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halloween costumes

"Wednesday & her boyfriend Killer Clown." (Kalorama Halloween 2023)

October 16th

Heavy rain all morning, I'm sitting outside and this single sunbeam shines down on me. God holding the follow spot on me, well Hello there.

Marky works on some Paul Hester & LLT unseen live footage and photos for Halloween from the LLT Halloween show. So on the 31st Markys Youtube Wednesday will be Tuesday. He is so good to the fans. So good to see Hessie again.

Some more AEC pay arrives so that is nice to see in my bank account.

October 17th

Victoria had rather solid numbers for the YES vote. Loads of areas where it toppled NO. Just not enough. The public have spoken so I just move on.

We buy our friend Trudi some Christmas presents. This Friday, Mark and myself will be heading to Eastlands to attempt to get nearly all the Xmas presents out of the way. Nearly 2 months early, go on be impressed. We get about 70 per cent done and collapse into a heap. We stayed for 5 hours so for the first time ever had to pay a few bucks for parking.

I get some insane leg cramp while in bed with Mark. I need to remember to take my magnesium tablets once a week. Some God punishing me for being wicked. LOL.

October 18th

The suns out so I sit with a pile of locals in the sunshine. Nice to chill and chat.

I spend most of today finishing up on a whole list of smaller projects and just bits & pieces that need to be done. I need more days like this , focus and tick things off my lists. So many troubled areas around the world. I splinter a tiny bit of money that I have an make some donations that will hopefully help a few people.

October 19th

I'm waiting in the car park at the charity & I get a heads up that The Rolling Stones are playing a small show (about 300 people) in New York. It's at Racket and obviously a bit of a promo for the upcoming "Hackney Diamonds" album release. Only 7 songs and Lady gaga jumps up for some crazed backing vocals. Australia gets it's copy of the release tomorrow, so we will head to Eastlands and buy one. I have convinced Mark to get some more Christmas shopping done while we are at the shopping centre.

October 20th

We arrive at Eastlands and grab a copy of "Hackney Diamonds" fresh out of the packing box. The two people behind us in line, have copies as well. I hope it does well for them, giving it a few mentions , going to get this baby to Number One in Australia.

We shop till we drop. Ticking names off the lists and manage to find some pretty decent presents. Our feet ache and even after some lunch and a drink we start to fade. The best part is the lack of people. I tell Mark that we alone have rescued the Australian economy.

Home and playing the album and it is so so so much better than the demos we have had over the past 14 years! A few new songs, a different producer, I'm kind of falling in love with this release. I help a friend give it a bit of a PR push tonight. Andy calls in the middle of it , but I am focused on the RS and despite him having a spare ticket for McCartney i keep my promise to my friends and do some Stones stuff. Weird eh, a Beatle in town, Paul also played bass on 2 of the tracks on the Stones album, a new album by The Stones....which may well go to #1 here, what year is it again? Flashback

October 21st

I watch a cool segment on the "Gin Gin & Dry" company in Queensland, who do amazing work with dry fruit. Super boutique and super healthy, zero sugar etc added GG costs more but health wise easily worth it. I make a note to see if our local Organic shop has any, it's rather high end though so probably not.

It is a beautiful day in the Hills , so we both settle in for major yard work. Mowing, mulching, composting, cutting, planting and even a big burn pile that goes up in smoke fast. Loads of Kookaburra's visit, keeping an eye open for any bugs we disturb after the West lawn is cut. I am happy as my recently planted Apple tree has loads of blossums and bee's. Add to that the iris's are blooming.

I head inside and spot a tiny black shape moving on the East Lawn. One of the black Bunnies has become a Dad and he has a tiny baby black bunny hopping around next to him-so very cute. They all feel safe here, and after several years no over population. Our reward is that today we didn't have to mow the entire East lawn, our Bunny lawn mowers have done a great job. Plus the bunny poo fertiliser has given us some lush lawn.

Mark works hard today, I reward him with a delicious dinner.

October 22nd

Rain last night, just that soft gentle rain that rocks you asleep. It was about 2.00 pm and a 5.0 magnitude earthquake gives us a tiny shake, it was near Colac in Victoria's South West. Miss Kitty settles back down and we both fall into dreamland. I sleep so well when it rains, so today both of us sleep in. It's nice. Sunday, a day of rest.

I am at the bakery having a coffee and food at 10.00 am. The owner gives us a lovely box of cakes for free, so nice. They spoil us like crazy.

I decide to continue my early Christmas shopping so head to Butlers. Buy 2 more gifts , one very cool for my sister. They also had a few of the shells that I need for "Project X". So i invest in those and after lunch today hit the art room for some test spray can moments, just to see if these items will be practical.

I buy another present for our friend Isabelle in France, so package those and will mail on Monday. Trying not to think about the insane international postage rates. I'll make it fit tight in the post pack, not a single oxygen molecule, it will fit through the magic 'large parcel' window. I just hope it arrives on time.

I rarely buy a lotto ticket but did and win $47.50. Double my money-woo woo. Thanks money Goddess.

October 23rd

Foggy & wet again. Where has all that nice weather gone? The power is out at the grid where the bakery is located so juice and a sausage roll. It's miserable outside which is kind of how I feel. So sad, our Tour Managers Dee has died. No real details but it doesn't sound good. I hear from Nick which was lovely of him. It sits in my head all day. I avoid telling most people, Marky always the exception, I need those long arms around me.

Just terrible .......!

October 24th

I love that our power bill was $128.00. Between Dan the Man's farewell gift and the solar sell back it halves our bill. For once I am not cringing at a bill.

Dee's death lingered in my head all night so zero sleep. Midnight knows something is wrong, snuggles up and pats me with that furry kitten hand. Bless her. Good kitty. I climb out of bed early and head to the charity at some stupid time. I sit in the car park. The Finns playing "Won't Give In" on my phone. "even if time is just a flicker of light & we all have to die alone"... sadness rolls over me.

New girl Tamsin works with me all day, i enjoy her company and we get most stuff done. Carol my boss is wonderful. I join Nicole and have a chuckle too- it brings me back to earth.

Some more pay arrives for me from the AEC tonight. Nice! I'm going through it on presents.

October 25th

I call my Uncle Des for his birthday. I am usually crap at remembering Birthdays as our friends will admit. Thankfully Marky isn't & reminds me on time.

In the afternoon I take Mark to Hahndorfs for some home made chocolates and coffee. It's very busy. Everyone happy and chatting. The suns out and our Red Biden flowers are coming out in the pot on the decking, Kalorama full of colour this time of year.

Marky's Youtube Wednesday is up. Crowded House at the Hammersmith Odeon. "Love You Till The Day I Die". UK 1991. I love this version, thank you Marky. Really worth checking this one out dear readers. Great that the fans are supporting these videos.

The link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwjL4rLV8rY

October 26th

A log day at charity, but a good one, we help a lot of people. So many nice comments, very appreciated.

I chat to my sister & think I've worked out what to get Mum for Christmas. A couple of her roses in the front yard and in bad shape so I figure I will buy her new ones and put them in when we are home at Christmas. I've got her other presents but she is 85 so she has everything. She is our present, just lucky she is still here.

October 27th

My cousin tells me that he is going to Egypt for the first time, so i now know what to get him for Christmas, some Egyptian pounds. That's an easy one. Tick tick off the list.

We head to Upper Ferntree Gully and a coffee etc at The Quarry. I call Andy but he's not at home. I go to a favourite shop and they have these amazing bowls for such an incredible price so i buy 8 for Christmas present boxes. Plus some art supplies. A costume shop is next door so get a few items for Xmas fun and Halloween. I find some super shiny spiders for the Trick N Treat bags.

October 28th

I get the news from the record company that The Rolling Stones are #1 in Australia with "Hackney Diamonds" , that is such fabulous news.

I do an early carve on our Halloween pumpkin, it will last, I just want it out of the way. A few busy days are coming up.

We have a bit of a practice session in our Halloween costumes, as one does eh? It ends with us both on the floor laughing, Midnight attacks hers... not sure what she is complaining about, just fake bat wings for the pussy cat. Welcome Bat Cat.

October 29th

"The Others" have invited us to a late lunch. The "other" Peter & Mark. So lovely. Also our friend kay , Adrian and Barry.

In the morning I walk around Ailsa Craig and pick a giant bunch of flowers-they look good I must admit. Someone on my Sheepbook page says I should open a Florist.

Lunch was really lovely, Moroccan and we had the best time & such a beautiful afternoon. We drop Kay home, nice Mark got to hang out with her.

October 30th

I work in the yard till 3.00 pm and Miss Midnight is outside with me. She is checking out all of Banshee's favourite places and god she looks so much like Banshee, it does our head in. Overall she is behaving well today in the deepest darkest jungle of our property. She eventually just wanders up and has a little cat stretch next to me during one of my breaks.

Deb has been magnificent keeping the Frenz Forum going. But the costs are mounting up, so instead of closing it, it will have a Go Fund Me moment, so please feel free to support this historical fan friendly area. [editor's note: thanks to PG and everybody!]


October 31st

Happy Halloween !!!

This has to be my favourite day of the year. I'm in a really good mood too, nothing will shake me today.

The boss lets me come home early to do some Halloween set up. We are also uploading our Paul Hester & LLT live at The Continental , Prahran - Halloween way back in 1997. Paul and the band are covering Crowded House's "Kare Kare" from the Together Alone album. It sounds great and the missing live video pieces, Marky has filled in with photos and some are unseen.

You can enjoy it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt-KhrxuBOM

Dusk arrives and we slip into our Halloween costumes. I transform into Wednesday Addams with a touch of Better Davis (LOL) and Mark- the Kalorama Killer Clown. We add some Halloween colour to the secondary entrance to the property and soon all the Halloween treat bags are gone. Lots of sneak trick n treaters grab them. Way before we could scare the hell out of them. One of our newer neighbours drops in and takes some photos for us, she just laughs. Her younger kids start trick & treating next year so new kids having fun on the mountain. We finish the night watching Nightmare on Elm Street. I do leave my purple fingernail polish on for a bit longer. So Happy Halloween to all of you, a fitting way to end this diary.


x Peter

P.S. As i go to send off the diary to Deb, Noise 11 music website have ran an article on our Paul Hester-LLT live video release. Really nice of them.

Enjoy it here: https://www.noise11.com/news/watch-paul-hester-perform-crowded-houses-kare-kare-for-halloween-in-1997-20231101

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