting candles over dinner. As we sit in the semi darkness, our Orb of Thesulah burst into life. It has been lying dormant for 3 years. It just gets brighter and brighter, very spooky. One does not ask why, it's the Orb of Thesulah , one does not question a spirit vault! Of course it all adds to the strangeness of the night as we are watching the "Slenderman" movie! be scared, be very scared.....

September 7th

It's a four seasons in one day here , and I'm on the decking with Banshee playing our favourite game- 'Dead Cat, Alive Cat'. Where we both lay still, I'm mostly wrapped in a wonderful scarf that Sue knitted for me -the idea is to lie still and be the first to give the other an "eskimo kiss"- sounds absolutely absurd but Banshee loves playing it. Her old lady whiskers are huge now so she tickles my face way before-and I just crack up. She's a good cat, we have fun together. Sucks that she always wins!

Yes that was Neil and Noel in the Dandenongs (we all stood by the curb waving little NZ flags) as they drove by. *chuckle*.

We are loving the images and emails that our ex-house mate Kat is sending us from Egypt. It's nice to have that appreciative link of that amazing country with Katja.

September 8th

I clear the mail at the gloomy old Kalorama General Store- it is so dull inside today it looks like it is closed. Kind of lifeless this morning, no one about. I spotted Mary heading to my street so waved a finger to stop for me and off we all went to Olinda. A full house at the cafe this morning- Remco, Mary, Ronnie, Jeng, Pip, Pete. Everyone is talking, and laughing, we are all coming out of hibernation - something really nice to have this sort of community. Full of life.

The afternoon playing rugby with locals "moment", all muddy, and not too many bruises. 40 minutes is enough. I doubt i could do another minute. Seems to take a few days to remove the mud, from places mud should never go.! Nice bloody scab on my eyelid and aching shoulder but that's all the damage.

Am excited to see that The Pierce Brothers have a new live album out on September 13th (online) CD- 27th.. "Three Deep Breaths". I email a few mates who live in Prague as the Pierce Brothers are playing Czech Republic (Lucerna Music Bar) on September 17th. It looks like being a sold out show- how cool is that for 2 lads that live just down the road from us. Lots of European dates and back at The Garage in London for several nights.

A short diary update , we are finally thawing out from Winter. A few adventures coming up!

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