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burning saucer

"UFO crashes over Cairo 1947. Nigel Griggs Video Clip "All Alone." "

Jan 24th

A hot and sticky day, it feels like tropical Nth Queensland. What's up with this weather? A downpour and massive thunder at 5.00 pm.

We watch the NZ documentary "Tickled" it is truly bizarre.

January 25th

I chat to Peter, Kay and Mark #2 at the bakery. It's one of those days where every local decides to call on in. We now seem to be this packed cluster in the corner. Tourists are starring like something major is going on. It's kind of funny.

I order some stickers for the DDR, just little "proudly donated by" ones for the U.M.D.C.'s. (Yeah disaster jargon , we have our own language).

January 26th

Australia Day, just change the date. Every day is a celebration of this amazing country for me, I don't need a parade or any of that, just be happy we live here.

I get a call from Tony Williams of Skyhooks fame, which is really really nice. Chat about "a project". He mentions that he liked Shirls Aussie tea towel shirt from 1976 that I wore today. Lovely bloke that Tony, always so great and appreciative to Mark and myself.

Good to see a season Two of "Peacemaker" will happen, sad there will not be a Season Two of Queer as Folk.

January 27th

I work for a few hours in the office for Tim and Andy. A really nice email from Tim Finn.

My friend Kay's car slips over the edge up here so i go looking for her, it all turns out ok.

I clean some silkscreens in the art room, think February may well be an art month for me, unless I get sidetracked.

January 28th

I decided to check my You Tube page. 3,737,844 views and 4.38 thousand subscriptions. That is amazing. I wish we had more time to work on more stuff for it, we will, down the track.

I weed around the passion-fruits and lavenders near the circular drive, well over due.

Laura, Kevin and family catch up, which is great and give us a very cool Fossil Nautiloid. They are cephalopods, a type of mollusk. I have the perfect spot for this.

January 29th

Nigel Griggs from Split Enz visits. Our video meeting with him. So rare as he doesn't venture out that much. Great to see him and he just wants us to go for it with the video. Free range. We keep calling it Marks (subtle) Rebellion. He stays for three hours.

Happy 80th birthday to Ian Molly Meldrum too. Glad he is still with us.

January 30th

We both get stuck into the pre-video stuff for Nigel Griggs clip. Just story boards, images, ideas. It's incredibly time consuming but I want to work on three mini sets for the clip.

I see PM Albanese has give the Arts in Australia a financial boost, excellent and First nations at the forefront of this boost. Good speech by Tony Burke, Federal Minister for the Arts.

January 31st

We loved tonights episode of "The Last Of Us". Two excellent actors, well written. Bill & Frank, gay guys growing old together in a dying world. Hats off to Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett. How many people said "that's Peter & Mark"?

Washing clothes, cleaning, very domestic.

February 1st

Overcast day, sprinkles of rain which interrupt his outdoors video filming. Gawd he did swear today, if anything craps him it's cancelling of filming due to weather.

I book in for the hairdressers. Time to get this wild hair of mine under control. Chantelle will tame it, she may need a chair and whip. I like whips!

I make a blood orange chocolate cake. Not bad, not too bad at all. Marky is awesome he makes me laugh. By far the most noble man on the planet. I create some Indian Pastries for dinner.

February 2nd

Heavy rain today, whatever happened to Summer. I'm certain hot days are not far away.

A fun day at the charity, I think we helped a few people today, that always feels rather good. I had my watch on and it says I did 17,411 steps.

February 3rd

I work on Set #1 , which is Egypt 1947. Yes same year as the Roswell saucer crash. I find that interesting.

Great that Isaac Humphries, NBL player has finally come out. He is a bit of a sweetie. He will be agood role model.

Snow in the Alps, Low of 6 at Kalorama, a high of 12. We snuggle up. Marky IS very snuggly today.

February 4th

The second day of filming, and spoiler alert, is that a flying saucer? Egypt is easier, the second set, the "Dead City" far more effort. Originally i penned it as the "doomed city" but "dead" seemed more fitting. But there is ...life!

I also make a Bio-dome. Our of a strange circular tea lamp holder. I work the paper mache on this one, hand paint and colour. It glows a golden yellow. It's one of those creations where I could possibly keep and use it on my dinner table.

I am altering cardboard boxes into destroyed skyscrapers. Cutting tearing, painting, even tiny windows. On my third I finally have it down pat. The third, a corner destroyed building is by far my favourite. A bit of a "oh wow" moment. I've been thinking about the three sets and the time periods they are from. Egypt- 1947, Dead City- 2039 and the Pedema Tunnel-Peru from 2061. Which I guess is meant to represent the worlds 6th Ice Age. The dates are all important.....

February 5th

Clouds roll in so slightly cooler. I think it will be a late Summer. Nice to work in the art room on such days, I really am focused. So focused I have forgotten to do the diary. Sorry Deb, sorry readers. I am a slackarse.

The Universe loves me today. I took the garbage bin out for pick up and was thinking "where can I get some Zoo animals" for the Dead City segment and our neighbours roll up and they just bought a box of them. How cool is that. Igor the Goat is large and now a girl but we can work with that. Everyone is changing their sexes in 2023, so you go for it Igor.

Marky is working away on the UFO landing or should I say crash. Roswell comes to Cairo... it is complicated, but he is so talented. i throw him these curve balls and he responds, so smart.

February 6th

I work on Goatman, he gets a paint job, but still looks like Tom of Finland meets a Village person in 2061.

The last Egypt shot is done today. Igor makes a brief appearance.

Andy and Tims MY REGENERATION is doing well on Spotify. Only day two but 2000 plays already.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria is terrible, i notice none of the Relief Organisations have not even mentioned it, not even the DDR. I decide to get a few things to go off to the zone myself. It all helps.

February 7th

The deaths from the quake in Syria and Turkey rise. Amazing, Troy calls and off he goes, into the red zone. He calls me on the satlite phone and shocks me that he thinks the death toll will climb past 50,000! Such a man of action, he deserves his own action figure.

Chat to Andy White and Tim Finn, I am on board. This will be a fun project. The first official single "The Happiness Index" will be out February 24th. Digital and a mere 300 seven inch vinyl singles (picture cover). Half of the 300 will be available on the ALT band camp page. 300 is nothing, so super super collectible. So keep checking their page. They will go SO fast and worth a small fortune later.

February 8th

I get up early and deliver some blankets, sleeping bag and a box of Pinchapoo's Emergency packs to the cargo bin that is being sent to Turkey and Syria, located at Coolaroo. Nice to chat to some organising this, they seem a bit unsure on certain things but they will work it out. So glad we gave them something and not just a basket of lip service. I beat the traffic home and go to Hair for the Hills. A short hair cut and dye job from Chanty girl. It looks ok, mostly for me but of course wanted the 2 lads to think it looks ok. Next off to Dan Murphys to buy Deans birthday gift from Marky, a bottle of Galliano L'autentico Licque. The Gold coloured type, I think its lamely called "vanilla" in Australia. Bloody expensive now, hope he appreciates Markys generosity.

Afternoon, we are back in the art room and we have Robots with death rays and the Dead City burns to the ground. We have our breathers and fire extinguishers on hand, so professional. Mark gets the shots and we call it. We managed to put it all out and breathers on. The entire art room covered in fire retardant. Tastes horrid. I do grab the corner piece of art that I love so that is the only piece that is saved. We check the shots and boy it looks cool. Today was a good day, great job MG.

February 9th

At 1.00 am the Nigel "Non Promo, PROMO" clicks over 100 views. Woo! Woo! It just clicked 500 which is crazy and brilliant at the same time.


I remind Carol that I am heading to Paradise Beach soon so a day or two off from charity work. She knows I need a break.

I call in to get Fish & Chips and D calls and seems genuinely excited I am heading off with him. It should be fun.

February 10th

The death toll rises in Turkey and Syria, past 21,000 now. I fear Dr Troy might be right when he said 50,000. This is terrible, those poor people.

I catch up with Andy white at the Olinda Parklett and we run through loads of promo stuff and release info. I follow him to Upper Frerntree Gully and we buy some supplies. He takes me to his favourite bakery cafe (Quarry cafe) and it's great. I head off to buy birthday presents and some food for Mark. A long day zooming about.

February 11th

I chat to a young girl called Taylor, she's off to "Hello Sunshine" festival, a few artists I know are playing, she is so excited.

I have my art book with me and work on the "Snow and Ice" set, the third and final set for Nigel's video. It's coming together, some good visual moments. Lots of camera shots though so Mark will kill me. My friend Kay helps me out by tracking down some chicken wire on her property. I'm doing a bit of paper mache work. We work in the art room till 3.00 am on sets. A late night.

February 12th

Overcast and cool which is really nice. We both decide I should come to Paradise early. So pretty much drop everything, kiss the husband and head off. I am rushing this but should arrive by mid afternoon before the sun sets.

I pick up bits and pieces on the way, some groceries, wine and fuel. I am so excited to hit the beach and recharge. It's a solid drive for the Red Beast, 3.5 hours. Traffic is ok and I am pretty excited, as I haven't caught up with Dean for 2 months. I have a few breaks on the way, let the beast relax in the shade. I go past the lakes and they are really healthy looking, loads of black swans with babies. I'm heading on the road to Golden Beach and I wonder if Penny the Emu is still hanging around in the field. I look to the left and a head rises up out of the grass. Surely she doesn't recognise my car? I swing around for a U-turn and park. I do have some turkish bread with loads of seeds so of course she will score this.

I go to the fence line and she is so excited, she reaches over and nuzzles my face. I'm a bit shocked and slightly scared, how much do i trust her? Oh well I have two eyes and ears, so I can spare one of she nips them off. She doesn't , she is so happy to see me, gorgeous creature (her not me). The sun is sinking as i arrive at big house. There he is my other besty. I'm so happy to see this guy. I settle in and its fun, endless talk. He makes his super special hamburgers for dinner-OMG so good. We stay up till 4.00 am watch a fave tv show, something like ten episodes.

I have a restless sleep though but the sounds of the waves on the beach across the road are nice. I'm not use to not sharing a room with him. It's too quiet.

February 13th

I get a few text in from New Zealand, still shocked at the damage and the loss of life. I'm up and go for a jog. Just 2 fishermen a few km's away. I didn't realise the erosion is so full on at high tide and stumble down a metre. Looking like an absolute dickhead , all i could do was laugh. I drive up to the General Store and buy us coffee, chat to the owner for awhile. Home and make us breakfast. He did tell me to wake him when I get up so I do. Why are both my best friends so obviously NOT morning people? Today we just chill out, this is meant to be relaxing.

I've bought some expensive stuff for BBQ for dinner, plus I do make a decent harvey Wallbanger. It all seems a bit like some surreal holiday. I do feel something is out of whack with my friend but sometimes you have to let them talk about it.

I call the boss and let her know that I am away for awhile, a few days longer. She is fine, i think she values my work. I already miss Mark and call him several times.

Awake late again and it's past midnight, so one of my two handmade Valentine Day cards are handed out. I found a cool present. Lots of good vibes around the art work so that is nice. We have such late nights.

February 14th

I'm woken up at 7.30 by the work men at the holiday house next door. I can hear D downstairs grumbling in bed. So I get up and make breakfast again and coffee. I don't mind making brekkie for people that I care about. I rarely ever eat breakfast so this is a treat.

Late we go for a walk up the beach, and coffee at the cafe.

We chill out at the house, he gets his birthday present a few days early from us. Even forced to blow out a candle on a vanilla slice. The day zooms by, dinner really nice again. Its past midnight and something changes, and the whole world turns upside down. I don't even want to write about it here. Just so bad.

I allow some space and head across the beach and sit in front of my beach fire under the most beautiful stars, so many. I call Marky and chat. I want to run so fast and escape. But MG talks me out of it because it is dangerous driving up here at night. 2 hrs later I head to the house and we do talk till 5.30. I am in bed and decide I want to go home, so in the morning I write a note and sneak out trying not to wake him. Yeah the cowards way out but as Taylor Swift sings "Pierced through the heart but never killed". My heart has a hole in it.

February 15th

I see Penny on the way and of course I have to stop, she is so affectionate. I burst into tears.

I stop a few times as it is getting hot. I avoid humans and conversation and finally home by 3.00 PM. I text that I am ok, home etc. No reply. Marky is so protective and caring, I just let him look after me. So disturbed by all of this. I protect myself and just step away for the moment. The F/16 just isn't the place for this, gawd talk about complicated.

February 16th

HOT! Ailsa Craig nice and cool. feel a bit dazed and confused, I'll deal with it. Shields up, flick it off and move on. I'll probably never let my shields down ever again around another human but Mark.

I'm back at the charity and the girls are extra nice. We start cooking in the heat, by the afternoon and only 1 degree before we are sent home. Deb finds me two dented up cars for the "Snow & Ice" set. I do the right thing and pay the charity for them. I am a good boy.

In bed by 11.00 I need to recharge. Mentally and physically. Only a bit fucked in the head.

February 17th

I'm at the bakery and hang with some of the older guys, we have a table and just old fella talk. I kind of enjoyed the escape.

We start on Video set #3. "Snow and Ice" yet it's one of the hottest days of the year. I'm finding it so hard to find santa snow so one of my FB friends, Julie Martin , tells me about the combination of baking soda and shaving cream, Instant snow and it is even cold like snow. So perfect to work with. So huge thanks Julie. I zoom to IGA and buy all of their Baking Soda.

I work in the office from 7.00 PM till 10.00 PM on Andy and Tim promo stuff.

We watch "The Black Phone" a pretty good little movie. D put us onto that one. Great to hear The Sweet with "Fox on the Run" as one of the songs in it.

February 18th

A weird thing happened last night. Around 11.00 PM i went out to buy Mark some treats because he has been working so hard on the editing and filming. I arrive home and notice my bedroom light is on. Mark is in my room. The security window is closed but the window itself open for fresh air. "What are you doing"? I ask. He jumped. "You need to come inside..now". I keep thinking some animal is inside like a bat. But there he is standing over one of our Shane Gehlert pieces of art which is flat on the floor in my bedroom. It's about 3 metres away from where it normally is on the wall. Mark tells me he heard a very LOUD crash and the painting ended up in my room. It has to kind of bend around a corner so weird. Plus it has an art hook so can't just fall off the wall. We both panic and check that everything is locked and it is, doors, windows. No security lights or alarms tripped. It is like a secure bunker here. I'm walking around the house with a large knife saying "I'm great at kickboxing come out" but no one does. The house is empty apart from us. We avoid the spirit idea for the moment and I don't sense "much" but something, which could just be adrenalin induced. We re-enact the scene and I drop the painting but Mark says it is only 10% of the noise he heard. So who knows. I think I do but I am not saying.

I do drive to the Oracle at Sassafras and buy some sage smudge sticks. Plus a tiny present for Mark. Any excuse to visit that cool shop. "Serve and protect us Goddess and clean this room of evil". I cleanse the house.

February 19th

Outside my room on the carpet runner I spot small bits of wall paint. I look up above my door and a strange crack has appeared, is it connected? I think so but not sure how.

We spend the day filming and a late night with Marky editing pieces for Nigel Griggs (Split Enz) "All Alone" video. I kind of love how it turned out. It could of been so shiny and predictable but we took a different art house direction. We hope you enjoy it. If you view it on the You Tube page, please leave a message as I think Nigel is going to read them all. Thanks for supporting this project, at the time of writing 500+ views already. So exciting for us.


Take care and remember grab one of the super rare 7 inch vinyl picture cover single of The Happiness Index" by Tim Finn and Andy White (you can get one from the ALT band-camp page. Only 300 made).

Love Life

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