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Banshee eats Tasmania

"My Heart Is In Your Hands On This Fine Valentines Day".

February 1st

It's a nice morning so thought i'd go on a bus trip to Olinda. The worlds slowest bus, obviously something major was wrong with it. Those on board were chuckling as we moved at a turtles pace. At least the scenery was rather cool- at our slow speed. The real annoying thing was the bus speaker system, it had this high frequency noise the entire way. I have never seen this driver before , think he's new so maybe a bit clueless. After this I was so happy to have one of Trish's coffee's from The Deli. I ran into John & his daughter out front so we sat and had a chat. She drove me home in her fluffy Barbie pink mobile. It made me laugh- to each their own eh!

Afternoon, I spent working on a different Crowded House stage backdrop. This one is easier, smaller and in better condition. Just two mould areas , so I'm happy about that. I hear from the sexy ol' Nick Seymour. I asked him about some text that I found on the Crowded House backdrop and it came from this poem. http://www.wowzone.com/e-text.htm I love hearing from Nick, plenty of time for him in our lives. It was like discovering some ancient message, after all it's not like anyone in the audience area could see it or read it. I love those little things that add something extra to the stage backdrops.

February 2nd

I am awoken fairly early by the sound of Banshee coughing up some long fur ball- more like a fur cigar! So seeing I am awake I decide to go for a coffee and take my iPad. It's rather quiet on the mountain today, I guess school is back and many people are returning to their jobs in the city.

Foxtel are showing THE END tonight -we are hoping it lives up to the hype. Great cast, and the teaser interviews have been excellent. We were happy they showed two episodes as the running time is only 30 minutes. Looking forward to the rest, this show will win a few awards I bet.

February 3rd

I finish reading Ronni Kahns book "A Repurposed Life". Another fine gift from my sister, she always knows what books I will enjoy. Ronni has such a refreshing candour in her writing and the chapters are not boringly long, so it's an easy read. She is inspiring and a lot of fun. Oz Harvest, Food Bite and Food Bank all do such exceptional work. I'd work for those companies, they might make my wish list of jobs I'd consider.

February 4th

We enjoyed the "I Am Rebel" documentary on Alexander Shulgin. Sasha (Alexander) history has always fascinated me , an incredible chemist. I guess the only thing that annoys me is that Sasha is called the Godfather of Ecstasy but rarely does german scientist Anton Kollisch get the credit for inventing MDMA way back in 1912. I've always been impressed with Sasahs wife Ann, she's still alive, turns 90 in March and is a New Zealander. I need to get myself a copy of their "Pihkal- A Chemical Love Story".

I catch up with my friend Pete at Montage. I'm sure he hates it when he sits at my table, he never ever gets a chance to read his book.

February 5th

I see Nick Seymour is in the air and on his way to New Zealand for the shows. Guess he will have to go into quarantine. I make a note to email him a few times just to make sure he doesn't go stir crazy. With the new African strain of Covid I wonder how many non-NZ shows will happen? It must be weird for bands that have international tours- so much uncertainty.

Suns out and so are more Gazania flowers on the decking. They fold over and go to sleep at night. It always makes me smile to see new flowers blooming when I head out in the morning.

February 6th

We try not to clog up our house, so it was a huge effort to find a spot to hang Laura and Kevins chinese blue flower Giraffe ornament. But Mark found the perfect spot. As soon as it went up we both went "Oh Yeah"! Like it had been waiting for a ceramic giraffe head for the past 16 years!

February 7th

I chop up the giant cardboard box that the new lawnmower arrived in, so the recycle bin is rather full. I considered saving it to finish up on MIMs mars landscape set, but who knows when she will be down, so I guess we still have plenty of time. By the time Covid is gone and our niece can visit she will be 30cm taller and need a longer space suit!

While I'm in the house our CFA mate Chris shows up and returns jam and chutney jars. I love it when people return the jars so I can refill. Hopefully more chutney and blackberry jam in a few weeks.

February 8th

Banshee lets me sleep in, I feel great. I do head up to Olinda, just a few essentials and a coffee from the Deli. I decide to sit outside & The Deli have The Age back again so for the first time in a year I sit down and read a newspaper. It felt weird, so use to it being on my computer screen or the TV. It's nice to turn the pages and catch up on the latest.

Mark recorded all the episode of "Satisfaction" on the IQ. We missed this aussie drama the first time around. The lives and loves of a group of Australian sex workers. We devour 4 episodes. Love it. Three wonderful episodes.

February 9th

An odd dream in the early hours of this morning. My first to include Neil Finn. Still clear in my head. Sharon & Neil turn up at our house. Neil sits on this couch that has a green & red tartan blanket ("it's all about the details!" as Hessie once said to me) & asks me to return to fold. Once again I say "No". He ignores my reply and says "lets go for a walk". Suddenly we are both climbing around the side of this deco type skyscraper. I keep grabbing at these rotted flag ropes and edging around the window ledges. Neil has on those wonderful but highly impractical for climbing skyscraper winklepickers -I'm wearing my red converse. Snow is falling but Neil rallies us on "we can do this". I look down & almost throw up in my dream-"we are so high, this is ridiculous". I refuse to go on but NF continues around a misty snowy corner. "I'll see you on the other side at six" he shouts over the wind. I laugh because of the NZ accent and "six'! (have a feeling I was laughing in my sleep). I keep walking around the building but no sign of him, though I do spot a tom cat with THREE eyes sitting on top of a beat up dust bin! I wake up.

I box up MIMs Egypt set and some presents for Mum and Sis. I manage to keep it just under a postal limit so save $8. By just cutting off a piece of cardboard it saves - so my next 2 coffees are paid for- that's how i look at life in 2021, free coffees! HA!

GANGajangs "Sound of Then" (This Is Australia) is stuck in my head today, which is ok, I love that song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML9h3I5Uktw

February 10th

I was at Montrose at the base of the mountain & 2 ambulances and 2 SES vans went by-so knew something wasn't good up near our place. I arrived home and the HEMS (helicopter emergency medical services) flew over & landed at Kalorama oval down from us. They use the oval around a dozen times each year for emergency evacuations. HEMS do such fine work! We hear later that the womans dog was in the car too and after the crash it ran away into the forst. His name is George , so all of the locals are going to head out and try and find the little lost mutt.

February 11th

The "Greenland" disaster movie looks action packed, some fun escapism during Covid, so will have to watch it.

I observe a Case Moth caterpillar carrying it's wooden house around on our steps. I decide to move it so it won't be walked on and found a tiny jungle of greenery for it to eat and live. The Moths are magnificent, we get quite a few of them up here. They seem to hang around the kitchen windows at night.

I'm working in the garden, trimming back blackberry bushes and kiwi fruit vines and suddenly a whack around the face with a big blackberry cluster. A few scratches that bleed but annoyingly it clipped my eye. I can't see any damage but it does ache, so maybe some tiny scratch or annoyance. I'm sure it will be ok.

Our 5 day Covid Stage 4 shutdown commences at midnight. Five days is a breeze, hopefully it will help.

February 12th

I tend to do something arty for Valentines day, so i carve a little wooden heart, some crumbly white paint and decide it must be covered in gold leaf. I always forget how fine gold leaf is, a tiny gust of wind via the open art room door and it sends the sheets off into the air. I have to be careful how I catch them as they can fragment into even tinier pieces. My traditional oil base guilding liquid has become solid - so I ponder what i can do. I decide to try adding some nail polisher remover into the guilding and it worked!!!! So little Valentines Day heart complete. I rarely say it, but it looks pretty cool!

I head up to Olinda as it will be the last day for a week that i can sit down for a coffee. A few of the other locals have the same idea. I do feel sorry for cafe's etc , it's stop start stop start, saying that I get why the government is doing this. I notice that people are again buying up on the Loo paper but I am horrified that the bastards have taken all the new strawberry Tim Tams! I find one lonely last packet at IGA. The extra Valentines Day gift for Marky, ok I'll share them with him.

February 13th

I had a real restless sleep, mostly due to the eye and having 2 coffee's at Montage. As I get older caffeine seems to have a larger impact on me, and I do try to have less. Not even 1 coffee a day. I decide to hang out with Banshee today and do very little but catch up on sleep.

We watch a Star Trek Next Generation movie tonight, sometimes you just gotta have Sci Fi!

February 14th

Surely people are not surprised that Trump got off, the numbers were always on his side and most Republicans are gutless wonders -they wouldn't vote against the obese orange turd. End of day Chump is no longer President, that alone is truly awesome.

Now I'm heading off to eat some chocolate hearts on this fine Valentines Day!

Love Life


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