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covid bandito

"Covid Bandito." 2020-Kalorama.

April 20th

My second coffee in a month from our mate Caroline at Kellys-Olinda. I run into Ros and Miss Coco on the way to buy some supplies. Great to see them. Coco has created another funky outfit to wear. It's very cold outside. I'm wearing my faux fur coat and a Keith Richards scarf. I wrap it around my face and I look like some sort of Covid Bandito! It's a good look.

April 21st

We both really enjoyed the debut of MRS AMERICA on Foxtel. The second wave of Feminists battle it out with conservative Phyllis Schafly. The culture war of the seventies. Great to see 2 aussie actors-Cate Blanchett and Rose Byrne strutting their stuff during this fine drama.

As i climb into bed I look up at the 2 Gabrielle Bates pieces of art. Titled "Be Prepared". It's a Brownie putting on a protective mask. Feels very 2020. Gabe painted it as part of her 2006 Guns N Brownies exhibit.

April 22nd

I call my cousin at Wollongong just to make sure he hasn't gone stir crazy. Alls well. Lots of phone calls today, our old friend Alison C calls, a fun bit of catching up and finally a late night call from Kim - which was great because it's been a month since we last chatted. She works in the food industry which has basically shut down. They all seem to be handling it well which is a relief.

April 23rd

I hear from Greg Skyhook who has found a Skyhooks performance that we don't have. It's from Hey Hey It's Saturday. 22-3-80, so yes forty years ago. The band is performing THIS TOWN IS BORING. For many currently in isolation, the town where you live probably is very boring at the moment, so it's quite fitting for 2020. Anyway check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEymaC2FciM

New Rolling Stones LIVING IN A GHOST TOWN now up on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNNPNweSbp8

It's off to a good start, #1 on YouTube charts. What does that actually mean in 2020? Seems there are charts for everything these days.

I see some images of Montages new facelift, by the time it reopens it will be a bit fresh and that's always good for us regulars. I still only have 1 coffee a week now. Not missing it, I never had many but good to go to almost zero.

I go for a 30 minute walk in the afternoon. After 15 years up here I know most of the secret little short cuts and hidden alley ways. I leave the last of our blackberry jam at our friends Chris's place. Next drop down to 5 Ways to photograph the shrine and I leave some dahlias at the monument. A lady walking her dog comes up and says what a nice "young man" I am for doing that. YOUNG? maybe it was a guide dog. Ha! I cross the road and snap some photos of the Silvan dam from the lookout. After that home. A beautiful day, so good to be out for a minute and get some exercise.

April 24th

I hassle my sister a bit as I'm worried she will spend some crazy amount of money on my birthday present. She is so generous but it does freak me out, MIM also grabs the phone and decides to sing me her version of Jimmy Barnes 'Working Class Man'. OK i love those lyrics too but extra cute being sung by a 6 year old.

I had an interesting job offer come in today , around our local schools.

April 25th

Anzac Day-Lest We Forget.

It must be hard for some of the older Diggers today, not be able to march with their mates. Nice that one of the locals awoke early this morning and played his trumpet as the sun came up.

April 26th

Trumps inject yourself with disinfectant line was the usual expected stupidity. Now he's claiming sarcasm, c'mon is anyone really falling for that old line. When will America realise that the world is shaking it's head and laughing at them for having this absolute dickhead as a President. Lets hope he injects himself as the guinea pig. Now that would be a good day.

April 27th

I have a chat to my tour manager friend David. He's always been a really good bloke to us, plus we are both huge Gough Whitlam fans.

Pools on again and tonight was close, I manage to beat Marky but only just. One of my shots was certainly the best of the night, yet again little skill involved, just a fluke. We certainly are playing a lot of music , which I love , and a roaring open fire. A nice way to enjoy lockdown.

April 28th

I have to head to Lilydale very early this morning. No real choice but to break lockdown for a moment. i find the perfect car park , just as well as the weather has turned miserable. I get a lot done.

It's incredible how few cars are on the road, I counted 9 from our place to the city centre. This must be great for pollution, one of the good things around the pandemic.

April 29th

It's 250 years today since Captain Cook arrived here. I don't give a crap about Cook, but i do think Sir Joseph Banks who was onboard the Endeavour was the amazing one. I prefer statues of him everywhere, Cook is Crap, Banks Rules. Another good side of Covid 19, all the Cook celebrations were cancelled so less hype around him.

In the afternoon I put in some passionfruit and lavender plants along the fence line. I'd love to be able to pick passionfruits. They never seem to grow. This area has more sun so I'm hoping that will do the trick.

April 30th

230,000 deaths now for Covid 19. I see Russia is now starting to jump. America is still a massive concern. Trump kept saying, we might have 60,000 by August. It's not even May yet and the USA has 60,000+ dead.

Some cold weather is heading our way. Mark spoils me by buying a new Doona/Quilt. It's meant to be for my birthday but I receive it now so I'll be snuggled down in warmth during this icy weather.

We are lighting our lounge room fire every evening now, usually we don't do so till late May.

May 1st

So many birthdays in May, including mine on the 11th. It's a busy birthday month. I'm still a bit shocked that a year has gone by , a strange year. It's meant to be my "year of patience" and ends in July- so I'm told by some wise woman who sits alone on a rock in a desert!

I rarely am butter fingered, but tonight i dropped a container of yoghurt on the polished wooden kitchen floor. It looked like a porn stars huge cum shot- what a load! Thankfully Banshee (who we now call "The Cleaner") heard the noise, came out and cleaned it all up with her gigantic cat tongue. I laughed, what else could I do. Takes a lot to get me angry these days, nice and calm. Too many angry birds exist in the world as it is.

The temperature drops to Zero tonight at Kalorama. We have the fires roaring away all day. Mark says our wood supply will not last.

May 2nd

Happy Birthday to our mate Warwick . Good to chat and a celebration for us all when we eventually escape lockdown. Lots of Birthdays in May, my grandfather would of turned 125 if he was still here, another May birthday.

Banshee is stretched out in front of the fire, she looks like she is double her length -she loves it.

A really cool early birthday card arrives from Dot & Claire Ware. So nice that people remember.

May 3rd

I'm keeping an eye on my Wollongong family during this pandemic. They all seem to be handling it fairly well. My Mum avoids humans at the best of times so she should be fine.

Boris Johnson and Carrie named their new son Wilfred. I keep thinking of myself in my Wilfred the dog suit. Why would anyone name their kid after a drug taking, swearing, angry talking dog.?

The ancient Buddlei Davidii tree/bush finally collapses near our office so Mark is way too excited to be using his chainsaw. It's going to take a few days, it seems rather dry inside, so the wood will be extra for the fireplace. We tie up loads of kindling bundles.

Vic Liberal Dan Tehan is such a goose, attacking the Victorian Premier for keeping schools closed. Tehans timing is certainly off- just as he attacks the Premier a 16 year old boy at Epping Boys School in NSW has the Covid 19 virus and the school is closed. So much for students not getting it and schools being safe. Good work Mr Andrews. Crawl back under your rock Tehan.

I'm finding it funny how so many people in relationships are finding it so difficult to spend these extra lockdown hours with their partners. I think it's great that people get to know their better half a bit more and for families to get off their phones and actually communicate. Plenty of upsides around Covid 19. Less pollution from fewer cars on the road, more cooking at home , lots of new vegetable patches, Porn Stars are kept employed by the vast double of the viewing of Porn Movies (chuckle), and Mark still can't beat me at Pool! (We all know he will now, the challenge has been thrown out).

Stay safe, and smile you are alive!

Thank you for all the early Birthday Wishes too.

PG x

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