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"OK who's a sexy Reuben Tice Door Bitch".

November 13th

A nice surprise from my webmistress Deb, just sent off the latest F/16 diary and Kapow up it went, super fast. Wonderful That is so appreciated.

Pollen everywhere on the mountain, everyone is popping pills and sneezing. Myself included. Marky still has some residue Tonsilitis, I'm wondering if the virus has departed from him?

I make a note to put aside some soaps and roll ons for Kate at Pinchapoo for their homeless Summer campaign, I'll drop it into their after hours stock bin on Thursday.

Charts are in and those creaky old Rolling Stones still in the top ten. How cool is that. Debut at #1, second week #2 and this week #7. If they get a handful more sales they will get a Gold record for "Hackney Diamonds". Australia is certainly holding it's own in a Taylor Swift world, keeping these guys in the National charts. The Beatles only debuted at #6 on the single chart, all the hype I expected it to be #1. Amazing it is Top 10 but it is The Beatles.

By 11.00 pm I am feeling a bit urgh, throat a bit swollen, sneezing and coughing. I know I've caught Marky's Tonsilitis virus. See do not kiss your boyfriend when he is sick.

November 14th

A bit of an average night so I cancel all of today. I call Carol and she says "stay at home", she's very sweet about it. A grey old day outside. I make some Creme Brulee. Well prep as it takes 24 hrs if done right.

Nine months since I left D at the beach house. I'm at that stage where anger and disappointment fade into ...well nothing! Stupid man, mediocracy and not much else await you. As Marky said "he blew it big time". Indeed. I let karma do it's thing.

At least being in bed this afternoon means i can catch up on reading. The pyramid of books by my bed will shrink and Midnight will have less to attack at 6.00 am!

November 15th

It seems like a few months since I've heard from Neil Finn so I need to make an effort to drop him a line. I see those Crowded House boys are touring next year, the money certainly is in live shows these days not so much the bands recording.

I'm up early and take the Red Beast over to Monbulk for it's service. It's been awhile and I need to keep the old girl running. Such a wonderful relic.

I hang around Monbulk for a few hours while they change the oil and all of that. I shop, have lunch at Friends on the Hill , and venture to Empire for a nice coffee. I sit in the Monbulk picnic park on a table enjoying the sunshine. It's such a scanky park but the weather is nice. It's so barren and doesn't offer any reason to sit here very long. Maybe that is the point. I look around for muggers.

Back at the mechanics and only a few things that need to be done down the track, new brake pads after Christmas.

I'm home on time to put up Marky's YouTube Wednesday. Those fabulous Finn Brothers with something a bit rare, "Disembodied Voices" from the LA Tour rehearsals of 2004.

It's really worth checking out , you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T80KguhpmY

November 16th

No Salvo's Charity today as I still have Marks tonsillitis. It's lingering a bit. I do venture out to buy some healthy immune based stuff to push me over the line. I need to have more salt and in my weird brain that means dutch liquorice at Olinda. I discover this cool shop called Eclectic Corner (#5/47-53 Olinda Monbulk Rd). So much music stuff, quirky items and some great clothes. I buy Mark a new shirt for $22.00. I meet Mon and Del the owners, both fun time girls. We are going to visit them during the Xmas in the Hills sale.

Really claggy tonight so it's breaking which is good as I want to be healthy this weekend when I do the door for Reuben Tice and help Mark film. Tony Williams for the Tice (and Skyhooks) is on 3RRR tonight and they play two songs which sound pretty good. That seventies sound that people try to replicate (and usually fail). Good old RRR such a great radio station.

November 17th

We both enjoy "Infinity Pool" which features Erik from True Blood, yes Mr Skarsgard. A bit silly and a tiny bit dark at times. Worth a look.

I grab one of my tour bags to pack stuff for the gig on Sunday and it is full of Santa hats. I swear I am the Imelda Marcos of Santa caps. Good grief so many.

November 18th

The bakery get in more "Dark Heart" juice. Really healthy & i like both the taste and what it looks like. Plus this juice is linked to "1% for the planet" , an organisation that I love. 1% of the money goes to help the environment.

I put the cat out and go to bed for a 30 minute mini nap and fall into a deep sleep that last for several hours.

Labor win Mulgrave, old Peta Cretin from the crappy Sky News would be pulling that cats arse anti smile after her precious Liberals failed yet again. A few on Sky criticise PM Albanese for travelling overseas. Yet they fail to mention that during the same point of their tenure both Morrison and Abbott went away just as much. A tad hypocritical Sky.

November 19th

I am awake early, not much sleep so go grab a coffee, sit and sip some and the rest take with me. We start the hour drive to St Andrews, up a few skinny freshly paved old roads which were probably dirt a few months back. You couldn't ask for a more perfect day for a gig. I can't see any petrol stations so the Beast travels on the smell of fumes but we arrive. The Hall is cute in that rustic "must be a hundred years old" style. We get the perfect car park space and head in and check it out. The band are here, all nod "hello". We are still fresh faces, new kids on the Tice block and they are probably a bit unsure about us. Plus we are both devilishly handsome and that must be a threat. Joke!

The stage is great and the heritage hall itself, is that "Australian wonderful". You know it would of seen hundreds of 21st birthdays and live shows. Tony who was once with Skyhooks and prior to that Reuben Tice comes up and gives us a squeeze. Unlike his band members he has known us since we were kids. "This is for you" he says and hands over three jars of his chutneys and preserves. I'm so delighted, this is wonderful, sweet man. Not only does he play a mean harmonica but he also whips up a great chutney.

My adorable husband takes stock of camera angles. He knows I am tripod free so on secondary camera after "other" shots and from a different stage perspective. Mark knows he can trust me but I listen to his suggestions. He knows his stuff.

Meanwhile the hall manager and Tony find a lovely antique table for my door bitchness to plant my arse. It's perfect. The door list has been done and I am counting the float. I have rubber ID stamps and a TICE money tin, ready for action.

Todays gig is an afternoon show with support. Starts at 1.00 ends at 4.00. Merchandise, Tonys Reuben Tice book, t-shirts and the 4CD box set.

By 12.30 people arrive, including our gorgeous mate Wendy. She's hanging with us today and is part of the support group for PG Door Bitch Supreme. So good to see her. She loves observing the people arriving and I guess what we do. By 1.00 , around 150 people have already came in, and they are just great. I chat to some Skyhook fans who are thrilled to get to see the band that was before Skyhooks, living legends. Nice to put faces to the names of these music fans who have been part of the Skyhooks club, Facebook page etc for decades.

The cutest moment, a very straight older lady comes in and opens her bag to get her purse and a bottle of Marijuana Oil rolls out. We look at each other and we both crack up. I expect lots of dancing from her later on. The support is over and we open the door to being FREE for the final hour. It's a lovely gesture plus it frees me up for camera #2.

I politely check with the band members if they are fine for me being "side stage" and Mark directly out front and they are all a'ok. The second set they have a different bassist playing so yep two bass players, sadly no sign of bass player #3 Greg Macainsh. I do know why.

There was also some raffle draws and I dropped Wendy in the deep end as barrel girl. In the spirit of the show I led her up onto the stage to pick the winners-bless her, I thought any minute she is going to kill me. I love our mates who somehow pull that bravery out and let me lead them anywhere.

After an Intro which would be fitting for The Rolling Stones , Reuben Tice are onstage and straight into "Down the Road". Some fine harmonica from Tony Williams. People are dancing straight away and lots of happy faces. This band may be a secret for most of the world but for many it is their youth here in the hills and a reminder of better times and so many memories. The songs roll out and I move about a little. Mark gives me a knowing wink and tries to avoid being in my camera angles. First set over and all goes well.

I find some water for the band, the sweet odour of pot floats in the side door but that could be from the biker tavern across the road. I give them a 5 minute stage call and the new bass player is itching to go.

Set two just as much fun, I stop filming in one song so i could have a bit of a dance. I'm side stage filming and I can feel this epic moment where it feels like the entire hall is in tune with the music. Suddenly people are up on their feet, hands in the air clapping. I tell Tony about it later, that thing that is music where many become one, i just love it so much, almost spiritual. A nice feeling to finish with. Just reenforces my thought on music being such a powerful thing.

I have the bands money tucked in a hip belt and sit with Tony outside working out what needs paying. I tell him his book has ran out but he has some emergency stock in the car. So off he goes. Our new friend Christian came along to the show so we have a chat to him which is great. Wish it was longer but the work part of what I'm doing takes over, weird I am so professional isn't it?

So we pack everything up , say our goodbyes to Wendy and mates and the Ticers. I'm hoping this isn't the last gig as it was really fun. Would all our mates get this band? Well no and I like that.

As I am typing this "Down The Road" the first song played at this gig is uploading onto my YouTube page. Mark rushed it out for fans to enjoy. So if you are reading this, check out this live Reuben Tice track, and hopefully you'll find some enjoyment. It has that seventies sound that so many try to recreate in 2023 and fail. Also thanks for supporting what we do, some projects are small and yet precious, this is one such project. BIG thank you to the amazing Mark Goulding & of course Reuben Tice. We do find a fuel station on the way home and chill in a park eating Rocky Road Ice creams, today was a good day.

Link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II8jjAZrU2Y

November 20th

Up at sunrise and I put the cat in the kitchen and head back to bed, it is nice to sleep in.

27 years ago today we were at The Corner Hotel, organising the two fanclub shows before the Farewell To The World at the Opera House. 20/21st of November. It certainly doesn't seem like 27 years. As a tribute to that, Mark puts up a live version of "It's Only Natural" that he filmed at The Corner. I still remember Mark up on two tables and a chair, perched high above the masses filming and capturing this for us all to enjoy. I remember our beloved Dugald pinching Marky on the arse trying to disrupt him while filming. Well Duges is a bit cute so some arse pinching from him is an added bonus.

So you can check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r0KWAX0Y4M

Week four for The Rolling Stones "Hackney Diamonds" in Australia and it drops to number 27 on the charts. So we have #1, #2, #7, #27 and so close to going Gold here. I LOVE this album, do yourself a favour, grab a copy.

November 21st

I'm back on deck health wise and it's nice to be sipping Lachie's coffee again while I wait for the charity to open. I do some tidy up on our windows, just old sticky tape marks, and nail polish is always the go to get rid of such things. I have this weird tiny ache around my heart area, I have a theory that it's all the coughing I did from Marks virus thing. By the time I get home, pop a pill and it goes 30 minutes later. Only scared me a tiny bit.

My friend Jane pops in to point out that I left my car lights on, that's weird, I rarely do such things. Nice to see her though. Shows where my head is at.

Sexy late afternoon in bed and we almost miss THE WAY WE WORE on the ABC. This great documentary on Aussie fashion. So stoked they included the Gum Nut Gown from the indigenous show, one of my fave frocks by talented Paul McCann. Good show ABC.

November 22nd

I hear from my friend Kay and she needs her cats fed and checked on while she is in hospital, so I make an emergency dash and put food and water out. Sit with the biggest fluffiest one for an hour. They like me. I send her an image so she knows all is ok.

At 1.30 I take Midnight to the vet for a check up and her flu shot. Plus to lock her in for her desexing next week. The new vet adores her and she seems to like him so I depart very happy. Midnight is the perfect weight, and no bad signs, just all good news. He does shave her bum a bit. That's when your vet loves your cat when there is arse trimming involved!

We are enjoying "Unwanted" and the latest season of "The Bay".

November 23rd

The Charity was good today, everyone happy, lots of laughs and we help a few people. I also buy a new mattress for Marky. Everyone raves about the mattress here so Mark needs one, so that's his main Christmas present, will have it delivered next week , ok Xmas early but what the hell. I have other smaller presents for Marky. Plus the sale helps the charity.

My friend Joan is stepping in around "Project X" to possibly help in an area that I am uncertain, so I am kind of relieved. I am trying to keep this project rolling along.

November 24th

Black Friday and I blow out the Raptor 8K drone as a really great drone specialists guy got in contact and he knows his shit. So glad I didn't go for this. I'll look at others, I have my list.

I sit with Peter #2 at the bakery and a good chat. It's such a great community space. I also get to mind Kellie the Mum dog that recently had the puppy's, she is adorable.

Christmas in a month, I am a sad bugger I still get excited by such things. I am determined to get all Christmas presents wrapped by this weekend. I have conned Marky into helping.

November 25th

Again Midnight wakes up at dawn. So I zombie walk into the kitchen with her and back to bed. It is just part of having anew kitten in the house.

I sip my coffee and chat to hiker Pauline and old Ian. Not many tourists on the hill today, weird weather maybe turning people away.

I curl up on the couch for a few minutes and Miss Midnight cat cuddles next to me, and suddenly she starts to bite my toes. I'm reading tiny segments of "Barbarian Days- a surfing life", Williams Finnegans book and I love it. I get it. A part of me wants it. Life on a wave is simple and not complicated, the world evaporates for a moment. Till i fall off....

In the afternoon we decide to put up the Reuben Tice footage so by the time you are reading this it will be on my Youtube page. Thanks Marky.

I decide to make Meatloaf for dinner tonight. Alice making it in The Brady Bunch Movie should of turned me off it forever but no. It's been a year but the Meatloaf craving has returned.

As we head to bed we are both in a bit of shock that the Reuben Tice live clip has received more views on day one than any of our Crowded House, Finns, Split Enz or Skyhooks clips from the entire year. On videos like this we have no expectations of large viewer numbers as most people wouldn't of even heard of this band, well unless you live in Warrandyte, Research or Eltham. So we are both shocked, bewildered and also very happy that so many have viewed this already, a nice way to end the day.

November 26th

The fog is all the way up to the windows of Ailsa Craig but it's keeping the heat in, so I head off wearing shorts and work boots and a hoodie. The new market is on near the bakery, I'm not certain how regular it is but a few people have arrived. Too wet & grey for tourists so the numbers won't be huge.

I send Birthday greetings to both Toija and Maz, I am still hopeless at birthdays, thank goodness for Mark remembering. Have a lovely day you two.

I pick a lot of wild daisys from our yard and put them in a goldfish type bowl in the kitchen. Of course Midnight is obsessed about them. Think kind thoughts for our little Kitty this week as she goes off to be desexed tomorrow. I hate it when our furry friends get knocked out for operations, that always worries me even simple ones like this. I will be glad when 4.30 arrives tomorrow and I pick her up.

That's it for another diary, stay happy and if you get a chance check out the Reuben Tice video. Thank you. xxxx

Love and Peace.


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