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"Warmer weather on the way, so i chop my hair short for swimming. Anyone wanna buy a hairball?"

September 12th

I had one of those really nice deep sleeps. Usually i hear the animals of the forest, the Yarra Ranges and early morning Monday garbage tins being emptied but not today. A deep sleep and if I dreamt i can't remember it. I woke up and checked my phone and how many people had viewed our "The Angels ... Forever" clip on YouTube. Now past 100, not bad for word of mouth. Some great comments a lot from band members of different groups which is rather nice.

The early afternoon I spend in the office with Mark. The debut Mondo Rock album "Primal Park" is playing the ONLY Mondo Rock album that i like. It peaked at #40 and after that departed the charts. A flop which is kind of cool, a best kept secret moment. When I looked after Skyhooks backstage at The Palais, Ross Wilson, singer of Mondo Rock (and Daddy Cool) was special guest with the 'Hooks, so i got to tell Ross how much i liked primal park-I bet he doesn't hear that very often. It made him smile.

A coffee at Olinda and Kay comes over and has a chat to me. At least she sees me and proves I am not invisible. Previously I kept waving at people that we know and they didn't see me. Move over Sue Richards, I am the invisible boy. The world focused on itself. It made me laugh. I could sneak in and rob a bank and they probably wouldn't see me today.

I talk to Marky about another possible project, he just rolls his eyes and smiles. That is a "Yes" in Mark talk. He'll fake moan about stuff but he is my hero and makes it all happen. He is a magical leo.

September 13th

I found the Star Hotel Riot documentary on You Tube. It just runs for 20 minutes. This is what happens in Newcastle if you close down an Aussie pub!

I spend the evening phoning around trying to get some Covid RATS test for a lady at the charity. Hopefully it will save her money. Hospitals should supply covid tests for the one relative that can visit. Especially for those who can not afford it. You think about the costs, two visits a day, buying two tests, parking, fuel etc. It certainly would add up. If I can get her some free test kits that will help.

It's a cold old night up here, we thought the cold weather was over, but no it still lingers on. Lucky i chopped some fire wood. I take a banana with me to the office and share it with the possum that is sitting in the tree out the front. He is happy to sit next to me on the decking. I'm wondering if he could just sit his furry warm possum body onto my freezing cold feet and warm them up.

September 14th

Sunshine bursting through my window, so I'm awake early and off to buy some coffee and bread. I run into Kay again, another Hills person who loves Magnetic Island. So an hour later we have finally both ran out of island stories.

I archive badges this afternoon, so many of them. I like badges, sometimes it's a person personality coming out and pinned to a jacket. They speak volumes about people. Not sure what my "Genitals Prefer Blondes" badge says about me. That I am a pervert with an appalling sense of humour. That sounds about right.

I agree to read through a manuscript by a famous music writer mate, who has penned a Neil Finn book. I haven't asked the release date, am assuming it's next year. The fans will love it.

September 15th

I wake up before the alarm, my bed was so warm, I find if I don't get up straight away I may never get up ever again, it is THAT nice.

I'm a bit late so zoom past Lachie and no coffee pickup, I still managed to arrive before the boss at the charity. I am in such a positive frame of mind, I will rise up over everyone elses bullshit. Lets see how that works today. It doesn't.

I get an email from the Victorian Election Commission so I've said Yes to working at the November election, if they'll have me.

September 16th

I cook bacon and eggs for Marky. Sometimes it's nice just to go back to basics.

Sis tells me that MIM picked out some Halloween presents for us. I've been on the lookout for something cool for Maddisons Halloween, still haven't found it. I will, I always do.

The weather changes and the galah returns again, in the middle of the rainstorm. I call him Hardy, after Tom Hardy as Tom just had his birthday and this galah is a bit cheeky like Tom. Hardy stays till after the storm has departed.

I iron some $1.00 Australian notes to get rid of some wrinkles. I'm sending Maddison one as a keepsake as it has the Queen on one side and that beautiful aboriginal artwork by David Malangi. Most Australians are probably unaware that for many many years David was never paid a cent for it's use. Way back in 1963 like most of the Northern Territory's aboriginal population, David Malangi was a ward of the state and couldn't buy or sell goods worth more than 10 pounds, including art. Eventually he was given $1000. But only after a public outcry.

September 17th

Rain all day, it's looking like it has set in for the entire weekend.

I bake some bread, use the big bag of extra flour that we have, it tastes a bit different but still not too bad. I also make some homemade soup, it's that kind of weather.

A really bright Eastern Rosella arrives during a break in the weather, so colourful. He becomes the star of my facebook page.

September 18th

The afternoon weather is extreme, Kalorama is covered in white, not snow just masses of hail. I make it inside just as it really gets extreme. Lots of shops flooded . We keep an eye out for injured wildlife but nothing so far. I grab a container of wood from the garage, it's going to be a cold old night.

So many people in the UK sleeping out getting a good spot to see the Queens coffin go by. Hopefully the night weather in London will be more kinder.

I bake another cake, and eats lots of soup. So much for Spring.

September 19th

I am excited for Marky, his rather awesome "The Angels ... Forever" You Tube piece just had it's 500th view. Lots of good comments coming in. Good on you fella.

I work in the office for a few hours, and bump the "To Do" list down. I read some more pages of the Neil Finn manuscript and pick up a few mistakes. Mark finds many more. He is so good at this.

We get the munchys at midnight, so I head to those golden arches as nothing else is open. The handsome gay bloke is on, he brings me my takeaway in the car parking area. I put on my sexy deeper thank you voice. He smiles, I laugh, do I sounds ridiculous- yes. I am such a freak.

September 20th

Some days you wonder why you bother to do charity work. This morning was one of them. I do get why charities are losing volunteers. I decide to work at my own speed today. Heaven help anyone that is a shit to me.

The world realigns and Rukhshanda calls and they urgently need a hand packing the 440 boxes into shipping containers. It's at Tarneit. I've always wanted to go to Tarneit, it's on my bucket list. OK it so isn't. I ask that handsome generous , smart boyfriend of mine, have I buttered you up enough and he says "Yes". Such a good guy, happy to do his part and help the people of flooded Pakistan. So Tarneit here we come.

September 21st

I have this nice bump on my earlobe, swollen. Not sure as to why. I keep joking to friends that I may have to do a Van Gogh and cut it off. Same ear too, the left one. I have been using a lot more yellow paint these days, a sign of madness some say.

We got a lot done today, it feels rather exhaustion so climbed into a deep hot bath and soaked the aches away. At dusk i stood at the lounge room window and watched Mr Bunny hopping around on the East lawn. We currently have two wild rabbits, they are doing a great job of mowing the lawn. Mexican Enchilada's for dinner.

I'm checking some of my YouTube numbers on my page. We are thrilled that our little Cheap Trick video ha snow had 2000 views. It must be my awesome cameo at the start. HA!


September 22nd

I heard Marky bumping around this morning and I fear I slept in. The sun is shining on Kalorama, so I jump out of bed and it was only 8.00! Today is a Public Holiday for Australia- for the mourning of the Queen.

I head out into the sunshine to buy some local eggs and have a coffee. I am surprised that the mountain is not full of tourists.

I sit in the Parklet and fight the Black Dog Blues and get my shit together. I even fix my mobile phone, it's a miracle but the internet access is working again.

Mark is making his rather awesome sausage rolls for lunch so that makes me smile. I'm in the office but today I'm going to focus on some yard work too, it is a glorious day to be outside.

I end up staying in the office for an extra 3 hours. This rumour exploded that Skyhooks are playing the Grand Final so emails, texts and phone calls. Press calling, just nuts. Finally I got hold of Bongo Skyhook and confirmed it is just a rumour. It's really nice to chat with him. I'm laughing as he was in bed reading a book at 10.00 PM. Gone are those late rock and roll wild moments. HA. Just Bob, a book and his cat.

September 23rd

I woke up a bit vague today, what day is it again, it's all these public holidays they are throwing me.

The weather is crap so after a bit of work in the office, I snuggle up on the couch and read up on Egypts lost "Hall of Records' and the countless theories around it. I always loved Psychic Edgar Cayce and his theories that the Hall of Records could be found via a secret passageway that is located on the right hand front paw of the Sphinx!!! A colleague in LA sends me dozens of pages of secret unreleased texts. Extra fascinating. Mark always says "You have all these people". It makes me laugh.

I'm in the office tonight again and have a really long phone chat with Enz bassist Nigel Griggs. We love Nige, it's always a pleasure when we have one of our long talks. I get the feeling he will never play in Split Enz again. Just age catching up with the Enz guys, probably the same for some of the Skyhooks.

I have a late night with Mark. We watch Stephen Fry's 2013 two part documentary "Out There" around gay people and what it is like being gay and how extreme some homophobes are. I did note that nearly every homophobic piece of shit has extreme religious views and they all talk insane bullshit. Some say gays are fucked in the head but they really need to look closer to home at themselves me thinks. Fry has the patience of a Saint around some of these vile a-holes. Some of the gay celebrities were fascinating. Neil Harris and his cute husband David Burtka were kind of wonderful. Good on you Doogie Howser!

We scoff down some of the rather delicious homemade chocolate cake while having a cuddle on the couch.

September 24th

Sunshine is fighting it's way through the grey sky. I head off for a coffee just in case the weather turns bad. Chat with Peter who is grabbing some rolls for a footy BBQ. The Grand final in on down here today. A car zooms by with The Sweet singing "Ballroom Blitz" rather LOUD! I like that.

We give Giles a call on his mobile for his birthday. Hope it's a great day, Fen will make it wonderful we are sure.

I work in the office a bit-i seem to spend a lot of time in the Office lately; playing some of the Split Enz reissues from 2006- for the discography part of the Neil Finn book. Working out which ones Eddie Rayner fucked up. HA! Thankfully only two, the track listing for Frenzy is all over the place. The bonus track for "See ya Round' , Ed decided to put on Mr Catalyst instead of "Next Exit", despite the artwork saying the other. I will forgive him for pretty all of his sins because of the grand job he did on fixing up the shit sound on Frenzy. I love it.

Highlight of the afternoon, cleaning Markys shower.

A nice long chat with Deano tonight, Marky laughing with him while i make Pizza's for dinner. Good mates all of us. I just wish he lived closer, we want more of him in our life.

September 25th

Another lovely day up here and I decide to mow some of the lawn. It's been months and it still looks pretty good. Maybe the TEN rabbits we spotted on the East lawn chewing on the grass has kept it short.

We are excited to see one of our favourite mates, Trudi tomorrow. We are going to have lunch, so Olinda Cafe might be good. We haven't been to that place yet so it will be fun to check it out. I noticed a lot of wild flowers growing by our house, so it will be good to give her some flowers.

Mark and myself enjoyed "355" movie, a bit shocked at how gorgeous Penelope Cruse looked, she certainly ages well. A good cast, kind of like Charlies Angels seriously kicking arse. Worth watching if you want to see a bit of action.

132 days since Banshee passed away , so we add a few flowers to her grave and send on our love. I'm sure some critter will wander into our life when it is time. We have no urge to just replace her, she means more than that.

I'm finishing the diary while sitting on the decking with Mark in the sunshine. I wish we had more weather like this but a week of rain on the way.

Stay happy all of you.

Love from the Mountain.

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