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happy kitten

Midnight, rather happy to be living with us here at Kalorama.

July 31st

Good grief it's almost August. That kind of freaks me out. 2023 has just picked up a notch. Zoom! My day seems a bit blurred and I've lost my 'edge'. Yeah still this flu bug so I spend most of it in my bed. Mark is the best nurse-ever! Dr Midnight turns up and snuggled next to me and manages to purr. She must be settling in as she is now purrring more and more. I pop another of Troy's immune boosters and feel better. My body will do what it must. Mark tells me everything can wait just to focus on getting better.

Usually i care zero about sport but like everyone else, thrilled for the Matilda's 4-0 win over Canada. Australia's world cup dream is alive and how good seeing the sold out AAMI park stadium. Stoked for the "Tilda's! Go Girls!

August 1st

My presale code arrives for the Paul McCartney gig(s) in Oct-November, am very tempted. Probably the last time we will see him play here I guess.

I drag my corpse out of bed and go for normal, which means washing my car. I am feeling better. Well a bit.

Midnight the kitten has been a sheer delight, pretty much purrfect. She sleeps well, uses her litter tray and is so happy. She attaches herself to Marky and they are so cute together.

My taste buds are shot (for the moment) my once a day coffee had no real taste. The girls tell me about "Mr Olinda" a guy up here that entices the local women with handfuls of cash to have sex. I have no problem with that, I just love that his name is Mr Olinda. I so want to be known as Mr Kalorama and people offer me a shitload of cash to bonk them! Ha! I'm worth it, i can give you references. Maybe I can charge by the minute.

Brian Nankervis drops me a line asking if we would like to go to Rockwiz at The Palais tonight, normally we'd love it but I am still rather sickly and would infect half of St Kilda. But thanks Brian, very kind of you.

August 2nd

I sit with Kay at the bakery and we have a laugh. She asks a favour around lifting cabinet fittings so happy to oblige. The good thing is that I meet Midnights Mum, Ebony. A black long hair cat. Her Dad was a bit feral, a local romeo that goes house to house, so like Banshee, her Dad a feral. As I leave Kay finds a spray can of gold paint, 3/4 full so perfect for Project X. On this one I can't have enough gold paint! The cardboard etc just soaks it up. Bonus!

So sad, Euphoria actor Angus Cloud dead at 25, battling depression etc. Terrible, so bloody young.

Today would of been Vali Myers birthday, she would of turned 93. I miss her, my crazy fox.

Mark puts up the wonderful "The Devil You Know". A live version by Split Enz. One of my favourite songs from Split Enz Conflicting Emotions album. I guess Neil likes this one of ours as he shares the Youtube link on his facebook page.

August 3rd

Up early to venture into the charity, I still have a tiny cough, it can go from nothing to brutal. So may take a little while to bugger off. In the car park sipping coffee I give Maddison a call for her birthday. Can you believe it MIM is TEN! She loved her presents, sneaked out of bed at 1.00 AM to attempt to open them, but her parents sent her back to bed. Nice try MIMster.

My poor ol' Mum is in hospital, leg issues and her knee , I am slightly relieved as I know they will keep an eye on it and hopefully it will be improved. I know hospitals are horrid when you are older, but we just want her to get well. The nurses have been super nice and she has a Dr in at the hospital that they likes. Of course her kids are both stressy over all of this but we are trying to deal.

Mark finds not one but two more live Split Enz shows for our list. Up to 1001 now. There can't be many more to find.

August 4th

A rather wind blown day up here, people must think I'm a bit kooky sitting outside. Our Nick Cave book arrived "Stranger than Kindness" his exhibit book from the Copenhagen display. I love that Nick cave has 'to do" lists , that makes me smile , I am not alone after all.

I grab a few things from Woolworths and another 1000 Qantas flight points are added to my account. It all adds up.

In the evening I put some recycle into the bin and go visit our Wollemi Pine. I rarely see it at night and it looks so cool under a full moon. It's had another growth spurt. A happy tree, just relieved it survived the disaster up here.

August 5th

Midnight sure is a good kitten, still sleeping in, in the morning. OK at 7.30 she does sneak up the end of the bed and snuggle under the covers with me. So far so good, used the litter tray every time. She had some insane run around thing happening tonight, it seems really odd. I had to calm her down a bit. That bit drives Mark crazy.

I bake a homemade apple and apricot pie for desert. LIght a fire and watch some documentaries. I am still a bit flu ridden, the final stuff is departing slowly. I'm back in the office, some bits and pieces to be mailed to people and some emails to answer but everything can wait a few days till I am better.

August 6th

I heard from a few people that I met while I was away around the NSW flood disasters, so that was really cool. They were eager to stay in contact with me so that's really nice. It sounds like most lives have returned to normal but for some, not so. We all don't bounce back and sometimes it's circumstance or having the shit beat out of your life one too many times.

I did sleep in today, just surrendered to it. It felt nice but up by lunch time and feeling recharged and less foggy.

I worked on Project X for a short time, just having the smallest break from it. Will re-focus soon and dig my heels in and work on it. Mark is so relaxed around it, it will happen when it is meant to.

I need to find a copy of The Penguin "Dictionary of curious and interesting words". Just a beat up second hand one, if any of my diary angels see one at an Op shop and want to surprise me, mail it in to PO Box 50, Kalorama VIC 3766.

Give Marks hair a trim, he looks rather smart. I can't believe he is sitting outside at dusk with no shirt on waiting for me to trim his golden locks. he's getting a bit of a fanclub these days, woman are flooding to him. My husband the Stud. Maybe he is Mr Kalorama not me.

August 7th

Buy up big at the Bakery, just nice stuff for lunch. I mail off some items to fans from our little office clean up. Pay Bills today and have a 2 page "To Do" list that I am determined to get through.

I drive to Spotlight and buy some new scissors for material cutting. They had some super sale on for an hour so scored Marky a new omelette pan for $10.00, saved $50.00 pretty good eh?

We pay all of our rates , so debt free, we owe nothing, not a thing, good grief how fantastic does that feel. The rates are always the big thing, the one that makes a dent. I am happy.

August 8th

Mark spoils me and I shed a tiny tear, just a real little one. So thrilled, speechless, I just hope he knows how much I appreciate him.

I keep checking on Mum and she moves to a private hospital soon. So a small relief, my sister just awesome, I just hope things improve for our mother, we worry like crazy. Old age sucks.

I return the favour to Mark with a bit of a surprise. Well a surprise for both of us. September will be a good month.I feel so cryptic in this issue of the diary, sorry about that.

August 9th

I give Moonlight her half worming tablet. It took three attempts but no scratches or blood but that Kitten look of "why are you trying to hurt me". Three's a charm and she finally swallows it. Tick that off the good parent list. She is such a great cat, gets a full nights sleep and no bullshit. Usually the Kookaburras wake her and she climbs under the covers and goes back to sleep for another hour.

Marky puts up a live version of Crowded House performing "Weather with You". It's the only version of "Weather" that I filmed that we haven't used. Extra cool as Tim pops up at this Wembley show and he has the best dance moves. To make it extra special they break into Split Enz "Sweet Dreams" mid song. This is fantastic. Check it out here & it is really good. Thanks Marky. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsBAoGEHOYs

August 10th

I love cooking with Cauli Blossom. Not just the taste but the look, it always reminds me of coral. I add it into a few of our meals.

I am up early and Mark is awake, cooking omelettes. He has the bin open and Midnight flips the lid on top of her, so we both chuckle as this garbage lid with a tail poking out zooms around the kitchen floor like some out of control UFO or automated vacuum cleaner. Crazy kitten, she does keep us amused.

I head to the charity, clutching my lovely coffee from Lachies van. Today was a good day, I even managed to give the shelving in the Book Cave a clean. I had a lot of happy people come up and say how they just love the area and what a fabulous job I've done. So that was nice.

Japanese for dinner. Yum.

August 11th

My kitten "alarm clock" wakes me at 7.30 so a shower and off for my coffee. I take a few pieces of Project X with me and work on them, much to the intrigue of passers by.

Nice to hear from Andy White today. I said I'd remind people that the Andy and Tim Bandcamp page has a tiny bit of (AT) cd stock left and a handful of the black vinyl AT albums. Only 250 black vinyl albums pressed so nice & collectible.

You can order the Andy & Tim album here: https://altandyliamtim.bandcamp.com/album/at

August 12th

VALE Ron S. Peno, lead singer from Died Pretty. We knew he was sick but even so it just feels so incredibly sad. "My Generation Landslide" is one of my favourite songs, an absolute flop and Australian radio should hang it's head in shame for not playing that one.

I'm sitting inside the Olinda bakery this morning as it is a bit chilly out. Joan Jett singing "I Love Rock N Roll" comes on the radio and everyone starts singing it, including customers. Just wonderful, we all applaud at the end like we just did something so spontaneous and brilliant and you know -WE DID. Love it.

I work in the art room all afternoon, and Died Pretty get a solid whack of play. Sad that at times it takes someone dying before you revisit their albums.

The Matildas play France tonight and the girls are amazing, nail biting but they win, so move into the Semi Finals . This country is so proud of them. Love how PM Albanese says if they win the series Australia should get a public holiday. Of course the boring old Nationals go on about that especially Nationals "Leader" Littleproud. (More like Little dick) He's not really "proud" at all is he? Anyway Congratulations Mighty Matilda's and great to see PM Albo cheering them on waving his scarf.

August 13th

Matilda fever is everywhere, wonderful, the spirit of Australia.

Winter is still hanging on, I can't wait for sunshine on my shoulders, swimming in the sea and cuddling on a beach. Bring it on.

I spend some of the afternoon in our office, but I have to pull my finger out and work on Project X. Just a mental barricade so I need to just go for it. Not like me to stall mid project.

Take care everyone.

P.S.- Marky said to say thank you for supporting "Youtube Wednesday" too, he is blown away by the nice comments and the amount of people who are enjoying the videos. More to come.


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