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vote yes

"Old men on ladders, what could possibly go wrong? Putting up Mark's YES signs."

August 28th

The Suns out, it feels like Spring but I fear Winter isn't really over yet. Marky tells me that we have some minus 2 nights coming up here at Kalorama. So a few of us sit outside the bakery charging our solar panels (skin). It's really perfect.

I had to deal with a Government Department today and it was really positive. You don't hear that very often do you? I was extra nice to them as I'm sure most of their day are people screaming.

Good to see the "Treasuring Our Trees" Facebook page is doing well. What exceptional work they do. Just rather beautiful. So check it out and please if you are on Facebook , give their page a "like" they do magnificent work around the community.

Lots of phone chat tonight, Trudi, Laura and my Sister. Laughter all around.

August 29th

Happy Birthday Jennifer. I have the best sister and she's a good friend. I count my blessings.

The charity is good today, I put in some extra hours. Just to make a dent in the book, dvd, cd stock. I work on some Project X materials during lunch break and my friend Joan takes some home to help out, bless her. A bit of a long day, my feet tell me it is time to go home.

Dinner-fresh Salmon, broccolini, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes in a peppercorn sauce. I made it especially for Marky. Not bad.

Tim Finn's manager calls and it's a fun chat. Our tickets lined up for the gig and a few possible other thigs. I am really REALLY looking forward to seeing Tim play. We haven't been this excited over a gig in ages. Not many tickets left for Melbourne, so don't blow it-who knows if Tim will ever do shows after this, you always wonder if this is the last time. Auckland show is very close to being sold out, so the final tickets for that will go in the next couple of days and the Sold Out signs will go up.

August 30th

Up fairly early and head to Hair for the Hills for a good cut and a bit of a dye job. The rain is gentle when I depart but halfway it starts to really bucket down. Cars go off the side of the road and little waterfalls everywhere, insane. I enjoy being inside and I purr like a pussy cat when my hair and scalp get a good rub and treatment. It's a nice cut and colour, very happy with it.

I take Mark out for a coffee and some dark orange chocolates at Hahndorfs chocolate shop at Montrose. We sit down and have a meeting around Project X, thrash out a few things and create our work list which we all know I will never stick with.

Home in time for Marky's Youtube Wednesday upload. Today we are back in the rehearsal room with Split Enz in Melbourne. The band getting ready for the Bushfire concert at the MCG. They are rehearsing "Poor Boy" and the date was March 12th 2009. Can you believe that was 14 years ago. Incredible. Anyway you can enjoy it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQtknQb1fQ

August 31st

I wake up smiling, all day thinking of the island escape. Our security friend is going to arrive here a day early so we can refresh him around the new security system. Thankfully the day and night cameras all link to my phone now, so no doubt Possums bonking will trigger the night cam and send me an alert every night. LOL. Hmmm hope our cute security friend doesn't have any wild sex in the gardens as he might inadvertently might be putting on a show for Mark and myself on my phone or iPad! Well he is cute, maybe I shouldn't tell him. Lights , camera, action?

September 1st

Happy Birthday to lovely Laura!

Spring has sprung and the flowers are starting to appear. Kalorama awash with colour. Rather beautiful.

Singer songwriter Paul Kelly's brilliant piece on why he is voting YES in the referendum is everywhere.. I share it on twitter this time and we get a fantastic response again. I'm starting to have faith in the Australian public again. Maybe they can see through Peter Dutton and the No liars bullshit. Hopefully. You can spot a racist as they usually start a post with "I'm not a racist but...". Well fuck YOU actually are I just want to write, but I am good and just move on. OK sometimes I tell they are a Fucknuckle that is true.

PK's inspiring YES piece gave me a vibe to play some of his more obscure stuff. So i searched out insanely large library and found "The Women At The Well" cd. The songs of Paul Kelly performed by exceptional woman artists. Fave covers- Bic Runga (naturally) , Chrissy Amphlett sensational cover of "Before Too Long", and Lash's potent cover of "Dumb Things". A good album. I'll be brutalised by this but I prefer this album to the Finn "She will have her way". It's got more passion or guts or something. My fave fave fave on the PK cover album has to be Magic Dirt covering "Darling it hurts". I know why I love this, it sounds like dirty filthy Transvision Vamp! It really does.... "Do you remember, baby, how we laughed and cried. We said we'd be together 'til the day we died. How could something so good turn so bad? ..." Fuck yeah! Well written Paul Kelly, well reinvented Magic Dirt!

So we head off to Laura's party, in the warehouse part of Oakleigh South, secret codes to enter the security gates and about 20 of us get lost. We are walking among the warehouse and I spot a funeral parlour lit up. "OMG that must be it" i shout rather excited. Some of the more straighter people look at me terrified. It turns out it isn't but the space opposite which is just as good. Great dance area and we take over an Indian style alcove filled with pillows and fairy lights. I had to bring chip bowls so fill them up and have my first drink in ages. Just some Ruskies. Our bestest friend Trudy is here and great to see Claire. Laura's Mum and sister. Hubby Kevin and the kids (now adults but always kids to us). My husband looks way too cute tonight so we have a bit of a cuddle ion the love pillows. Shock gasp a kiss on the dance floor while the Stones are playing too. A fun night, the birthday girl has a great time. We love Laura, she is LOYAL, loyalty and honesty the two things our best friends have in abundance. The two things that really matter to me. She loves her present bag and we end up being the last to leave after a wild Karaoke version of Cold Chisels "Bow River". We escort two ladies to their Uber. Gentleman that we are. Home after midnight (the time not the kitten). Thanks Laura and family for a rocking night.

September 2nd

What a fabulous Spring day. Daffodils are everywhere up here on the mountain. I sit outside at the bakery, strip to my "Keith Richard for President" T-shirt and enjoy the rays. I am spoilt by the bakery staff. I don't have a coffee, well at the start, go for a healthier Green Smoothie-Pear, Kiwi fruit, Lime and Mango. Chat to hiker Pauline for awhile. She's a Saturday regular, walks from Mt Evelyn, and gets the bus back. We have a laugh.

The Boys turn up so a bit of a giggle, we all comment how it is stunning today. I am tempted to mow the lawn.

2.15 the fire alarms sound at the Oval, we all wait to see "how long" that tells us what is going on. Only short so more likely someone has gone off the mountain edge or a tree down on the Tourist Rd. I head out and pick Oranges from the tree. Half a jug of juice and I'll save some of the skin for micro glazes in the chocolate mousse. Something wonderful about picking fresh fruit from a tree in your yard.

Paul Kelly releases IF NOT NOW around the Yes vote, great lyrics, just Paul kelly being his usual wonderful self. Check it out here, 50,000 views already.


Lasagne and salad for dinner, a standard but still delicious.

September 3rd

Fathers Day. I do think of Dad all day and my Sister takes some flowers to the grave.

I have some Tomato and Basil soup at the bakery, I'm having a bit of soup lately, what's that all about? As I sit sipping the soup a lady tells me all the power is down at Kalorama, some mini disaster and won't be back on till 5.00 PM. So i make plans for us to escape for most of the day. get Marky out of the house. I pick him up and we head to The Quarry Cafe at Upper Ferntree Gully where we meet up with Andy White. We shout some coffee and cake ( Fig Cheesecake, rather delicious). Lots of laughs and off to the next stop. On the way home I call into Witchwood Grove. A little Wiccan shop at Sassafras, opposite the Oracle. I hit it off with Mel the owner instantly. She is so thrilled that i own an original Rosaleen Norton. Even asks if they could display it for awhile...we shall see. She mixes up some herbs to help with Markys lack of sleep and I buy this rather majestic plate that Mel has made. We will return as Witchwood Grove is a place for me.....i let my friend Marilyn in Sydney know, she will love Witchwood.

Markys magic sleep tea has Lavender, Chamomile, Vervain, Apple and Mugwort in it for those wondering.

As we arrive home the power comes on, and the alarm system switches back from battery to mains, the system is working perfectly.

Watch Don Wildman shows for the rest of the night. We love how he just does all this extra stuff himself, sometimes a bit stupid but so hands on and excited, we are fans. We sip our magic tea before we go to bed.

September 4th

Wow slept well, both of us the usual dreams but a solid sleep. Nice. Sunlight sneaking between my curtains. A lovely day. Midnight is patting my face, I am a good human pet. "Come on lazy bones lets get up".

Mark says he wants some YES signs for the referendum for the property. I make a call and collect them for him. A drive deep into the Mt Dandenong forest. The Labor (YES) bloke is really nice, in fact they all have been and gives me extra bits and pieces. The "Voice of Parliament" is this cool tiny book but a must read around The Voice. It will wipe away any doubts that Dutton's fear mongering has created. Plus Lara Watson who is a Birra Gubbi artist has done some wonderful artwork for it.

I am in need of a juice so call into the bakery and grab one of their glass bottles of juice "blood". It does the trick.

Home again and the afternoon I help Mark put his YES signs up in the trees on both sides of the property. Yes older men balancing on ladders, what could go wrong. Thankfully nothing, job done. The predicted wind storm and rain arrives around 500 PM, the signs hold strong (PHEW). It is incredible these YES signs are all over Kalorama how brilliant.

September 5th

Miserable day out. The builders are putting in the new footpath at the charity. They arrive even before me. I'm extra nice to them as it's a shit job during this terrible weather. I work a lot of extra hours, just staying on top of it. We had a few birthday celebrations at work today, and the cake isn't very far from my work table. HA!

I wish Skyhooks Bob Spencer a Happy Birthday, he was the young one in the band , only a few years older than Mark and myself . I like Spence, get along with him, I think he has the same bullshit meter around Conservative wankers as we do.

September 6th

I got $5.00 back online for my Hayfever tablets , they were such amazing value at Chemist Warehouse, and take off another $5.00- hey it's a free coffee! HA!

Was going to work on Project X today but all day absolutely sidetracked. In the end I gave up. I will focus again in a few days time.

September 7th

Today feels like Spring, finally. Suns out, I'm in a T-shirt again and the air smells fresh, flowers everywhere and Kalorama sneezing from hayfever.

It's a spring day at our charity store too so everyone is wearing flowers and flowery shirts. I wear my Pansy Division Tee with the massive pansy on the front under my long sleeve funky floral shirt. Hmm wondering if anyone will ask about PD's music. I hope no Granny's ask "What songs do they sing?"... arghh "Cocksucker Club", "Bill & Teds Homosexual adventure" and "Dick of death" I so WON'T be replying.

I see Marks 3 YES signs have withstood the harsh winds again last night. I hear from Nigel of Split Enz and he wants a YES sign for his front yard too.

September 8th

I pay our Foxtel out of the road, we only owed them $13.26 , I wish all bills were so tiny. But all done, no money owing , no bills again. Yay.

I drop Sally St a quick message in the UK, her address disappeared from my system, just like that, so strange, she'll always be a good time party girl! Our Little Miss Pink Suitcase! Bless her.

I love the Madjedbebe archaeological site in Arnhemland, and it's 65,000 year old relics, the worlds oldest ground edge axeheads , flints, grindstones etc. The Aboriginal culture in this country is incredible. Imagine what else they will find.

September 9th

Cold, wet, grey, 4 degrees during the day, Winter is back. Snow again in the Alps. Bring on the island, a week to go! The new security system worked perfectly last night as we had a small power black out here at Kalorama, just for an hour. I was out with my kick boxing security guy when it happened, just a small work out. I told him to get used to the blackouts while he is minding the house. Sometimes it's trees down or some poor possum zapped, or upgrades , the joys of living in a national park. He's so chilled and looking forward to staying here, which is great.

I make Marky some Moroccan briovats with goat cheese. We have some of the wraps left so I'll use that for a chicken version tomorrow. They turned out perfectly. Shock! gasp!

So The Rolling Stones "Hackney Diamonds" is released on October 20th. The new single "Angry" is getting some solid play and exposure, Sydney Sweeney in the clip. We miss Charlie Watts so much but you know I prefer to see The Stones on the charts than some of the other crap that is out there.

I help friend Barry out, flat tyre -unfortunately it happened in the middle of disasters by two other people. Yes St. Peter to the rescue. They were all thankful but by afternoon I was exhausted.

I light a fire tonight, probably our last for the year. Midnight stretches out in front of it sucking in that warmth. She is growing, getting a bit kooky but what did you expect, having to live with us.

September 10th

I do sleep in, well WE sleep in, Miss Pussy happily snuggled under the blankets keeping warm. I wear my Polar Bear brand jacket to the bakery. The jacket is a relic from the mid seventies but I love it. I chat to Mark and Ryan, a musician and glass maker, we hit it off straight away. Fun chat. Just as I am leaving Kay turns up so I stay for awhile and we have a good laugh. The day slips by.

Home by 2.00 and I wash a Rock Star t-shirt, that I have chopped the arms off. Maybe I can get a bit of a tan up on the beaches. I am so not a rock star but I like the shiny shirt.

Maddison sends Marky a cool box of kitten toys for Midnight and the sweetest note. She loves them, excited for new play things, just like a little kid.

I also get a present, from our gorgeous mate Liz Logan, "The Penguin Dictionary of Curious & Interesting Words." So stoked, what a gift something i will love. Fidimplicitary ...wow my first cool word! HA!

We watch Brad Pitt in "Babylon" and I love the movie, maybe a bit too long but sensational. Aussie actress Margot Robie is in the movie too and is a majestic Nellie La Roy. I need to get this on bluray.

Take care everyone, stay happy & a big shout out to Deb too who somehow pops the diary up every few weeks, it is appreciated.


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