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"Some more Crowded House-Live- from 1992 up on Peter's YouTube page. Enjoy!"

March 20th

I chat to local Chris, she is a "big fan" of yours truly in a chicken suit. No that isn't strange at all. Ok it IS!!! I wonder if people have crazy dreams of making out with me in a chicken suit. Yieks. All i could do was smile. is she crazy or am I for finding fame in a chicken suit?

Finally looks like my Email is active again. It's only been a few days but right after our Bandcamp promotion, plus I have media to do so it's a tad annoying. I tried being very patient with the IINET guy , and we eventually got it ironed out. I think it freaked them out just how many emails went out from us at Kalorama during a 24 hour time period. Thousands. A red flag went up over some sort of hack job that was attempted on my account. So i'm pleased that IINET stopped that.

Lasagne and salad for dinner, with fresh basil on top. Not bad.

March 21st

A horrible start to the morning at charity and it lingered like a bad smell for hours. If it wasn't for the fact that I am helping people I really would consider walking. In the morning an amazing job offer came in, it meant driving to the city or having a driver for 5 days but the one weeks pay alone is the equivalent to what I get in 3 months. Very attempting. But I love being at home with Marky, I love that we work on projects that pay us absolutely zero $ at times, i love my freedom to do whatever I want. Still to have a shitload of cash is tempting but is money the reason to change my life that much? Probably not. Plus do i want to get back into the music industry at such a high level? I talk it over with Mark. He gives me sound advice. I am not too worried over our lack of funds, $$$ will arrive when it is time. I have faith, it's always worked out that way.

I'm at the supermarket and meet this really nice guy who is so helpful (and yeah cute) and I make sure the manager who I know gets to hear how efficient his staff member was. So good to have someone working at a place that makes the effort to get the food items you can't find. Rare in 2023. Plus that improves my day. It's like having my own personal shopper.

March 22nd

I wanted to sleep in so allow an extra 30 minutes, after that my brain ticks over, a bit like a time bomb.

Sit with the local Gang and Mark #3 has returned from Asia so we enjoy tales of his adventures.

In the afternoon I plant the succulents by the secondary outside toilet door, it needs something, always so barren in that tiny area, probably not enough sun but we'll give them a shot. The Basil, yet again we will attempt to grow it in the vegetable garden. I fail totally with basil. As Liza sang in Cabaret... "maybe this time it will be different..".

Today is video Wednesday , so we put up another fresh video on the YouTube page. The mighty Boom Crash Opera- with "Onion Skin" and "Hands Up In The Air". We filmed this one at the Corner Hotel, Richmond. Way back in May 2009. That doesn't seem so long ago but nearly 14 years ago. A wonderful live band and a band I just loved working with for many many years. As always a huge thank you to Marky. I liked how nearly all of BCO were huge Split Enz fans...and we all drove EK Holdens at the time, OK I wasn't a band member but I did have a EK Holden. So please if you can just give this a quick viewing, or even let it play. Our bands that are not gigantic will always have smaller viewing numbers, BCO are worth the look anyway, 2 cool songs. Yes thats me with camera #2 behind Maz the drummer.

You can enjoy it here:


March 23rd

I get to sleep in half an hour later as we all start a tiny bit later at charity now. Of course I wake up like I always do, so it is difficult to curl up in bed, during Winter it won't be.

I'm at the charity and my mobile rings and it's my weatherman with a heads up. Big storm front heading our way, I really should consider getting home. I take it serious and I'm out of dodge (the charity). Just ahead of it and it really buckets down, roads are flooded, big mud run offs are rolling down the tourist road and cars are sliding sideways. The glorious red beast, so nice and solid stays on track and home safely. Some roads are closed behind me. At the same time at Wollongong, Mum tells me it is bucketing down , so all the way up the East coast. The big wet has arrived.

So part of today i just couch it and enjoy reading my books. I watch PM Albanese giving out more details about the Indigenous Voice. I am so glad they are trying their best to get the wording right. We are certainly voting Yes for the constitution to be changed.

At 1.00 PM I'm working in the office with Marky. We are playing The Beatles #1. So good to dance around the office with my best friend. Can't buy me love, everybody tells me so. Nah, you can. HA! Marky getting his groove on, love it.

March 24th

Good to see both Andy and Tim woke on time and ready to go with the Today (Extras) show on Channel 9. It's only a small segment but it gets their faces out into a lot of homes. They both did well. It is on the Today facebook page as well and Nine's 'Free view'.

March 25

My friend gives me some "love in the mist". That always sounds so sexy saying it but basically seeds for this cool flowering plant. I find a really good spot for them so am hoping they will grow.

Aston By Election in Victoria is on April 1st. Would love Mary Doyle from Labor to win that seat. She knows Andy White and I think Andy took her along to meet Billy Bragg. So yeah Go Mary Doyle, Go Labor. Another election loss for the broken Victorian Liberals, but it's a blue ribbon Liberal seat so a big call for Labor-fingers crossed.

Meanwhile the NSW state election is on tonight so we watch it. OMG what a slaughter, the Liberals booted from power after a decade plus and Chris Minns is the new Premier. Just awesome. I am blown away just how BAD the NSW Liberals were. What a great night, I still think he will end up with a minority government, but a win is a win.

March 26th

I wake up early and the Aussie sky has a tinge of Labor red. Well on the mainland anyway where every state is now Labor. Just Tasmania so boring Liberal blue. I jokingly suggest we unchain it and let it float away. Nah I love Tassie.

The few remaining Liberal voters sulk all day. So lame.

Paul Hester has been on my mind all day. 18 years gone now. I find a cute photo of him for facebook, 18 years later we still miss him like crazy. Sometimes I feel Paulo is watching over me.

March 27

It's really nice to hear from Warwick today, and he sounds great so that's always a bonus around mates. We wish him well with the new job.

Most of today in the office, some PR for A & T but a whole bunch of emails replied to.

We put up some dribs and drabs Andy & Tim items. Luckily Tim signed a few more cds so music fans who missed out get a second chance to grab these. Lock it in with Andy for 8.30 tonight. The stock sells out within 2 hours.

I pick some of our last blackberries and make some small blackberry pies and fresh cream. Really nice. Wish I made more they went so fast.

March 28th

I wake up with the flu, I could feel this arriving. I take one of my fizzy immune tablets so the internal battle will happen.

I arrive at the charity and Alice opens up at 81.9. So I sniffle and cough my way in and straight into the Book area to restock all the new shelves, well old shelves re fit and cut by Maria's really cool son. I just focus and try to get the job done. I keep clear of the girls as I don't want to give them this bug, plus I did test for Covid in the car too, but no Covid. Yay. Mark and myself still haven't had it so that is great. I manage to get through the entire day, feeling like absolute shit and eager to get home.

Mark picks some lemons for me while I do an evening of PR stuff with Andy. Just a catch up moment. I take some recycle to the bin and this brilliant misty rain is falling at dusk. Ailsa Craig looks sensational, I just stand and admire our gorgeous house and yard. It adds calm to my life.

March 29th

It rains all night so I sleep well. I always do during such lovely weather. Misty rain IS lovely weather for me. Water off a Gryphons feathers!

Still fluish, sniffles coughs but it is going. Immune system still fighting the good fight.

Tim is doing RRR with Andy so that is great. Bits of promo still happening, quite a few requests about to come in for England.

It's YouTube Wednesday and Mark has give me Skyhooks "Carlton" live at the Pint on Punt. Tony Williams does this awesome harmonica solo in the middle of the song. Only up for 15 minutes and 200 views already so off to a great start. Long live the might 'Hooks.

You can view it here:


After a few hours in the office, off to make a chicken vegetable curry and also some indian curry puffs for Marky as they are his favourites. I reward him for his awesome work on the Skyhooks video.

March 30th

Fog! Fog! Fog!

Tim Finn is back in NZ so in a week going to push him a bit to do some more interviews, it keesp the Andy & Tim project rolling along. The album ('AT') is officially released tomorrow.

My Mobile has crapped out, rebooting and god knows what. I stare at it dumfounded. It's annoying so I just put it away, if i can't fix it I may have to mail it to Sis in the 'Gong with her easter Eggs and hope she can, but I will give it a shot. It did put me in a bad mood, right in the middle of promo. Bad timing.

Tony Williams calls, a lovely long chat. I think he is thrilled with the reaction to the Skyhooks-Live-'Carlton' 2004 video. A really great reaction. Our super surprise was that the industry website, Noise 11 ran an article on the footage going up. In all areas, plus our Tweets, Facebook etc, suddenly it has 2000 views within 24 hrs. That blows our minds. So many positive comments. Tony has something coming up and I said 'yes' to helping in one area, anything for that good bloke.

Noise 11, and I'm the archivalist, nice to get a mention I guess. Good of them to create an article about it.

Link to Noise 11 article: https://www.noise11.com/news/rare-skyhooks-footage-with-tony-williams-surfaces-20230329

Ok day at charity but I miss my one a day morning coffee from Lachlan, who is in hospital having his wisdom teeth removed. I tell him he will have stunning cheek bones. Got to look for those positives in life.

My flu has almost gone, in awe how my body bounces back and a shout out to my amazing 2 Drs. Thank you fellas and Mark too for being such a sexy nurse.

The Aston By Election is on soon, a once blue ribbon Liberal seat, praying for a miracle, time for a change, that would be incredible and rare. The last time a sitting Government won such a By Election was 100+ years ago.

March 31st

'AT' is released. Now Bandcamp is stocked up with copies of the album and digital and you can pre order the BLACK vinyl album version. If you were slow off the mark ordering this, grab a copy via Bandcamp. The black vinyl stock arrives in 10 days.

Here: https://altandyliamtim.bandcamp.com/music

We call Mark II for his birthday, just a card and a Lotto ticket. A super camp card, though a really cool card. He liked it.

Radio RRR and what happened to Tim? I still don't know, not one of my media requests so good in that tiny way, Andy covers it well and shit happens but frustrating.

We are really enjoying "Trixie Motel" - a Drag queen and her boyfriend buy a $2 million motel in Palm Springs and give it all a make over, a fun show and our hearts have warmed to Trixie.

April 1st

On April Fools day it appears the Liberals are the fools. They somehow lose the Aston By Election to Labor. A shock wave rattles politics, in such a good way. A big loss.

I call Andy and he is handing out 'How to vote" cards for Labor. Our friends are shaking hands with PM Albo who has flew in, Albo spotted all over the area. I am both nervous but kind of positive around this By Election. I should have more faith, what seemed like an impossible task became possible. Labor's Mary Doyle becomes the new member for Aston. I like how Mr Albanese went up and shook everyones hands, even the Liberal people- that's a good PM for the people. Dutton is clueless and nasty around such things, if anything his five visits to Aston proved he should never be Prime Minister. No one likes Dutton, he should go and someone else should be Liberal leader.

I go grocery shopping with Mark and my better half takes me to dinner, so that's really nice. We get home before the Aston By Election starts. It seems to happen very quickly. The Liberals are only ahead in 2 of the 36 voting booths. One hour into it and it's starting to look obvious that Labor look like they might end up winning this seat. A one in 100 years moment. By 8.00 they announce victory. I look into the crowd at the Labor election party & I see Mr White. That makes me smile just as much. The Libs put the wrong candidate in, parachuted her instead of a local or someone close to being a local. One hundred other reasons. They really blew it. Congratulations Labor, amazing result...and I see President Chump looks like being arrested, wow my night just got better.

April 2nd

A nice sleep as Day Light savings has ended, we all get an extra hour. Plus it's grey outside but meant to be sunny after lunch.

I head for a coffee and run into some of the locals. Seems like half the mountain has shaken hands with PM Albanese in the last 48 hours.

We work in the office for most of today, a bit more media for Andy & Tim. Locking a few things away well trying to do so. I do sit on the decking with Marky in the sun which was nice. Have a quick meditate. Yep still meditating every day. Add some extra calm into my life.

Spicy Pumpkin and Lentil soup and toast for me for dinner. Mark has fish, I just felt like soup. I think it's the colder night.

Mark tells me that next Wednesday for his You Tube Wednesday it will be another Crowded House live clip, from a different year and tour. So on April 5th check out our YouTube page and enjoy the footage. As always a big thank you to Mark for being so awesome. It will be "World Where You Live". I filmed it at the Palais Theatre, Melbourne. March 26th 1992. On the "Then There Were Three" Aussie tour. So head to the YouTube page and enjoy this one.

Take care world.

Thanks for visiting the diary, we love ya!


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