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escaping covid at home

"Our 200th day of Lockdown here at Ailsa Craig. A nice play to escape Covid."

October 5th

I hear from my mate Jennifer in NYC and she tells me some exciting news that the amazing Michael C Hall will be returning as DEXTER for a limited series revival via Showtime. Very cool.

A bit of a flashback to December 1984 Enz tour -this morning. It just popped into my head. So i put a few photos that my friend Sue took, all up on my Facebook page.

Marks Skyhooks "Toorak Cowboy" soundcheck footage just had it's 12,000th view. So nice that people have enjoyed it. The only footage of the Starkie brothers having a bit of a play. Good one Marky.

Banshee loves to watch Caracals and Lynx on our big screen TV. Maybe it's the hairy ears like hers. She walks to the side and starts looking behind the TV -gives me one of those "I know they are behind it somewhere" looks.

October 6th

Looks like i have some strange Cinnamon allergy, or it might be the dye used in Hot Tamales candy. Will have to let my friend Nikki know, she'll have a chuckle over that. No more Tamales for me, you are killing me Nikki. (joking).

Have a chat to Mary , lockdown must be a bit rough for those who live on their own. She sounds like she is in good spirits. Always up for a joke.

A weird afternoon, for the first time in decades I am bored. Not sure why, it will pass. If i put my mind to it I'm sure we have plenty to do.

Frydenbergs lame Budget arrived, worlds worst treasurer. National Debt now past a Trillion dollars in Australia. Back in Black my arse Joshy. Useless.

October 7th

Eddie Van Halen dies- such a great guitarist. When will people wake up- smoking will kill you.

Trumps Political Theatre moment, drive by in his car from his sick bed. Calling Lone Gunman Calling lone Gunman. I'm a naughty boy.

Lots of Harlequin flowers on the east lawn, the fake orchids. Maybe a thousand of them. I spotted the little grey rabbit hopping about in them. he is quick and smart, I only ever see him for a minute. "oh my fur and whiskers, I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say ‘hello, goodbye,’ I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”. -and off he zooms, guess he has a rabbit hole somewhere nearby. Eh Alice?

October 8th

I add some Beatles pianola rolls into the Archives. "Yesterday", "Hey Jude" and "Let It be". So many glorious memories come rushing back from my grandfathers house-where this big chunky Pianola lived. Christmas parties with the family gathered around it, singing their hearts out.

It rained all day, just light but continuous. No wonder everything is so lush here. The ferns at The Grove are all coming out with fresh new fronds. They love this misty rain. The 2 orchards that our friend Mary gave us is about to open up in flower. A lovely time of year up here on the mountain.

October 9th

We really were fascinated by "Agents of Chaos:" (Part 1). Especially by the Troll factory. So well documented around the Russian interference of the 2016 USA election. Mark keeps saying i should go to Russia and be in charge of The Troll Factory.

We mail off our vote in the Council elections. We give David Eastham our #1 tick. Seems passionate enough and some fresh young blood. Three of the four were independent, one Liberal -Democrat ties-so she was last.

I clear the mail box and Maddisons cool school photo for the year arrives. She looks so much like my sister-mind blowing.

October 10th

Nice day 'chatting' to some old friends and house mates. Katja , Kim Grange and Pip Sentino . Good they are all in our life still and most importantly HAPPY!

The rhododendrons are all out at our place, so much colour-and some of them are huge trees now, no longer tiny bushes so you have these amazing flowers high up with the gumtrees.

October 11th

Wonderful card from Nikki in Chicago, and this beautiful Chicago cloth badge. It has the Chicago city seal on it, quite a nice design. Thanks Nikki will cherish this.

I have this sneaky feeling Jacinda and NZ Labour will have avery successful election result. NZ should be proud of her, so much respect worldwide for their PM.

October 12th

Mark worked out that by the last day of voting in America, that the number of Covid deaths in that country will be FOUR times greater then the number of Americans that died in the Vietnam War. What an absolutely appalling useless President.

We both signed Kevin Rudds Murdoch Royal Commission petition. 100,000 others have too so far. Big thanks to Kim G. for showing this to us. No idea how I missed it in the first place.

We head out and do some solid yard work today. A total fluke of an accident with some new garden sheers. Right into my hand-ouch! So much blood, it was everywhere. We did all the right things, pressure on it etc . Inside and Mark grabs the Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aid kid and we are onto it. My brilliant Dr at Prahran calls and lets me know that my tetanus shot is almost out of date. Because of Lockdown driving to Prahran is out of the question and I find out that most Pharmacists can give a tetanus shot. Too late now so i clean this really nice slice and dice cut- looks horrid and will head off tomorrow.

October 13th

Down to Montrose and of course that pharmacy doesn't give tetanus shots but the owner tells me about a private health clinic around the corner. So I take a chance and just front up. Normally you need to be on their books and have an appointment- I have neither. Thankfully the lady at the door is super kind and logs me in and within 15 minutes Dr Trudi is looking after me. She cleans the big chunky cut. Checks it out, tries lifting the skin- like FUCKING OUCH!!!!!! A good sign. She tells me it's healing quickly already and another 2mm's and it would of been a very different story. She prods me to make sure my nerve endings are all ok - adds special bandages and even gives me some freebees for home. We chat and she tells me about her first concert-age 14. Yes Split Enz Festival Hall- Under 18s gig- $2.50! Paul Kelly and The Aliens special guests. How funny is that- a good omen. She gets this really cute nurse to give me a tetanus shot. So I pay and here is the thing- all of that- $21.00! We are so fortunate here in Australia -what an amazing health system. Thank you Gough Whitlam. I can't imagine how much this would of cost in say America. Anyway i depart feeling less stressy- all is good. Let the healing begin.

I notice the Pizza shop is open, so I decide a bad food treat is needed and grab us 2 Pizza's for lunch. I nap for most of the afternoon, as commanded and let this heal. Some really nice phone calls in the evening, checking on me. I appreciate that.

October 14th

A restless sleep, I kept lying on the bandaged hand. At one stage Banshee decides to play with part of the bandage wrap.

I make an effort around the council people for their upcoming election. Still uncertain if I want to pursue this. It's not like election day etc where you get to see the voters doing their thing.

So many "Get Well" messages on Facebook. I am blown away. Thanks to our friends for the phone calls as well.

October 15th

Unemployment in Australia continues to climb. Around the 7% mark. I see that goose Frydenberg is now hassling Premier Andrews. He really needs to piss off and focus on the Trillion dollar National Debt that his government has dumped on Australia. The largest national debt we have ever had. Josh shits me. Such an annoying politician with his fake smile.

I cook some really nice Indian Butter Chicken for dinner. We haven't had it for awhile, really tasty.

Can it be 30 years since Skyhooks "Jukebox In Siberia" went to #1. A fun day filming that video clip. With my mate Toija in our little newspaper suits. The assistant went through rolls and rolls of tape keeping them together. The only Aussie single to go to the #1 spot that year. I love having little cameos in clips, video cameras scare the shit out of me. It's fun, fascinating to watch and avery long day on set. Still when a video is shown and it's the #1 song in the country and you have a few micro seconds in it, you do get a buzz.

October 16th

Apparently my 'Gryphon Music' Twitter account has an Anniversary this week. Not sure, how, why or even what it means-probably very little. Just when I'm about to send off my 16,000th tweet. I think twitter should be paying my Twitter friends big bags of cash for suffering my endless "Tweet Blurts" - what can i say, the boy likes to chat! Plus my tweets are far sexier then Donald Chumps we all know that.

The NSW Premier Gladys - what a foolish woman. All her integrity gone now , her 5 year fling with that horrid used car salesman politician and his dodgy deals. She keeps playing both the innocent and victim card- someone should remind her that she is a 50 year old woman not a 16 year old school girl. Like many I don't believe most of what she is saying. Not certain the public can trust her anymore as Premier.

Queensland has the strongest employment figures of all the Eastern States. Good work Annastacia Palaszczuk. I am dying to visit Magnetic Island -I need my Qld island recharge.

October 17th

How great is "The Gentlemen" - fantastic movie, brilliant cast, clever. It felt rather Reservoir Dog-ish. A must see.

I clear ash at the UFO site in our yard. Back into the ground with it. The back lot area and The Grove are looking excellent-mostly due to Marks efforts.

Melbourne Storm reach the NRL Grand Final -what a team, it would be great for Melbourne if they win next weekend.

Big thank you to Debbie Levitt for her fine efforts around this F/16 diary. Probably the last thing she wants to do each fortnight but I really appreciate it. [editor's note: it's strange to still hand HTML stuff in a Wordpress world, but anything for you! :)]

October 18th

A good night for Labour/Labor. Jacinda and NZ Labour just score big with the NZ election. Great to see- she's an excellent Prime Minister. Also, after 19 years in power, Labor in the ACT are returned yet again. Chief Minister Andrew Barr taking to the stage with his husband Anthony-good to see. The Greens did well in the ACT -very happy for them- and a fine speech from Shane Rattenbury. A joy to watch the Liberals crash and burn again. The wrong Liberal leader- a conservative dullard with no experience. What did the Libs expect? Great double win. Imagine if Chump fails and only has the one term. Highly unlikely as most Presidents get two terms. Still 225,000 Covid deaths under his watch could be the thing that upsets his apple cart. These things DO happen in threes. Imagine! On that fine note I'll sign off.

Stay safe -wear a mask!


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