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Archive: 22 May - 11 June 2023

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Andy & Tim-'Three Sheep Grazing' out now.

May 22nd

I see our mate Belinda Chapple, from Bardot has a book out called "The Girl In The Band". I might buy it for my sister, she'll probably enjoy it. I am fascinated to see the other stuff she has done since Bardot split. We are still in contact with her , she's a good egg.

The Michael Gudinski movie is set to premiere at the Melbourne International Film festival. It's called "EGO! The Michael Gudinski Story". The Skyhook boys would be happy (well maybe) about "Ego" being used. He did play such a massive part around that band.

May 23rd

The alarm wakes me, at least i know it is working. I do my early morning zombie walk around the house. One lone Bunny rabbit on the East Lawn mowing (Chomp! Chomp!) . He looks cold , he stares at me and I wave. Off he goes back to his warm rabbit house.

Work was great today, I noticed a lot of very sad people in. The world seems rather brutal at the moment, if i can help even 1 person today and improve their life that will make it a positive day. Hopefully i did. Some just want to talk, so i stand back and let them do just that.

A beat up beach umbrella is donated, too horrid to use but I spot a half decent 'spike' poll attached so I get the ok from the boss to retrieve it from our bin. In 1983 Split Enz and the Enz office gave me this beautiful deco beach umbrella as a Christmas present. Years later when we were filming Crowded House's "Weather with You" i took it along as part of the beach set when we were filming down the coast. However the bloody band lost the wooden pole (spike). So I was happy to get this today and the good news is that it fits and works!

I had a long day so just want something simple like Pizza for dinner, I couldn't be bothered cooking. I call Duncan at Olinda Pizza and he is making it. I go to pick it up and it takes me forever to arrive home. Everyone is stopping me, hugging me, touching me. Scary at one stage as i am not wearing undies under my camo pants! A few stray hands got very close. Yieks. I have no idea what all of that was about. l'm laughing now but at the time it was odd. I was in the office & Dr Troy called from Ukraine where he is currently based. "Oh those pesky pheromones of yours, they hook us all in". OK. I'll blame that. So weird.

May 24th

The suns shining but very little warmth. Happy Birthday to Claire. Another May one.

Rolf Harris croaks it, I shouldn't be nasty but many would be cheering at that! Not a good person.

I have my "To Do" list out and I manage to finish all 10 things on the list before midday. Which is good as today is "Markys YouTube Wednesday" and we need to put something new up on the YouTube page. I never ask Mark what it is and he usually doesn't tell me so I find out just before I upload. Today it is Crowded House- performing "This Is Massive" at the wonderful Paradiso in Amsterdam. Part of the Woodface European Tour. October 16th 1991. "This Is Massive" is old and beloved. Originally recorded for the last Split Enz studio album "See ya Round". Hessie comes down to the front with his snare drum. A brilliant moment when he somehow breaks Nicks bass string & the emergency Bass is wheeled out , the band laugh and just straight back into it. Another unseen piece of video, that the fans will love, so thanks Marky. Once again I free hand filmed this while working so it has abit of a life of it's own. Enjoy.

You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eecTlI5DTpA

Fish and rice for dinner.

May 25th

RIP Tina Turner. I am sipping my coffee very early in the morning at the charity and it's mentioned on the news that Tina has died. They play "Nutbush City Limits" on the car radio, so I turn it up and do a little bit of the "Nutbush" dance around the car park. Memories come rushing back of Amanda, Jenny and others at the school, all in a classroom attempting to learn how to do this. I did buy the single. It only made #14 in Australia, I was sure it was #1.

I am excited as I grab an almost new upright air pump for our mountain bike tyres. Such a bargain. $5.00! Brilliant. Charity is good again today, everyone seems happy.

Tim Finn announces his Australasian Tour, on sale tomorrow and the tour is in September. Andy White also announces a one off show for himself in London on July 12th. I let Matty at Triple M know as he is doing the Triple M "Homegrown" Interview tomorrow with T&A so thats a nice semi-scoop for him.

I work in the office for awhile as I know Marky needs to use his computer for editing tomorrow, so I get as much out of the road as possible.

May 26th

I wake to the memories of our friend Robin as it would of been her birthday today. We all miss her a lot. Like many of our friends, music played such a huge role in her life.

I get back in time to find a mini disaster around the Homegrown Triple M "zoom" link but a fresh link re-done and sent so hoping that all worked. No more panic phone calls etc so i dare say it did. (Phew). I was so very calm around it. Hopefully when T&A are on Homegrown I can give everyone a heads up on GryphonMusic twitter or my FB page. Matty O and the guys email me that it all went very well. We like that. Lots of stories from Tim & Andy.

Our Crowded House-"This is Massive" (Amsterdam) YouTube video just hit it's 400th view. So people are enjoying that one. Nice to see.

May 27th

Neil Finn hits the 65 years birthday bump. We connect which is nice, sounds like the tour is doing well. Happy for those guys as always.

I sit in the Sunshine, outside of the bakery and go through Jenny B's box of Enz-Crowded House items which is going into the archives. Some cool stuff even 2 things I've never seen before. Now that's rare. Am drowning in memories. Archiving usually grabs me and takes me on these little memory moments, nearly all of them good. Peter J sits for awhile and we chat. Good to have the boys home. I bet their doggy's missed them.

End of month so my brain goes slightly crazy, too much wasted time thinking of Deano . Not as bad as I thought. I think friends expect me to go "chop" gone out of my brain but I don't work like that, it's a slow process and besides I'm certain I invade his thoughts all the time too. It has been a month since I've looked at the Deans Disaster Relief facebook page , so no idea what's happening with that. I've "unliked" from it, and mates keep telling me they have too which I don't expect. My friend Mike said "it's a loyalty thing". I kind of avoided answering, don't want to open cans of worms. Still very sad as we managed so much. Mark said today "well he blew it, he could of had it all" . I just nod and continue baking a homemade apple pie for dinner. Still bruised, still care.

May 28th

Ok yesterday was a freak of a day, back to rain, cold, fog, sleet and yet I sit outside at Olinda bakery and archive the final lot. People come by and go "Ohhh that's cool what are you doing". History especially a musical one certainly excites people. Plus I don't mind being outside on days like this. It prevents people from sitting and side tracking me. Wow that sounded a bit selfish.

Watch "BROS" movie, great, I love it when the gay community takes the piss out of itself. Loved it but I'm biased. I do like Luke Macfarlane (he plays Aaron in Bros). A gay actor playing a gay character. Never. It's a bit weird though as he looks a hell of a lot like Dr Troy, what does that mean? Still my husband is way more handsome. He knows I mean that and he'll read this and shake his head and make some comment for certain. Oh the power of the Famous for 16 Minute diary.

I washed the mini curtains that are in our kitchen and just put them back up. Determined Winter will be one to really work the house, wax all those insane number of floor boards. clean, and all the extra bits around the house. I'm off to a good start. I'm sure my vibe will vanish after a few weeks.

During one of the gay kissing scenes in Bros an earthquake happens and our house shakes a bit. Wow some Kiss we both go. Nothing broken but it does freak some people out. We've been through much worse during overseas tremors.

May 29th

The girls at the bakery having a drool session over Dr Troy. All I can do is chuckle. "can we have another look?". I should charge a free coffee per look. The poor man I am now exploiting him for a perve. Good grief.

I contact the ABC for Tim and Andy's Zoom link for Friday Revue.

Schnitzel and turkish rolls for lunch- a favourite of ours.

May 30th

Sipping my coffee and chatting to a rather handsome nepalese man called Prabhas. I looked iit up his name mean "Lustrous". I think he was surprised that I've been to Nepal especially remote parts. Nice to chat.,

The charity closed today because they are rebuilding parts of the roof so I don't go in.

Best PR moment so far, the new member for Aston and the Prime Minister of Australia holding up the Andy & Tim vinyl 45 picture cover. Gotta love that.

May 31st

Winter is about to arrive. I keep thinking it's going to be a long cold one. We probably don't have enough fire wood but something will happen and more will magically turn up and keep us warm. We have every other sort of heating but nothing beats a beautiful roaring fire. I find true romance in the flames. They enchant me.

Another Wednesday for Markys YouTube Skyhooks 1990 this time and it easily gets over 1000 views. people love the loading of the stage penis segment. Those naughty Skyhooks boys. Shirl looks so happy in all of the footage, nice to see.

We have lunch today with Trudi. She spoils us (again) we give her flowers (again). She is one of our dearest friends and it is good to catch up. We adore her.

June 1st

I'm feeling a bit average today, lots of staff away with Covid. I test at the charity but I'm fine. Just a mini bug, I can feel my body fighting it. I think I've pushed my immune system to dizzy heights (thanks Neil). It fights off anything I happen to catch. I buy a mirror for Marys bathroom. As someone pointed out on my Facebook page, it's a bit Time Lordy. I agree. We find a place for it in his bathroom.

Because I feel average, Mark cooks dinner. So that's really nice.

June 2nd

I'm up early and remind Andy and Tim about doing the Friday Revue on the ABC. Andy's heading into the studio, they ask if I want to go but 2 pages of media stuff still to do, so time better spent here. All goes well, Tim's Zoom from NZ works fine. A good radio moment for the guys.

We put up the photo of the candidate for Aston (Mary) and Prime Minister Albanese holding up the Andy and Tim single cover. Cool press moment. People love it. Nice to have a Prime Minister that loves music.

June 3rd

The bakery crew all comment on the PM Albo AT photo. It's making the rounds. I'm feeling dream-like today, could be hard to get motivated.

I miss my friend Wendy C's birthday I suck. I know she doesn't care but I do. I am hopeless at times. So a diary shout out.

June 4th

A wonderful sunny morning on Mt D. The clouds floating below Kalorama hill look spectacular.

We work on dozens of things this fine Sunday. We both manage to get a lot done.

Dinner- butter chicken, vegie curry, moroccan rice. Desert-cheesecake with strawberry coulis, 2 scoops of ice cream (Cafe Grande). Tablecloth and exotic russian candles. Just for the hell of it.

We really really enjoy "Triangle of sadness" a cool movie.

June 5th

Kylie is doing so well with her Padam Padam single. The clip, filmed at the Pink Hotel at San Fernando Valley, California. Red custome made Muger catsuit.

June 6th

Today was a really good day at the charity. Everyone in fine form, some families benefited that needed help. I left feeling really positive around the world. I hear Tom Robinson singing "2,4,6,8, Motorway" on the radio today. That's been awhile.

I walked out the back door to do some night work in the office, looked up and somewhat taken back by the strawberry red moon. WOW! It looked incredible.

The owls back last night. Two different types but once again they are hanging out together.

June 7th

I forgot to fill up the car, fortunately I have a big container of fuel I use for the lawnmower so top up my tank with that.

I'm at the cafe and given a large free coffee for Marky. The girls love his YouTube Wednesday Videos, I joke that he is now an "influencer" so he will get truckloads of free shit.

I cook spinach and fetta pie for dinner.

June 8th

It rained all night and this morning a wet grey day. I grab a huge chunky coat for the Salvo' charity. That building sure gets cold.

Someone gives me a really useful present. Shhhhhh!!!!!!!!

The Protea man turns up so we have flowers to take home. Such a lovely thing to do.

In a weeks time Tim Finn's debut album "Escapade" will be FORTY years old. Mark rushes something together and I love it, especially the extended ending of the song. So sweet. So here it is. Never heard before, Tim Finn performing "Fraction too much Friction" , at The Continental Cafe , on Greville street Prahran. A favourite show for me as Chrissy Amphlett from the Divinyls came back to our house and hung out during the afternoon. How many people can say that?

Enjoy Fraction (Live) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKQEtvYnKO4

June 9th

I slept well last night, the new electric blankets, make it nice to climb into the beds. It means I don't have to steal Marks body heat, but where is all the fun in that.

I hear from Andy and we have an 11.00 catch up at the Olinda bakery. Mark rushes 2 Andy songs onto a USB , to get the ok for us to put these up. Sitting inside the bakery and mate Deb from the Kalorama Disaster Hub turns up. So so so good to see her. She compliments Andy on the AT 45 with the Prime Minister. We promise to catch up soon, and shakes her head around the D situation. I just shrug. Such is life. Strange also as tonight is two years since the massive Kalorama storm/disaster.

The Markys YouTube Wednesday footage of our Boom Crash Opera boys at The Corner is 50 views short of 1000. It irks me , so I email 55 mates to ask if they can give it a view. Are our friends sick of us yet? Well at midnight it climbs past the 1000 views- so obviously they are not. I hear that one of the BCO guys has Covid so the Sydney show just got cancelled today. It's till everywhere isn't it.

June 10th

A weird day, felt very vague by dinner. is it because I haven't been having my "one a day" coffee's?

Boris Johnson resigns from UK parliament and Donald Chump is in trouble again, today is a good day.

We watch "Violent Night" a really good movie too. I make chocolate coconut cookies for us while we watch the movie.

June 11th

We put up several video clips on my Youtube channel.

The first one of Andy White's new songs "TAKE ME BACK HOME". Marky filmed this at the Merri Creek show. Sound is really good too, off the desk. This ones really worth a look, plus Andy is so great. A joy to work with. Please support this clip with a view. That would be awesome.

You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLflRRR4jQ0

Andy and Tim's animated video for "Three Sheep Grazing" also went up.

Can you believe that the year is pretty much half over. I want to do more things, squash more into my day. I'll find away, we know I will.

Take care

Stay Happy.

Love Life!


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