The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 31 January - 27 February 2022

PG as Liaison Officer

"PG ready for action. Canberra February 2022."

January 31st

Yes I know, late , late, late with the diary going up on line. The last few on time but I have been a slack-arse around this one. I've been focused on other things my lovelies, you know how it goes. One day it's January the next late February. Blink of an eye.

I call my mate Marcus around the Broome floods but he is stuck in Melbourne , so can't be my eyes and ears. But it does mean we can catch up which is great.

Another fine episode of "Euphoria" , it just keeps getting better. I hear that Lexi's Euphoria play episode will be rather brilliant. Bring it on.

February 1st

Marky starts weeding the side area near the vegetable patch. I've clearly marked what must not go. Hopefully things will survive Marks passionate gardening. His heart is in the right place.

Finally our mate clears his post office box ; he has taken so long, it will be like 10 Christmas's squashed into one PO Box. Which doesn't sound too bad. It's nice when you send people presents that reflect them and they appreciate it.

I'm in bed and talking to a friend, well maybe more, but it's nice- however way too comfortable and way too late , almost nod off , the subtle sound of my own snoring could wake me I guess. Those late night calls, worth it, you go to bed in the knowledge that all is well in your world.

February 2nd

I manage to clear every item on my 3 pages of 'things to do' Such an effort. I was like the white rabbit, running from A to B. "I'm late , late for an important date". Finally at 4.00 I sit down. Feels good to get all of this done.

Pizza for Dinner, one of my better ones. I roll the pastry really really fine.

February 3rd

I'm at the charity today and I'm shuffling mannequins around the store with boss Carol. Of course the various body parts drop off which makes us laugh like crazy murderous body snatchers.

My poor Sis rushed to hospital. Apparently I have some "pull" and manage to speak to her , huge HUGE thank you to Wollongong hospital for making that happen. Thankfully she is ok.

I'm on the ladder working on the pool room roof. I keep losing the vibe, it will be completed late March.

Woolies send another 1000 points to my Qantas account. Thank you very much.

February 4th

We loved the "Panti Bliss- Queen of Ireland" documentary- Rory O'Neill is kind of wonderful.

I make some of my awesome Chocolate Mousse, rare do I say anything I do is awesome but my Mousse is! It's for the boys, Mark and our buddy Deano who is visiting tomorrow. We are both so excited to see him. It's been way too long. He's a good mate, the real deal.

Oh dear the LNP are exploding from within. Old red faced B. Joyce calling Scummo "a hypocrite & a liar". All we can do is laugh.

February 5th

Marky makes his special sausage rolls for Dean. He doesn't do that for a lot of people.

When he arrives the boys head straight out to the fallen tree limbs with their chainsaws. Meanwhile myself the dainty 1950's housewife stays in the kitchen and cooks them lunch. I sneaked a peak out the window and it did my heart good to see them laughing and being mates. I almost took off my Miss 1950 apron and joined them but it seemed too nice to interrupt.

Dean hands over these amazing Pies that he makes, all different types. So cool, can't wait to try them in the next few days. My fave ends up being the Curry one, so frigging awesome. YUM.

We all sit on the decking, eat and have a few drinks, it feels really nice, hours go by without us knowing. He's a good friend one of the better things to come from our Disaster up here at Kalorama. There have been a few good things.

The house is full of sunflowers & red hot poker plants. It's great we have so many flowers scattered through out Ailsa Craig. Thanks Stevie. A kind present.

February 6th

Pride is on today and Nate as gorgeous as ever. Maybe even more so. A few photos have the anagram Genie Tamperer! Don't even ask, please do not. What can I say-Happy Pride. Some things do not make the diary! What you say? Why not?

February 7th

Nice to chat to our mate Alison. Love to Mia too. Bongo Skyhook calls after her and we talk for nearly 2 hours-which was fascinating. He's so funny, he just makes me laugh. The only person who can get away with calling me Petey Pie. Bob Skyhooks show will be at Palms at Crown on Saturday March 12th. He's heading off to Adelaide to work on some of the visual side of the show.

Some fires burning in Western Australia, it's that time of year, we are fortunate that Kalorama seems to be bushfire free this year. We still have so much to burn from the massive storm disaster, the council doing their best to clean it all up.

I am clearing the mail from our post office box tonight & decide to call a friend at random. Our old housemate Leanne gets the call. It's really nice, 1 hour later, both of us all are talked out & it's free like all calls from Australian pay phones. Gotta love that.

February 8th

Play Divinyls on Google in the kitchen, try and entice Marky to dance.

I work at the charity today. Myself and the boys adopt today, his name is Clarence. "Born" in Australia, he is very hairy. Yes we 3 are sharing a teddy. Well till my niece see's it and I'm certain she will score it. It's really for her.

Excited that "The Batman" will finally hit Aussie cinema's on March 4th.

February 9th

RAIN? Only a few drops. I get the car to Monbulk for it's final 2 new tyres plus a few other bits and pieces. I spoil myself with 2 coffee's at Empire and lots of phone calls . Yes I am bored. I even call into the Monbulk Salvo's store to see how it compares. Our certainly has a better vibe.

February 10th

It's a bit of a joke at the charity, I always seem to owe someone 50c. I have started keeping a big bag of change, they don't really give a shit but it's nice to stir me. We help a lot of people out today which was good.

February 11th

I catch up with Andy White at Montage and returns his HD. So good to see him. He bought us something from Duty Free, yes a box on antigen tests. The perfect present in 2022. I love hearing Andy's travel adventures. A nice afternoon. His new album "This Garden Is Only Temporary" is out now. Apparently the online sales have been excellent.

I use the awesome kitchen present from Dean, the Zester. To make some glazed orange for chocolate mousse.

February 12th

I pick up Hisako's fruit & vegies today. Yes a family member has Covid. So I'm being a good neighbour. They are so fabulous I'll always say yes.

A bit of death around today & I accidentally let a mate down. Feeling terrible.

February 13th

I surprise a friend in the city with one of my homemade chocolate mousse. What an effort. So hard to keep it frozen. He was expecting a handsome delivery guy, but got me, an even handsomer delivery guy. HA! Think my efforts made him smile, we like that. I was city bound for another reason too , and that one was a bit of a failure. Trying not to be worried about our buddy who has gone awol. My friend walks me to my car. A balmy Melbourne night, no people , Melbourne town shining like the Emerald city. Beautiful.

I catch up with another friend, and home at 3.30. So a late one.

February 14th

Valentines Day. I'm woken up after 4 hours sleep with a cuddle and a pash. That's all I ever need on such a day. Really, every day is Valentines day with Marky. Such a gorgeous man, who on earth did I get this lucky.

I run into the other Peter & Mark and they hand me a big bag of hand sanitisers to add to the stockpile for Canberra and future disasters. So good of them, I love our generous mates. Huge thank you to Lynda P and Jill C as well for their amazing donations.

The tree cutters were meant to turn up today, it's part of a government sponsorship deal but after all the talk, no shows. Mark even spoke to a guy yesterday who turned up to check out the area. originally we told them we'll believe it when it happens, it's a very familiar tune and they never show up. Marky was right, I was wrong, I had faith. It is annoying.

February 15th

I check with my charity boss about taking time out with Deans Disaster Relief. She is so good about it, super supportive. She also knows i'll make up any lost time. I have to admit I am very excited about heading to Canberra. Attempting the Tonga embassy, some humanitarian help around the poorer protestors and asylum people and a list of other stuff. Also a learning curve for me, Dean's a great teacher, I'll certainly pick up some valuable skills and a shitload of fun. I'm not really looking to work for the DDR, but I do hope i can help out when needed.

February 16th

We are awake nice and early, time and tide wait for no Disaster Relief workers, we need to hit the road. Mr Deano arrives at 7.30 and I bend his will and he somehow finds space in his car for Hessie's boogie board. I am so happy we could squash it in and he knows it. Off we go. After an hour we both decide we need a good coffee. So we call into this cool little coffee only establishment. Isn't it amazing when you haven't had coffee for awhile, up early and you get one that tastes so perfect. Dean takes this photo of this majestic 1950's oven that is in the store. Australian Kookaburra's on it.

We chat, mostly laugh, I like finding more about Deans past, and especially his efforts around the many disasters that he has worked at. So far I think he has enjoyed having me along, usually he flies solo so this is probably a big deal. We call into the Dog On The Tucker Box, more so to use the loo than a tourist moment & I can give Mark a call. We do miss the turn off to Canberra and go mighty close to having dinner with my Mum at Wollongong. We see the error of ours ways-yes we were TALKING and ignored the turn off. Blame me. We are staying at the new Mercure and someone managed to get us a top floor room-really funky. I love it. Even the entrance is so cool, a good eye for design, feels like I am home.

We head back out & go for a drive around Canberra. I do save the day by spotting a car go through a stop sign and scream out and Mr D reacts quickly- PHEW! Safe. I earn apprentice points for that. I am now on the board. I need 10 to become an official member of the DDR (I am joking) . I made that up but it will be my yardstick for the week. I'm taken to dinner and it's at an older more regal Mercure Hotel at Braddon. The food was fantastic, the main waiter was from the Ukraine, I picked his accent and we talked about the possible War and Russia's obsession. It's a balmy night and we are sitting outside with full stomachs. I keep thinking Dean must be worn as he wanted to do the entire drive. I really enjoy his company, as does Marky.

Back at the hotel, not much sleep. The beds are very comfortable but we talk all night and end up laughing the rest. I spend some time getting a few bits and pieces ready for tomorrow as we are doing a humanitarian drop to some of the people protesting various things outside of Parliament. We found out today that they had been moved from the showgrounds (a Circus now sits where the protest camp was). I contact "Occupy Canberra" who seem rather coy at giving us information. I can't blame them being suspicious.

February 17th

Someones Birthday today. But he's keeping it quiet. I organise with some rather suss dude to meet in the street and I'll purchase a bouquet of flowers. Not roses, rarely ever roses. All due to what Vali Myers once told me. So natives and some sunflowers. I pretend I'm getting my DDR vest out of the car. The guy parks a mile away so I'm running through the streets of Belconen with an arm full of flowers. I arrive in the Hotel foyer, push the elevator button and the doors open. Of course Dean is standing in the elevator doorway. Well I blew that. "Surprise! Happy Birthday"! As if I'd let his birthday go by. We have breakfast at the Labor Club - which is basically downstairs, a really great breaky, all part of the room cost. I am so full, won't need anything else to eat the entire day. The girl that looks after our table is such a sweetheart. We work out our game plan for the day. She admires the flowers, makes me feel good.

First thing on the agenda, the Tonga Embassy. Really to make contact. Dean has been contacting them around Tonga regularly , the DDR has helped in many ways but all of us can do so much more. I smile at passion as we arrive at this beautiful embassy house. No security cameras that i can see but a sign which says during Covid no Public entry. I point out that the DDR is a Foundation not a public person. We shall see. This lovely man answers the door and Dean does what he does so well. Talks the talk and no bullshit. At first we think we might well get a door in our face. 15 minutes later still chatting and suddenly the Embassy guy smiles, "call me Tasi". We swap cards, and he gives us some extra information. I suggest a photo and he agrees. (Relief...NO is always brutal). We are both smiling when we head back to the car, feels like a win, as a pile of DDR business cards overflows the Embassy.

12.40 and we arrive at Parliament house. The huge protest happened a few days ago, thousands have stayed behind for the second this coming weekend. Only a few dozen are in front of parliament permanently. A few show me some sort of facial burn, saying LRAD devices were used against them. While Dean gets some supplies , I attend a few who have burns with my First Aid kit. I also manage to find out , that tomorrow someone should be able to give us the address of the new camp and the secondary one around asylum seekers. We stay politically neutral , just listen to people and do what we do.

Time for a second coffee, and we head to the Chargrilled Eatery. They use Macchina Expresso -really nice. Alex brings our coffee over, he is Russian and a sweetheart. I have this little spy joke with him. He says "Winter is coming". Mt reply every day is "Summer is almost here". Absolutely stupid I know but we always laugh. We see him about town and we still say it. Bless ya Alex.

So my turn to spoil the birthday boy and we head to "Peppers" for dinner. We find a car park and a sealed box is near the car, we decide to ignore it till we return . We'd rather be blown apart from a bomb with a full stomach thank you very much. OMG how good is Peppers. The staff love us. Mostly university kids and they are fun. Or maybe we are fun and they have a room of boring people and just are attracted to our light and laughter.

The barman is a nice bloke (another Uni student who wants to be a film maker). He attempts to make the birthday boy his favourite drink and overall succeeds. A few of them come to our table and chat, I talk cameras and edits and after my drink who knows what else. We leave a decent tip , in what is an empty tip jar. Head to the car, dare to open the sealed box (it's out of date sealed food!, so no bomb). Head back to the Mercure and run into the Hotel manager Eddie. Pose for a snap. Sleep by 4.00 , silly laughter and some deep Q &A. No longer his birthday so i can be mean (joking). A nice night, glad I was to be the one to celebrate it with him.

February 18th

Up at 8.45. No sleep for me which is fine, my body finds it's energy stores somewhere, I'll just roll with it. A great breakfast again, thanks Deano and the cool breaky girl remembers what we have. We are both full, I doubt either of us usually eat breakfast.

First stop the Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade. I decide to stay in the car and enjoy the sunshine, read a book. This one is more of a real Dean DDR moment, so good for him to fly solo. I make some calls , check in at home and get us some location details of the camp.

We are near the Black Mountain turn off so why not some Tourist stuff. Up we go to the Telstra Tower. Apparently I have been here many many years ago with some of our house mates but I remember zero. It is closed up, now looks slightly decaying , no people because of Covid I guess. I see a good spot to take a photo and its inside a closed gate area. So yes I open the gate and step in. "Sir this is private property, please exit that area" booms the loud speaker. I smile, fully predicted that. Dean has the "you will get shot one day" look about him and smiles and removes 1 point from my total. Sucks that I am not arrested whilst wearing my DDR top- a bit of radical publicity is good for the soul. I take a few photos outside the dead man zone. One selfie of the both of us where I manage to cut off our heads.

Next stop Parliament House again, and we go into the free parking zone. OK it's probably for Limo's etc but my taxes paid for this building so I figure we deserve some free parking. We head to the small crowd & some of them remember us . Deano is talking to, a couple of Melbournites on the courtyard. I'm chatting to the protestors. They now know we are ok, especially after helping some with my medi kit. I get the vital info around the protest camp and the asylum camp. I also take a group photo waving their aussie flags. I get along fine with most of them, walking the neutral political tightrope. Dean hands out some water, sunblock, lip cover. I chat to Steve in his Military outfit, he looks sensational and take a few photos with Parliament House laid out behind him.

We head into the front area of Parliament and pose for a few photos. Who knows when we will be here again, so why not. I do like both the old and new Parliament Houses.

The Camp is located at Cotters Gap, about 25km's west out of Canberra. It's a lovely location, and a beautiful river , i think the Murrumbidgee runs next to the camping ground., Various tents, vans scattered about. When we arrive we see a few people sneaking a look at us, they are a very suspicious mob. I chat to Brian sunning himself in a deckchair. Sue in her bikini comes over and talks to us. Deans good at this , he looks nice and honest, I look suss as all hell. HA! Sue happily takes charge of the stock for those who need it. We all have a bit of a yarn, and a laugh, even more so when i find out she comes from Wollongong. I get a snap possibly for the DDR facebook page. It's good for people to see supplies do get to people.

Meanwhile I am tempted to take Paul's boogie board into the river but the clock is ticking so I decide to leave it till I get to Paradise beach. The asylum camp is more remote and the road terrible.

Back in the city and yes COFFEE...."Winter Is Coming". We had such a great night at "Peppers" we return for dinner again. Some sambucca too. OUCH, feel that fire water roll down my throat.

A strange thing happens back in the room, we both end up with this hysterical laughing. Like un-controllable. It just wouldn't stop, neither of us have laughed like that for years. Kind of cool.

February 19th

9.00 breakfast. A late check out which is good, no rush. Like many hotels in Canberra so few people staying. We thank the house keeping staff for finding us the perfect pillows. One last awesome breakfast, I have a smaller portion but it is so tasty.

We drive to Parliament as this secondary protest is on. Really just to see how it is going. Maybe a few thousand people. I am very careful around the crowd, we have been each time. Dean hangs back and I go off to take a few photos of individuals who look interesting. The band on stage play some Led Zep cover and try to rally the crowd on. I see a magician with a 3 legged dog, not sure what he is doing but we chat. People ask me if I know what the "weapon" was. I assume they mean the LRAD device. 160 decibels- directional beam. Put it this way, 140 db can cause pain. "Do you have any photos'. No!

We make a subtle exit , and wave goodbye to Canberra. Paradise Beach here we come. Our coffee stop is at the Bredbo Pie Shop on the Monaro Hwy. Really nice girls who run the place, coffee is good too, plus a tasty passionfruit slice.

Dean calls into some of his previous disaster sites. Areas where he worked and helped so many. One such place is Bruthen-where the Arts Festival was on. A total fluke, we expected an empty town but a vibrant sea of colour and people having fun. I spotted a few of The Badloves walking about, so a couple of bands playing which was cool. We also end up at the Sarsfield Hub, one of the huge areas where the Black Summer fires hit. The local kids have taken some incredible photos that are laminated and cover the giant metal fence. Inspiring. Dean walks me through all the areas where he assisted, I'm in awe. I continue to win and loose points all day so I feel I will never be a winning apprentice for the DDR. I think it's a rigged game, this Lone Wolf loves to work alone, I get that, I guess.

As we drive out along the straight stretch of road to Paradise, Dean slows the car down. "Watch this" he says. "Look to the Left in the paddock". All I see are black cows. Suddenly an Emu head rises out of the grass and it starts heading to the fence. "That's Penny and she knows my car". Penny is gorgeous. She lets me get very close, doesn't attack me and poses for photos. She loves Deano. He tells her he'll be back with food tomorrow, she nods her head turns and runs off. Amazing.

We arrive at the beach house & I fall in love with it. I check outside and return to find this glorious man making my bed up. So comfortable. I'm getting the VIP treatment, all smiles. We grabbed some Pizza's from Sale for dinner, and someone has added to them, they suddenly look a million times more eatable. We watch a UFO documentary and we are both well worn from some busy days. Dean must be so exhausted from all the driving. He never moans about it. I call Marky before I go to sleep, I miss my awesome Kalorama mate and Dean reassures me that he'll be staying here in Winter (MG doesn't do Summers by the beach) so that will be fun. I finally fall into a deep sleep.

February 20th

I'm up at 7.00 something, sneak out with the surfboard for a swim and surf at 7.30. Nice I could borrow a board. The boogie board is with me, it's my emergency board in case the surf is too brutal. It kind of was. The ocean wants to kill me today. I fight it all the way. I realise I am kind of tanned, not bad.

Swim over I walk to the General Store, I let the sun dry my wet hair, shaggy and stinking of sea water, it's a good look. I meet a cute young gay Dr (?) or Dr in training on the way. He says he is new to the area and wanted to know where he can get a coffee. I confess I'm making it up as I go along but I spot the General Store in the distance- so I excitedly point. Someone says typical I find the only gay man in the area. Well that's not true is it?. I love the locals , I sit with them outside while I'm waiting for my 2 coffees. A man with a new dog turns up & the pup is very excited to see me. For some reason the locals think I have moved here and are extra nice. The tiny bugs that bite them do not bite me. What is my secret they ask. "Don't shower after a surf"- I have a feeling they don't like salty skin. They all stare at me like I am some sort of genius. Coffee arrives and I say goodbye.

I walk down the road , feeling kind of content and really happy I am here. I also have eggs, bacon and bread. I rarely have breakfast but today I will make it as a thank you. I spend the next 45 mins trying not to crash pans and stuff, so hard to be quiet in a kitchen that is not mine.

We sit out on the decking eating it and if this does not get me at least 3 DDR points nothing will. "Food doesn't count" says the smart arse. "I'm sure it does, I read it in the rule book". We snap photos, talk morning talk and plan an easy day. I'm just happy hearing the waves breaking on the shore. I'm in a very calm place.

Dean has some business in Sale at 1.00 so i get dropped off at the mall in the Gippsland Centre. I kind of like some of the shops. I settle at BOWS and Rich makes me a coffee, two in one day, yes what a devil. I PM friends, call Marky and others. I hear from my ABC mate who put up a beach snap around the same time as mine. Of course several mates and vague buddy's think Mr celebrity is staying with us. My mate Jace stirs it all up and people REALLY believe it. I spend 40 minutes denying it and you know the more you deny the more people think you are bullshitting. I surrender too it, so strange, gossip and social media. (Throws arms up in disbelief). OK it is true..... NO it's not, see you believed me.

We drive to Seaspray for 'the best fish & chips' but they were closed so headed back for F/C from Paradise general store. i think they like us, extra free fish tonight, really sweet of the lady in charge. It pays to be kind to people. I was extra kind this morning.

A nice night, I do start to fall asleep with head on the only pillow available, his knees. I bet I lose a point for that , no knee pillowing allowed. Guys are so strange about such things. I don't give a shit about people zonking out on me, I'm one big human pillow. Kind of nice having human warmth and that trust. But some go freaky, I ignore it. Time for bed but I pack a few things first. A few mobile calls tonight, which are nice. I fail to sleep so slip out into the darkness. Like some wild Paradise Wolverine I stalk the shoreline at the beach. I see a couple making out, I give them a friendly wave, so they know I'm not the Paradise Zodiac Killer. The world is full of such anger so a bit of loving in the sand is a positive in my book- hell i'm probably jealous. Good on them, find love where you can. I walk and walk, the moon is beautiful and is my spotlight. Lots of thinking to do and as someone said i do 'overthink' everything. I see creatures moving in the darkness, I know not what they are. No UFO's (sorry buddy) , I sit and light the world smallest fire. The smoke mixes with the ozone. Not many lights on in Paradise, now would be a great time for the Chinese military to sneak in and take over this seaside town. My imagination is firing but I'm now yawning. I'd better head "home" to bed before I crash out under the milky way tonight. The song sticks in my head, I start to sing it. "Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty, Sound of their breath fades with the light, I think about the loveless fascination, Under the Milky Way tonight..." .

I wash my feet under a strangers garden tap, I tip toe to the house & make it upstairs, the sound of rhythmic subtle snoring means I got away with my night adventure. Some things I just keep to myself, well also you dear diary.

February 21st

I'm awake early , do the coffee walk. I am offered a job, which is so cool. I love that a stranger sees something in me to want to trust me with gainful employment. That makes me smile. I am in Paradise after all. It's a grey morning, I feel rather melancholy. I call Carol at the Salvo's and have a laugh, apparently i am missed. It's nice to hear her voice, maybe it really is time to head home.

It's awesome to hang out at the decking table for one last talk before we head off. I already have all my shit in the car, somehow it feels more. How is that even possible? I have a moment that kind of breaks my heart . But you know in 2022, hearts are easy to find, a little factory in Brunswick is churning them out so I'll suffer in silence till I arrive home and simply mail order a new one. It's a moment, we all have them. I soldier on because that's what mates do, don't they? I do teach My Captain a new phrase. The classic from the Sth Yarra abode, "Push, Push In The Bush". Yes complete with PG hand movements. It's from 1978 group Musique and the song was "In The Bush". It really deserves to make a comeback in 2022. So thank you Simon, decades later your phrase still touches our hearts and makes us laugh.

I'm a bit weird in the car, quiet , yes readers I can be quiet. "Impossible" I hear some of you shout. We spot the Bredbo Pie Shop at 31 Monaro Highway and call in. They make really good passionfruit slices and yes coffee.

We take some scenic route home, maybe a bit quicker. I have had this truly great week, truth be told one of the happiest weeks of my life. All those world tours, etc these few days away just made me really happy plus I learned a lot. So lucky. Paradise was the icing on the cake. Little did I know that one more surprise was waiting for me. We drove around a corner and there she was, our beautiful forest dwelling- Beenami. I was awestruck. Dean waits in the car while I venture in to see if anyone is home. No one is. I swear I could feel the house embrace me, I'm close to tears. So welcoming. I'm also overjoyed that the current owners obviously adore the place. It's been well looked after , sadly the ancient barn has gone but a beautiful vegie garden and a wooden pergola has been built with wild grape vines. The house looks happy. I send my love to the old girl, it makes me smile. I pick some Beenami blackberries , give her one last wave and head back to the car. Dean see's me smiling like a Cheshire Cat, all the way home to Kalorama. It's something i can never repay him back , these sort of things are done by friends who know you and like to see you smile I guess. Plus for you guys , many of you have visited Beenami, ridden on the Massey tractor, fell into the creek (Ok I pushed) or suffered the tiny bats that live in the roof. You were there when we first bought it and departed with it to Mad Dog. So to update you on how beautiful she looks will bring a smile to your faces too.

We arrive at Kalorama, i swear I almost launch myself into Marks arms. Dean has along drive ahead , so I give him a good squeeze, I'm hoping he enjoyed my company and effort and silliness and annoying lack of sleep, but good clothes taste and somehow keeping the toilet smelling nice. I still don't know what to call our excursion, not a normal run for Deans Disaster Relief, but as I type this I'm smiling so it was magnificent. We wave goodbye, that's the hard part.

I give myself a Covid test almost straight away and so far so good. Thanks Andy White for the test kit. We joked about it as a duty free present but it REALLY DID become handy. So thank you.

February 22nd

Some flowers arrive which is really nice, a mystery person I think I know who but not the person most would say. Look it's just nice to get flowers.

I bite the bullet and order a new birth certificate , still annoys me that my original has gone awol. But i'll need it for election work police check so it has to be done.

February 23rd

USA had it's 963,000th death , by mid March it will hit 1 million deceased. Shocking and so sad. I wonder if ex President Chump still thinks that it is "no big deal"? What a fool he is.

More flowers, our house is smelling rather amazing. Someone obviously knows what I like, a lot of dahlia's scattered in the bundle.

February 24th

Finally it all catches up with me, worn out at the charity. Needed some "PG time" so sad it my car for 30 minutes. Focus, breathe, feel good. Throw the rest of the baggage out the window, get on with life. The boss and the girls are great , they seem to get the balance right, not fussing too much but just checking, we all agree "chocolate is the answer to everything". They show so much concern.

February 25th

Chat to Mad Dog in America, glad she has recovered from her bout of Covid.

So very sad to hear that our friend Patci has passed away. It seemed way too fast, maybe that is good, no long term suffering. I spend the day thinking good thoughts of her. A lovely woman.

I catch up with Andy White at Montage. May 6th will be the release date for the ALT reissue of vinyl, cd & full digital album. Out via Needle Mythology (the London ALT label). We run into Emily the Goat Girl, who is kinda sweet and has this walking the goat venture at one of the local parks. We tell her about Amy the Goat.

Mark turns up at the office with a lovely black dog, yes another runaway that finds it's way to Ailsa Craig. Her name is Nancy and we call her owners who picks her up. She is a happy doggy.

February 26th

I start packing up Mums birthday box. She turns 84 in a few weeks, "I've been on this planet for a long time" she laughs. These days she just likes some small goodies, she doesn't need some big fancy gift.

We are happily suprised. We have 5 grey wild rabbits that hop around on the East lawn, our little lawn mowers. They also keep the blackberry bushes and weeds down. Today in the middle of the greys, a jet black bunny. So amazing, so rare here. He or she is stunning. At dusk he stretches out and lies down on the lawn. So wonderful.

I mow the nature strip, now if I could train the rabbits to stand in line and chew their way along it, I'd be a happy man.

February 27th

I sit in the Parklet at Olinda and have a rather excellent coffee. I've made a tiny handful of Chutneys, just from the few remaining ingredients. So I give "The Others" a tiny jar. Plus one for Mums birthday box-she LOVES my chutney and a jumbo jar for our mate Deans brother. Plus a small amount left for us. I wish I grew more tomatoes this year, a real crappy year for them in my garden.

Big thanks to Marilyn & Lillie for all your help. I owe you guys.

I get a late night call from my friend Troy, looks like he is heading into a war zone. Tomorrow I'm packing 2 huge boxes of relief drugs, bandages, burn creams etc, I'm certainly getting to know my medical supplies. When i enter the securely locked room at his house I feel like I have walked into a Chemart store! Such an amazing fellow. His work kind of blows my mind. He asks me if i am still trying to get to Tonga , so "Yes" and a "give me a few days" from him. Meanwhile up North the rains fall down in Queensland, and the flooding starts. None of us expected it to be this bad. Disaster after Disaster. Not a nice way to end the diary.

I did see an Orb tonight, which freaked me out. It returned (unless it was a second) so that is a more interesting way to sign off. Yes I took 3 photos. All strange looking. Why do they always seem to appear around Nuclear facilities and with Putin putting his Nukes on "increased alert" I wonder if we will see more of these strange orbs around the planet? The oddest bit, when they flew over our cherry tree, masses of it's lovely green leaves just dropped off. Now that is weird. I try not to over think what they are , I was only a bit shocked because it surprised me.

Stay safe and apologies for the delay in getting this latest excerpt up.


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