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Archive: 17 February - 1 March 2020

Peter on the roof

PG welcomes Autumn from the roof of Ailsa Craig.

February 17th

The Coronavirus is starting to be THE news, lots of panic already happening and it's very early days. Still plenty of time for us to build a moat and put up the razor wire. Thankfully we have about 3 months of food and endless water, not that it will get to that extreme. I bet the basics are grabbed first, toilet paper, tissues, pasta, rice as long as people keep their grubby fingers off the Dark Chocolate Gisborne orange Tim Tams.

The rates are paid for another year, I like that they are out of the way. You could get a decent airfare overseas for the $3200.00 but it's part of owning a cool property I guess.

GM gets rid of Holden in Australia and our useless PM stands there, dick in hand , absolutely pathetic. A sad day for our motor industry. An icon has died and I don't mean Dame Edna.

February 18th

I had this weird Crowded House dream. I don't recall ever having a dream with the guys in it. It was just before I woke up so details were fresh in my mind. Mark Hart on a tiny piano , playing the carpenters "Close to You". Camille runs in with a Candelabra and goes "You know what's missing" and winks at me. I kept singing "starlight in MY eyes of Blue". (I wonder if I was singing whilst asleep). Nick kept saying "I love your art", I kept saying I REALLy love your art". Paul was "always here' floating about and Neil could hear every word. It was just freaky. I did wake up laughing so a good sign.

February 19th

40 years today since Bon Scott died, we were grape picking in Mildura at the time when we heard. We took the afternoon off and got rather drunk. We love the Bon Scott AC/DC. Not interested in AC/DC after Bon departed. Our old housemate Peggy is heading to Fremantle and visiting the Bon grave and statue.

Clippers out in the late afternoon to do Marks hair. My sister gave me this multipack for grooming (what is she trying to tell me). They work well, recharge quickly. I decide to do mine before Marks and not a bad job. Hair is now dark brown burgundy.

Excited as Wentworth season 8 returns in April.

February 20th

I Start the day with a fresh hairdo and a fresh shirt. Thanks to my sister for the very groovy new shirt. She has good taste. A bit of floral. People comment, all good.

Chicken Mayo and baked rice for dinner, the old favourites.

February 21st

As i head out this morning I pass the 'Surfer Dude', Woolworths delivery guy at the back gate. We don't know his name so we just call him surfer dude. With the CoronaVirus starting to freak people out, I wonder what that will do to the Woolies delivery sector.

We watched the 'Oceans 8' movie tonight and it was surprisingly good.

February 22nd

Nigel calls regarding some Enz photos , was happy to help him out. Good to have our usual chat too.

I work on the ancient steps at the back of the house, they are awesome, do they lead anywhere, who knows, I just love what they look like.

February 23rd

I pick the first 3 tomatoes of the season. Hurrah. All the vegetables are slow this year , lets hope we have a late Summer so they will all ripen.

Loved A DAY ON MARS on the National Geo channel, just inspiring. In my head Bowie's "Life on Mars" was on a loop.

February 24th

The Platypus icecreams arrived, made from 100% Platypus. No, I'm lying. Coconut, and some other healthy stuff. Sadly they were a bit average. Well the TV advert IS great!

80,000 people worldwide now have the Coronavirus! Makes you wonder how full on this will get. We are ready for the worst scenario.

February 25th

Wonderful to see Nick and Nat from America. We all had out for some lunch and catch up with some other mates. Thanks you two for being so generous and paying for our lunch. A lovely afternoon. So good to see them. We pose in the trees at Ailsa Craig. What's the point of having such awesome trees if you can't climb in them!

February 26th

I plant some corn and winter rye clover. It's all so great for our soil, makes it wonderfully rich and it stores a shitload of carbon too.

I see there is talk of Disneyland closing because of the virus. That's when you know it is not looking good, when the magical kingdom closes its gates.

I am reading Ian Roberts book (" Finding Out") again. It certainly takes balls for a Rugby player to be the first to step up and come out that he is gay. A good read.

February 27th

Our mates Peter and Mark depart for Sth America. We are all a bit concerned that they are still travelling. Relieved when they get to Sydney and change their minds. As long as they are safe, it will be good to have them home.

The drug house near us has finally been rebuilt and is on the market at last. It's been empty for 4 years in May.

Tonight a big possum was sitting on a rock in our vegetable garden. She let me walk up and have a chat. I'm walking along to the back gate to put some stuff in the recycle bin and she is trotting along next to me like some loyal dog. A very cute moment.

February 28th

Nice to catch up with Narelle and James at Montage. A fun way to start the day.

I spend the afternoon in the office, determined to do (of all things) some dusting of gold record awards. Sounds weird but they are such dust collectors.

February 29th

Sydney Mardi Gra was on tonight, 350,000 people and Sydney put on such a wonderful night. The Mardi Gra was born from a night of protest so somehow seemed fitting that the parade came to a halt as a protest happened in front of the Liberal float. Here were we thinking someone was simply protesting the lack of dancing skills that the Libs had on the float, but no it was more in relation to the incompetence of the Morrison government. It ends up being a non official entry, so a bit of political excitement for this 42nd Mardi Gra. Special note to Courtney Act, we have found your missing fingernail, it's in the post.

March 1st

Holy hell, it's suddenly March. March will be forever known as the month when Australia ran out of toilet paper due to the CoronaVirus stampede. The footage of the 3 women in West Sydney fighting over the last toilet roll just made us shake our heads. Imagine what it will be like when rice and pasta run out. I'll tag team with Mark against anyone that tries to grab the very last packet of orange Tim Tams!

"Stateless" debuts on the ABC tonight. The first episode is really good. Sets the tone. God bless the ABC.

Our useless PM is now telling people to get on with their lives as usual. The day Coronavirus becomes an official worldwide pandemic. Stay safe everyone. Scary times ahead.


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