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Miss Banshee

"Miss Banshee enjoying some end of Winter rays on the decking."

August 10th

A beautiful sunny day here at Kalorama. I grab some groceries at Olinda and watch the rubbish support guys with their used covid mask pick up sticks, wandering around the hills getting rid of contaminated litter. Great that the Yarra Ranges council has people doing this-keeping the hills safe and clean. Still it's bad that people drop their old covid masks.

Nice to hear from Jane T and my friend Pip today. Great we are all staying in contact with people during this lockdown. We've had a lot of calls from mates which we really appreciate.

Sun is still shining in the afternoon so we venture off for some exercise and another hike on the Thompsons Track. No people this time. We explore all these fern covered gully's and amazed at the amount of remnants of brick houses. Weird little flat landings covered in wildflowers and ferns. Indentations made with bluestone. A few ancient bricks from City Brick which is circa 1931. It's nice to sit down in the middle of all of this beauty and just chat with my best mate. That's what makes Covid lockdown very easy to us - spending time with my friend.

August 11th

We loved Stephen Kings DR SLEEP movie. Yes it does relate to The Shining, years later. It could of been horrid but it wasn't. We really liked this one.

I dig around in the t-shirt drawers, trying to find a spare F/16 tee for my mate Wendy. She missed out when we originally had these available-and they went FAST. No spares so may well have to give her my Tee. I do have along sleeved version which I've nearly worn out, so I have that for my archives. I give the T-shirt a wash, and thinking of what to write on the back. It's nice to get a surprise gift in the mail.

Still laughing at the "Brett Sutton Is Hot" Facebook page. So funny. Big thank you to Dr Brett and Premier Andrews for their tireless efforts.

August 12th

Happy Birthday to Allie. So few cards available up here during Covid, I really should of made one- but left it to the last minute. Thankfully Butlers still have a few decent ones-so grabbed her a card from that fine store.

I have a To Do list of 20 things today , I really pushed myself and all 20 ticked off my list.

I see Harris is Joes running mate , that should hand him a nice chunk of votes. I did see Donald Chump on TV this morning, I rarely bother to listen to his endless crap, but missed the channel change button so suffered him for 10 seconds. I have to say-who stole his neck? That's a lot of waddle hanging off the ol' Don. Scary.

August 13

I hear from one of the guys from seventies iconic band Hush. I'm rather excited. I remind him that Hush owe Mark and myself 1 Hush show. We had front row tickets for the Hush gig at Wollongong Town Hall when we were young teens and it was cancelled. That so bummed us out. Anyway it's a bit of a buzz that a member of Hush has dropped me a line. Fuck they were cool. Aussie Rock Rules. Love it when the fan Boy in me rises to the surface.


In the afternoon I head outside and pick a lot of Camellia's before the rain arrives and sends them brown. There are thousands on the bushes, and some have become Camellia trees. Spectacular.

I send a Happy Birthday greeting to Natalie in America. God I am so useless at remembering birthdays. Mark is a million times better.

The bird invasion happens again- 19 sulphur crested cockatoos, 9 King Parrots and one lone Rosella, all on our decking at the same time. Insanity.

August 14th

I had a lot of emails asking about our Official Skyhooks facebook page. I'm still adding stuff pretty much every day. I'm amazed at how many overseas people have visited and made contact. Our other life away from the Finns-Crowdies-Enz. Anyway feel free to visit the FB page , and please if you have the desire give it a "like". That would be appreciated. https://www.facebook.com/Skyhooks-751125208300602/

Isn't it funny how we now add "wash Covid mask" to the daily chores. I tend to use mine more then Marky, but I'm attempting to stay on top of it , keeping it clean.

I mail my sisters birthday present, I figure mailing it 2 weeks before will mean it gets to her on time.

I'm a bit intrigued by Vissarion. His real name Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop. A Russian mystic and spiritual leader , the Church of the Last Testament. When he was 29 he claims he had a revelation that he was the reincarnation of Christ. Some say Russian Messianic Cult, others the real deal. I love that his alcove of 4000 live deep in Siberia's Taiga Forest. He wears the Christ skin well, well groomed to look like Jesus. As always so much on the Internet. But fear not dear readers, I'm not about to depart Kally and roam the wilds of Siberia and kneel before Vissarion, but he is welcome to visit us at Kalorama. The Jesus of Siberia. (Green Day need to re write of their "Jesus of Suburbia ... maybe..Skyhooks "Jukebox in Siberia" could become "Jesus from Siberia". ). What fascinating times we live in.

August 15th

See a piece of "Back In Time For Dinner" on the ABC. Chuckle when the teenager on the show holds up a cassette of 'LIving In The Seventies' whilst Hooks on Countdown footage is playing on the tv-confessing how much he loves this album. Cool.

August 16th

Nice to chat to both Noel and Nigel today. Only a little bit around Split Enz, most of it around life and fun stuff. I avoided asking what they thought of the Anniversary Issue of True Colours. I detest brick walling of albums , bad enough that the Stones continue to fuck up their catalogue that way. By late afternoon I am in the office and decide to play our original vinyl of True Colours and love it! It had a $3.99 price sticker on it still. Still shocked that current vinyl is past the $60 mark. Big thank you Nigel for my orange vinyl copy for the archives.

Some people on my twitter page were asking about some background artwork. I point out that it was done by Robbie Porritt, who lived with Nick and Brenda Seymour-all those years ago. We have a few of Robbies art pieces in our house. He was a fun guy, I miss him now that he lives way way away in QLD. He did sing in a band in his youth, I jokingly ask Nick Seymour if the bass play in Robbies band- Ken Seymour was a relative. I have a terrible memory of playing Volley Ball with him and others at Neil's mansion next door , my first serve and I nearly took Robbies head off- and he was a tall chap so an effort to send him crashing to the ground, I guilted out over that for months-of course Robbie just shrugged it off.

By afternoon it's pissing down, grey outside and lots of fog.

August 17th

I write a little story on the back of the Famous for 16 Minutes T-shirt that i am mailing to my friend Wendy as a surprise. These tee's are so rare, they sold out quickly and I guess are collectible?

Todays worldwide daily record was 249,000 people who tested positive to Covid 19. America is still having more then a thousand people die every single day. India is now out of control. Kalorama feels very safe I must say.

I mail off Wendy's surprise packet, Gerry at the Montrose post office , so welcoming and just appreciative that the locals always support this cool little LPO. I keep avoiding looking at the little book area as I know I'd be taking home a bag of new titles.

Steak and fresh garden beans for dinner. I love the Butcher at Montrose too. I go for the more expensive meat , as the cuts are high quality. Still can't be a vegetarian, weird as you'd think I would be. Saying that i do eat a lot of things like lentils etc.

I send my Mum some flowers, she's been having a shitty day.

August 18th

A lovely day outside, I wake up early and drag the old bones out of bed.

I order Michelle McNamara's "I'll be gone in the dark" book for Sis. Mark scores Larry Cromptons "Sudden Terror". Both around the evil EARS killer rapist. Amazing timing as the evil prick is in court, after all these years. Burn in hell you slime ball.

My 1 coffee a week from Montage. Astrids in and it's so nice. Neeman cooks us the bets takeaway hamburgers for lunch. Seems so long ago since we last sat down for lunch at this fine establishment.

I make homemade Pizza for dinner. One of my better ones.

August 19th

We watch the last episode of Big Bang Theory on bluray. I am so glad we refused to read anything about it. Suddenly Sarah Michelle makes an appearance on the show - both of us could only mutter 'Holy Fuck It's Buffy". The coolest cameo. A great ending too.

Two million have now been tested in Victoria for Covid. Annoying that Morrison is not listening to voters and getting rid of that idiot Richard Colbeck from The Aged Care + Snrs portfolio. Considering Morrison says he always listens to voters, he certainly has become deaf around Minister for Incompetence Colbeck.

August 20th

Looking at my Apple shares. Think I paid $14.33 way back in 2002. Currently $462.83 a share. Incredible.

August 21st

I'm a bit blown away. I called a Library interstate for some of my research around 2 possible projects. I spoke to this really nice young guy, very helpful. I decide I'll right his name down as a contact . I couldn't believe it, it turns out that he is my long lost God Son. It freaked us both out. A very long story about how we lost track of him. So this is extra cool. We talked for awhile, we will be catching up and I'm emailing him a chunk of photos from when he and his amazing Mum lived with us at the Surrey Rd house. He was 1 back then, now 35! This is really fantastic. What are the odds.

August 22nd

We both really enjoyed the BBC documentary on "Honey Bun & Maria" . Honey Bun is a Pangolin that Maria rescued and raised. Such amazing creatures. China is such a vile country how it kills these beautiful endangered species. Good on Angelababy for her amazing support to save the Pangolin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozEvEJ3hf7U

August 23rd

I'm awake early, so into the kitchen and bake some bread. I am sitting on the kitchen bench sipping a green tea and watching the sun rise. It makes me smile, an impressive sun rise too.

I'm trying to track down an old Aussie Crimes book called "Unwanted" (by Timothy Hall). If any of my readers spots a copy could you email me -I'm putting the word out. I've looked pretty much everywhere on the net , if I'm desperate I can grab a copy from one of the main library's but would love to find a second hand one for us.

Terrible wild fires in America. Nearly 200,000 Americans dead from Covid and now this. Horrible news.

A beautiful day here at Kalorama. Banshee has been living inside for most of Winter, but today she is out. Sitting up on the decking and loving the sun. So looks so majestic today.

Sorry this diary is a bit late, I seem to be sidetracked by 101 things. Big thank you to Deb as always for her efforts.

Stay safe.


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