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The new short hair cut for Spring

The new short hair cut for Spring.

September 9th

This song popped up on my iPod while I was floating in my bath last night. It seemed fitting as my bath makes me feel rather disembodied at times. Those intangible spiritual incorporeal moments! A cool little Finn Brothers song from "Everyone is Here". This live version from the Auckland studio- May 2003. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT-gNHxMo-4&feature=youtu.be

The wind and the rain howled all night, so today i went stuff it , and slept in. I do need to remind myself from time to time that we now can do whatever we want. Quite nice to have the freedom.

September 10th

Miss Mary is out for a drive and picks us both up while on one of our hikes. The power is off today at Kalorama so we set all the alarms on battery and avoid being at home for most of the day, hence the hiking.

On the way back Mark and myself spot Xander and Cordy the two wild ducks that visit Olinda. They stick so close together. A joy to watch them waddling past. They really do love each other.

Marks cancer test from the government arrives back and nothing but good news. So we are both happy about that. We've also both lost some weight and trying to eat healthy, I love that we can go on long hikes and at times a bit of a jog. Feels good. I'm happy to become an old fart providing I can still do all the things that we have always done.

Go with an old mate to the hospital, good to do this. While she is getting some needles I head for a coffee at Ferntree Plaza ('The Ramble On' cafe). The radio is playing, the first song is Crowdies "Fall at your Feet" and the next BCO with "Dancing in the Storm". That makes me smile. The weather is perfect again, so nice to be outside. Try Andy White but he isn't at home. Maybe he's in Canada still?

I grab some groceries at the Maxi Foods supermarket. Excellent- brilliant organic grains etc. They also had some 500 gram packets of la Tosca fresh egg Lasagne sheets and some awesome cashews. A happy shopper, that's me.

September 11th

I have the urge for sausages at Montage. Not sure why I want snags for breakfast on toast but so be it. They are pretty good, Chipolatas-yum.

In the office for a few hours this afternoon and Enz related work offer comes in. Think i freak them out a bit by saying "thanks but no thanks". It's been a bit of a weird week so far, 5 separate work related offers. It's almost the more I say 'No" the more offers arrive, it's very odd. Two were tempting but I'm still enjoying our time as "retired" . End of day I guess we are lucky, no mortgage to worry about, I have this amazing person that i'm in a relationship with for eternity , it will last forever, both of us pretty good health and really happy. Life isn't too bad - so many people far worse off.

September 12th

I thought the 'Growing Up In Unanderra' FB page was perfect to share my little bit of film footage from 1978. I used my Dads old Russian camera (it didn't have sound) to film our Muck-Up day and a champagne breakfast at South Beach Wollongong (Note the Steel Works in the background). It's blurry, fuzzy, at time frantic, strange speeds but it really really works with the brilliant Alice Coopers "Schools Out". My memories of school- a handful of friends that i still love, a few teachers that changed my life, a horrible beetroot face fuck of a Principal -as Mark says "he was a FK'n prick" which is what a lot of small people who work at schools can be- nothing lives so they take it out on the students. Thankfully some teachers & staff shine and those are the ones people remember.


September 13th

Fantastic that 'Euphoria' has been renewed for a second season-what a breath of fresh air it is . Starts in July 2020.

I awoke this morning with the words "The poetry of his soul" falling from my lips, is it a song, what was I dreaming of?

I mail in some tax stuff to our accountants, nice and early. It's kind of strange not having to send in GST related receipts and other such paper work. Plus saves us a bundle.

We have a chat to Miss Fen tonight and for dinner I make Lasagne. Marky says this one was the best Lasagne he has EVER had. That means a lot as he has had a lot of Lasagne in his life time.

September 14th

I trim Marks hair, I have a funky barber kit, the secret is great scissors. I try not to chop his ear off. I always lie and tell him I've given him the most perfect bowl hair cut! I need to get mine done soon too. Swimming, coming up and Summer, but i'll venture to my barbers at Mountaingate- best part is you never have to book-just rock on up when one has the vibe.

I've glimpsed into the future, November will be the month for us. Just got to be patient. Not long now ..... ! We shall see. Do the cards ever lie?

We are excited to be heading to Peter and Mark (the other P+M) for Prisoner, good company and food.

September 15th

I'm sitting at Montage and "Roving Gambler" is playing over the speakers. For some reason I missed this version- Norah Jones & Billie Joe Armstrong (yes Green Days Billie Joe). Love this version, and will have to buy their album 'Forevely"!

Some sadness for our friends with Coco the puppy has passed away. They love their doggys & we love the two fellas too. A sad moment .

Miss Wendy and myself have one of our marathon phone talks tonight, lucky Telstra doesn't charge by the minute-we'd both be broke.

September 16th

Sad news filters in that The Cars frontman, Ric Ocasek has passed away. As the years go by I guess this will happen more and more, I wonder if we become some what flippant over it, unless it is some super big star. The Rockstar Dies moment seems to last only a few weeks, the "Best Of" cd jumps into the charts for a couple of weeks and then the media and most of the public move onto the next one. Sure, true long time fans hold onto the sad news and fill their hearts with music but for many it's a blink of an eye. As a footnote, Benjamin Orr from The Cars had a few moments of being cute & a half decent player. He's no longer here either.

We enjoyed the Mary Queen of Scots movie. Her husband Lord Darnley as camp as a row of tents.

September 17th

The Reels "Prefab Heart" is rolling around in head all day, the song is driving me a tad crazy. Someone shoot me now please. I was at Countdown when they performed that one, still recovering from the smoke machine on the day , the band disappeared into the smoke and then the audience started to drown in it, and really much of the Countdown audience were short arses, 5 footish at best... so they were doomed, the ABC is still probably trying to find the audience from that day.

In the afternoon we call into our friend Marys place to move some tvs around and connect up Netflix. We are good lads. ????

A big thank you to our friend Joanne M. another big generous heart, loved the JB voucher, it meant we could grab the latest season of Supernatural on Bluray. The last season isn't very far away, they've had an incredible run. Joanne still trying to find a spare copy of BANG! If anyone has a spare of this diary book and wish to part with it, please email me.

September 18th

I head to the hospital with a friend and while they are being looked after I venture down to get my hair cut. I'm starting my swimming soon so it's always the time of year for short short SHORT hair. Not as short as Marks hedgehog GI Joe hair cut from his early school years but I plan for a lot to be clipped off. I'm shocked that my regular Barber shop has gone, it's been at this location for many decades. Thankfully i wander on down a few doors and a new hairdresser/barber just opened. The Diamond hair & beauty bar- Oh la la! I'm first in, no appointment for me and the owner Sarah looks after me. I spot her Iranian accent instantly, she's from Tehran. I think i freaked her out that i worked out where she was from within a minute. A lovely lady , doesn't flinch at my quirky sense of humour. I hand over the power and told her she can attack my hair anyway she wants and even pick out what colour. I'm really happy with the final result , she's my new hairdresser that is for sure.

A car accident on the main road so takes me forever to get back to the hospital. Thankfully nobody hurt but the main roads are closed. Finally home, it seems like an incredibly long day. Chicken Enchilada's for dinner.

September 19th

Our friend Andy White is in need of our Vulcan outfit for a Sci Fi party so I try it on , just to make certain it fits (yeah sure, you all know I just wanted to Trek Up for the afternoon). My pointed ears kept falling off, I need to invest in some stage prop glue. The last person to wear the Vulcan outfit was Marks adorable Mum Margaret , she answered the door wearing it one day and it just made us laugh. A gorgeous moment, when I think of her in this, I just have the biggest smile.

Pete and Mark give us some homemade dip and Marky devours it. Homemade is wonderful, we are lucky that our friends are all so good in the kitchen.

The General Public tickets are on sale for the "Big Red Bash" at Birdsville next year. Some fun bands and artists playing and what a location, in the desert. Road trip road trip! That ol' sea dog Tim Finn is playing on the main stage.

September 20th

I catch up with Andy White and he has a quick change into the Vulcan costume- "Peter it's brilliant" he chuckles. The things we do for mates.

A rare polka dotted Zebra has been born at Masai Mara reserve in Kenya. The tourists will love this one. When we were in Africa there were so many babies being born , Zebras are incredible, up and racing as soon as they are popped out. I love Zebras. A thrill to walk through a dazzle of Zebras. yes that is what a group of Zebras is called- cool. They were a bit skittish at first , but I was still and didn't look them in the eye. I snapped some fantastic photos while among them.

The 'Brady Bunch Renovation' show looks like it is fun. Marcia/Maureen looking rather sexy in her work clothes.

Home-Made Pizza for dinner. Yum.

September 21st

I catch up with Bruce and Jean and we head out for some breakfast. Jean has the best Keith Richards coat. I want, I want.

"I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me". Ed Vedder.. just wonderful!

September 22nd

Spring equinox today but the pool I was heading to is closed for cleaning. So my swim start is delayed, so I head off for a few laps around the oval. I run into 2 of the Rugby guys who cave in after the 7th lap. By 8 laps I am ready to collapse but i refuse to let the Rugby blokes see it. Ha- Male Ego.

We watched the new version of "Storm Boy" and loved it. Worth checking out but a few of you will shed some tears. A couple of 'Red Dog" moments in this one. The big tough Rugby blokes shed a tear.

September 23rd

It's so nice outside so was tempted to bus it to Olinda. Quite a few of us up here are showing support for the Hills Public Transport. It's a "John" sort of day. Sit next to John #1 on the bus and laugh and chat all the way. A few of the locals are in Montage today and John #2 come in for a coffee too, so he joins the crowd. Just before I leave John #3 arrives. Usually it's an invasion of Peter + Marks but today is a John day.

A call from a manager and I say "No" to a work offer (once more Enz related). I'm sure all will be revealed down the track so I'd better keep Mum here. It's nothing too exciting.

I have a really great phone chat with Nigel today, who has been able to help me with the Split Enz "Garden of Eden" tapes that I have. (and haven't been able to play yet). Nige is great around this stuff, we swap information all the time, I fill in the blanks for him and vice versa.

September 24th

Canberra has passed the law that allows possession of up to 50 grams of marijuana (and 4 plants per person growing at home). It doesn't start till January. Finally a move in the right direction.

The floor waxing of my room is todays task, Miss Banshee sits up on the window sill and watched me. Great to have this one done. The house is starting to look fantastic. A bit of pride, one has to make the effort. After this I have a 1 hour afternoon Nana nap!

September 25th

I'm waiting on Violent Femme tickets to go on sale, still a few weeks ago. Their Aussie tour will be March 2020. Australia has always loved this band of misfits.

Brenda, Bunny, Pete, Mary, Pip and Astrid , Josie and Pete #3 all at Montage this morning. I think it's the weather, just putting people into joyous moods. A fun bunch.

September 26th

Back to Prahran today. Pose for a few photos for Sheepbook. We venture to the old house at #55 Greville street, great to see the new owners looking after it. Some people are moving in to one of the terraces and say to me "we are excited, it will be great living here". "Been there done that" I chuckle and we talk for awhile. Catch up with friends at 'Simply Indian', our fave little Indian place in the heart of Prahran Central. I head to JB and buy some music and a bluray for Marky. I was hoping for these cool cotton boxers at the Bond shop but they don't have any, I have a feeling they stopped making them which sucks as they are so comfortable and make my dick look HUGE (am joking but they are a nice fit). Dr Beng gives me some scripts for future flights and a clear bill of health. Finally we arrive home, it always seems like such an epic day when we return to our old stomping ground. Do we miss Prahran? Nah not very much at all, I wouldn't live in that area now , it's become boring.

September 27th

Mark complains that I am feeding Andy the Kookaburra expensive organic beef. "It's more expensive than Cocaine" he states grandly. So while he is waxing the cellar floor, I sneak out and cut up some beef lines, a mirror and a gold amex card and Andy goes with it and pretends to Kookaburra snort the meat line. I take a photo . We offer Marky a line of beef! he laughs. I point out that the beef is only $28 a kg, while Cocaine in Australia is $300 a gram. Banshees Tuna Loin is $100/kg! My Facebook flock love the Andy does a line photo.

September 28th

Have a chat to Allie. She certainly seems very focused which is good. Like all our phone calls it ends in some laughter. Will be nice to catch up soon.

I watch a bit of the Grand Final , Richmond romp it in which is what i expected. I just love seeing the crowd going nuts. 100,014 people.

Good luck Ed Vedder with the Ohana Festival today. It will be mighty!

September 29th

I finally think of a brilliant Christmas gift for my sister- so very cool. I'm not saying just in case she reads it here. I've given her 50 guesses, I know she won't get it! I've already started buying gifts, my Christmas shopping will be done by the end of October. Come on be impressed with that.

It's been awhile but this morning i got up early & baked home made bread. Mark walks out later on and says how magnificent the kitchen smells. Maybe I should cover myself in bread dough ....!

All the best to the diary readers.


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