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"The Monster". Easter Egg Hunt Kalorama 2021.

March 29th

Great to read that CEP are building 2 more massive solar storing batteries in Australia. Coal is dead, dying out like the dinosaurs that still support it. The sun will be shining down on solar panels long after the last bit of finite coal has been ripped from the Earth.

Greater Brisbane heads into a 3 day Covid lockdown. I see it's spread across the border to Byron, so I wonder if the NSW Premier will put a stop to the Byron Bay BluesFest. It must be so frustrating for that to happen at the 11th hour. Crowded House are just about to postpone the UK/Europe shows yet again till June 2022.

We are loving "Stranger Things", such a cool show, annoying that Foxtel didn't show it. Great cast and well written. Thank you Marky. Yes this one is yours.

March 30th

The last gasp of Summer. It certainly was a mild one this year , thankfully no bushfires near us. It's brilliant outside, so I'm putting up another backdrop between the gum trees and doing the mould check and repair. Today is the Skyhooks reunion tour backdrop. Sad in one way as it's not canvas, by the nineties stage backdrops had turned to plastic. More durable in some ways, they certainly weight a lot more. The problem is, if you don't air them every few years the logo etc cracks. This one is in pretty good condition and we continually check it and clean it. It's thirty+ years old from what was a very successful reunion tour. Not a lot of work to do on it so that is a relief. Up on that high ladder again, one day I'll have to jump and see if Mark will catch me. Of course I have some sneezing attack while sitting way up there , blasted flu "thing" with a combo of hayfever.

Poor Marky, has somehow managed to sprain his lower back, which is never a joy, it happens to all of us I guess. Time to get the creams, high quality massage oil and pills out. It takes time with aching backs, and we all know how impatient Leo's are! Thankfully we both bounce back rather quickly.

March 31st

I really love the Modern Alchemist Balm. I don't even know if this brand even exists anymore. It seems to last forever.

I find some tortilla's tonight and decide to try and make some enchilada's using those and it was a tasty success, structurally a bit of a mess but boy they tasted awesome.

April 1st

A nice long chat with my mate Janine from the Performing Arts Collection -Melbourne Arts Centre. After 38 years she's finishing up (we joked that she managed 1.5 years longer at her beloved job then I did ). I first heard from Janine when the Performing Arts Museum was putting together it's very first Exhibit way back in December 1983. It was called "Beat" (Australian Pop & Rock Culture). Since 1983 I've worked on several exhibitions with the amazing Janine- Skyhooks (EGO), Split Enz (Sew This Is The Enz) , Crowded House (Rockbiz) and more. All a total joy.

April 2nd

We are loving Star Trek "Picard". Some people don't like it, they can go back to their cooking shows or whatever. Excited to see Season two soon. Santiago Cabrera is a bit of a stud.

Good Friday and I try not to be bad!

I'm watching the Melbourne news and spot my Sister & MIM in the footage from the Sydney Easter Show. Every year they somehow get on the News, without trying.

I let our friends know that we will both be awol from the BBQ on Sunday. I just don't want to give them this Flu bug.

April 3rd

Sending love out to the universe for Marks Mum, gone tow years today. The rose in the garden that is in her honour has incredible flowers on it today. It's shitty she still should be here, a lovely lady.

We take some easter photos for facebook etc. Mark asks why my 'To Do" list says "make 10 nests". Easter Egg hunt at our place and I am going to be a monster at Nest #10. Good to give kids a scare while they scavenge for chocolate. I recycle a Lindt chocolate box into a black and gold beak- inspired by the one and only Noel Crombie. A black wig that makes me look like a taller Yoko , my Hedwig glasses and mow hair jumper. I love being a freak.

A bit sleepy today, up at 5.30 am baking bread. It wears me out for most of the day.

April 4th

A huge jump in the viewing numbers on my YouTube page. Maybe it's Covid and so many people being at home and after entertainment and rarer music footage. Anyway it's really good, so thank you to all the people who have gone and enjoyed the footage. I have this kind of obsession that it would be awesome if every clip on my YouTube page has over 1000 views. Some already have 50,000 but a handful are under 1000 so I'm going to work on that. Get a wider audience - who knows.


April 5th

I'm awake early and catch up with a mate at the bottom of the mountain at Montrose. The weather has changed, much cooler, our late Summer has gone. Not many people down here at Montrose, rather peaceful except for the crazy man wandering about talking about "Bunny rabbits". Maybe he meant the Easter Bunny?

I see the Mars helicopter is now on the surface, guess it will attempt to fly over the next few weeks. So cool!

I AM getting this on a T-shirt. "I'm the Asteroid, You are the Dinosaur"! Love it!

April 6th

A few more live shows have started happening in Melbourne. The live music scene a long way to go till it has recovered. Still it could be worse, we could be living in India. It's about to overtake Brazil in the #2 spot for infections and deaths. Nothing beats America though during Trump sincompetent handling of Covid. A lot of Australians take it all for granted and don't realise just how fortunate we are here.

I was packing some items away last night & found my Robert Crumb portfolio. You know him, R.Crumb, American cartoonist -his creations revolving around American folk culture & contemporary American culture. I guess he was famous for his Keep on Truckin' cartoon from 1968 that ended up on a few million bumpers of cars. I'm fortunate to have a signed R. Crumb comic book, and this exceptional Crumb Fine Art portfolio from 1991. Only 500 made. The fine art -8 prints of the French Villa where Crumb lives- Sauve. Nice to see the other side of the artist. Saying that nothing can beat his Fritz the cat!

April 7th

We watched "The Assistant" what a strange little movie. We kept watching it, so i guess some part of us must of enjoyed it.

I mail Mum, Sis & MIM a surprise parcel. Just nice to send out something as we do love them. My Mum going through a rough patch as her doggy jumped off the couch and messed up it's back. It has ended with spinal surgery which is rather costly, but after a week in Sydney the dog is finally home. It will take months for the slow recovery-but it's her loyal friend so we are happy it has survived. For older Australians having a 4 legged friend in an empty house is company.

April 8th

Lunch at the grand ol' "Harrow & Harvest" - at Lilydale today. It's this cool 100 year old church and the food is fantastic. I pick something nice off their Autumn Solstice menu. Coffee is great too. Go for a walk around the shops and spot some vinyl in the Op shop windows so a bit of a wade through that, to Marks horror , nothing we needed though. Woolworths were out of pineapples this week & my organic shop too so had to venture into Coles and buy the very last one that they had. Is there a fresh pineapple shortage on? maybe the fires and floods have caused some havoc?

April 9th

I visit Banshee's vet and buy her some special food, she's an old cat now so I like to keep some of this in the cupboard in case she has one of her rare sickly days. She needs to get her yearly shot soon, so I'll book in a date. We try to be good parents around such things.

A nice afternoon so I head to the oval and collect some pine cones for the fires of Ailsa Craig. The nights have become coldish. Plus they smell amazing burning in our fires and hold the heat.

April 10th

I don't mind "Eazy Sleazy" the Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl tune. I like the fun lyrics. Taking the piss. It does sound like the Sex Pistols "Liar" at times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN9YLLQl7gE

Bloody windy tonight. The spear of destiny crashed down to earth from Asgard. We wake up to see this huge long spear - next to the neighbours tree. So glad it's not on our place for once. Looks really weird though.

April 11th

Yes our late Summer is over-sleet, grey, cold and the heating on here. Holding off on lighting the fires, but it's soon, very soon. At least we have our Winter wood supply all cut & stored.

It's the sort of weather where one bakes an apple pie so i do! Some fattening cream but what the hell - tastes good.

Lots of phone calls from friends and family today. Did the world think of us all at the same time. Very odd but really nice to hear from so many.

The 8 headed Covid beast is still resurrecting itself. India is such a concern and Brazil (again).

Stay safe!


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