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"Pssst do you want to buy a cheap kitten!!! Welcome Midnight to our home."

July 10th

A nice day for my obsession that all 692 videos on my YouTube page, have at least 1000 views. FOUR more moved past the 1000 mark and my most popular video 300,000+ views. Nice so many people are checking them all out, some for the very first time. It's some sort of weird legacy i guess? With "Markys Youtube Wednesday" we should have our 700th clip up by late August. Thanks everyone for visiting my YouTube page and especially for all the nice comments.

I chat with Jenene at the bakery, mostly about Gothic moments in our lives, she tells me about her time in England as a Goth, and we both agree to bring in some photos of ourselves. What fun.

July 11th

I put up some "lead up" material on the Skyhooks page around the bands December 1975 tour. As tomorrow Marky has a fresh Skyhooks video with unheard audio going up. From the bands Melbourne show, where the Hooksmania is about 20 times more insane than the Beatles. It is crazy and via the stage microphones which means it was really nuts for the band on stage.

I pay our gas bill, $299.00 , which seems like a lot but our friends got their bill and it was close to $900.00. I cook a lot on the gas oven so I'd say that adds to it. We have central heating but rarely use it, mostly when guests are visiting.

Salvo charity today and why does it feel like every person in Melbourne is dropping in used books. I am drowning in them.

I'm in the office tonight and having some laughs with our friends Jen & Merl, so lovely to chat. They lived in the downstairs flat at the Woodface apartment, really good mates.

Split Enz "Famous People" song jumps past 1000 views today. Filmed on Neil Finn's 21st Birthday, Werllington Town hall. The only time I thought Neil was hot, HA! and yes I have told him that. A tiny bit Gothic, or super theatrical or just plain old Enz glorious.

July 12th

I receive this amazing email from a Frenz girl called Lisa. She first wrote to me way back in 1982!!! Anyway it was such a positive lovely email it made my entire day. I kept trying to work out how I managed to reply to so many handwritten letters, over the years and still do my other duties in the Enz office. Somehow I did.

So I'm sitting at my outside table in front of the Bakery, and I'm cutting eyeballs out of dolls heads for Project X. People are walking past, staring and smiling and no one asks. Suddenly one lady makes a total about face and goes "I just had to ask...". So she was told, "OMG that is marvellous, I'll keep my eyes open for it" (was that a pun on her part..."eyes"?).

So Markys Youtube Wednesday has a new video today. We could go for the predictable Finn, Crowded House high view stuff but we do these videos for us too. Our Skyhooks boys were and still are such a massive part of our lives. They shaped us to what we are now (yes blame them! LOL). So we do put up footage for us. This was the first tour that we saw the band play, as the previous tours the council had "banned" them from the Wollongong city limits. I mean come on, who bans bands? So moralistic, and especially from some of the corrupt people on that council over the years. So these barely teenage guys head to this show at some insane time of the morning and it ends up changing our lives. So this is the tour ("In The Heat Of The Night"), and the unheard live version of "Love on the radio" is from the Melbourne gig. So please give it a listen, and it's a nice way to show support for what Marky is doing every Wednesday. We thank you.

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCgkiKScPwE

July 13th

I carry all the emergency packs from Pinchapoo into the Charity. The core store at The Basin seems to be having a large volume of homeless come in, so these micro packs are a small way to help. A massive shout out to Kate who once again trusts me totally around her stock. So between the Vinnies soup van with packs and the Salvo's hub store, hopefully it will make someones life easier. They will smell great too, the lavender calming oil included is really nice, I use it.

I'm soaking the long day away in the bath and google nest is playing. Just random and suddenly Tim Finn's "People like us" starts and I fall for it. How have I forgotten this cool song. I send Tim an email begging him to play it on the September tour.

Around this time Crowded House with "Temple of Low Men" hit the number one spot in Australia, way back in 1988. Such a fine album,. Nicks artwork especially was so great for both record and backdrops on stage.

July 14th

I pack some micro paints and fill in the clapper board for filming. Well maybe for filming the "Promo non Promo #2" for this Project X. It's good to have some pieces and who knows it might collapse into a huge heap and not work out, or if I know the very talented Marky Gouldingit will be cool and a bit odd and some people will go "OMG I love that" ..... whatever "it" is.

Our friend Alison and her son spot me and we have a chin wag, and looks like they might be able to help me with some small items for the project. Yes it's another one with NO budget, the generosity of friends helps make these things happen.

Mark finds another Split Enz live show that isn't on our gig list. So we are up to 999 so far. I like 999, kind of good if it doesn't get to 1000, it sounds more cool. We might have to stop looking. I mention it to some of the Enz boys, Neil says he remembers the venue an absolute shithole that makes me laugh. Isn't it funny how we remember the really crap venues.

The post office is out of my various mailers, so have to order them in, people are all ok but sometimes I like to just get stuff turned around and on it's way same day but 2023 seems to be a year of limited stock availability in stores here.

July 15th

Loved "Grab a hunk of lightening" the great documentary on American photographer Dorothea Lange. Captivating and such stunning images.

I head into the charity as a favour for the boss, one of the few times I can say it was absolutely horrid. Never will i work on a Saturday , NEVER. Was glad I only spent a short time in the store. It almost made me realise how much I love working with the team that I have, all amazing woman.

Late afternoon coffee so that was unusual but rather nice. It improved my average mood. See it IS true I can have crap moments.

July 16th

Split Enz Charlie (Live) hits 1000 views and I didn't have to beg anyone to watch it. Very cool- thanks everyone, glad you are enjoying Markys YouTube Wednesday.

The Suns out but no warmth, an inch of ice on my car windscreen. Coffee with 2 of the surf crew and I thaw my fingers out on the Bakerys pie warming cabinet. Funny all of us sitting outside, heads tilted up, desperate to grab some heat from Sol.

I'm late with my Foxtel bill, lame as it sounds I simply forgot, they can wait a few days, Foxtel has been average for quite awhile now, so I'll be a bit lapse in my payment. They can wait.

Mark sees me in the art room creating and says I look like "Joe the gadget man" , I can't see the compliment in that, I'd prefer to be "Mini Noel Crombie" I tell him with a laugh. Fucking Joe the Gadget man... well no I'm not Fking Joe , now I am burying myself. Next......

July 17th

You wouldn't think it is Winter today. A really beautiful sunny day. I decided on a mini bus adventure , so off to Olinda for a coffee. The bus on time, and I was the only person on board. I clicked on my MYKI card and it said "Free Travel" , so cool, no idea why but free is good. Thank you Ventura and the Victorian State Government.

Andy White arrives home today from Ireland, so we will catch up soon.

My friend Mick drops in and he saw Brian Nankervis last night. Brian does the once a year show for their fundraiser at the local footy club. He asks if I know Brian...that made me laugh. Chat to Brian later today and next time he's up here he is dropping in for a cuppa. He tells me how he used to live at Olinda. What a small world it is. I mention to him about Hessie living at Kalorama.

July 18th

I am awake early and hop into my car to drive to the charity. A Possum had poo'd on my windscreen wiper. I decide if I push the button and it flicks it off, it will be a good day, if it becomes a disgusting mess on my window well a bad start to the day. Thankfully it goes flying off into the never never. Two acres of land and a possum has to crap on the wipers, what message are they trying to convey to me?

A good day , once again a LOT done. I manage to clear the decks of stock and refill the Book Cave all day. I didn't even stop for morning tea, I had the vibe.

July 19th

Markys YouTube Wednesday and some cool Crowded House. The band covering "Throw Your Arms Around Me" and the "Partying Glass" intro by Neil. The fans will love this one.

View it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0uRmNChEpw

I have a craving for baked potatoes for myself for dinner, with chesse, chives, bacon and sour cream. Mark has fish and rice.

July 20th

The weather turns and ma nature reminds us that it is still Winter in the national park. Windy and that real ice-biting sort of wind. My toes feel very cold today. I stick them under Mark while he is sitting on the couch. His hot cute bum will warm them. HA!

A chance another video clip that we did might well make it to the Adelaide Film Festival, how cool is that. At the end of the day we do this for the fans , any other positives that happen are nice but not what we aim for. I am excited that a lot of the older clips on my Youtube page have recently started creeping over my target 1000 mark. I think diary readers must be going back and giving me some sympathy views. Next weeks Youtube clip will be the 700th on my page. So 700 clips to enjoy, not bad.

July 21st

I catch up with Andy at the bakery, pass on the black vinyl AT records and cds. So the bandcamp page now has stock of both. Only 250 black vinyl made.

We call Trudi for her birthday and always a fun chat. Have a good one dear friend.

I'm in the art studio all afternoon working on Project X. This is so time consuming , a few times I've had to create a solution to a technical problem. Mark asks me if this one is worth it, and it is, nice that we go for something that isn't predictable and easy. I wander back from the art room in the dark. Got a lot done, feels good.

July 22nd

I go to the oval and pick up some pine cones, it means an extra night not attacking our dwindling wood supply. I chat to Annie and her 16 year old dog, Charlie and her owner come up and we all have a bit of a chat. All part of the on mountain community.

Play 6 CD's in the art room, Lou Reed, Placebo, Gorilla Biscuit by the Hoodoo Gurus and others. It's a nice spot to work with music playing around me.

July 23rd

UK band 1975 had its Malaysian show cut short after frontman Matty Healy kissed bandmate Ross Macdonald onstage. It was a pretty decent pash too, I'd say 8/10. I get the "in my country my rules" BUT when rules are absolute shit and anti LGBTQ cr@p it's good to shake it up, especially a young audience after all it is there future, not some out of touch religious zealots.

Today I work on Tim's hands and feet. Don't ask......

An easy dinner, order Pizza, we eat in front of a huge open fire. Nice. I give Mark a bit of a pash, wow lucky we don't live in Malaysia or we'd be in jail!

July 24th

Fog, thick and mysterious covers the entire mountain. I love driving in it, always feels like a sci fi movie, I expect Aliens to walk out onto the tourist road and ask directions to Sky High.

We watch "TRUTH" with Cate Blanchett. What a great movie. Robert Redford rather excellent too.

July 25th

I'm back at the charity today , a few people off sick. Roll my sleeves up and go for it. 7.5 hour and I'm loving it. Lots of people with compliments today. It felt like we achieved some positive results. Kicking a few goals lately.

I chat to Kay around the birthday present for Mark. A new kitten and she looks gorgeous. Scarily almost a clone of Banshee which wasn't my intention. We hatch a plan, I'll sneak out early on Marks birthday and meet Kay at the bakery and zoom the furball home in time for him to wake up. Now just to keep everyones lips sealed about this. It has to be a surprise.

July 26th

Nice to catch up with Trudi again today, lunch at our favourite place up here. We both run and try to push our credit cards into the machine to pay. She wins, she is just too quick, really generous. We gave her this cool Kenya lamp, a reminder of the fun trip we all had together all those years ago. Early birthday presents for Marky.

I secretly remind Kay about tomorrow, our very early morning catch up and she is turning up with Midnight the kitten. Miss Kitty was born on May 21st close to midnight (hence the name) so still a baby. I am so excited now, glad we have managed to keep this a surprise.

July 27th

Happy Birthday Marky!

I got so little sleep, the brain ticking over and some excitement over this new kitten. So I'm awake early, very quiet don't want to wake Mark before I get his surprise.

I arrive at the bakery an hour early so sip coffee and chat to the girls. Kay is on time and has Midnight in her carry box. OMG she looks exactly like Banshee, when B was a kitten. It has kind of shocked me as I hadn't planned on that. She is absolutely gorgeous. The Bakery girls are smitten, in fact we all are. I buy Kay a coffee and cake, I love that she trusts us so much with this adorable furball.

I strap her in the box in the front seat and she continues to climb up and watch the passing scenery. So bloody cute.

We tip toe inside and wake him and hand over the box. A little furry head pops up- "Surprise"! He is blown away. They bond straight away, Midnight pretty much jumps into his arms. I go and grab several bags of other "presents" for him, and suggest he opens the litter tray and cat littler parcels first just in case....

Marks day is full of cards, presents, texts, emails , the people we love the most call and speak to Mark. I think he had a great birthday, I top it off with an Indian feast for dinner. The house feels alive and lets hope Midnight lives a long life like Hairball and Banshee achieved.

July 28th

Midnight was so well behaved last night. She did escape this huge caged off area that I created in my bedroom and I woke up with her next to me on the bed. She used her toilet, she snuggled into me so the cage comes down today and she can sleep on the bed, or Marks bed. What a relief, toilet trained and sleeps well.

I head to Eastlands and buy some presents for Maddison's birthday, plus some Clarins blue orchid face treatment oil for my sister. Plus a little bit of shopping at some other stores. For the first time ever at Eastlands I manage to get lost. Thankfully lost right next to the Information desk so that rather fortunate.

I power up a Lemair sewing machine (1958-1962) that I managed to buy for $2.00. Yes you read correctly, and it is great, they certainly made them to last. It will make life easier around some pieces for Project X video shoot. Plus it looks rather deco amazing. I find out that Facebook has a Lemair Sewing Machine page so I will have to join. Quite a lot of blokes on the page, all of us with deco sewing machines in our Sheds.

July 29th

While it's sunny outside I do a bit of yard work, chop up a small tree branch that came down, the endless leaves. I watch the Bunnys hopping about on the East Lawn, the first time in months that the two black rabbits are hanging out together.

Afternoon I'm back in the art room, just for the length of Pearl Jam Live...on two legs CD. Ed Vedder keeping me company while I create.

Enchilada's for dinner.

July 30th

Early morning and I wake up with a cold. Endless nose blowing, sore throat. I check for Covid but all ok, we still haven't had it. Good. So i will have an easy day.

I need to buy some cream to make Chocolate Mousse for tonight so drive to Olinda, sit outside the bakery alone and have a coffee, didn't want to pass any bugs on to customers.

Home again and I sneak a look through the kitchen window and Midnight is sitting on Marks knee and they are having a fine old chat. She's a really good kitten.

Tonight is our endless Bitch-Fest which the public call the Logie awards. We chill out and slag off the bad outfits, the terrible award speeches, the appalling musical acts and everything in between. It has become tradition. Good for a laugh.

So till next time, take care and life is meant to be FUN!

Love it and live it.

PG xxx

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