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shooting pool at home

At least during our Covid-19 lockdown my pool playing will improve.

March 30th

I head to Olinda with Barry to help him shop. His dogs are in the car and go happy crazy when they see me. I sit in the back with them, keeping that social distance happening. After the several cases on the news I'm wondering if dogs can give it to me. It is weird heading out a mere 1 hour a week, I'm going to try and make it less during this evil pandemic. NSW still double the amount of infected to any other Australian state. I check in with Mum every day to make sure she is ok around it all and she is, keeping away from pesky humans.

I really enjoyed Mark Harts little musical pieces live from his home. Lots of people on the internet enjoying his efforts. Plus it helps the Italian healthcare workers so a thumbs up to Mark & Camille.

March 31st

I mail a big Easter parcel home. Spot a cool book for my sister so Jerry lets me open the box and include it and the postage is the same.

Lots of book reading going on at home. Mark just started on Pearl Jams "20" book, which is such a good read, cool photos and images too. He keeps quoting Eddie Vedder to me every day.

Noel Enzman calls which was nice, just checking on us.

April 1st

April Fools Day

Trump certainly must take out the award. Still shocked he was briefed twice around Covid19 in November and failed to act , Trump telling them they were fear mongering. Talk about a case of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. I wonde rhow many American lives would of been saved if the fool pulled his finger out and acted sooner. Shameful.

Neil Youngs latest "Shut It Down 2020" . It will be something people will look back at for the images alone.


Fun chat with Toija tonight. Great we are hearing from so many people during this lockdown.

I bake an orange poppy seed cake, decided to soak very fine orange peel from our tree in benedictine and put that on top. Nice!

April 2nd

It's good that Parliament has passed the wage subsidy. Sad that Mr Morrison didn't listen to Labor and protect many of the part time workers too. But good that all sides of politics are acting together to save jobs.

The Suns out so I go to the vegetable patch and pick a lot of tomatoes and make some sauces. Great to have them aside during our isolation. We are still looking at 3 months , but you never know it could be more or less. The Flu season hasn't hit Australia yet and I wonder how many older peoples immune system can take a double whammy. The numbers could jump again.

Home made lasagne for dinner , Marky comments that it was rather excellent.

April 3rd

1 year today since Marks Mum Margaret passed away. We are still so very sad, a classy, lovely woman. I'll miss her kind heart and sense of humour.

I decide we need some happiness today so bake some "happy cookies" . I found some wild pot growing near a hike track.

People call and send emails which was nice. Phone calls from friends around sad days really shows who your mates are.

We have a very late night, music, pool playing, a few drinks. I somehow end up with Streetwear for men nail polish on my fingers- battleship blue and Michael Stipes crushed eyeliner glam glitter. The nail polish improves my terrible pool playing, have a few cookies and you really will believe that.

Good to hear my Uncle is ok from his later afternoon operation.

1 Million now have the Covid-19 virus and 50,000 dead.

April 4th

Last night i found a container of airline swizzle sticks from our first flight to America with Continental. They are so cool, each one has a destination name and image on it, we'd get them with our drinks. There are a lot of them, we must of drank Continental dry on that first flight, "free drinks" and we were up for the challenge. That was so long ago! 40 years!

I bake bread today. That wonderful aroma in the house, the weather is grey outside.

April 5th

America is exploding with Covid-19, the way it is going it will overtake Italy and Spain. I remember way back on January 30th-Health & Human Services secretary Alex Azar directly warned Donald Trump of a possible pandemic. Trump responded that Azar was an alarmist and nothing would happen. It took Trump 6 weeks to act. Guess Azar was smart and doing his job, pity the same can't be said about Donald Chump. Blood on his hands.

I went for a small walk for some exercise this evening. I saw a man with his dog. He told me I was the first human he'd seen in 5 days. We had a small chat, at a distance. It was rather surreal.

Play Rolling Stones Trivial Pursuit with Marky and of course he thrashes me. I was hopeless.

April 6th

Good to chat to Warwick, of course again I'm in the bath. I swear there must be a hidden video camera & our mates wait till i descend into the tub and phone. It always ends in laughter.

Some things stay the same during a pandemic. We see all our neighbours emerge to put their recycle bins out. That made me smile.

Such sad news that the incredible Pussy Galore- from Goldfinger- (Honor Blackman) dies at 94. We watch that classic 007 movie in her honour!

April 7th

The high court gets it wrong, Pell is released from jail. Australians are furious. Justice certainly was not served today.

Pearl Jam debut at #3 with their new album "Gigaton" on the Aussie charts. #2 on the vinyl chart which is pretty good.

Make beer batter chips. Sometimes just the basics are perfect during those grey cold nights. We don't eat a lot of chips but these were pretty good. Mark stares at me horrified that i'm dipping mine in tomato sauce.

April 8th

We head out for a quick drive to the IGA supermarket and I pop into The Deli for 2 takeaway coffees. It is strange not to be drinking coffee, so the first sip really electrified me. On the way home and thought our 30 minutes of exercise could be at the Arboretum on Ridge Rd. Just us, and the council have security taped over all the seats and benches so no one will sit down. Such a lovely area, vast trees , so a little walk while we sip our caffeine. I take a snap for Sheepbook.

Home on time to catch a call from Wendy H. That's always fun.

April 9th

15,000 dead in the USA today. I happily hear from Neil Finn in LA and the Finn family all good and safe. Quite a few other people check in, nice to hear from them.

We were saying just how easily the world crumbled, a little virus just stopped it in its tracks. For both of us we were slightly prepared. I kind of run with it while Mark has a few moments of "We're all fucked".

April 10th

Easter-Good Friday .... I thank the Goddess for all of our chocolate.

If i see one more image of Jesus as a whiter than white man I'm going to scream. He had brown skin, middle eastern. I remember at Sunday school asking why Jesus skin colour was wrong and got a very nasty look from those in charge. Such a trouble maker even at my young age.

April 11th

I do like the Forenzics "Walking" (Down a Road?). The better of the bunch from what I have heard.

Great that Maggie returns to the season finale of The Walking Dead. Yes we still watch it, hanging on in there. After a few dud episodes it has improved-thankfully.

Rain Rain Rain... the air smells magnificent.

April 12th

We have far too many easter eggs . OK can you ever have too many, no, so that's a lie. I should be happy that so many have arrived. Thanks to you all.

A very very late night for us. Benedictine shots while we played Pool. The huge fireplace well lit. In bed by 4.00 am! Lots of cool music played thanks to Mark. Maybe we are getting old(er) 4.00 am suddenly feels a bit late. Mark takes a final snap of myself with a pool cue , reflecting in the marvellous Mark Douglas mirror. A really fun night.

April 13th

I feel great today, not hung over. I get some cleaning done. I give the Douglas mirror a clean- I always felt like it belong on Captain Nemo's 'Nautilus' submarine. It is such a cool mirror. Nick Seymour and myself bought the mirrors at the same time, by accident. Douglas only made a handful each year. One of those strange flukes.

The drug house near us sells for $762,625.00 -hope the new buyers are nice neighbours. It's great that it will be filled with people again.

22,000 dead in America now, 555,000 infected, so incredibly sad. I guess all eyes are on the USA.

April 14th

We are glad we postponed Morocco till all of this is over. 126 people have died in Morocco but probably a lot more soon as it is very close to Spain. It certainly was the right decision from us. We'll go when it is safer. Got all of our $ back so that was great. Our friend is in Peru and after 3 weeks of being in isolation will be flown home on one of the government charter flights.

April 15th

Mark looks like a stunt double for the chainsaw massacre movie. We are chopping up a fallen half tree-extra Winter fire wood supply so staying positive. Mark loves the chainsaw. We get a lot done. Still much more so a huge effort, all part of living in a national park.

The Chrysanthemums are bursting out in flower everywhere, they are loving this weather. Bright orange ones on the decking, striking against the grey sky.

April 16th

We have all the paint and extra stuff to repaint Marks bathroom. It will take a few days, but sometime over the next few weeks we will make it happen.

April 17th

Happy Birthday Enzman Noel Crombie. Nice to have a chat, we usually remember Noels birthday. I think that surprises him.

Today is AusMusic T-shirt day. I wear my original Skyhooks Living In The 70's windcheater, from 1974 and it still fits-ok a bit tight but it is 46 years old! So not too bad. Later on I change into a Crowdies Tee -take a few photos for the web pages.

A huge blonde Zucchini is growing in the 'orphans' patch, Robert Plant would love this one for his cod piece. It's HUGE baby! Large zucchinis are not very good , so I usually grate them into our lasagne.

We had a sad email this evening from our beloved Berry Twins -our thoughts are with you. Sending loads of love from Oz.

April 18th

I wake up with a weird case of the sniffles, a bit of a cough. I tell Mark I'm going back to bed. I wonder if I have caught IT. But throw that thought out the window. I wake up 3 hours later and it's gone. It was a bit of a cold night so maybe that triggered something. We are both so fortunate to be so healthy.

I bake a few more cookies. Pick 2 buckets of tomatoes from the garden. They just keep on growing. The corn is slowly getting taller. I think I planted it too late.

April 19th

(Live) One World Together At Home. We enjoyed at lot of this. The Stones doing something for free- how amazing is that. Lady Gaga showing that she has a pretty good voice and she put in so much time creating this fundraiser event- she is awesome. , Eddie Vedder, Alesia Keyes, Billie Joe Armstrong, Paul McCartney and our very own Keith Urban and many more. Good they all did this. The WHO connection probably pissed President Chump off but tough tities Donald.

You can view the main show here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0_4DuglJkQ

Four weeks of lock down at home for us. Two months to go, well maybe. I figure I've ventured our around 6 hours during that amount of time. So many people are impatient and just want to end the lockdown straight away, slowly is best. It would be terrible if after all this effort we jumped too soon and it started up again.

Stay safe


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