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Banshee eats Tasmania

"Giant cat devours Tasmania on Australia Day"

January 18th

A mates birthday party splintered because of Covid and the number of people who can turn up. We do the right thing and happily will attend whatever version there is. I'm always fine about celebrating such things in any environment -be it in a grand ballroom or on top of a rock.

Washington DC seems to be locked up tight , I'm hoping Inauguration day goes off without a hitch , America needs some healing. It will happen.

January 19th

You know you are getting older when you are looking for 60th birthday cards for mates!

Just finishing up on the repair work of the first Crowded House back drop. I've started finding the next one to work on. The segments are so huge, even my work rope which is stretched between several massive gum trees on our property isn't high enough. Good in some ways, if I fall it isn't that far! Lets hope a few exhibits happen in a Covid free world later in 2021.

January 20th

Montage today-packed to the rafters with locals. A few we hadn't seen for many months. So much laughter, I think we all needed that. Great to see Charlie and his lads, and hanging out with Bruce and Jean. Shout out to Lisa from Ballarat who was up here, a nice catch up. I guess the owners appreciate the loyalty of locals during these tough Covid times. Plus it's really nice to have a coffee at a place that has a positive vibe.

I leave Mark at home to deal with the NBN repair man- he arrived on time and yet again replaced the NBN box. At least it is all operational again. I told Mark to be nice to the guy, it always seems to make the situation easier and at the end of the day these guys are not the ones who cause the problems. Lets see how long this NBN box lasts. The previous one a mere 9 days. Thanks for nothing Tony Abbott.

January 21st

I'm awake at 4 AM and watch the Inauguration. So happy this happened, and some amazing moments. Welcome Joe, 46th USA President.

A really fun chat to Toija tonight, Mark has a dream concerning an old friend and we all have a mighty chuckle over it. Such a twisted dream. HA! I wonder what creates such oddball thoughts. The more Toija laughed it created that contagious moment where we'd start laughing again. It's good to really cut loose with a huge cacophony of laughs and giggles.

January 22nd

Hairball gone 20 years today. She was such a fabulous cat, a really kind nature. She was really Marks cat, just adored him, she always knew what time he was coming home from work at would race to the front room in the deco Woodface apartment and climb up and look for him.

The 2nd special episode of Season 2 EUPHORIA is wonderful. This one focus's on Jules. I love that it starts with Lorde "Liability". Such a wonderful tune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfeguJSCkA0 The soundtrack for this show continues to surprise me, every episode something I love is played.

January 23rd

A nice day so read the final few chapters of the Lawyer X book. Thanks Sis, a cool present.

A hot afternoon and our Dahlias and Kniphofia Red Hot poker plants love the heat and burst open. I look out my bedroom window and all I see is a sea of dahlias. It hasn't been a brutal Summer so far, I keep thinking it will be a late one, so I'm expecting February to heat up.

January 24th

I saw a Jon Snow look-a-like at the Montrose Bus stop today and he got off at the same stop as me. Who says unattractive people use public transport! HA!

Still shocked to see how bad it is in the UK. March isn't that far away for those Crowded House UK dates. I keep wondering if they will be postponed yet again. I guess a lot can happen in a month.

We had a small earth tremor tonight, right on 9.30. Some possums were sitting on the roof and it scared the hell out of them, between the tremor and the possums bolting for cover it was certainly noisy. We seem to have them on these super hot days. No damage, it was over quickly.

January 25th

Not much sleep last night, just weird and feeling strange. It took some time for my body to settle when I woke up. Very odd. For the first time in many decades I consumed a Chico roll and kept wondering if it had a shit load of MSG in it. Did it trigger something? Who knows, my body bounces back rather quickly.

Terrible Covid numbers today- 100 million now infected worldwide, 2,140,000 deceased. Still amazed there exists some stupid people that think this isn't a real thing. 1 year ago today Australia had it's first Covid case. We have been lucky here, quick acting Premiers and most of the public doing the right thing. A surprise left at our door from Pip and crew, a one year celebratory pack of Corona Beer! (rolls eyes).

Happy Birthday to Enz drummer Mal Green , my big 'brother' has turned 68. Good to have you home in Oz again soon too.

January 26th

We tend to celebrate Australia every 365 days a year, so I'm not too fussed if the date changes, in fact it would be good if it does. It's an overcast, wet day here . We are off to a BBQ and Pool party. I do call our mate Pete and wish him a Happy Birthday. Will celebrate it tomorrow with him. Back home in time to watch "Don's Party"-as is tradition, we would have watched this every Australia Day-no matter where we are. Such a cool movie-so funny.

January 27th

My Mums birthday in March so looks like i will be travelling home for that. The first time I have been on a plane since Covid started. It's still fairly safe here in Oz but i'm going to get out of that Sydney airport as quickly as possible.

January 28th

I enjoyed Thomas Mayors interview on ABC tv, so order his "Finding Our Heart- A story about the Uluru statement for young Australians". Some indigenous history for MIM and it has some excellent illustrations by Blak Douglas. Booktopia have it at a really great price.

January 29th

I scare myself just how happy I am today. No reason whatsoever. I feel like I've popped a few "E"s , I know the world really doesn't feel this good, oh well I will run with it. Happiness is a good thing.

I pick a lot of vegies, fruit and herbs , including a bunch of Red Sorrel. It has been ages since I've cooked with Sorrel, so I'm adding it to some chicken for dinner. I was reading an article on Sorrel being a super food so thought might as well add some extra vitamins and minerals into our system. Normally it's rather bitter- so if you grow it- pick the smaller baby stems and leaf. I cut it up , cook it in some butter, add a tiny bit of cream, and even a tad of cheese with bite. Plus some red/green peppers and next the chicken. Pasta or rice on the base. Mark gave it the thumbs up, he's brutal around food. I like his honesty.

It rains all day and all night, in fact a months worth within 2 hours. Ailsa Craig nice and dry inside but the water tanks for our gardens are overflowing. So I go out into the big wet and move some water elsewhere-basically yours truly filling water cans and tipping them into the one remaining 3/4 full water tank. After awhile i surrender and run out of places and ideas as to where to put the "spare" water. I just hate wasting it. The poor old dahlias have had enough too-some are now leaning.

January 30th

Sad news that Daryl Braithwaite is back in hospital again. Apparently not life threatening and not Covid so that is good.

We watch WAR of the Planet of the Apes tonight, i hear Wes Ball has signed up to do the next Ape movie, thankfully not a re-boot but a continuation of the trilogy. I am excited.

Banshee has been messing with my sleep patterns which tends to happen around old cats. I am dealing with it but I find myself yawning in friends faces which looks really bad!

January 31st

Nice day outside but I decide to spend 1 hour archiving. Just a few Skyhooks bits & pieces today. One item, Greg Macainsh's yellow cowboy hat from the 'Hooks massive April 1983 tour. This one is not like the other soft cowboy hats , but a hard cane weave. Signed & dated on the inside. It now has an archive number (#A504). I'm hoping there will be a few exhibits in late 2021 as I'd love to see some of these amazing items go on display for the public to enjoy. It's also cool that there is a bit of footage of our awesome bass player mate wearing it. "You Just Like Me Cos I'm Good In Bed" from one of the four sold out Festival Hall shows in Melbourne. Fun times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyUCiCDOH_g

Goodbye January- it zoomed by really quickly didn't it!

Stay safe. Wear a mask!


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