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Tonga Man Of Action

Tonga Man Of Action

February 28th

A bit of a rushed diary , the night before I depart for Tonga.

I spend a big part of today packing medical supplies for my friend in the Ukraine. I'm getting really good at it, knowing what is what, I swear my Dr's medical room reminds me of a Chemart store. It has this incredible door, no one is getting in here in a hurry. A tiny bit of space in the giant travel case so I put in 3 LED lights, leftovers from Kalorama and a 100 pack of batteries. A tiny after thought, they'll probably never be used ... but they were.

I do buy a hot water bottle for Mum as part of her birthday box and mail it all off to her.

March 1st

Dean heads to the flood disaster zone. I didn't realise we talked for 2.5 hours. I love those calls where I hop off the phone with tears in my eyes from laughing. I snuggle up with Marky on the couch and watch cable till the very early hours. These simple joys just make me so happy.

I do chat to Noel Crombie tonight , now that is another joy. Sally Crombie's working on another blockbuster movie, I've totally forgotten which one.

March 2nd

Mark makes his wonderful sausage rolls for lunch. YUM!!!!!!

At 3.30 I get a new haircut, very short, I call it my "Disaster Cut" not that IT is a disaster, just good for the disaster zone. Not too long till I head to Tonga, I'm about to isolate.

Hair for the Hills at Olinda gives me a good cut & colour. Thanks girls and a scalp massage that makes me purr like a pussy cat.

I email the Arts Centre that I have Paul Hester Crowded House jacket ready for them. They'll display it for a year.

March 3rd

We love "We're Here" those 3 drag queens are brilliant and how cool are those cars, for god sake a giant yellow handbag with wheels- brilliant. Favourite line from tonights episode, as one queen says when she flops onto the couch all worn out. "It's all in a Gays work..".

A hot day, 32C, so that must be close to 90!

March 4th

Dean updates the Deans Disaster Relief facebook page. I love the photos, they speak a thousand words, the flood damage does my head in. The major relief agency's haven't even arrived yet. The DDR straight into action, bloody beautiful! If you are reading this and haven't already- go and give his facebook page a "like". https://www.facebook.com/Deans-Disaster-Relief-106069081897874

The Batman debuts today at cinema's. $128 million in America, the second biggest box office pandemic debut.

I chat to Warwick, Congratulations on the new job man. Good on you.

Deans zooming between Lismore and Ballina. I am in awe of his energy. Meanwhile Marky is doing such incredible work in the garden. Look at these guys go.

March 5th

Happy Birthday Mum. She hits 84. "I've certainly been on this planet for along time" she says. Hopefully a lot longer . Like nearly every year the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gra is on my Mum's birthday. Look I love Mardi Gra, I love the joy it brings, I love the stray feather & glitter blowing down Sydney streets at sunrise, I love a good Queen but prefer a bad Queen, I love that it never rains and pisses Fred Nile off, I love that homophobes heads explode. But I miss it being on Oxford street, I miss the floats and I miss the closeness of the crowd. I know Covid has changed the rules for awhile but I will be more excited when it finally returns to Oxford street. Plus Nate Byrne should be on the Mardi Gra panel.

God bless the Sikh food volunteers, they were at Kalorama disaster, they are now at the floods. Dean passes on my regards...as he scoffs down the free dinner form them. Good work lads.

March 6th

6 million dead worldwide from Covid. I wonder if Donald Chump still thinks it is "no big deal". What a stupid prick he is.

The ceasefire corridor fails in Ukraine, I now start to worry about my mate Troy. I vow I will find a way to get you home.

March 7th

I'm out of isolation today. I'm sitting at the Parklet and along come Ms Bunny and her huband with the other Peter , so good to see all 3 of them, Loving my Pie and coffee.

The 2nd Ukraine ceasefire fails-this is very depressing.

Lots of kitchen dancing with Miss Banshee to early Madonna songs. Didn't I tell you that Banshee is a Madonna fan?

March 8th

Our salvo charity store is so good that they organised a special morning tea for us. The head honcho turned up, she was a really nice lady. I chatted a bit to her at the end. She seemed very interested in the DDR and the various relief work that they and me as separate thing are doing. Nice thing for them to do. Alice made the best fruit salad.

I meet this really nice bloke called Paul. I just seemed to click with him. Hopefully catch up with him soon.

Looks like Troy is on the way out of the Ukraine, amazing I think I pulled this miracle off somehow. Every so often I get it right and the wheels turn correctly and don't fall off. Too long and complicated a story but a WOW moment.

March 9th

I pay loads of bills today, 1 or 2 to go. But they might have to wait till I get back.

Good grief the price of petrol is insane! Fill the car up and it costs about 20% more.

I go to bed feeling really happy.

March 10th

Troy calls me from the frequent flyer in London. The shower, his first in 10 days, he's spending an hour washing the scent of war zone off him. Looks like i am now flying Business, ok that present I will take.

Started reading the 1975 book "Ronald Biggs-The Most Wanted Man", I'm enjoying it's detail and simplicity.

I try on a new wet suit at the store, bummer as it is one size too small, impressive how much weight i have lost, just wish it was 1 size larger.

So I zoom home, Mark is still working in the garden. Say goodbye to Mum. Say goodbye to Dean. say goodbye to Sis. Troy calls, sounds so worn out and kind of sick. I'm oping to get him home asap, so who knows how long we are in Tonga. I'll deal with it day to day. A week of thunder storms so the Tonga volcanic mud will be nice and sloppy. Lucky us. I don't mind mud. a bit of a natural facial maybe?

So a short diary before I go.

Stay safe and happy Everyone.


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