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flying saucer

"Saucer over Kalorama 2022". (Pix by PG).

April 4th

Suddenly the days are cold and grey. Rain and a few areas of Victoria with flood warnings. News in from flooded Lismore that some of the people in emergency housing will be kicked out for Easter holiday makers. I get that Lismore needs financial input from tourism but haven't these people been through enough? Not sure if I would feel good booting a flood victim out of their temporary accommodation so i could have Easter fun. I do feel rather sorry for them. The NSW state government says they will have accommodation elsewhere but it's also people being shuffled about after they have finally have a moment to settle and breathe. Surely they have been through enough.

Tasmania's Premier Gutwein resigns, for a Liberal I didn't mind him, he doesn't shit me like horrid Libs like Gladys Liu or Richard Colbeck. URGH. I pray those 2 are voted out at the next election.

I tried to convince Banshee that rice & gravy is good for her . She was fooled for 4 mouthfuls and turned her nose up at the rest. Oh well, guess it's steak for her!

Lots of Owls and Cats outside last night all hanging about at our property. Miss Banshee cat snoring away at the end of the bed, she ignored all the action outside.

April 5th

Today was a hard day, this guy I know passed away and I've spent close to the week visiting him. He had no family and his 2 "closest friends" are interstate . But they never bothered to call him or make the effort . The guys is dying for fuck sake. No one should die alone so what the hell, tag, I'm it! I'll be the one to sit by his side. Today he passed away, i was there and a soft last breath and a sense of calm washed over his body. It's ok to go I reassured him, you've fought the good fight mate, let this world go. That was it, over. I sat in the private garden, had sad thoughts, and my friend Troy called form the UK like he has done every day to check on me. Sometimes just another humans caring voice is enough eh?

An hour later I was at the charity, didn't tell anyone today, just a bit quieter than usual. My boss Carol was great. She gave me some shit, lots of work and a bit of a pat on the back. The day past and I went home to Marky, we watched movies. I said some silly prayer just in case someone up there was tuned in.

April 6th

My mate Dean calls to check on me, strangely I am ok. Nice that people are doing so, but truly all good here. Hey I'm not the one who died. Each death just makes me love life that tiny bit more I guess.

Olivia from the Australian Music Vault calls and Paul Hesters Crowded House coat will be going up today. No text yet , but soon. So I hit social media and let everyone know. They've done a good job, it looks great, fresh! We all think of Paul. That jacket reminds me of never ending smiling Paulo. I've lent it to the Music Vault for a year. The Music Vault is part of the Victorian Arts centre and it is FREE to get in. Thanks Dan Andrews promise kept on that one putting forward the money to help create a permanent music museum.

April 7th

I crash a bit in the afternoon, cat nap WITH the cat. A bit wired. Hear from Wendy & Deano so that was lovely. Marky looks after me.

We bought the latest DUNE movie on Bluray and watched it tonight. It was great. I can't wait for the second instalment.

I give Mark his Easter present early, a super soft long bunny holding a rocky road easter egg and this tacky Rolling Stones cover album from the sixties with a cheesey cover-he loved it.

Dean texts and we have this insanely late night. Just serious silly and cool stuff. Markys been working hard so he is asleep. My text buddy is having a 4.00 snack, so what the hell. I climb out of bed and decide Turkish bread with organic roast beef and organic cheese in the toasty machine would be great. I sit on one of our blue marble bench tops back to the windows...while the bread is cooking. Texting away like 12 year old boys. Gawd this phone is bright all that reflecting on the windows. I close the cover, oh shit it's not the phone. I jump off the bench and look up. That so is not the moon, holy fuck. I tell Deans hang there for 3 mins. I grab the phone and run out the back door, almost fall down the steps because I'm looking up at IT! Above our house on the east lawn this huge shape, equal to 3 or 4 of my 4WDS. Cover in this blue light halo. I run and take one photo with the phone. I hate phone cameras but no time for my real camera. It's on the move so I chase it down the east lawn. I try to get more detail and so hard to do. I'm not watching and go slipping into the mud as I take a second shot. It moves off towards the oval, picking up speed.

I limp inside, covered in mud . All i could say was "Holy Fuck" "Holy Fuck" over and over. I text Dean, and head to the bathroom to clean the mud off. A quick wipe and as I go out my bathroom door a light appears above the West lawn area. "No fucking way, it's back". Either that or we are being invaded. I have my phone with me so I run again. I get to the side and it's much higher. I take a 3rd snap just as it speeds off and I mean FAST this time to the north.

I am back in the kitchen I look at the photos and send Dean the best one, blows his mind. Suddenly the strangest feeling, real creepy, like something is watching me through the windows. I double secure the back door and head into bed, closing the drapes. Chat to Dean till 5.00 am. I'm really cold now, like shock. Even typing this, the thought makes me feel creepy. The photos are fascinating, I tell Dean as much info as I can in case it fades (it doesn't). Tomorrow I plan to run some software over the shots. See what else I can pick up. This has blown me away. No not a drone not a satellite, not bloody swamp gas not Jupiter! I am in awe.

Good night earthings and you Dean, get to bed the suns coming up.

April 8th

Not much sleep last night, the sighting still freaks me out. I showed Mark, I think he is impressed. He also says "why always you" ?All I could do was shrug. A good question.

I catch up with Andy White at the Parklet at 11.00. My new office! I think he is blown away how many people just wander up to say 'hello' and chat. I speak to this older guy who does nightshift and saw "it" when he was driving home, a real serious dude.

Crowdies at the Myer Music Bowl tonight. The thing is they are in a Covid bubble so see no one in case they catch Covid and the shows get blown out again. So none of us are catching up. Which is weird, we are all so use to having a room service toasted sandwich in Neil & Sharons room. At least the weather is nice for the shows. Odd though, no sign of the recent album in the charts. Maybe I'm too old school but usually if they do an Aussie Tour the album gets promoted and charts again. Weird no sign of it.

April 9th

The Xavier Rudd album "Jan Juc Moon" continues to sell, #11 this week, so just outside the top ten. I know i keep saying it but it really is a fabulous beast of an album. This deserves success.

So shocked by the news that Saints frontman Chris Bailey passes away. I remember when their debut single "I'm Stranded" came out, I must of bought the only copy at Wilsons Record bar Wollongong. It charted for 1 week, #98 on the Aussie Top 100. I think it was Sounds magazine in the UK had it as "Single of the Week". Not bad for a little Brisbane band that was Punk before Punk even existed. I met Chris a few times when he was staying at Nick Seymours house, one late afternoon I was his little drinking buddy and still have the hangover all these years later. I contact Nick as I know for awhile they were mates. Anyway a sad day for Australian Music.

Finally the big burn piles are done. The green teepees are now ash. One scary moment was a wind gust and they are doing all of these burn offs on the mountain and some flying flaming bark hit the top of our trees. Luckily Mark and myself were outside and after some panic moments thinking it might reach the canopy we manage to get it under control A huge burn line 3/4 the way up our majestic gums.

April 10th

SlowMo announces the election date. May 21st. I'm still horrified that PM Morrison just wasted $5.5 BILLION of our tax payer money on the Liberals failed submarine deal. $5.5 BILLION of OUR money now gone and nothing to show for it. Surely there are many MANY things where $5.5 BILLION could of been used to help Australians, not pissed away- truly appalling. Putting Liberals last.

I contact Andy and Tim, saying yes to working with ALT for ten days. I do love the band and those blokes are a joy to work with, so back on the ALT horse for one last trot. The Altitude, ALT debut is being reissued on May 6th. Extra songs etc. I LOVE the double vinyl reissue and apparently only 500 made. Sebastian White did an exceptional job with the artwork. Such a great package. This will be the collectors item, fans will love it.

Aussie and NZ ALT music lovers can order it via ALTs band camp page. Remember to register for Band camp first. Grab these cool reissues here: https://altandyliamtim.bandcamp.com/

April 11th

My friend was right we were like two 12 year old boys SMSing back and forth for 2 hours tonight. I'm getting worried that i am enjoying my mobile phone way too much. I so do not want to be a phone person. Sadly it's happening. I'm going to try and fight it. I know the evil mobile will win out in the end. I refuse to have my phone on at restaurants. I do draw the line.

I am stupidly blissfully happy at the moment. At times i feel guilty just how happy I am. It's nice to be able to write that.

April 12th

At the charity today and I get a lot done, some fun stuff. A huge donation of the Vivienne Westwood kids book. I add them to the Mothers Day area. I figure it's a cool kids present for Mums. I post an image on my Facebook page and 80% sell in the first hour. Awesome.

I get a chunk of vinyl today, one of the reject (scratches) is the AC/DC debut LP. The super rare one that goes for some insane price. (Blue Roo stamp). So a present for Marky. Is it really 47 years since we saw the wonderful Bon Scott lineup of AC/DC at Wollongong Town Hall. A wild night, the band played well. Angus dropping his pants and mooning the audience with his hairless white arse. Urgh! Afterwards a massive brawl outside the Town Hall, we managed to escape onto the last bus home. If it's not Bon it's not on!

I did get up early today. Grabbed the ashes and headed down to Jan Juc. I borrowed a local friends beat up board and spent 20 mins attaching the box to the board. Some local surfers were intrigued and stopped and asked what i was doing. They offered to help so all done. Out into the big blue I go. At one stage I almost flipped the entire board. The sea is calm, like it knows. I grab some seaweed and check which way the current was going. Horrified that i might end up with Garry's ashes in my mouth. So off he goes, for once I am lost for words, I wish him well and paddle back in.

I return the board and the wet suit and towel off, still have that nice smell of the sea. My hair feels very quick from the salt and I catch myself in a mirror at SWELL cafe. I look ok for an old bastard. The 2 surfers from before are having breakfast and they give me a wave. I go to pay and it's covered by these 2 nice gents. I thank them, a lovely gesture.

Alone on the drive back I think of death, life and vow to get a bit more out of each day and be happier. We all forget such vows after a few weeks but for the moment I'll keep that promise to myself.

Home again and a few mates check in on me which I really love them for, a tiny bit melancholy but strangely ok. Life goes on.

April 13th

I tell the ALT boys that i will commence work on Good Friday, yes I plan to work on ALT all over Easter. I have the vibe. Chocolate eggs will get me through and my religion which is music.

April 14th

Back to the charity today and boss lady has bought us all hot cross buns- so we sit at morning tea and devour. The girls are all in fine form today. I am .35c short of my gold coin donation. I found this Sunbury 1972 live album. Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Lobby Loyde, Chain etc. I really want it for the artwork. Jenny digs up some coins, and I promise to repay. She looks at me like it is nothing and I am crazy. I hate owing people even .35c. I appreciate it, I tell her she owns 1/3 of the LP for a week.

Some nice customers today, and i sells loads of CDs. One guy buying 40! All my individual choices on top of the display area go, every single one. Carol tells me I have such good taste, I think we have such odd customers with my quirky tastes!

On the way home i clear the post office box and a parcel of Easter Eggs is waiting for me from Mum, Sis & MIM. Well we won't have to buy chocolate for a week. I love that our family still does such things.

Another late night, I try not to keep Marky up, it's a fun late night. Still stupidly happy. Banshee looks up from the end of the bed with a "come on just go to sleep" look.

April 15th

Day 1- ALT! Social media is first , and the ALT facebook page is annoyingly hard to find. Take note you have to type "ALT andyliamtim" otherwise you will get 10,000 other things. I share some stuff and up load the ALT car video. Now this is very very cool. We might have another secret surprise around this closer to the May 6th release. Trainspotters will notice the car ALT is in IS Tims black zephyr -the one used in Split Enz Next Exit video clip. Anyway check out this cool YouTube moment.


I have a coffee with the Brat, an hour off from ALT. We end up at his parents place as he is housesitting. He loves the Hoodoo Gurus (as do I) and 'Miss Freelove 69' is playing ... the start lyrics are so him. " You can't take me anywhere, I'll strip down to my underwear If you give me half a chance....". I turn my back for a minute and this 27 year old brat strips down to his undies, playing wild air guitar on his parents $5000 couch. Yes we might of had a puff or two. It was nice just to be silly for an hour. A good escape. Back to ALT work all afternoon and most of the night. yes there do seem to be an abundance of hot men in my life. I could throw a curve ball and find a hot woman. HA! Don't sweat Marky all is well.

April 16th

I wake up extremely early; weird as I have been having some late nights 3AM most of them. I should be tired but feel good. I have a list of things to do today so head off. I arrive at Bunnings just as it opens and buy Mark some new work gloves, some flowers for the side of the house and a Easter daisy plant for "The Others". Peter & Mark are dieting so no chocolate so a plant is perfect, plus it's really pretty. I find the only car spot at Woolworths so decide to do our entire shop, a massive buy up, nice when it is all done. I wipe 2 other things off the list and home again. Mark is in awe how I managed to get so much done. Next i head up and wash the Red Beast and vinyl clean it's insides. Since i scored this car I do try to keep it really clean, beat up on the outside but glorious on the inside. A bit like me some might say.

I am extra excited, new kickboxing shorts arrived . Which i manage to tear on a piece of fence in the first 10 minutes, oh well they will stitch up fine. Dean calls during my 45 minute boxing moment, out of breath and i wonder what he thinks I have been doing. Marky wanders up to the garage and I make him dance with me to this kind of heavier track on 'Jan Juc Moon' album. He says he never dances which is a lie, he does dance, well with me. He danced today, it was sweet. If I play 'Jan Juc Moon" one more time I am certain he will murder me.

I head to the office and the footage of Tim Finn unboxing the ALT LPs is now up on my Facebook page. Lots of ladies make nice comments, that Tim Finn still a ladies man. Andys filming a ALT unboxing too so that will go up in a few days. I send out a few ALT VIP emails , plus they contain some other information too around our various musical acts. I thought the fans would appreciate an Easter Email from me.

By afternoon I'm planting some tiny shrubs along the North side of Ailsa Craig. I'm going to put a few dozen in this area that needs some attention. I work the soil first. They'll last for 3 months with flowers and hopefully return in Summer.

Another nice email from Tim Finn, he is such a charmer that man. He's playing Sydney at The Barracks (Manly) on October 9th so I happily give that show a push. After that i hear from Andy White who is also playing a gig on May 4th in Melbourne at Merri Creek Tavern. Will have to get to that one. All I need is Liam from ALT to email me that he is playing a show .... good things come in three's you know.

I start writing up the diary, and got to the UFO bit, after I head up to the house late at night. That same creepy cloudy night and no noises outside, so I run and security lock the back door. No Aliens are probing me tonight thank you very much!

April 17th

A second beautiful sunny day in a row and the sunlight beams through my window and wakes me; so off for a coffee before I work on ALT. I chat to this lady I know, about politics, and we have a bit of a laugh. My sister sends me a picture of her eating this insanely size Dagwood dog at the Sydney Easter show. I never got Dagwood Dogs! Urgh. To each their own.

Nice early morning chat to Wendy & Doug. Happy Easter to you both.

I'm excited that the new 'Queer As Folk' commences in Australia on June 10th. Good to see Russell T Davies is an executive producer so it's in safe hands. I wish he would return to Dr Who.

We have our lunch on the decking, Banshee is enjoying these warmer days. I happily let her steal from my sandwich, she is so skinny. She's heading towards 18, not much longer to go, we will miss her. So I'm making a big effort to make her last cat days on the planet wonderful ones. She knows we love her and snuggles up every day and Purrrrrs.

So another diary comes to an end. Can you believe it is almost May?

Take care, love life and keep passing the open windows.


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