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Archive: 15 November - 4 December 2022

PG and Dean in a helicopter

"Boys with Toys. The DDR kicking goals in our own helicopter for the day."

November 15th

I am awake early so take it slow driving to my pre-poll voting station at Monbulk. I am in awe at all the wombats grazing along the side of the road. They ignore the red beast as it flies past.

A good day at voting, no fights, lots of happy early voters, appreciating our efforts. I'm standing at the front for a break on ballot box guard duty and a guy asks me out for a date. I wasn't expecting that. I let him down gently, he was kind of cute but my heart belongs to another.

MIMS "Space Oddity" free form dance now up on You Tube. By midnight she has 50 views already. Love for it to reach 1000 by Christmas, she will be stoked.

November 16th

I had a suppressed voter today, she explained to me that she was "fighting a war against the aliens" so that was a new one for me. All the elections I have done and no one has ever said that. Well she might be, we don't know. Quick what to say? "I hope you win" was all i could mutter. She smiled.

After work i call into Woolworths at Monbulk and buy some groceries. The check out girl was given her votes by me today, she remembered and was extra nice to me at the check out. She shared a Kit Kat with me. is that considered an election bribe. ?

I head home and pay bills. Boring. I fall asleep watching tv with Marky. Worn out already- ten hour days.

November 17th

A slightly late start today, I guess they are pacing us. I get a few things done in the morning. I start writing this diary but it's a blimp moment, I get little down on the computer. My head isn't in it. I notice the F/16 has had 30,000 readers so far this year. Which is rather excellent-thank you dear voyeurs.

The pre polling is a bit scary today, some attitude outside. We focus on the job, such a great team of people that i work with.

November 18th

Oh someone is in a grotty mood, not us. No doubt something stupid I said or did. It will all be ok. Just a hiccup. Still not sure what but I will deal with it. It sits in my head all morning and hard to get a call out when we are in the "no mobile" cage area. Think i was short, so probably made it worse, sad as I love the person to death. It will mend, I know our strength.

Two PM I'm at the Declaration training face to face HQ at Belgrave. I just want it over. Great to see Marjo again and Ken drags me up to be part of a two person performance piece, which I hate but apparently I don't fuck it. We find out that i do have a laptop at our election day polling booth, the only one on the mountain. We are a bit spoilt. Marjo and myself cheer. We are a bit silly. I head home the long way as their is a small landslide on the mountain from all the rain.

November 19th

A day off. Woo! Woo! We mow the nature strip(s) before the rain starts. A huge effort but we get it done. It is slowly returning back to something resembling grass, after the Kalorama disaster. Think I'll grass seed it soon just to encourage growth. The wild bunnies seem to enjoy the growth. They are always out the front nibbling when I drive past. The red beast snarls at them as she drives past, I tell her to behave.

We were really really saddened to hear that Melbourne drag Matriarch Miss Candee died a few months ago. We adored Candee and her vicious lip. I give Spocky a call and let him know, he was also a "fan". Candee a David Jones retail assistant by day (Ron) and a super Queen at night. I buy us four tickets for the Midsumma Extravaganza at the Myer Bowl on January 21st. Loads and loads of Queens, gay comedians, and a massive tribute to Candee. I have a ticket for Trudi and Dean too, think we might have an awesome dinner before hand. This will be fun. The launch of Midsumma.

November 20th

I get the best call from Deano, all goes well, the DDR is now in Orange and he is helping so many people. I'm stuck in election mode but I guess anything is possible. The floods are just horrid. He tells me the most inspiring stories from those who survived the first wave of water. He also says he "misses me" which makes me stupidly happy. We do work well together , that's when I am not driving him nuts.

The latest polling in and Matthew Guy is 20 points behind Dan Andrews. Some of the media want it close and doing whatever they can to make it that way, lame click bait, I doubt voters will fall for it.

Maddison hits 400 views for her Bowie free form dance. You go girl!

November 21st

A long day at the election place, think I clock up another 10 hours. We are busy too. We all get through it, Yvonne and John are great. Good to see Jess my hairdresser who gave me my latest haircut-she is in early for a vote.

My friend spots the "Lobster Mobster" sign complete with rubber lobsters on Bayswater road and takes a photo. Lots of rubber lobsters hanging in the tree, one has to laugh. It does haunt the Liberals.

I grab Indian on the way home from Indian by Nature. Mark loves his Indian meals. Yum.

I'm in the office late and D calls. He finally found some accommodation at a pub. He has met this musician guy and I chat to him for awhile too- a nice bloke. I feel a bit envious like I should be in the flood zone. My head knows this is his gig though , I'm the wingman, so I rethink the big picture and that is ok. He talks to me till I fall asleep , Marky tucks me in. How lucky am I. Nice dreams tonight. Sleep arrives quickly...or is it exhaustion?

November 22nd

All my rego stuff arrives and I get a special price. So I am very very happy. Glad I waited and made the effort.

I track Deano while he is trying to get to Condobolin but just an inland sea. He fails to get through and the satellite footage from above is daunting. We both decide he must wait a few days in the hope it might become clearer. The roads are now stuffed too, giant pieces washed away.

I work on a few projects today and have the urge to cuddle Mark as much as possible.

November 23rd

It is incredibly foggy on the mountain this morning, but at least there is no rain. We have had so much up the entire coast of Australia.

I keep waking up at 5.45 am, nearly every morning, it has now become some horrid habit. Maybe I need a quick trip to my Dr at Prahran and grab a few stillnox. Bomb myself out and push the reset. I am excited as Dean has a plan to zoom me up to the flood areas the day after the election. We book a Qantas flight. It's hard to leave Marky but i do enjoy helping people so I will sacrifice that to have a short time away in the red zone. Other stuff happening which I will find a way to deal with. Selfish on my part and I clearly see that but even knowing one is being selfish doesn't change it from happening. Maybe it isn't as B/W as I think. My brain ticks over way too much at times. Fighting the ghosts.

November 24th

I hear from Benjy sock boy and his Mum. They have 200 pairs of socks to go to the NSW flood areas. We all plot and plan. We will catch up tonight at Knox City shopping centre car park.

So I work at the election pre polling and after that head to Knox. It's like some strange drug deal in the car park. Benjy and his parents are great , it's a really fun catch up and we pose for a few photos for the Socks4Support facebook page.

I have some take away food, the first in what seems like ages. We send the DDR a few car park snaps.

November 25th

The last day of pre polling and it is busy as expected. The line stretches down the main street. We all focus and get the job done. Most people well behaved and to my knowledge, everyone that came in got to vote. Mission accomplished.

I run into the Labor and Liberal people chatting in the car park, they do have at least one thing in common, big Crowded House fans-we all laugh over that. See music stretches across the political divide. Indie mate Johanna introduces me to the Greens person and we all talk about disaster relief.

I get home and squash as much into my back pack as possible. Tomorrow is election day and there is no chance of me getting everything ready to depart on a flight 6 hours after the election is over. I'm getting good at squashing my life into a backpack.

November 26th

No real sleep so up early. I grab a coffee from the girls at the bakery, the only other people awake. I arrive at our Sassafras voting booth -the first car. My OIC Marjo arrives on time and we start on set up and have our first laugh for the day, one of many. A small team this year but we will make it work. Marjo, Stewart and Maria. Maybe 1 other coming in after doors close.

The weather is good, and we are down about 20% on previous elections, which is ok but the day flows slower. Great people to work with, all passionate, and fun. After the doors close we are blessed with a young bloke called Jackson, a bit of a firecracker in his black shorts. (That just sounds so wrong!) . He is fun and we all needed an extra energy boost so we stole his enthusiasm. People arrive to do the count, overseas it. It all goes well. At our booth a huge win for Labor. Wendy, Doug and Mark get in contact and it's a bloodbath for the Liberals, an easy win for Labor and Dan Andrews. It's called around 8.00 PM. I head home to watch the final bit of the election. The Vic Liberals are seriously thrashed and if it wasn't for the Nationals they would be dead men walking. I crawl into bed determined to get 2 hours sleep.

November 27th

No sleep too excited. Up at 4.45 am. Shower , I have some food and leave a note for Marky. The Beatles singing "Yesterday" are on my car radio, rather melancholy. It hits my heart and somehow speaks to me. I shake it off and focus on getting to the airport. I park in the long term, carry that massive bag of socks etc onto the transport us and off at Qantas. I have problems checking in and the Qantas woman is a bit of a cow. Not just to me but everyone. Urgh. Get over it love. But done and I am nice, she might be having a shit morning, I rise above it.

In the freaky flyer, good coffee, breakfast and trying not to fall asleep. Flights leaves on time, text Dean from the tarmac. "DDR has Wings"!

The lady sitting next to me on the flight is really adorable. She is so into what we are doing. Just wants to know more , even gives the Deans Disaster Relief facebook page a like.

We touch down pretty much on time. I head to the baggage area and there he is. My other best mate, holding a sign saying "The Amazing Peter Green" (DDR). A huge smile on his face. So fucking gorgeous. This bit of fun made my day. We carry it all to the hotel. Go have some breakfast, thanks champ. The plan is to depart and drive towards the flood zones near Orange. But we have a chill out by the fence on the grass. I lie down and we watch the planes depart from Sydney airport next door and they fly over head. I swear i could just stay here with D for a week and watch planes depart.

The drive is fun, fantastic. Lots of laughing, we fall into our usual bad habit of getting so much into our talks that we miss turn offs. As we approach Orange we start to see flood damage. "This is nothing" says Dean.

We check into the hotel, I'm rather worn and almost fall asleep on our bed. Dean goes out to grab some stock and I open the doors to the lovely big balcony. As I do the skies go dark and a storm hits - massive rain. Goodbye sun, welcome to the flood zone.

I cant sleep but no sign of Dean so i go out looking. Some mini depression moment takes over, and I end up in a wet park sitting next to a bag lady. I swear i seen Deans double on the phone in front of a pub, I wave and he ignores me (turns out it wasn't him). I try to focus and work out what is wrong, exhaustion from the past 2 weeks I assume. I make my way back to the hotel and he is back. He really just gave me time to have a nap, that simple . Walking past a poker machine at the RSL he puts in a few bucks and comes home with $100 extra so spoiling me with dinner. Meant to be. I tell him about my little flip out- "you are just tired mate". He is right.

Dinner is lovely, fun, and we talk the talk, work out plans for tomorrow. It's all go go go. We do stay up late and watch the soccer, I am no longer tired but so stupidly happy. Such a good bloke.

November 28th

The sun is shining in the morning, I am a lot more refreshed. The DDR is on the move. Before we depart we catch up with one of Deans disaster relief mates at the coffee place down the road. I hit it off with her instantly, so much fun. So good she invited us to her Christmas dinner. Loads of laughs and it was hard to depart. We all got along so perfectly, plus the coffee was awesome at 'Harley & Hem' (113 Byrng street Orange) -they have really looked after us.

We arrive at Eugowra, spend a lot of time at the Disaster Relief Centre. I love being at that place, in some ways in my element. I made a huge effort and straight into what i do. Sure, trying to impress Dean, I just want the DDR to be really proud of me. It matters so much. Dean takes such a leap of faith with what i do and I want to get it right. He is rather mind blowing in the field, I learn so much. I think of the many people who donated to the fuel vouchers and how happy and proud they'd be of our efforts today.

The first person I help is a man with his dog Max. I have some left over new dog leads from Tonga so replace the one Max is wearing out, plus some tick and worm tablets. Max lets me scratch his belly, apparently rare. The owner is shell shocked by the floods so we sit and talk for a little while. Dean is talking to those in charge and we catch up with his mates who are the Scientologists. They never ever pushed anything at us, and they worked so hard. They helped a lot of people, they seem to like our company which is nice.

I walk around the corner of our main supply area and there she is "The Alien Autopsy" tent. The same white long ten like we had at Kalorama. It feels spookily familiar. This one is being mostly used for Admin not food etc. But there she is , under a bright blue Aussie sky.

I forget where we stayed, was it Eugowra. We did stay up very late watching the soccer again which I strangely enjoyed.

November 29th

We make another attempt to get into Condobolin and luck is on our side, enough water has moved on, the road is half destroyed but we made it. We head to the local library as they were taking names of those who needed help but the girl at the counter tells me that finished yesterday. I am hungry so we visit a small cafe for a toasty and coffee. OK I had a milkshake-thanks Dean.xxx

As we walk down the street we spot a shiny cherry red helicopter in an empty lot so head to have a look. Someone almost runs, hint it is not me. Does the DDR Beagle nose sniff something interesting? Turns out he did. We chat to the chopper pilot, an omen, his name is Deano too. I'm hanging with the three airforce girls and we take some snaps. It's a lovely retro fitted chopper, a Bell 407 and in mint condition.

Dean takes the leap of faith and we ask about a supply drop off to Euabalong. The one place we can not get to. A new inland sea surrounds the town and the only way in is by helicopter. Deano helps us out, we suspect more than we know. He tells us we need a certain job number and D makes the call while D#2 is at lunch. We are on the field and we get the ok. We next zoom to the airfield, we make several promises and pull rabbits out of hats to keep them. An incredible moment for the DDR and I am happy for Dean. Even if I don't make it onto the chopper, as long as the supplies do, as long as D does. The government clear us, we BOTH get the Ok, inside I am doing cartwheels. We somehow get to the airfield and organise pickups etc all within 30 minutes, DDR on the fly but we are fucking miracle workers.

The chopper crew of three greet us and people load it up with supplies. I give our details in case we crash- I suddenly think of Shirl of Skyhooks. Put that thought out of my mind thank you. Our crew- Pilot is Captain David, Andrew is our air crew officer and young Isaac sits next to me , our rescue crew man. After walking through the emergency procedures we head skywards.

I left my ear plugs in the car , so I get to wear the radio helmut. Some might say i did this on purpose to look cool in the photo, some might well be right, come on! Gotta wear the radio helmut.

All goes well, our stock supply is stable, and the weather is good for flying. We soon see the inland sea. Rather mind blowing at this height. I look at Dean and he currently resembles the cheshire cat. The crew are great and I feel very very safe in this well maintained helicopter. As we approach Euabalong it resembles a small island surrounded by sea. I spot a white ute zooming towards the empty caravan park. Nicole and Rodney are on board. We land, Dean has now gone from cheshire cat to richard nixon, all that is missing are the peace signs. Ok we are both so proud. Everyone told us it was impossible to get supplies to this cut off community. They didn't count on the determination of the DDR with some good luck and Dean wanting to prove them all wrong. He is chatting to Rodney and Nicole and we all haul the stock onto the ute and fill it. This is such a great moment. We all stop and just take it in. Captain gives me the rotor spin sign and I drag D back on board. We are all smiling, mission completed. Issac grabs my phone and takes this perfect photo. The flight back is quiet, we keep seeing flooded house after flooded house, they look for people in need they mark down co-ordinates etc. We did see cattle stranded and they will get food tomorrow. Condo airfield approaches and we say our goodbyes.

We stop down the road and just explode with joy. We want to celebrate tonight but both of us are now worn out, very little sleep and we have covered a lot of miles. Our stock supply depleted but thankfully we have a back up plan and pick up area for more so off we go to get more items for those who need them. Accommodation is hard to find. I'm ok to live in my DDR sleeping bag and verbally say so. I'm sure sometimes Dean just spoils me a bit as we make the long drive to the only available room. It was fine, they mixed up the keys but it was clean, quiet, again we watch the footy and have a nice dinner. I find out a soccer field is a pitch and have to eat humble pie for desert. A lovely night. Did I see that strange invisible line just fade away. Good.

November 30th

We call into "Packed Cones Express" for a coffee and I treat us with home made vanilla slices for tonight. A relic from the past is next door- no not grumpy old John HoWARd but a steam train, saved by the local Rotary Club. Four more hours of disaster work, everyone is so appreciative. We manage to get a tub of new toothbrushes, if unused we will donate the surplus to Kate at Pinchapoo in Melbourne. Again we use up every bit of stock, we have talked to half the world, helped as many as we can. We visit people Dean met the first time around which was so nice. They truly love the bloke. But Orange beckons us. He is exhausted, I'm ok but a good bed and maybe a chance to cut loose would be nice. Yes a night on the town?

We arrive at our usual hotel, I think the DDR must own it by now. I head off to Dans and buy some Ruskies and some wine for Dean as a gift. It's my shout so we head for dinner but it has closed, so wander further afield. Down the road to a funky pub. We are a bit pissed, celebrations. Dinner is delicious. We are still on a high over the helicopter. We joke, the staff seem to love us, god knows why. We stumble off into the night and go past the Orange Whiskey Bar . I grab us 2 Drambuie shots, ok it becomes four..or was it more. I thought he said "scull" but he didn't. Oops. Well that did it. We are surrounded by ancient B/W live band photos. I explain to Deano who is in every shot, including roadies. He is impressed.

We leave this cool little bar and head home, well i now have the urge to climb so I sit on a giant red metal power box. The view is grand. He helps me down, he keeps me safe. He starts to fall up the stairs. "Do you think we are a tad pissed" I mutter.

The RSL is next door so we venture inside. We have free drink coupons, good grief. We use the free drink coupons, I dance to some music, it seems familiar. We go into the private poker machine room and invest $20 each. He is good at this machine stuff, we have a secret power rangers way of playing, our fingers united on the button. We win and win and win. We leave with money in our wallets. It was tempting but we were strong. Not a lot of money but stoked, tripled our cash. Yay. Finally home, the room is so nice, the big bed so soft. We watch more soccer, we laugh we talk we are absolutely ridiculous. I am happy, he is happy, we call Mark as we know he should be here too. They both pick on me, all is right in my world. Fuck I love these guys. Gawd I will have a headache in a few hours. But you know, sometimes when dealing with the horrors of disaster areas you need this, it keeps your humanity in check, it keeps you sane. We fall asleep our heads still up in the sky in the helicopter.

December 1st

I wake up happy. Only a tiny bit raspy. 9.30... a quick shower, it helps, pack our bags and we are off. Time to head home. We've ticked off so many towns, delivering supplies and hope. Helping many people. Deans being doing this for two weeks now. He has earned my respect.

We depart Orange at 11.09 after a coffee at our fave place. The girls give us some cake too. Nice. We sing Taylor Swifts "Anti-Hero" multiple times. We both love the song. Not sure if I like him singing the "monster on the hill "line at me!

We head through Cargo and Cowra. The road is in bad state. It is going to cost the NSW a lot of money to repair so many roads. The quick fix patch jobs will not last very long.

A loo break at Koorawatha. I think I might have a flu bug from one of the room staff at the hotel. I put an immune fizzer into my water and it helps. Dean pulls over and I go cough up some bile and other messy stuff. I can feel my body fighting this. My tablet helped a lot. D is coughing a bit too I think he has it for certain. We call into Gundagai for a break. We always call into the same area. I give him a bit of a 'thanks for being so amazing to me' cuddle. He puts so much energy into all of this. If the public only knew half of what we do , it would blow them away, no army of paid staff just us and usually just Deano. Neither of us takes a wage, we both volunteer 100%.

He drives to the airport and parks in the waiting area while I go get the red beast. The exist ramp is terrible and I end up on Brunswick Road MANY KM's away, finally turn around and end up 18 kms past airport. I am a wreck, I am freaked and Dean patiently waiting with all my shit in his car. I did not work out I am running on empty, I finally pull into the loading area and burst into tears. I am rarely ever this far out of control. It was strange. We say goodbye, I miss him but also excited to go home to Marky. The traffic isn't too crazy and I am home at 1.00 am. I manage to fall asleep standing up! There were beautiful flowers waiting for me when i got home. Thanks love what a nice surprise. Marky says how proud he is of us. Yes I cry again, I am fucked.

December 2nd

I wake up at 9.00 am and slept well. Sunny outside and yes we did bring the sunshine home. I can't stop singing Taylor Swifts "Anti-Hero" I think I am driving Mark nuts-I love the lyrics. Thanks Taylor for wring this one about me (GRIN). #1 in Oz for another week, 5 weeks at #1 in America, UK etc. Amazing. I will always be happy if taylor is #1 compared to so much other shit that hits the top spot. More power to her.

Lovely Poli at the bakery sorts out Peter & Mark s Christmas present, nice to tick one off the list. Thanks girl. Good timing too as we are off to a party at their house on saturday so we can hand over a present. Yes everyone it's that time of year where Mark becomes a social butterfly.

Woolworths give us two free bags of bread mix, don't ask. We win, we are happy.

December 3rd

Sunny outside again so I wash the Red Beast. She is a good car. Even some fresh oil in the old girl.

Good on the Nationals Andrew Gee for breaking ranks with them and supporting the "indigenous voice of Parliament". Same for Mia Davies from WA Nationals. Andrew doing some good work in the flood areas too-we crossed paths.

I sit with Peter at the bakery and we catch up, which was nice.

I spoke to Deano and he indeed has the flu and simply worn out. I feel so useless. I just want to help him. It sucks. Get well soon mate. I let him know that some more donations arrived today for fuel vouchers for the DDR so that is fantastic. Yes we are still accepting them (Email: petergr@netspace.net.au) .

I start waking up at 4.00 am again. Taylor is right " I wake up screaming from dreaming. One day I'll watch as you're leaving and life will have no meaning"! Gawd I hope not. At least I am not screaming just yet, so far no one is leaving.

December 4th

Maddison's David Bowie "Space Oddity" free form dance just clicked over it's 700th view. Trying to get her 1000 by Christmas : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge38YKBLU4U

I pose for a snap with Susan and Tahlia at the bakery, we all look a bit cute so that is nice.

I visit Butlers which is a few doors down and buy some Christmas presents. I also head to Olinda Pool but it is closed because of the extreme heat temperatures, but not to worry. Monbulk Aquatic Centre is only 5 mins away. A nice surprise as it was empty. Just seven of us, I do several laps and sit on the grass area in the sun. I am trying to stay healthy. On the way back, Olinda Pool is now open and around 200 people inside. Thats too many as Covid numbers are on the rise again in Australia.

So that is it for the moment, Mark and myself send our love from the mountain and wish all of you a very Happy Christmas.


P.S. By the time you see this Split Enz would of celebrated their 50th Anniversary since their first gig at the Wynyard Tavern, Auckland (December 10th). I love working with that band, always avery special place in my heart, so thumbs up to you Split Enz, thanks for all the magic.

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