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"PG and Acko the Greyhound". Big thanks to Andy White for the photo.

May 2nd

I wake up to the smell of roasting chestnuts and music. Yes the Kalorama Chestnut Festival is on again. A tiny bit of drizzle and grey sky but I head down to lend a hand and support it. The dog park is packed full of parked cars, loads of people, I keep a safe Covid distance. So many dogs though, no cats, sorry Banshee. I run into Sam who i did the Kalorama Emergency Hub with, that was really nice to see her. Deb is working at the "after the disaster" area and looks flat out, I enjoy watching her do her stuff and helping people. She's chatting to Dagma. As I'm standing by all these other locals come up and we are all having this lovely chat. Dagma goes "Oh Peter, lovely Peter" & Deb turns around see's me and gives me the biggest hug ever. Sorry Deano she even out-hugged you! Really nice.

I wander about, take some photos. I love Hula Hoop Girl and there is this crazy brown chestnut chasing people around the oval. He looks more like an M+M. It makes me laugh as people just bolt from him. After an hour i say goodbye to folk and head home. Back tonight for some bad dancing with bands and misbehaving. Even too much for the diary..yes F/16 does have limits (well...).

I bake cookies this afternoon while playing Pansy Division. I make sweet chilli chicken Pizza for dinner for us all.

No word from the boys fishing, so I sulk a tiny bit.

May 3rd

I clean up the yard, loads of tree drop, good for our inside fires. It's now getting colder, so our fires will be on soon.

I strip down to my singlet and kickboxing shorts and give the punching bag a work out. May birthday in a week so I'm an old fart, got to stay healthy and trim (sih).

i chat to my OIC (Officer In Charge) at the main polling place where I will be working, up till the election. Her name is Kaye and she seems rather awesome.

Call Laura and Kevin to wish their son Spencer a Happy Birthday. I try to make them sing again but they all cop out and refuse to do so, even Stella.

May 4th

I'm pissed as i can't get to Andy White's album launch tonight at the Merri Creek tavern. I'm stuck at my second election training class. I consider making some fake Covid cough noises so they send me packing but I need to do this to work so I stay and be a good little lad.

I'm happy that the gig has sold out, we told a lot of people and the response has been mighty.

May 5th

The temperature has dropped here at Kalorama. We light the first fire in the lounge room tonight, much to the delight of Miss Banshee. She sits in front of it, opening the remaining fur that she has, sucking in that radiant heat. I cuddle with her and Marky, one big happy family in front of a roaring fire.

The Charity was a bit average today, not the nicest vibe. In the end I just left. No energy for such things. It's usually really good.

I mail off a birthday card to our mate Doug, lotto ticket and a very special Split Enz enamel pin (badge) from 1980. he'll love the badge but Wendy will demand half of it. HA!

May 6th

ALT's ALTITUDE is out today, Andys mailed the first batch from ALT band camp and many have received it. The second and final batch arrive at customs in a few days and he will pop them in the post too.

At the 11th hour I do catch up with Andy and he brings along a USB that contains yet another ALT "singing in the car" video, this one for the wonderful "Refuge Tree". I love these tiny video gems, so great for fans. So here is the link. Enjoy, and big thank you to Andy White.


Whilst a Montage my friend Acko the rescue greyhound turns up and he's wearing his little knitted coat. So cute, Andy takes a rather good snap of yours truly giving Acko a cuddle. He is so warm. Thanks Andy.

The big talk, one I have been avoiding for the past 48 hrs. Just needed to get stuff off my chest and somehow get my world back into focus. I wasn't sure how it would go and I was all over the place at the start. Thankfully my buddy loves me enough to listen and care and say the real words, super honest. Afterwards I feel good. I'm hoping he does too. Certain people i cherish and I never want to make them unhappy, especially when they mean the world to me. I confess my "Own Private Idaho" scene, a secret for me from the world, parts of it certainly are me. Am I Keanu or River? I want to be River because he's kind of hot and vulnerable. A bit of both and maybe none of some (I made that line up). I just love the scene. The romantic in me trickles out. "I Really Want To Kiss You Man". I love those 4 minutes.


May 7th

I am now sleeping well, ok Banshee disrupts me several times a night but I am calm. So I get up early. I check my emails and my first email is from Mr Tim Finn. saying "Onya Peter, Thank You, Tim x". How nice is that. The ALT boys are all awake this morning doing "Tim's Twitter Listening Party. So good they did this. We hear the good news that the Altitude double vinyl has now sold out in the UK. In Australia/NZ there are about 7 LPS and 7 CDs left via the ALT band Camp page, after these go, no more. So if you are a slack arse and need one of these go to the band camp page. HA! https://altandyliamtim.bandcamp.com/

I decide to go help the charity today, just a few hours as I know they are short staffed. Plus with Election from Monday onwards I won't be at the charity all that much for a few weeks.

My coffee lad Lachlan doesn't have his van parked so no fresh coffee for me.

Some of the regular girls at the charity are so happy to see me today, really nice and gorgeous Alice brings in treats for a Mothers Day tea break. So nice of her. I work for 3 hours and clear all the books and dvd and restock the store. Perfect timing.

I swap SMS with Dean, we talk fishing gear, I think I impressed him with my knowledge on Sedona reels. Or maybe he was just being kind. He knows the lady who bought Tim Finns house/Periscope studio off our mates John & Caroline. Small world. I am such a silly mood this afternoon.

Marky has his new double electric blanket on his bed, so we snuggle up and fool around this afternoon. My tall passionate sexy ,really great kisser bloke. Such a stud. (chuckle) A certain woman has eyes for him.

I hear from my surfie buddy Stevie, I'm kind of excited as he thinks I might be able to meet Jack Robinson (no relation to Will Robinson from Lost in Space). Jack is frigging awesome- the new breed of young Aussie surfers. So impressed by his work at the Corona Open in Mexico, which he won. He seems like a really lovely bloke too. Stevie offers to take me to the surf beach at the island tomorrow. But the weather is looking shit so maybe not. Plus Mothers Day and a small list of to do items around the yard, though I may well be tempted of the weather improves.

I bring in 2 huge containers of wood for tonights fire, make some lasagne for dinner, plus 2 mini ones that are in the fridge for dinners for Marky while I am doing night work at Pre-Polling.

Mark works in the office creating something for my birthday, I love his presents , always what i want. I'm hoping it's the current season of Picard on Bluray-that would be wild!

May 8th

I call Mum early for Mothers Day, the best gift she can give ME is that she is still here. I think of some of the amazing woman who are not, like Marks beautiful Mum who we all adore.

I start on election Pre Polling tomorrow. I swear i have packed so many things it's like I am moving into the polling centre. A bit nervous. Did I learn enough? Will it all come back? Guess we will know soon, two weeks of work.

I make a note to trim nasal hairs. HA!

May 9th

My first day working for the AEC. A really nice bunch of people. Of course they put me on the Declaration table first and I stare blankly at it, thinking "Oh fuck, brain please work". Shock horror it does, 99% of it comes back. Only one tiny stuff up which i correct. PHEW.

The day is long and weird busy and very quiet moments. But all done, I survived and no jerks. I think the next two weeks will be good, hard work but good. I've already made friends with a few of my co-workers.

May 10th

Already one guy on our team has Covid, I test every night, I am being so careful.

I spend the morning at Monbulk and get the roadworthy for the Red Beast so will sign it over next week when i have the time. I head to Empire and chat to owner Grant for awhile, have a coffee outside and talk to mates. I arse call Dean by accident, which was kinda funny. A quick supermarket shop and back to the garage and the car has passed. Yay.

I head home and straight to the Pre Polling Election centre , another late night, work till 8.00.

Tim Finn contacts me and has concert tickets for my sister, very sweet of him.

May 11th

Happy Birthday to me.

I'm woken early by my cousin David which was nice and after that the phone kept ringing till I departed for work. Flowers arrived and presents and cards, So a big thank you to so many of you for mailing things in, really it made my day.

I'm at the Election pre poll centre and people are singing Happy Birthday, the staff and suddenly voters join in, so awesome. One girl gives me a bag of chocolates, just made me smile. So thanks.

I find a homemade card from Marky and this amazing bluray he put together - I burst into tears over the card. I adore my best mate. Flowers arrive while I am at work. Marky reads the card as one pile is insanely gigantic, from my buddy Deano. What did I do to get these two incredible blokes into my life. So lucky. Sis, MIM and Mum, more presents, just amazed. Thanks world! I'm so emotional today, lack of sleep maybe?

May 12th

I'm still Covid testing and still ok. A friend tells me he saw Mr Albanese on TV and he was really positive and articulate. He thinks it's all turned and Albo will be PM. I do hope he is right. I'm well and truly over Scumo.

Just under 8 hours at the election place and it's all going to plan, we are getting peoples votes in and so far nearly all the voters have been really nice.

May 13th

The weather has turned, our fires are on at Kalorama. I'm so tired after such long days, just happy to have dinner and eat a meal with Marky, I start falling asleep by midnight. A lovely present arrived from Belle in France, just gorgeous.

May 14th

Up early and zoom to Olinda to buy some bread, milk and margarine for Marky, I haven't had time to do a decent shop.

I get to Pre-Poll with 10 minutes to spare. It's all happening, crowd numbers are growing, loads more voters today.

By the end of day I am focused, churning out votes and even cleverly managed to close down 2 voting areas to make it easier for my OIC and team. I was a tiny bit proud of myself when the 2IC comes up and says "Good work".

Home to make some homemade Lasagne. On the way i pull over and chat to Deano , its been a few days. Fog rolls across the bonnet of the car, rain has arrived too. I'm excited to watch the new season of Picard on bluray thanks to Marky. Yay.

May 15th

A day off, excited, sleep in a bit, head to Olinda for coffee and determined to finish my "To Do" list.

I'm thinking of the people in Gympie and surrounding areas, more flooding. Sad news.

This time next week we should have an election result. So remember Australia, Vote! Vote! Vote!



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