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biker club

"PG & the girls from the wonderful Iron Maiden motorbike club." (Big thanks to Peter J for taking the snap).

January 17th

Was i really talking to Tom Hardy about dogs? My Bindy dog photo from years ago always touches the heart of people, especially dog lovers world wide. A cute picture of Tom with a mutt arrives in my IN box. He's rather cute and the dog is great too. I can't wait for the next season of Taboo. Someone said, so you know Tom Hardy and my answer was NO. A response or chat via social media isn't knowing someone. When he takes me for a coffee and swap bread baking recipes and he tells me about each and every one of his 30 tattoo's that's when you start to get to know Tom Hardy.

I head into IGA and Mark chats to the Others (the other Peter & Mark). I buy Mum the last packet of Paracetamol and mail it to NSW. Crazy that they can't buy this locally. Good old Covid hysteria. Good to see the boys again, over the next few months we'll be seeing so few people.

I see some shots of the airstrip at Nuku'alofa in Tonga and the runway covered in volcanic ash. They'll need to clear that before aid planes can land. The communication cable to the island is still out. One woman has sadly died. Rescuing her dogs, and she ran the amazing animal shelter.

January 18th

I sleep in, my body rather exhausted. It's just the sound of Banshee meowing at the back door that wakes me. I jump up and bolt around the house, before heading off to the charity. I don't even bother to have a shave. It's just go go go. I arrive kind of on time. Good to see the boss back, she sounds great, maybe having Covid is a good thing, no stress of the charity for a week or so. I suggest we have "Staff Movie Pick of the Week" A bit of fun for those who work at the place and just to lighten things up. We are always asked about "what movie do you suggest". The boss agrees and the girls see the fun in it, so this Thursday it will begin. I've got a little book with everyones faves in it. Now lets hope we have copies of the dvds to match.

Mark tells me that he got an email that Deans rather belated Christmas present has arrived. Yes the steri pen has arrived form America. Just what every professional disaster man must have. For all i know he could be building a canoe to go to Tonga as we speak, so this water purifying device might be helpful. Also it kind of looks cool.

I get some terrible news that my beautiful friend Chris from Canada has died of Covid. Such a healthy person, I fucking hate this pandemic. I'm in tears as I'm writing this. It's fucked. The next person who tells me "it's just a flu" will seriously get my fist in their face, and I'm rarely ever violent. Not much sleep, sadness is in my heart.

January 19th

I think my body just gives in and I fall asleep after the sun has risen. Marks worrying about his own family stuff so I've avoided telling him about Chris, I know he thinks something is wrong. Just told him it was my end of month chemical imbalance arriving early, almost feels like that. I'm trying to be normal.

My normal facade crumbled when a few friends call from overseas , lots of tears today. At one stage I pull the car over as I'm sobbing while driving. Stevie comes up from the island and takes me for a coffee and food and some sitting on a grassy hill, I am so appreciative that he did this and it helps. Other people call and text, it's exhausting and terrible. Mark attacks the garden just to make me happy. By 5.15 I'm feeling better just sad and a strong warm wind blows over Kalorama. I think it's the Old God Vata is attempting to blow all my sadness away, it's working bit by bit.

Deans still trying to get to Tonga , I hope he makes it . Wish we could do more. I have 1 military contact but they are rather strict around civilians.

My late afternoon phone call and meeting with the woman from the Australian Music Vault goes well. I think my archive images might of blown her mind. All very positive. She's fun too, we have a lot in common. Apparently i am her new favourite person. Nice.

January 20th

Up early so head to the charity. Dropping like Covid flies, a few no shows etc, we are all being extra careful today. Loads of cleaning, I've encouraged everyone to eat lunch by themselves etc. It's just so easy to get this. I have the P2 masks that Dean gave us , so feel a tiny bit safer. It is another long day, a productive day though. I'm keeping clear of people as much as I can.

A new post re: Tonga Tsunami on Deans Disaster Relief facebook page goes up A good one, the images are mind blowing. Such destructive force. The post is really well written, Deano is getting the gist of FB etc. Great to see. It's funny to think that the page had no posts and no followers just 2 months back.


January 21st

Meat Loaf dies. I'll always remember him fondly for his role in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'll ignore his moronic support for arsehole Trump and his anti-vaxxer bullshit.

I'm chatting with a mate interstate who works in the sex toy business. I asked him what could there possibly be that is different or new, surely it's all been done. Anyway he said the latest big seller are the Tenga 6 pack pocket strokers. Yes 6 different portable one off jack off pleasure packs complete with lube. Six stimulation interiors- wave line, click ball, hex brick, crystal mist, block edge and spark beads. See now you know what to get the man who has everything. You'll always learn something new on the good old diary , we are not afraid here!

January 22nd

Another great episode of "Euphoria", we do love that show , it's very brave, so many shows are not. The music is pretty good too.

I decide it's time to do my own Tarot card reading today. It must be a couple of years since I last shuffled the deck and laid them out. A rather fascinating selection of cards and a few insanely exact. They "feel" good. I can't argue with them as most of it is out of my control. My Tarot are like an old friend and I welcome it back with arms open. A mystical embrace.

January 23rd

Mark puts me in front of the video camera again. A video reference/deposition for a mate (Hi gorgeous Lillie) who is up for an award. Hope it helps. I'm wearing a good white shirt but, out of camera view a pair of Star Wars boxers. I try the red curtain and filming in my room but Mark is correct again, the natural light of the lounge room way better.

I watch Foxtel with Mark and we dig into the last of the delicious turkish bread.

On the phone till after midnight and i spend an hour reading the UFO book in bed. No real desire to sleep and the UFO book is so so so good.

January 24th

Happy Birthday Neil Diamond, turns 81. I'm kind of re-discovering Mr Diamond. Some loud singing in the office, so tragic I know, but fun.

Tomorrow I'm up early for my vaccine booster. Good to support our one day vaccination Hub. Hope no anti vaxxer morons hassle people.

Sitting at Olinda with buddy Stevie and this guy goes past eating a sandwich and having a beer. That Aussie tradie look- singlet tight black shorts scuffed work boots. Naturally good looking. He swings about and comes over. 'Hi Peter". Hi i say and trying for the life of me to remember his name. All i could mutter was "Good day for a beer". We chat and Stevie's antsy as I haven't introduced them, still can't recall this guys name. He heads off and returns 5 mins later with a beer for me. It tastes great. Chat for awhile and as he goes I remember his name, it's Shane! "Who the fuck was that" says Stevie. I sit smug and shug. I got a beer! HA!

January 25th

I arrive at the Olinda hall 30 mins early and already 20 people in line, by the time I go in about 60. They seem a bit confused around my booster. Really nice people , but it's done, so I'm happy, out of the way. I head to the charity, but no lifting I'm told.

Friggin' HOT today at the charity, it his 37.5 so just short of 100. None of us could keep cool, some looked terrible like they were going to faint. We are all sent home. Thank goodness.

I watch "Sovereignty: 50 years of the tent embassy". It's on the ABC. Some amazing footage. The passion and determination of the Aboriginal people is incredible. Good ol' Gough Whitlam too. Bless him.

Really really sick tonight, mentally insane. So much for an easy ride with my booster. Mark stays with me all night. He is so good to me. My Hero.

January 26th

Australia Day. Well every day is Australia day for me. I celebrate this fine amazing country every single moment. So having Australia day on the 26th means very little. Yeah move it. I'm ok with that.

Happy birthday to Peter J. A belated birthday present soon. I'm avoiding shopping centres again.

Still really sick around the vaccine stuff, and I'm going to be in the doghouse with several mates for being an absolute fruit loop. They get why but it means I will be their slave boy as penance. I'm ok with that i do deserve it I guess.

January 27th

Sleep well, in fact I sleep in... and the good news, I wake up NORMAL. As normal as I can be. Thank the goddess for that. I now have to rush to the charity. Unshaven again and wild looking but yeah, normal, happy.

A long day but once again we helped a lot of people. I was pricing and cleaning some cds that came in, one of the bands was the aptly named "VACCINES"- how 2022!

Wet weather pattern heading towards Coober Pedy- they are expecting flooding. I make mention to Dean and he will follow it up. The earth is so baked in that area that flood water doesn't sink in, just rolls over the top.

January 28th

The Red Beast has it's tyres done at Monbulk, new ones on the front. Wow what a difference it makes. I sit at Picnic Park on the main street, what a desolate sad place. Talk about a park in need of a facelift. I do have a coffee at Empire with Marky. He takes a snap, hating using a phone to do so.

I have a call from Los Angeles at 2.30 am which is their time. I'm in the good books again. I could get away with murder, I really could (PHEW). Lovely witches.

January 29th

Where has the month gone? Mark picks the very first container of fresh blackberries , my God they tasted divine. A chance for blackberry jam this year after all.

Tonight the absolute joy to watch Deans Disaster Relief facebook page, click over with it's 600th visitor. Thank you to so many who made the effort to like this page. So wonderful , it is going to have an exceptional future.

January 30th

I decide to check up on Coober Pedy as some of the flooding images are a worry. The train tracks have been destroyed in parts, the main and side roads covered. The phone lines have been down all day but I didn't give up. At 10.00 PM I managed to get through. I called the Coober Pedy Regional Times and Hey presto! Someone answered- I was shocked for a few seconds-expecting an answering machine. Anyway her name is Margaret and she is the owner and Editor of the newspaper. She was at home, sitting on her back porch, watching the rain come down and I dare say water rising, and having a beer. Now she is the real deal, the true Aussie outback woman. Calls a spade a spade. We chatted for about 30 minutes and she filled me in on everything- it makes a massive difference having someone in the town at ground Zero. She happily agreed that Dean could call her in a day or two and I think we both really enjoyed the conversation. She also takes the best photos- head along to the Coober Pedy Regional Times facebook page for some fine examples. She really is one of those unsung heroes that serves her community via her newspaper. Inspiring.

Little did we know but a second flooding was taking place, over in WA - around Broome. ' I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts & flooding rains...' Indeed!

So I wonder aloud if I will squash in with all the excess toilet paper and other disaster items and somehow head off to the South Australian desert to assist people with the one and only Deano. I have so much to learn around all of this but eager, passionate and kind of proud. We all talk about helping our fellow human beings but it's a lot harder to turn that talk into reality, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

A cool moment at Olinda- I was sitting in the parklet when 6 motorbikes arrived. I was delighted to see the gals from the Iron Maiden bike club. Lovely woman all of them, wonderful sense of humour. I sat with them for ages and just talked and laughed. We live in such an amazing diverse world.

Stay safe


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