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Album of the Year? "Jan Juc Moon" (Xavier Rudd)

March 21st

It's a really beautiful morning on Mt Dandenong, so I decide it might be nice to support the Hills bus service and catch the bus to Olinda for a coffee. A little bus adventure. It arrives on time & I am the only person on board. The Myki scanners are not working so I travel for free. The scenery is beautiful up here as we wind our way around the mountain. I see a wallaby pop it's face out of the foliage as we cruise on by. I've left some bread baking at home, so plan to time it perfectly and arrive home in time for lunch. I did test myself for the last time and still Covid negative, so we've done well around Tonga.

I get an update on my phone that The Clouds are announcing a reunion tour to celebrate 30 years of their album 'Penny Century'. That is such a wonderful album. I recall when they were special guests on one of our Crowded House tours - a really fun time had by all and I was stoked to see them play every night and our Crowdies audience loved them. Still the tour seems so far away, December 9th , and playing The Croxton of all places, situated at Thornbury. We are tempted.

I weigh myself and I have lost 9kg's. Not sure how I am losing weight, Marky says I am eating less. Banshee is fading away sadly, maybe I am joining her?

March 22nd

We watch "What Lies Below" . I am amazed that Trey Tucker looks a lot like my hot Dr mate Troy. Actually Troy is still way better looking, but the start of the movie where John Smith (Trey) rises out of the lake in that hot and sweaty scene reminds me of Troy rising out of the surf at Fiji. Apart from perving at Trey we did like the movie a lot. It's a fairly recent horror movie too. So few good movies released over the past couple of years.

I work at the charity today, bloody hell so many books arrive. I somehow manage to get them all done. I get some sort of work award , everyone here deserves an award but nice to be noticed. It's a really good bunch of people, we all get along , have a few laughs and get the job done. Hopefully the money we raise helps a few people.

March 23rd

RAIN. Well only a bit, not like the endless wet weather in NSW. But enough to water our gardens here at Kalorama & give Banshee a wash.

Breakfast at Montage with Marky. Great to see Keith, Marge, Bruce, Jean and Peter #2. At least they now know I haven't killed Marky and disposed of the body in the forest! They all love him.

I drive to Bayswater and get to hang out with Kate from Pinchapoo. She does such awesome work. I hand over a bag of shampoos and other goodies. I can see myself working here, such a nice vibe and Kate is rather awesome.

I head a few streets over and visit our friend Mary at her new place. She loves her KFC so grab a Zinger burger for us. A nice surprise for her and we sit outside and gossip and enjoy the Colonels burger.

Next off to Eastlands and buy easter Eggs at Myers, happy to have these ticked off my list.

Can you believe that 2 years ago today the first Covid restrictions commenced to "flatten the curve". Two years! Crazy.

March 24th

The Suns out again. My little solar chargers are on the decking table. Enough to recharge my phone.

We have these terrible chick pea "chips" at the Charity, so I head across the road and buy a selection of dips, just to cover the terrible taste , everyone digs in.

When I get home I find that Marky has been working in the garden all day; he has done so much. It looks incredible. The ivy gets out of control so easily. I guilt somewhat that I am not doing my share.

Some good speeches by Anthony Albanese this week , he's starting to look Prime Minister material. PM SlowMo just looks so old and you can't trust him. Time for a change?

March 25th

Troys medical box arrives at his house at 1.00. So I have a coffee and head to the location to start unpacking the few unused items. I also have a few souvenirs. Two cool bowls, carved by a young Tonga artist called Afah. He grabs a fallen tree from the Tsunami and uses a lathe. He's very young, the son of one of the nurses but it's good to encourage. Plus they polish up well. Plus 2 large shells. I never take shells from beaches but these were washed up 3km inland and in the mud that was about to be bulldozed, so they would of been crushed. I also have a doll for MIM. Probably the last doll as she is growing up fast.

I spend the afternoon dealing with Origin energy. It takes forever but eventually headway, I am so insanely relaxed and nice. It gets the job done. Too many angry people in the world as it is.

March 26th

I'm sitting in the Parklet at Olinda and notice The Deli is being sold again. The new owner in poor health, frustrating as it was coming together and the coffee was good. Is it cursed? The Deli not my coffee.

I'm sitting here thinking about Paul (Hester), gone 17 years today. To make the day even more bizarre, Taylor Hawkins, the drummer for the Foo Fighters is found dead. So another drummer dies. Enz drummer Mal Green sends me a SMS, I tell him to be careful till midnight as these things happen in threes and we can't lose another drummer.

A few too many drinks tonight, home late and in bed late.

March 27th

I seem to be eating a lot less, maybe that is why I have lost a bit of weight. Just have a craving for a sausage roll so grab one from the bakery and eat it at the Parklet. Lots of walk up locals, nice to see Mick, old Veronica, ancient but she still manages to drive her car. Josie and Pete come and sit and chat.

I am tired today, another long night with Banshee. She keeps me awake for ages. She is old. sadly not long to go, I'm going to be super kind and just look after her and suffer all of the shit that comes with a dying cat. We love her.

At midnight this F/16 diary clicks over with it's 640,000th reader. WOW how cool is that.

March 28th

Today was one for me to clear the 'To Do' things on my list. Get them all done except one. I was going to call my Election person but thought I'd wait for SlowMo to release his budget and call the Election first.

March 29th

Off to the charity and today I allowed time for Lachlan to make me my morning coffee at S39. It felt like avery long day at the charity. Lots of lifting today, i'm the only guy who works there, so everyone assumes I have muscles. HA! Fooled them.

We get a big box of free Oreo biscuits, so score a few to take home.

I call in and clear the mail. Pip has posted me a new cap with a "G" embroidered on it. "G" for Groovy? Gryphon? God? Ok Green. I think I need to get a "P" embroidered in front of the "G". Perfect for my disaster areas. Easier for people to spot the cap. Thanks Pipster.

Daniel calls and the tree people are locked in for the next few days, so the huge dangerous trees look like finally being removed. Big thank you to Dan Andrews Government for fronting up with the money. People slag Premiers off but what they have done around the dangerous tree efforts is excellent, so yeah "Thanks Dan".

I work in the office till 9.30 and get a sad call from Mad Dog. Her cat has just died, she is such a great cat Mum, I felt so sorry for her. Banshee sends her love too.

I get a late night call from Dr Troy. Looks like he might head to Warsaw, yes Poland...I'm guessing to work in the NRC's new refuge reception centre? He keeps saying, come along I'll cover your costs. The thing is I'm committed to this bloody election and it pays well. So a bit torn. Plus I want to spend more time with Marky. He gets all of that. I'm not saying "no" as I am in awe at how amazing Troy is. Something to think about for a few weeks. I did get page after page of stuff he/'they need so no doubt I'll be restocking the giant travel cases full of supplies. A tiny bit of me is really excited and honoured that he loves what i do and can see something positive in my efforts. That feels good. I'm a bit over lone wolves. Well maybe... and 2 minutes later I change my mind.

I see one of Slowmo's Liberal ladies says "Morrison is not fit to be PM". The knives are out.

March 30th

I wake up early just as the tree people arrive at 7.00, on the dot. They close off the road and start checking out the situation. Machinery arrives. It's all coming together as I drive off for a coffee. I drive through Kalorama and Olinda and all the pink Belladonna Lily are out. They are also called "Naked Ladies". They add so much colour to the hills. I stop and take some photos for my FB page and Twitter.

By the time I arrive home, the dead limbs are off one tree and Mark points to this tiny dot of a man at the very top with a chainsaw. Wow that IS high.

By afternoon one tree is down, and area cleaned up. They start on the harder second tree, which will be finished tomorrow.

Suddenly it's cold, a bit of wind and it has some bite. We watch the guy on the tree hang on while it sways in the wind, he looks so relaxed. They finish at 3.30 and the slightly wet weather rolls in.

March 31st

Happy Birthday to Mark #2. We leave some messages and yes even sing.

How good is the new Placebo album "Never Let Me Go" ! It debuted at #10 in Australia, in fact the last 4 Placebo albums have all gone top 10 here, suddenly they have a bit of a following. I am not alone. #3 in the UK and #1 in Holland and Germany. I love this band. MEDS is still my favourite Placebo release. #4 in Oz for that one, not bad.

I make a rather nice home made Apple Pie for dinner. With a nice big dollop of cream. Seeing we've lost all this weight i figure I can be generous to myself.

I am bored at the charity today. It's me not the charity, rare I get like this. The day seemed to drag on, not enough distractions. I know i could just leave but I hang in there and finish the day. So few donations today, that could be why. I like being kept busy.

I chat to Dean for an hour which was nice to catch up, he's had some good news which is great. I love his spirit. Excited to see him soon, I can't imagine him not being in our life now. We both enjoy his company and we know I am far better looking Deano, that IS a fact. HA!

Marky spends the day with the tree people and the job is done. I'm very happy around this. The wind picks up tonight so doubly happy that we don't have 2 potentially dangerous trees that might destroy our neighbours house or kill a passing motorist.

April 1st

I try to sleep in but Dan arrives with the paper work for the tree cutting. So no sleep in for me. The crew are now heading to Sassafras for another big job, they were incredibly efficient and nice.

I chat to Greg Skyhook this evening which was good. It has been awhile.

I keep checking out the map of Poland , guess I know or decide over the next few weeks. Good on the Norwegian Refugee Council for it's amazing efforts. So inspirational.

I'm really enjoying Xavier Rudd's new album. Partly because of it's title "Jan Juc Moon" ; yes gorgeous Jan Juc where i went with the crew for a surf as mentioned in the previous diary. So many great songs , I keep nagging people to get a copy, this deserves to be a hit. The first song released is the title track. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnW2gFIrruk

April 2nd

Mark takes a photo of me in my torn jeans standing on one of the tree stumps, lots of comments that I have lost some weight. We spend the day cleaning up the tree drop and bark that they left. The yard is looking pretty good. It will be good when we can finally burn off the giant green teepee.

The charts are in and Xavier Rudd's "Jan Juc Moon" debuts at #6 on the top 100. Brilliant it is also #1 on the Australian Artists chart. Do yourself a favour grab a copy. Album of the Year!

I am baking bread every day, keeping away from humans as we are both sniffish and a bit of a cough. Our Covid tests say we are ok, so yeah probably the Kalorama Sniffles.

April 3rd

Banshee keeps me awake most of the night, she manages to accidentally scratch my earlobe in the wee hours of the morning, so blood all over my pillow. An accident i can't be angry with her. Though she is driving Mark nuts.

A cold old day , so I stay warm to get rid of the sniffles. We both spend the afternoon on the couch, which I love. Time with my best mate watch "Fake or Fortune" or some exotic Train journeys or "Cities of the Underworld". I do like :"Underworld" host Dan Wildman, a cute arse in those Levi's and he is so full of gusto for what he is doing. Not to be confused with Don Wildman the Porn Star! HA!

I make homemade Pizza for dinner, a really calm night here at Kalorama. I wish the entire planet felt this calm. I see this world going crazy from high up her eon the mountain. I just mouth "Please Stop"!



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