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Nothing as scary as a President on the way out

"Nothing as scary as a President on the way out" - (Halloween -Kalorama 2020)

October 19th

Someone needs to remind our PM Scott Morrison that gas is also a fossil fuel -we should be having a renewable recovery not a fossil fuel one.

Really yummy schnitzel and organic cheese sandwiches for lunch. So nice to sit outside on the decking with Marky and just chill. No yard work today, just a day hanging out having a break from everything. A recharge day for us.

October 20th

I pick some apples to bake an apple pie later tonight.

Lots of emails today most of them music related. Nice to hear from Ex Enz manager Nathan too.

How good is Lindsay Fox. Love his "I'm an Australian I don't care about the Liberals or Labor but thumbs up to Dan Andrews for having the guts to tackle Covid like he did. He's had the balls to make decisions and stay with them, when 99 out of 100 people would have conceded a month ago. "

October 21st

We just signed Bob browns petition to save and protect Australia's Native Forests and wildlife- hope you can sign it too. Very worthy.


October 22nd

I'm trying to work out what our Halloween cozzies will be. It will be strange Halloween, probably zero Trick N Treaters- the glass half full on that is more chocolate for us! It is an Election year and Trump is certainly most peoples nightmare so I think I'll go as President Chump. I've been trying to find Joe Biden masks on line but all sold out. Zero in Australia. I had an idea of Chump & Joe holding hands and skipping down the walk tracks of Kalorama. So no Biden , but i do have a Tricky Dick Nixon mask for Mark. Maybe Nixon can be holding up a sign saying "Trump makes me look good". Who knows -but yeah a political Halloween moment.

Our first real day off the mountain, it always feels weird driving a car again with actual traffic. We have some junk food- even it tasted great- just sometimes one does that. I've lost a few kg's during Covid without really trying. I'm certain todays venturing back into society will put it back on.

We even call into the supermarket-good to see everyone doing the right thing-masks on etc. It's not too nuts but i do spend double the amount on groceries. The good news is that I clicked on some Woolworths bonus points and ended up with 3000 extra Qantas points. If we do make it home at Christmas I guess it's nice that Woolworths pay for some of my airfare.

This evening i find a Trump mask via online aussie store Costume Box-so order that for Halloween.

October 23rd

486,000 new infections worldwide today - saddened that Europe and America are exploding. A few "leaders" are in denial. USA 78,000 new infections in 1 day. Trump really needs to wake up the incompetent bozo.

A nice afternoon- so I decide on a bus ride to Olinda. I stuff up the timetable, guess who forgot it was a public holiday. I didn't mess up much and it was nice- just walked for 5 minutes to Five Ways in the beautiful sun. I was shocked how many cars drove past on the Tourist road-everyone is out. The bus arrived 5 minutes later and there was another person on board. Wow. I wanted to say "This is MY Bus"! But no, I will share. I grab a coffee from Montage and they are talking about their semi reopening next week if Victorias numbers keep falling-I hope so. I sit on a boulder in front of Kellys and Carolines husband is playing non stop Rolling Stones inside and also outside on their speaks so I'm enjoying that. Kookaburras land mid song and start laughing- what a strange musical combination it made. One Kookaburra thinks he is Mick Jagger-he has the moves.

October 24th

I make a note to buy Lisa Loebs ""A Simple Trick To Happiness". I keep forgetting to do so. LOVE "For the Birch" -the song, the production the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk_AyKMVMsg

In the middle of washing my clothes I get a call from Enz man Nigel Griggs. So clothes on hold for an hour or two- we have some really good phone conversations. The weather is superb tomorrow so i can wash them later on.

October 25th

Happy 75th birthday to my Uncle Des . A really nice chat, hope to see him and the family at Christmas, that's if Premier Gladys lets us into NSW. It's also Chrissy Amphlett from The Divinyls birthday, she would of turned 61 today. My friend Pips birthday too- sent me a present a cool surf picture from the day at South Beach Wollongong.

The Grand Final is on today -The Melbourne Storm V's Penrith. The final 5 minutes an absolute nail biter but happy for a Storm Victory. It's fantastic for Victoria too. Am in awe of The Storms fullback Ryan Papenhuyzen- just this remarkable young player. He scored the man of the match award too. Certainly THE up and coming talent.

October 26th

France has 1 Million active Covid cases, that's more active cases then "recovered".

I need to change the colour of my Donald Chump plastic mask for Halloween. The skin colour is too "normal", so i take it up to the art room and put it on a pike so i can colour it orange. OK I did take some joy stuffing Chumps head onto a pike. That is true. Good grief it is so terrible to wear, a rubber sweatbox , a rubber hideous sweat box. A rubber stupid, orange hideous thing. Scary and perfect for Halloween.

The gorgeous gals at Olinda bakery give me one of their excellent pie crusts so i can make my Lemon Curd tart. I know i should make it from scratch but don't have the right pie pan. It turns out pretty good , tastes great, I used a lot less sugar so not as solid as I hoped. Still pretty delicious.

October 27th

Mark does a wonderful job working in the yard. We get our final fire pile down to ashes, just before the rain starts. Fire Restrictions are coming up soon, so good to have this done. Lots of old tree limbs in the garage for us to chop up. Over the next few weeks I think we'll have our winter wood supply ready.

October 28th

I've been checking out a lot of stuff on Jack Parsons-famous rocket engineer-1 of the founders of JFL. I'm equally interested in his Thelemite Occultist side. Will have to track down Pendles "Strange Angel" book on Parsons. His death is still a mystery.

A lot of our Covid restrictions change today in Victoria. Apart from a few whinges there was a really good vibe. People are making the effort and Covid numbers are dropping. A mere 3 new infections today. NSW had more (again).

Marks laughing as I accidentally typed "IWANKA" instead of Ivanka in an email to a friend.

October 29th

Friends have been asking me about the USA election and do i think there will be a blue wave. I do but not a Tsunami. I'm stoked about the postal votes as that will be a secondary hit to Trump during the night and depending how many do it, maybe for days later. I do believe some States will swing back, but Trump and his Ego are so precious-he will say, and do anything to win. I'm not a massive fan of Biden but compared to Trump - YES Biden any day of the week. Plus Trumps incompetence over his mishandling of Covid should see him booted out of the White House instantly!

I seem to get all our bills on one day. I paid five today- good as they are all done and dusted.

Terrible Covid numbers- 503,000 NEW infections today alone across the world. Victorias numbers are dropping, just 2 new infections for our state today, lockdown is working.

I made a little "I Suck" badge for my Donald Chump Halloween costume.

October 30th

Mark put in a full day of yard work , I was slack and only managed half a day. He loves that bloody chainsaw. No wonder we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre so many times in the eighties.

I carve the Halloween pumpkin for tomorrow. I went old school- Crowded House Woodface design but wearing a carved Covid mask. It's a tad predictable but wasn't really inspired to carve. I did save the seeds for our garden and a friends.

October 31st

Happy Halloween-Samhain.

A strange old Halloween-no Trick N Treaters this year but we still had fun. Seeing the election is days away- we went for a simple Election theme. I was Donald Chump and Mark as Tricky Dick Nixon. I wore loads of extra t-shirts etc to get Donalds big gut. The 2 plastic masks were just terrible. Our mate Hisako took some snaps for us. One of Chump and Nixon holding hands skipping down the tracks of Ailsa Craig like they were in love. I captioned that one "Donald Loves Dick"! Hisako is laughing like crazy, having a fun time. Nice to get a fun Halloween photo from Sharon & Neil Finn tonight-rather excellent.

I wait till dusk and sit on the front steps, head in hands like I'm having a melt down in my Trump mask. I decide this will be my photos for when Trump loses the Election. My "How did it go so very wrong" snap.

We eat Halloween chocolate and watch the Queensland election results. Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor another huge victory. A third term for them. I was shocked how appalling Amanda Stoker was on the Qld Votes panel- she made an absolute fool of herself, Liberals are so bitter.

November 1st

Vicki Sullivan has painted rather cool image of Bongo Skyhooks (Oil & Gold Leaf on Linen). It's in the Peoples Choice section of the Hidden Faces- , Victorian Salon Refuse Exhibition. Titled "Just Another Day At The Office". If any of my readers could spare a few seconds and cast a vote for this one it would be fantastic-thank you. https://www.ozlink.info/hidden-faces-2020.html?fbclid=IwAR0qxPlcjs-Iycy99RwQBoU99trAUb0lGzxNnoXd5K-I2A17RZf2XqLnmsw Sad news today that Sean Connery passed away. Our favourite James Bond. So we watch the awesome "Dr No" in his honour.

November 2nd

I'm awake early today, and it is beautiful outside. So time for a little bus excursion to Olinda. So many happy people about - a really nice vibe by the locals.

I see that Deb Frecklington has resigned as Qld Liberal leader-despite saying only 2 days ago she was staying on as leader. Just another Liberal lier. I guess the letters L I E are in the parties name after all. Don't say it to voters if you don't mean it.

I picked some nice avocados- love it when they are really fresh - the best Avocado crush.

November 3rd

USA Election-well really tomorrow as we are a day ahead. I am not sure who will win, I know i'd love to see Trump go. Joe Biden has been encouraging lots of postal votes and Trump the opposite. So with so many postal votes arriving, I guess it means Biden and the Democrats will get a massive vote boost later on during the count. So to win - my thoughts are that Biden needs to keep close to the Chump vote and let the postal votes move him over the line later on.

We watch "Active Measurers" -perfect for Election night. Shocked at the Russian Money laundering via Trump tower. What a fascinating documentary, all that collusion between Trump and the Russians.

November 4th

Happy Birthday to our mate Kevin. We do sing 'Living in YOUR seventies"! He's a good bloke our Kev.

The Election is a bit freaky, Trump seems to be in the lead in a few places but the postal votes are now kicking in and reclaiming and winning.

Lots of friends phoning during the voting, we all have our comments, every single person hoping that creep Trump goes. Trump freaks everyone out by incorrectly saying he was the winner half way through with millions of votes to be counted. Everyone ignores him and the votes continue, Reds turn Blue, a few are close but by the time we finally go to sleep , there is now a good chance Biden will be the next President. Trump won't give this up easily but I'm feeling like he will be a one term President. I fall asleep smiling.

November 5th

50 days till Christmas and I still have so much to do.

I buy this cool little coin purse for Maddison. Part of her 1000 things Christmas box. I go through the giant coin jar and find coins for all of our relatives- basically a coin from the year they were born. Put them in little plastic holders with name/birth years on it and into MIM's purse. I thought she might find them interesting. 1000 things -a lot to stuff into one box but we will try.

The Election heats up, Trumps tweets getting a tad desperate now- he does sound rather kooky. Sad he has to lie so much . Such a desperate man., him and his shit head sons.

Wonderful to see America healing, people in the streets happy and singing. Trump supporters very bitter, waving their stupid guns.

November 6th

America has hit 10 million Covid infections and no sign of Trump. He hasn't even mentioned Covid since this election, meanwhile Americans are dying and he goes off and plays golf.

Victoria will be the home to the largest Tesla battery in the Southern Hemisphere- good work Dan Andrews.

I get to meet the other owner across the road from us and his young daughter. A really nice family. We are again surrounded by kids- which we enjoy.

We watched some of Chumps Press Conference today. Just turned it off-so nutty and he really has lost the plot. Still laughing at Anderson Coopers description. “That is the President of the United States. That is the most powerful person in the world, and we see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun.”

November 7th

I call Miss K in Pittsburgh tonight, excited over Pennsylvania giving Joe Biden more and more votes. You can hear the people singing and cheering in the streets.

Saddened that Bones Hillamn has passed away. I knew he'd been battling cancer for awhile now. Lots of tributes from Midnight Oil. I send Neil an email as the Finn clan very close to Bones, and he did live with them at the 11 Osborne street house all those years ago. A lovely man, I liked his smile . Always a joy to see him backstage at our shows. Another loss to the music industry too.

I bake a ripper of an apple pie for dinner, my second in as many weeks.. I added the tiniest bit of pear this time , from our pear tree. YUM.

November 8th

Happy Birthday to our mate Isabelle in France. I'm shocked at how bad Covid is in France, it's like they have lost control. I count our blessings here in Victoria. Our 9th day of Zero new infections and Zero deaths. Thank God Andrews moved us into such a solid lockdown.

I catch up with mate Mary and we head to Montage for some food. She spoils me and shouts me breakfast-so nice when people do that. It made my entire day. That and Astrids rather awesome coffee. Nice to see locals Josie & Pete.

The Fact Checker from the Washington Times shows that Donald Trump has lied 22,000 times since being in office. 22,000! Good grief!

We've ordered quite a few things via JB on line. I bit the bullet and grabbed the Suzi Q documentary on DVD. I've been waiting, hoping this Quatro doco. would be on Bluray but no such luck. Our mate Jen Brown is on it-so that's cool. A lot of others chatting with Suzi and telling their stories. I really admire Donita Sparks from L7 - so stoked she makes an appearance. Love L7's punk edge.

That's it for another diary, we all patiently wait for Chump to concede- we'll be waiting awhile. Meanwhile the world continues to move on - he'll just end up being an bitter old man who served one term as President and was incompetent around his handling of Covid. A good day for America when he has gone.

Stay safe and love life

PG xxxx

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