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"Getting the Pinchapoo emergency packs ready for the St Vinnies charity van". (Kalorama 2023).

June 12th

The Queens birthday is now the Kings birthday and most Australians probably don't give a crap, just excited to have the Monday off.

I decide it's a fine day for a bus adventure, something I haven't done for months. Just up the road to Olinda for a coffee and maybe a cake and some chat. The bus service by Ventura is great up here and such a scenic drive. It's on time and the bus has one other person on board, a tourist that needs some help as he was about to get off in the middle of nowhere. So he gets the Peters Free Tourist Guide moment and he starts taking notes, how funny.

My good deed over I jump off at Olinda. I am rewarded with this huge coffee from the bakery girls -they do spoil me so. A few locals wander in but it was surprisingly quiet. As i leave hoards of tourists arrive, glad I'm back on the bus , just me in my Ventura ride.

Twenty laps of Kalorama oval as I make a big chocolate cream cake for desert. Naughty but nice.

June 13th

Rain arrives and it's flooding down. All our water tanks are full and some of the nearby road gets washed away. The Red Beast just cruises into it and out the other side, she's a good old car. I stop and help a couple who are stuck, my car pushed theirs out of the water. You have to be nice and gentle otherwise the Beast would crush it. Modern cars are made from such flimsy material.

Charity- the building is cold today, Carol has all the big heaters out - i keep busy so keep warm. So many positive comments about my book and music room. It has the vibe. The Book Cave rules.

Home by 3.30 and we both work in the office till very late. I decide on a junk food run, after midnight and a bit shocked that the local Macca's has been held up and robbed. Home to the safety of Kalorama, no bullet holes (Phew).

June 14th

I wake up and have bad "surf hair". So off to see Chantelle from "Hair for the Hills" and she will make everything good. Short and short, short on the sides and no grey, a darker shade this time. It looks good. The bakery girls wolf-whistle me. HA! Who's a sexy Gryphon.

It's also Markys You Tube Wednesday and this week we put three things up. I really like the Andy White live clip that Marky filmed, a new song from Andy "Take Me Back Home". Plus a bit of Lou Reed at the end of it. So support Marky's Youtube Wednesday and check it out here. As long as people are enjoying these we will continue to put up these cool rare clips. Andy's playing a one off show in London on July 12th too, so check him out & go up & say "hello", tell him you read Peters Diary he'll love that.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLflRRR4jQ0

June 15th

Tim Finn and Marie Finn email me how much they love the Live version of "Fraction too much Friction" that we have put up. So that's kind of sweet. Escapade released 40 years ago today, my how time flies. Fun days working in the Enz office around this. Hear from fee, Shock, Laura, the office gals. Nice.

I start learning to speak Georgian. That's interesting. My haircut becomes Her Kat!

June 16th

I wake up early so head out. No cars on the Tourist road except some road repair people. I find a quiet spot and work on a few upcoming video ideas. Mark will hate one as it's a bit like Nigel Griggs video that we did, a huge effort. While I'm sipping my coffee Andy calls from the airport, his flight leaves soon and he's giving me some details around the black vinyl for the AT records which will finally arrive while he is away. Vinyl is great but it's also a pain in the arse , as the production is haphazard , you can never rely on the vinyl pressers "ready" dates.

Great to see Tim Burns "stranded" artwork is one of the finalists in the Glover prize. I'm a big fan of Tim Burn's work. A striking piece of art, very cool. One day i will own a piece of Tim Burn's art.

June 17th

A sunny Saturday morning, sitting outside sipping my cappuccino. I strip down to a T-shirt. OK I have jeans on too. An hour later the wind starts building and the weather turns nasty. Mother Nature reminding us that it is indeed Winter, don't get to use to this sunshine.

We light our first fire for the year , glad to see our chimneys still work. We sit in front of it eating Pizza. Nice. Fires make me romantic.

June 18th

Mark gives me the CD of The Church's "Hypnogogue" , i like working away with this album playing as background music. Thank you my sweet man.

I reward him by baking a rather delicious Apple Pie.

My grapevine tells me about the Mushroom Records concert later this year, a few of our bands have been asked to play but too early to comment. I wish people like James Freud and Shirley were still with us. Maybe it's a secret, shit hope not.

June 19th

An ice storm hits while I am out and about, a few cars go sideways on the mountain road. I am ok, secure in the Red Beast.

Happy Birthday to our friend Alison. Have a great day.

Miss K calls from Pittsburgh so that is a delight. A quick chat as the office phone needs recharging and I forgot to do so.

I go for a 1/2 Km hike in the fog along the Kyeema track. Named after the plane crash of 1938. Nice and calming. My brain needs to unwind.

June 20th

A Koori friend gave me Thomas Mayor's awesome "Finding the Heart of the Nation" book. It's wonderful, so full of spirit that comes from struggle. Australia CAN change for the better. Don't let Racists convince you otherwise, consider voting YES in the referendum. We are.

June 21st

Texas the band, their song "Prayer for you" has been stuck in my head all day. I'm having a long relaxing bath, with google set on random and it's the first video that appears-how weird is that?

Before we go to bed, Mark and myself chat about a video idea. It's a complicated clip, even more so than Nigel Griggs "All Alone". Mark stares at me in absolute horror, I have faith in his skills and a tiny bit in mine. If anything my skills might let this down. It's going to take a few weeks at least and he told me not to mention any more in case it falls on it's arse. We shall see..............still too early to say, what a tease I am. It could be cool though.

June 22nd

I see my friend Jo who drives the St Vinnies van and does a lot of their other work, needs certain items for the homeless. I check our stock room and yes 1.5 boxes of emergency kits left from Pinchapoo from my last disaster run. So I send her a text and she is over the moon. So I contact gorgeous Kate at Pincha and she instantly says "Of course, you know how much I trust you" which does make me happy. She also adds "if they need more just ask". Plus lovely to talk to Kate. These two woman are amazing. I worked with Jo at the Kalorama Disaster Hub , she's a mate that i really should see more often. So it will be great catching up tomorrow.

Melbourne is doing well, named #3 as Most Liveable city. I do love this place, especially at night, i never feel fearful , and she has such an open beauty.

June 23rd

I catch up with a local old timer called Ian at the bakery, he's part of our Olinda coffee club. Which really means a few of us catch up and waffle for an hour when we run into each other. He's just had the first of his two knee operations and I can spot the improvement. It's shit getting old isn't it? That won't be me, I'll be growing my own body parts in large vats in our wine cellar.

I'm back in time to link up with Jo. She's slightly late, which is ok as I paint up a Platypus stencil design on canvas for niece MIM , and paints supplied by lovely Miss Trudi.

Jo arrives and loves the art room, and she is hidden behind this bouquet of aussie wild flowers that she put together for us. So nice, this makes me smile. Plus one of her cards. They are the best. Yes she's an artist and works in the natural oils from plants, so the card is really special.

"I'm only staying for ten minutes" which becomes 4 hours , I'm sure I talked her ear off. Loads of laughter and she lets me confide in stuff, which is nice. Such a lovely woman. No wonder she is doing such good deeds around St Vinnies. This was a brilliant day.

At 8.00 PM I talk on the phone to Nigel from the Enz, he sounds good. I refrain from asking about 'You know what?'...well you do surely? You don't, ok. I kind of know what, I'm avoiding knowing more about what.

June 24th

Winter has set in, cold and grey, slippery outside. I have my weekend 'To Do' list and complete the entire thing in one day. Very happy that I finish painting the while scabs on the house, where I peeled off ivy and it took the top paint layer off. A few dozen cans of paint came with the house, so after 17 years I'm using those to top it up still, hey it is free. So that is a blessing.

I bake 4 sour cream lemon cakes for tonights desert and a later snack. Moroccan rice and fish tonight, so it is nice to have a desert . I use Kalorama honey instead of sugar , so slightly healthier outcome. They are really tasty. Just out of my head and no recipe. Plus using up those hundreds of lemons on our tree.

My YouTube channel goes past 4 million views, so that is rather amazing. So many cool videos on offer, many only available on my page. Hey you should subscribe to it, that way when something cool goes up you will get an alert. Go on, you need this in your life, trust me.


June 25th

Flooding in South Australia, this rain has set in. No doubt some flooding will happen in Victoria. Stay safe everyone.

Happy 71st birthday Mr Tim Finn. I send him an email and a photo of us that found from way back when. he sends such a lovely reply.

I have porridge today, around the same time my friend Laura is having porridge at her place, it's a porridge sort of day.

Putin would be noticing the Russians cheering Yevgeny Prigozhin as his troops march towards Moscow. For the moment Putin stopped this but it's a band aid, he'll either be poisoned or a take over. Time is not on Putin's side.

On that cheery note, I hope you are all well and happy.

Love from the Mountain


P.S. Marky says thank you for supporting "Marky's Youtube Wednesday" too , he's a bit blown away by your support and nice comments.

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