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"Happy Christmas from Kalorama."

December 5th

I chat to Dan at the bakery, last nights Christmas street party was a success. At least the weather was nice, the mountain knows how to party at times. He brings his kids in and they are always loads of fun. A nice bloke.

So glad D has improved, the dreaded flu slowly departing. We know so many people who have it, either that or Covid. So far both of us have avoided Covid, we try not to have any lapses, still washing our hands etc. It is easy to slip and that's all it takes.

Evonne asks me if I want to do some more "after the Election" work, I say "maybe" but my heart really isn't in it. I find it hard to do VEC stuff after the election date.

December 6th

Happy Birthday to Wendy, 21 forever and that is all we are saying.

Chat to Deano, we talk UMDC's. That's our own language for Upper Market Disposable Commodity's. By the end of 2023 we will have names for all our Disaster shit. "Disaster shit" isn't a tech term by the way, just so you know ... HA!

The Salvo Book Cave is starting to look rather awesome , so so SO many brilliant comments.

December 7th

Bowie with "Rebel Rebel" plays over the Bakery PA and people start singing, not just staff but customers, pretty much everyone, it gets LOUDER and we all clap at the end, this was a truly amazing moment. I'm sure Bowie's hand was somehow controlling all of us. Wonderful !

I do a rough drawing of the ancient missing rune that may well be a second tattoo on my arm? Still deciding, if I get another tattoo it will be this, that much is certain. It is ancient, it is powerful, it's a bit lost and unites the "three" forever. Don't even ask how I found this, there lives a very potent magical tale.

December 8th

Mark does the edit on the Gudinski with Skyhooks onstage footage for the Gudinski documentary. Big thank you Marky.

I pay our internet for another month and a few other bills, almost staying on top of them, well almost. Christmas is arriving fast so watch my money evaporate.

Chat to Nigel from the Enz for an hour. That was nice.

December 9th

Once more I wake up early on this Birthday of Nicholas Seymour. I send him a text.

I head out for a coffee and to post the footage for the Gudinski doco. The post office not open till 10.00 so I'll chill and write. Sally, one of my co workers from the election walks in and we chat for ages, she knows some of my 'secrets'. I like her she has some spirit. Hmm I have secrets god that sounds exotic. I'm sure I am like a well read book, or a well read diary anyway.

We get a lovely Christmas card from Nic and Nat in America , will be good to see them in March.

Labor win 1 more seat , equal to the "Dan-slide" from the previous election. I'm fairly certain they will win Bass too, so one more than that massive win. The Liberals get a new leader and no one cares.

We consider driving to Wollongong for Christmas but we have one way booked already so will bump that idea on the head. The air ticket prices are insane. I could fly to America from what our Melbourne to Sydney fare cost us. It does seem romantic to be in the car with Marky for a road trip but too far too short a time and who wants to spend Christmas worn out. Plus my Mum annoyed me today, our first "fight" in years, well not really a fight. Everyone is under pressure. I'm going to ignore it.

I hear from Neil around the Enz and I say "will Split Enz just go into the night quietly"..... hoping it might charge him with the idea to do something, and looks like he may well do a bit on the internet, bless him.

December 10th

50 years today since Split Enz played that "Gig" at the Wynyard tavern. Well not so much a gig as three songs. I think the very rare "Wisemen" was one of them? I spend the day contact fans around Neils internet show, it is great he is making the effort, even with all the tech problems. He sends me an email later, good to have this contact with my old boss.

A rather horrible lopsided day, I do open myself up to such things, wrong choices, knowing they will bite me on the arse. I just want to "run". Thankfully 'The Others' have a party on tonight at their home and we are attending.

A warm Kalorama night and the yard is full of christmas lights. The Boys dogs are roaming about, plus a new one eyed doggy called Olive. They are dog sitting her, but Olive loves us and spends time on our laps. Nice to see so many locals that we know.

Afterwards the 6 of us sit and have a cuppa and a laugh. I am teetering on the edge a bit , Marky holds my hand, my rock as always.

Good to see Croatia beat Brazil in the soccer.

December 11th

I win $26 on a stray Lotto ticket so that buys coffee, a baked chicken and chocolate.

I put together a few jams for christmas presents, have so few blackberries, add some elder flower into the mix too. They taste pretty good but so few.

Today is slightly better, climbing out of the hole. That tiny piece from Taylor Swifts clip where she is pointing to the blackboard and it says "Everyone will betray you". Feels about right. Yes certainly a Swift month for me. HA.

We watch "We're all living on dog food" the Australian documentary about the Melbourne underground music scene from 1977 - 1981. Think we have seen it before or maybe parts of it in the "Dogs in Space" movie documentary. I love it, good to see some old mates again. I love the early Boys Next Door footage. "Door Door" is such a favourite album of mine. I have the original test pressing in my collection.

Enchilada's for dinner. A late night text from Kate. That was nice.

December 12th

I wake early and Kalorama is covered in fog, the rain starts and I drive for a coffee at Olinda.

I work in the office most of today, diary, emails and other stuff. I do get a lot done, thank god for speaker on mobile phones, as being put on hold is such a drag. Thankfully most people I dealt with were nice.

I feel like I am returning to my old self, like I have been in a bit of a dream-state for the past year. Yes that long. Maybe there is hope for 2023 after all.

A huge rainstorm hits Kalorama, feels like witch weather to me. It's kind of sexy, I have a sexy afternoon with the husband. It's perfect.

Lasagne for dinner and a salad from our garden.

December 13th

I woke up around 4AM. It was a grand epiphany to reclaim my life back. It wasn't a big think moment , but I gave it some thought and it all kind of made sense. You know those moments that you are searching for , so subtle, and so bloody obvious. I fell asleep smiling and my head clear for the first time in ages.

The alarm woke me, rarely ever do I sleep up till the alarm. That shows how calm I was. I woke up smiling.

The mountain covered in fog again and a gentle rain is falling.

I grab my coffee from Lachie and spend the day at the charity. They are open late tomorrow and a bit of a big deal. So I work my arse off all day and Carol the boss seems really happy.

I hear from a few people. All is well in my world. Good to have Stevie back in Oz. I love that my mates are so protective of me, heaven help anyone that does me any harm.

Home to Marky with some fish and chips for dinner, I'm working in the office so no cooking. There is a message from Noel of Split Enz on my answering machine, so give Mr C a call and we chat about surfing. As I said Stevie is back and there is talk of him heading to Bells Beach, maybe a group of us. I mention it to Kate from Pinchapoo as the surf crowd would dig her. Noel says he has a surfboard for me so I am excited. I want it to be orange and we talk about colouring it. His idea of colouring it is simple, could it really be that simple. Noel is God so who am I to argue with God?

I work in the office, so many fiddly bits and pieces. We get some nice Christmas cards today, from adorable Katja, Kim and Steve.

December 14th

I'm running late late late, zoom home, get changed and hit the Salvo store by 6.00. The weather is appalling so we know we won't get a big turn out. The Salvo Brass band are playing away, they are really good. Nice to see some of the regular faces that i work with, a few customers. I go into Christmas cheer mode. My trolley is now covered in tinsel. Gale has the vibe, she has been here all day. Santa and an Elf make an appearance. Santa is great, we hang out. He asks me what i want for Christmas-that is easy, a new surfboard, a hot croation on an isolated beach, world peace and a chance to play one song with the Salvo band. Thirty minutes later I am joining them onstage playing Jingle Bells. PHEW an easy one. Now this is an honour. They never let people perform with them. I find some bells and a small tamborine in the kids area. The wonderful Martha films it and Gale takes loads of photos. Everyone says how ridiculously happy I look. A fun night and thanks to Carol for putting up with over happy holidays extreme laughter. It's now up on my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/peter.green.165033/

Mark says I am way way too excited when i tell him about my "band moment" . See Neil Finn you had this talent next to you on the tour bus the entire time. HA! You blew it man. (Laughs).

December 15th

Once again i am awake early so I go for a swim at 6.00 ish. A quick shower in the locker rooms, why do i always feel like i am making a porno when I shower in such rooms? Straight onto the charity via Lachie and his magic coffee. I arrive early so i sit and chill in peace till the boss rocks up. I am much better these days, i feel like I have all my power back. We will see how long this lasts.

Gorgeous Gale gives me a Christmas basket of goodies, this is so sweet. A really good day at the charity, I work so hard , like to the point where my feet ache. I help a few people.

Stevie calls and says he has a large house booked in the Grampians , lots of food etc (yes ETC'S!! Woo Woo) so we may well leave tonight. It's 3 hours away. But it could be fun. I hope Marky is into it.

I mess with this picture from Venus Baths at Halls Gap. I've gone for the Planet not the Goddess (but it's probably named after her), so ran "Alien Skin" over the snap of the falls and it looks amazing. The natural baths are good, open 24 hrs and just 1 km from house & water is warm. I find a picture of me from our first trip to the Grampians, so skinny & I am wearing a knife. These days I'd stab them with my eyeliner! The Croation says I look cute. I do. I still am, come on someone dare say otherwise.

December 16th

I'm having a brilliant day, just chilling, partying, relaxing and the sun is out. I spot a few kangaroo's today, 1 echidna and sadly a dead bunny on the road. The kangaroo's are loving all this lush grass left over from months of rain.

I order Deano a toiletry bag from David Jones on my phone. It's a cool Bellroy one. I noticed he needed one. He admired mine. Gotta make sure people have Chrissy presents.

I thought about having a drink today, just one, in party mode....as you might have guessed. After one that was it, lost the vibe to consume alcohol.

I do hear from Trudi and she is visiting on Monday with a car packed full of Christmas gifts. Yay. We love seeing our "Aunt" Trudi, she is a great mate.

MIM's David Bowie free form dance on Mars has now had it's 900th view. She is so excited, hoping to get her 1000 by Christmas, keep the 9 year old happy. BIg thank you to Uncle Marky. Please feel free to check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge38YKBLU4U

December 17th

I get a chance to sit down and read the paper today while enjoying my coffee. I see 2 "legalise cannabis" representatives (Rachel & David) will enter the new look Victorian legislative council after the election results. The Animal Justice party had a person get in too which is fantastic.

So it will be an interesting Upper House for Victoria.

I call in and see Hisako and Martin and give them their Christmas present. Plus I have some garden herbs that i swap for half a dozen eggs. I forgot to buy eggs and today i am making a Christmas Pudding.

While the Pudding is boiling away I spend most of the day on the decking, so lovely outside, so I read my books and hang out with Marky.

He takes a snap of me in front of the tree and all the presents and so many lovely Christmas Cards, so thanks everyone. It's really nice that people think of us both.

Yay Croatia are doing so well in the soccer. ! I am biased, I WAS biased? Maybe I still am just a bit.

December 18th

My mate Tim Swampy sent me an awesome present pack for Christmas, his band Molers, cd and cool drink coasters, but the stand out item, a Wollongong pennant. So cool.

I hear from Miss K in the USA, it must be snowing by now, she hates the snow , I am amazed he hasn't jumped on the first plane and landed at Kalorama airport.

Marky finds a double huge Split Enz poster that we end up donating to the cause for one lucky fan. In the end it helps the relief foundation, so happy to do this. It does look really cool. Big thank you to so many who have supported the Fuel Voucher fundraiser. I guess we stop taking donations on the last day of the year. A good thing to support.

Happy Christmas to you all! Hope Santa fills Debs Christmas stocking too as she has been amazing getting this diary up. [editor's note: thanks but I'm not religious!]

xPeter (and Markyxxx).

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