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ALT concert available

"We are excited that this amazing ALT Live show has been discovered & available to fans from Nov. 30th"

November 9th

A weird day for me, no energy. I did a tiny bit of yard work with Marky but ran out of steam- a bit strange.

I had good intentions of commencing the airing of the Crowded House stage backdrops , but a neighbour is burning off so the air filled with smoke, so knock that on the head. Will try later when the "No Burn" restrictions are underway in December.

Great to see that Kindergarten will be free in Victoria next year- thanks to Dan Andrews and the Victorian State Government. This will help a lot of families.

November 10th

I like the new teaser for Batwoman Season 2. We'll miss Ruby Rose a lot but Javicia Leslie certainly has the moves as the new Bat on the block. She'll play the part of Ryan Wilder- a new character and not based on Rose's Kate Kane. Batwoman returns in January 2021.

The "Suzi Q" dvd arrives, so we watch that tonight. It took 4.5 years to make and is really great. Good to see our mate Jen Brown on the documentary and the awesome Donita Sparks from L7. I'm playing L7's "Andres" as I work on the diary. Love the guitar riff in that tune. Cool clip too.

November 11th

10,000 dead in one day worldwide from Covid. What a sad moment for the world.

45 years ago today that Gough Whitlam was dismissed by an evil drunk-John Kerr. A shameful day for Australian politics.

Maddison gets to spend several days at University next year. Selected from some crazy number of kids. I'm stoked she has picked Egyptology as one of her subjects. We keep forgetting she is only seven! Very proud of her.

The rain arrives in the afternoon and a pack of Cockatoos with it. They get a shower on the decking, and seem to be enjoying the moment.

November 12th

So some exciting ALT news. In a few weeks (November 30th) it will be the 25th Anniversary of ALTs exceptional show at 'Tramps' (New York City baby!). One of those gigs that people still rave about-both band and audience in fine form. So we are happy to announce that the show was indeed recorded and on November 30th it will be available on the Net. We'll have links closer to the date (& run them in all our usual areas). Nine joyful live tracks. As todays Press Release said " “In this difficult, depressing and dangerous time, during this world-wide pandemic which is now headed into even more of a crisis mode in the coming months, people need an emotional pick-me-up and something to put a smile on their faces.” Andy White, Liam O'Maonlai & Tim Finn music for the soul! The sound is really terrific, really great.

Here's the presave link for Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal.


November 13th

We watch "El Camiro-A Breaking Bad Movie". A real joy to watch this on Bluray, such big fans of the show. Crazy that cable didn't show this here in Oz.

Biden is now 5,130,000 votes ahead of Trump. Donalds gone a bit mad. His weirdo supporters totally ignore evidence but are so suckered by every moronic thing he says. They are as pathetic as he is, can not deal with the reality that Trump will be a one term President. Get some therapy.

November 14th

I catch up with Andy White at Montage. I'm excited as he brings along his new album-cd and glorious VINYL. The artwork works so well on the LP and added excited it's a two vinyl set, 6 more songs then the cd. Yes he is late, I joke that he is a musician so I expected him to be late. It's great to see him and we chat for what must of been hours. Andys album is called "Time Is A Buffalo In The Art Of War". Check it out.

Before Andy arrived, gardener Mick turned up and he carries in a box of tomato plants. He does this every year-just grows them from seedlings and hands them out for free. How nice is that. I always sneak him a jar of my chutney or blackberry jam at Christmas as a reward for his kindness to people. This doesn't happen all that much these days, people all caught up in their own mini dramas etc.

November 15th

Lovely Nick and Nat in America find us 2 Biden-Harris election signs for our political archive area. This is great-thanks so much guys. I hope they get to come back to Australia soon, will be fun to catch up. I can't imagine what it is like living in America at the moment, Covid so totally out of control, Trump to busy playing golf to give a shit about his citizens dropping dead in a pandemic, the country split down the middle around this election & the orange idiot too ego driven to concede. Hopefully America will start to heal again in 2021. We miss visiting, especially Hawaii but refuse to do so while that dildo Trump is President.

November 16th

I start wrapping Christmas presents. I ask Maddison what she wants and her reply "1000 Christmas presents". Well she might get 100, some just tiny things, others cool like the radio you build and use a potato to power it. My friend Allyson mails a few little bits and pieces to help fill the box-so kind. I love the little stained glass animals book- you colour it in and hey presto stained glass. I'm also donating to a few charities under MIMs name , for those kids and families who have next to nothing. So some donation receipts will be counted in MIMs box of 100. That way she understands just how very lucky she is. Marky buys her a "grow your own crystals" box. So a bit of science , lots of fun.

November 17th

My Mum has been a bit obsessed over Kris Kristoffersons "help me make it through the night" , so Marky buys her a Best Of. She will be happy. Plus it has "Me and Bobby McGee" which I kind of like! Not sure how much I like it but I'm sure I'll be singing along while making the Pudding on Christmas day with my groovy old Mum. Thanks Marky, music still makes my Mum happy.

November 18th

The best buy of the day was the "Donald Trump Scum Sucker". He regurgitates his own green slime. The (real) toxic warning underneath made me laugh even more. You can tell Trump is on the way out. Down from $5 to $0.35c!!!!! Donald is bargain basement. HA! Lots of driving today. First stop to Montage for some hamburgers for lunch. Next Ferntree Gully as I needed to go to the Fancy Dress shop in search of cheesy BAD masks for our family photo on Xmas Morning. I find some. I have a giant horses head for myself, Maddison a bad orange perm wig with strange glasses, Sis a weird masks that cost .20c! Mum a raccoon. So an interesting group photo it will make. We drive around the edge of Mt D and end up at Eastlands shopping centre. It wasn't packed and everyone wearing masks and social distancing. Shop, shop and shop. Tick off a few things on the Chrissy list. Two icy Frappuccino's for us at Starbucks. More shopping- it seems everyone has an Obama book under their arm. It was released today-so we buy a few copies for mates. In America President Obamas "A Promised Land" sold a huge 1.7 million copies in the first week (now 4.3 million) , breaking records for Penguin Random House. The #1 Best Selling Book in the UK too. We eventually depart Eastlands and call into Woolworths for grocery shopping. I order a Pizza which is nearby so no cooking for me- we are both worn out. You'd think that after 250 days in isolation we'd both be up for some serious shopping. But No we just want to get home. The car is full of bags and parcels - 40 minutes it takes to unload all the goodies. Oh well we got a lot done. We certainly helped Victorias economy today.

November 19th

I buy a friend "A Dogs Journey" it made us drop a few tears so she will be blubbering for certain. Really great price so bought a copy for my sister as well.

I have some jam jars at last for my blackberry jam. I know I won't be making my chutney till the new year , even blackberries seem to be late this year. People love both of them, I use areally old family recipe. So worth the effort. I spend the afternoon planting all the vegetables into the garden patch. Multiple tomatoes, capsicum, chilli's , pumpkin, carrots for Mr Bunny and lost of other stuff. I haven't planted Sorrel since 1980 but have some in now, red veins on those green leaves, in 2020 it is considered a super food. Lets hope we get a good crop from all of this. I have beans in the micro hot house that will be ready to be planted in a week.

November 20th

"Unzipped" the Rolling Stones exhibit is about to open at The Groninger Museum in The Netherlands. Around 400 Stones artifacts, including instruments, artwork, posters, stage costumes, endless video material , even a recreation of the bands first flat at Edith Grove ,London. It's a must see, one of the best exhibits we have ever been to.

I start on some Christmas cards, just to family and a few mates. It seems a bit early, so i'll hold on a bit longer before mailing them. They are covered in glitter and of course so am I. Glitter in areas where glitter should never ever venture.

Warm weather and a fine rain is falling. The Bottle Brush (Callisteman) is loving it and starting to burst out in red flowers. Little honey-eater birds are visiting and flying from flower to flower.

The recount for Georgia finally done and it also goes to Biden. More of Trumps legal is thrown out of the courts. He's just starting to look exceptionally foolish now.

November 21st

Mark has some strange reaction to a plant in the yard, his arm covered in a red rash and now big blisters. Also the rip in his jeans means his knee also has it. So off to the Drs on Monday. It's really full on. I know he will be ok but sometimes these reactions can take awhile. I'm putting him first above everything , well I usually do anyway. I hate seeing him in discomfort. Sometimes Mother Nature is a nasty bitch!

USA just had 201,000 new Covid infections in the one day. Trumps off playing gold again, just ignoring it per usual. He wonders why he lost the election!

I'm bringing in some towels that are drying on the decking and the King Parrots land - mostly on me. On my head, my arms my shoulders. I look like a walking talking bird tree.

I order a AC/DC High Voltage numismatic cover from Aussie Post. It has this cool AC/DC coin from the Australian mint. Good old Bon Scott would be chuckling that AC/DC have their own coin. We miss Bon, it's just not AC/DC without him on lead. What a character.

November 22nd

An inspiring moment this morning. While waiting for the 688 bus at Olinda- one of the girls from the Organic Fanatic walked past with her amazing black greyhound. We talked for awhile- while ROCK (that's the greyhound) enjoyed a scratch, and cuddle. Such a lovely doggy. She recused him when he was a baby (he's only 3 months now) totally messed up back leg- which had to be removed. So yes a 3 legged mutt-and you know this dog is SO happy. He manages really well on 3 legs, just loves the world and the person who saved him. We all moan & whinge about a lot of petty shit - and sometimes forget just how incredible it is to be able to walk about & enjoy the little things. Maybe next week i'll take my camera & see if Rock wants to be photographed. Nice that this 3 legged doggy gave me a bit of a wake up call. We all need that at times.

On that note, I hope you are all safe.

All the best

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