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cloth badges

I've been everywhere man ... I've been to Wollongong, Wollongong, Wollongong, Dapto and Wollongong.

February 3rd

Finally a nice cool day. The temperature drops by 20 degrees. The inside of Ailsa Craig is starting to cool down slowly.

The stock market starts to crash because of the Coronavirus. One wonders if the information coming out of China can be trusted? I double check that our hand wash is alcohol based, a good preventative measure around the virus. Like everyone else I'm a tad paranoid about it. I notice the amount of Chinese tourists on the mountain has dropped to almost zero. A lot of Xenophobia occurring.

Nice to see Bridget McKenzie resign to the back bench. The Greens leader quits. Adam Bandt becomes Greens leader and I don't mind him. A bit of passion at last.

I'm happy as i got rid of the last thing on todays "TO DO" list, fix my favourite black shoes. Some are pissy things, some are more complicated, some I am a lazy shit and avoid and move to the next list.

February 4th

I spotted the evil Bengal cat , which I hate. Hybrid killer that it is. The owners don't give a shit, no ID's, no registration. People who do not have those things on their cats should not own them. This one has killed peoples chickens, and so many native birds. I saw it almost kill Andy the Kookaburras baby , I just caught it out of the corner of my eye and gave it a lemon up it's Hybrid arse! Cat owners who go 'Oh my cat never wanders away' are full of shit. Hopefully the lemon enema will give it second thoughts about returning to our place any time soon. Hate seeing our wildlife killed, one of the few times I get angry.

Nice to hear from Miss Boo today and Katie as well. It has been awhile since I'd chatted to the Bardot girls. Still have fond memories. It was a hoot.

February 5th

We enjoyed some of Christine Polowyj's work at the Jackman gallery opening. They still get some very cool artists. Nice to be back on their invite list.

We mow the lawns. What more can I say, it takes forever, but when finally completed Ailsa Craig looks rather beautiful considering it is Summer, it's all really green and lush. After that we cut up a fallen tree and Mark removes a small tree stump that I have been targeting. His special project for the day.

I have just enough energy to make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. After that we both crash onto the couch.

February 6th

I'm heading off for a coffee in the morning and I see we have a visitor at the back gate. An echidna. I watch him for a little while, he lumbers off into our bushes. He looks content and safe in that area so I leave him alone. Such wonderful freaks. Come visit here anytime, you are safe.

I take a few photos of the baby dahlia plants for my mate Wendy. I wanted her to see how awesome the flowers are on these beautiful gifts. I've fussed like crazy over them, no wonder they have so many flowers- they are happy.

February 7th

Weird the top of my back aches, all day and gone by 7.00. Maybe I slept in some strange position, of course it is NOT old age. HA! I am 100% denial. I am lucky, so few problems with my health. Touch wood. OK mark time to take down the bondage swing. Opps.

I know why Andy the Kookaburra and family have rarely visited in the past few days. Hawks! Several of them in the area. I wonder if they were attacked as Andy and boyfriend turn up without the baby. I'm giving them some organic beef and they stop. Look up and sure enough a Hawk floating high overhead. Andy and boyfriend bird chat and head off. Not the usual flight exit either, a totally different way, low under the tree canopy. Clever Andy. Lets hope their baby is ok and just hiding out in their tree home. First the evil cat and now a hawk, poor baby bird.

Good news that Green Day return to these shores in November. A big show at Marvel Stadium. Their new album "Father of all Motherfuckers" is in stores today. Lots of positive online comments around the album, hoping it debuts at #1 here, give me Green Day any time over soft dick shit like Coldplay.

February 8th

I had a look at the Gig Guide today, so few bands seem to be in town or playing, a quiet week for music. Was hoping to go out tonight. Even our local is a bit musically barren. Think we will all stay here and play some pool and have some laughs. Need to get that bass soon and Jam with Marky all night in the art room. I figure if we totally suck NO ONE will ever hear us. I add "The Unheard" to my little book of possible band names.

February 9th

it's been awhile but today I had the vibe to bake some bread, so i'm up fairly early. I like the smell of the kitchen just as much as the finished product.

We are loving the limited edition Tim Tam Gisborne orange and dark chocolate. Sis is having problems finding them at Wollongong so I'm mailing her a packet.

February 10th

The Blackberries are now ripening, and there are a lot. Looks like we'll bake several pies in a few days time.

Sad to hear that 3 of our friends have all lost their Mums this month. THREE isn't that crazy and very sad. I never know what to say when this happens.

February 11th

I Still enjoy Rowland S.Howards 'Pop Crimes' cd. It has that Boys Next Door feel to it. Rowlands voice is great, so much emotion.

We mow the west lawn and I head around the side to where the big fountain is. Andy the Kookaburra joins me and decides to have a bath in the slightly grotty water of the fountain. All she had to do was wait 20 minutes as I was cleaning the fountain and adding fresh water. What is it about animals always preferring the grotty water?

My favourite song for the day is "Cause" by Rodrigues. The cafe has it playing over the speakers- excellent lyrics.

Shirls costume and gold record brings in $7100.00 , final bid for the bushfire auction. Shirl Strachan the gift that keeps on giving. Nice that the Strachan family donated these 2 cool items.

February 12th

A little gathering today at Montage for lunch. Marky, Mary, John, Peter #2 and myself. A few of the other regulars joined the group. Astrid was on, so we had the best coffees ever!

I've separated all my old cloth badges from the material sheet they were hanging on. It goes way, way back to my bedroom at Wollongong, so they are old. People have asked me about various ones, so thought I'd put a cloth badge up on Facebook every few days and some memories around that particular time and some photos too-well hopefully. Remember they go back to the early seventies, so I probably had my little 126 film size camera or my 110 film spy camera! Both took shitty photos. I have a couple of tiny diaries too , not always entries but hopefully a few notes that will guide me and jog my memory. It could be fun. Anything to break up the dullness of Facebook.

My Mums in her eighties and her memory is still really great. I asked her some questions about a family trip to QLD in the early seventies and she called me back, remembered all these obscure details. I was impressed at how much she still recalls.

February 13th

I grab some Menus from the restaurant up here. Sis and MIM are visiting and she insists on shouting 10 of us dinner. So generous. Will be wonderful having them stay for awhile.

Late afternoon I sneak off and paint up a Valentines day present for Mark and pick some flowers for tomorrow. Romance still lives. I wonder what amazing surprise he has for me? (keep it nice folks..or maybe not?).

February 14th

Happy Valentines day to you all.

A nice Valentines day for us. hell I even scored a rare foot massage.. BLISS! I purr like Miss Banshee , I love a good rub (cough) . I'm in bed and just thinking how incredibly lucky I am to have this amazing bloke in my life. So great to share ones lives, grow happily old together and misbehave as much as possible.

I clear Po Box 50 and three Valentines day cards for me from 3 mystery people....I love it. I only recognise the handwriting on one. Also , and I'm counting it as a valentines day gift. Chris Bell I AM THE COSMOS mint gatefold vinyl single arrives from Stephanie K in America. This is so cool- I email her straight away. Thanks Steph!!!xxxxx

Maddison sends her Uncles a red rose. She really is the best niece. She'll be breaking so many Valentines Day hearts down the track.

We watch the "Adrift" movie, based on a true story. Enjoyable and a bit sad./ The SFX were perfect.

February 15th

I join Mark and we pick a hell of a lot of Blackberry's, maybe too many. So instead of one Blackberry Pie, looks like I'm making a few. I've mislaid Pops recipe, so I've had to make some of it up as I go along. The pastry is my only worry but I fluke it and get it right, in fact, it's surprisingly excellent. All goes well and an hour later 2 big pies are being consumed. I added 2 apples as well, just to flavour it up a bit. It always feel great when you get to pick all these free berries. All i can say is YUM.

February 16th

Well Green Day do debut at #1 on the Aussie charts. I wonder how many #1 albums they had here, quite a lot. Good to see.

I hear from Mad Dog , she's back in Australia. Out cruisin' for a bruisin'!

Our rates are due tomorrow. I scrawl out a cheque for $3200.00 so paid out of the way for another year. It has been awhile since I have written a cheque , feels almost prehistoric. Rates are the one thing I hate paying, prefer to use it on a holiday airfare, wouldn't we all?

Some solid rainfall all around Australia and it's putting out many Bushfires. All that naked rain dancing at Kalorama must of helped after all.

Stay Happy All Of You


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