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Tim signing CDs

"Tim Finn signing the AT albums- released to the World on March 31st."

March 6th

The Andy & Tim 7 inch stock soon departs from the UK pressing plant on it's way to Andy's house, so when it gets here we send them all out on the same day. Long hours but great to get it done. I am still blown away that all the 7 inch vinyl sold out so super fast. This will be one of those fan items that will gain in value, wait and see. Well worth the wait too.

I'm at the bakery having a coffee and radio is playing Skyhooks 'Living in the 70's' it sounds AMAZING even after all this time. Such a unique sound. The bands 50th comes up soon from the time they played their first gig.

The news continues to show images of the 50,000+ people walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the closing of Pride. All those rainbow flags. We have ours up in the trees of Kalorama. Fluttering away in the trees. 50,000 can certainly inspire you. Sad that some people are still too scared to come out of their closets in 2023. It shouldn't be like that. Sometimes they have to be a tiny bit brave too. If someone doesn't love you simply because you are gay, you'd be better off without them in your life.

Nice to chat to Sarah in Adelaide, such a wonderful loyal mate. Heaven help anyone that tries to hurt me with friends like this.

March 7th

Weird dreams last night, this strange dog creature with a dinosaur type head covered in white paint, eating it's way around my grandfathers house at Wollongong. It went on and on and on. Demon Hound go away. Quick pass the white sage.

So I woke not very rested for the charity. Got my shit together and left on time. Traffiic was fantastic and Lauchie's coffee helped a bit. Once more the Charity Dream Team get a lot done!

I get a very cool text from Yarra Ranges Council around the giant solar battery at Kalorama and after that i chat to this marvellous lady at the solar company. A bit proud they reached out. All to do with my work at the Community Disaster Hub. I gave them some suggestions will meet up and look at the areas they are interested in. I'm not trying to be some voice for the community but it certainly is positive when the council does this. How could someone even think this is negative. Hopefully a thumbs up from the community.

Home and we are working in the office, Mark is editing and laughing way too much on his "1975...the year that was" little mini piece, It will be ready within 48 hours. He makes me look at bad seventies fashion photos for it and we fall on the floor laughing. Especially the old Queen with the younger Queen. Yieks.

"The Happiness Index" clicks over it's 500th view on my YouTube channel. It was out in 6 other places before so even 500 is great, my regulars will enjoy it. The views will continue to grow. My freaky obsession that everything on my You Tube page must get 1000 views. I am a strange creature.

After we watch Queerastralia on the ABC, I'm going to see if Mark wants to complete the editing tonight, so a late one. I might tempt him with bad Macca's as we haven't had anything like that for months. The second episode of Queer was excellent, the first good but the second GREAT. I make a note to contact an Archivalist, who I thought was rather brilliant. Thumbs up Nick Henderson.

At 10.16 PM we are both back in the office. These days i seem to play a lot more Hoodoo Guru's, such an awesome band. No not just because Dave is gay, I just love the songs & always have. They've come along way since I was the first person to review their debut single. Even typing that seems strange, I'm ageing at the same rate as the band but like them I keep going too. The 2 CD Hoodoo's album "Ampthology" is playing as I type the diary. "Another World" I'm kind of loving. After the 'shake up' I get why people change. Why people harden and why people flee life. I'm refusing all of that and barging ahead like some crazed Taurean.

"Storm in the morning but still as the night, We sever the moon that keeps crying, Better to be in the moment or lost in the past... Like a rainbow that's shining upon me..." (Thanks Dave! x). Hey i could be quoting Miss Freelove instead (GRIN).

It really is shameful that the bands "A 1,000 Miles Away" only made it to #33 in this country, it should of been a #1 single for the Hoodoo Guru's, that shits me.

Just after midnight I leave the mountain and grab some late night take away. If we are editing for a few hours, sometimes you just want such bad stuff. I grab some fuel too, and the guy behind the security screen goes "you are ok not to pay up front I know you Peter". I'm wondering if dementia has set in as I can't recall him. Weird. We stuff our faces in the office and Mark leaves the sound editing till tomorrow. It's kinda fun what he has created, even though I look like I have the worst hayfever and I did while filming. Why can't we film when I am stunningly handsome ...ok we may be waiting awhile. HA.

March 8th

I wake up too early and watch the black baby Bunny hopping around with his mates. I wonder if he knows he is a black bunny. I wonder if he cares. Black Bunny's Matter! (Did I really just type that?).

Mark stumbles out of his room just as I depart. I am in need of a coffee and the girls make me a healthy sandwich. Troy calls and it's 1.00 am in London. He left the earthquake zone, he is fried and waking up with full blown PTSD. You know all the times I've been around him with PTSD he has never verbally abused me once. Always been this lovely guy. I'm kind of glad he is finally thinking of himself. We talk for awhile, he asked Miss T if she can fly in and make his coffee as the coffee near his Aunts place in Kensington is crap. T. has a giggle with him, nice to hear him laughing. I buy Marky one of the bakery's baked cheesecakes, with all sort of goodies in it. Sounds like I am talking drugs but I'm really talking wild cherry's.

Home by 1.00 pm and straight into the office. Chat to Andy around stock etc, and why record companies are so slow on releases.

We hope you all like "1975 ... the year that was". You can enjoy it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn5F9VsJcbE

I drop Tim Finn an email. Thought it might be a cool photo of him signing all the "AT" cd covers, just for all our social media areas.

I see a promo for "Gotham Knights", Foxtel being useless don't even have it in their tv guide. Based after Bruce Waynes death, his adopted son forms an interesting alliance. This could be good , at least it's taken a fresh angle..... we'll give it a chance.

March 9th

We have a cake for Sonia at the charity today, it's her birthday. It's kind of nice they do this. I pig out on one too many pieces during the day. Today felt very slow though, but all stock done and finally home to the Hills.

I decide to keep my mouth shut how it is much harder to fall out of love, but trust me I well and truly am....

I paid endless bills today, almost all gone. One might be late but that isn't too bad is it. We are both tired from burning the candles at both ends, so in bed and ZZZZZing by midnight.

Mark is somewhat amazed that "1975 ... the year that was" has already had 500 views. Even a few woman calling Marky "sexy". See it had to happen. HA...and he IS!

March 10th

Hard rubbish collection has started up here so we put a silver metallic fridge out and our dying coffee machine from the office. They both had happy lives. I now have a space in the office. I was tempted to add some more archive shelves, still undecided.

I go to the bakery and share a coffee with Kay. She tells me she has an electric wood splitting machine so I cut a deal on some cut mini logs at our place, maybe in a weeks time, that way we don't have to do the tough axe work. Plus she will have some fire wood.

I do some preparation around Vegie Korma for dinner. It's fairly easy and we both love cashews, which is what the sauce is made of.

Andy tells me the Andy/Tim stock has now finally left the production place in UK, so a slight delay around the single but everything else should be on time. We hate delays but around vinyl they happen, especially when Queen release another best of on vinyl and suddenly that becomes the worlds vinyl priority.

March 11th

The suns out and I do some bits and pieces around the flooding in Nth West Queensland. Burketown is now underwater and the time to leave is over. It's a small outback town, around 200 people. The tiny bit of good news is that Telstra has reconnected the communications infrastructure at the nearest main town, an hour away. Kate from Pinchapoo offers emergency packs and Carol some additions to the medical pile. Such awesome people. We just do what we can do.

We continue our binge on "Midnight Texas" we are loving the show.

I start reading bits and pieces around Aussie bushranger Captain Midnite. How he met James 'Jim' Nesbit at Pentridge Prison and they fell in love. Remember this is the 1800's+. Jim Nesbitt is shot and dies in Andrew Scott's arms (Captain Midnite) and he gives him one last kiss. I'm such a sucker for sad romance even bad boy Bushrangers from the past that might/might not of been 'good people'.

March 12th

A really strange 24 hours, so many people checking out this diary. Close to 100 emails (all positive emails) and the counter clicks over a few thousand! I'm not sure why, did people wake up and go "I have the urge to check out the diary page?". ... or was it mentioned in the media or from someone with loads of Facebook friends. I'm not sure, I say 'thank you' and smile. To celebrate I buy us a 6 pack of donuts at Olinda bakery and have a coffee. Party!

Mark is awake early and cleaning a video tape adapter. Thankfully I bought more baking soda. Hallelujah it seems to work (we shall see). Problem #2 the mini tapes have some micro mould, but they work, well kinda-the first 10 minutes won't play on the three tapes. I find a poster and other bits'n'pieces and a new Video project commences. Well hopefully. I keep giving Mark such musical turds and he polishes them back into shape, he is the oracle, the alchemist. Massive problems though with transfers just happened, so a total nightmare. Still not sure if this will even happen. Hope so, Mark always finds some way around this but even he might hit a brick wall with this one.

It was meant to rain today but so far just warm. My lovely neighbour warns me that the hard rubbish fridge I've put out might not be picked up as it still has it's doors attach. So I like like I am knocking over some houses as I head out with by burglar metal bar and take off the doors. Someone has already stripped the underpart for copper wiring and tubing, no surprise.

It's been a month but finally all the Emails in my In box fit on one screen. The Andy & Tim stuff has overtaken my IN box, which is a good sign, well I guess, unless you have to answer them all. But yes I can see them all now without scrolling down- luxury.

I think rain is on the way, maybe not, some good Wicca weather to change it. Just so the Bush Dance can go ahead at the Chillout Festival. You'd think having Nate the weather man on the stage he might have friends in high places to keep that wet weather away. Meanwhile we are all looking at cowboy hats, spurs and chaps! It could be a late night.

March 13th

I so needed a recovery coffee today and the bakery girls were onto it. Sit with Kay and we talk about so many bands. She confesses she was also a Bay City Roller fan (I roll my eyes). We both piss ourselves laughing at Norman Gunston singing the start to Skyhooks 'Horror Movie' on my YouTube page. The band looking so mighty as they take control of the song.

I'm home and feed the roses, mainly because I'm giving K some of my spare rose food. It's a public holiday here in Victoria and the late tourists have arrived on the mountain at lunch time. It's such a beautiful day why wouldn't one go for a drive up to Mt. Dandenong. I have my "To Do:" list out so going to tick that off. I am in focus, and going to clear the list, which does include "bake a home made chocolate cake for Mark". I fear my possible current video project is stressing him a lot. I worry that I am asking too much sometimes, some turds are not meant to be polished, but i KNOW he can do it, I have such faith in him, more than any other person I know or have ever known.

I give our friend Mary a call, haven't heard from her for a few weeks , so I check in to make sure she is ok. She talks to my Mum and it's like two old pirate ladies having a cackle.

Marky works in the office till 3.00 AM. He is so incredible. I swear he wants to murder me for this one. I'm feeling a bit guilty. My hero. I'm glad music fans love what he does. I fall asleep at 5.00 AM.

March 14th

The alarm wakes me at 6.30am. Yes I feel like shit and do the Zombie walk and get ready for charity. Thankfully Lachies coffee from his van helps. Told me I look so healthy these days, I love a good liar in the morning. Oh he meant it, Ooops!

The boss arrives and is in such a horrid mood, the long weekend has meant that loads of people just dumped absolute crap at the back door of the charity. It looks like a tip. That's why people do it so they don't have to pay tip fee's. Horrible and no room in the bins. We spend most of the day reshuffling the stock around on the floor, happens a few times a year, keeps the clothing items fresh. Big effort but we are a star team.

The media can't stop talking about Albo's SSN-Aukus submarine deal. China is spending so much on military, ours is just a drop in the ocean (no pun intended).

I wonder if people will lose their Youth Allowance in NSW from Perrottets "Future Fund" idea. It sounds rather dodgy. I think the NSW Liberals are desperate, time for a change. Hope Labor win NSW, I'm sure it's going to be close, but Yes TIME FOR A CHANGE in NSW.

March 15th

A fun call from Andy. The pressing plant for the Andy & Tim vinyl album stuffed up & pressed it in a deep purple (colour not the band) so they recalled the stock to get it done correctly. However, 100 purple vinyl copies were shipped to Andy and myself in Oz for the Bandcamp website. So it now looks like 100 copies that we have will be purple. I suggested we number them on the back. Super collectible for fans. I love these cool accidents that create something amazing for fans.

I head for a coffee and I see purple everywhere. Purple fluffy pillows, purple flowers outside, the skinny lady jogging at the oval in a purple tracksuit. Purple icing on the cake at the bakery. I have the radio playing and yes Prince with "Purple Rain" comes on and I start laughing like a mad person. See Andy & Tim purple IS it!

Kay is at the bakery , she asks a favour around moving a cabinet which is totally fine. Extra bonus for me is that i get to meet Milly, one of her big hairy cats. Such a sweet critter, she falls asleep on my shoulder in the sun, just wants love and she is content. A bit like all of us eh?

Home and I make some Mango Lassi from some fresh mango's that I have. Such a nice drink on sunny days like today.

I am in the office all afternoon working on Andy and Tim stuff. Not too long till the release. The album should be up on Bandcamp this Saturday. Only 100 on vinyl DO NOT MISS OUT.

Mark finishes the "Crowded House-European Tour 1991" . Just footage I freehand filmed while jumping on the tour for a few shows. It's a bit wobbly in parts but I kind of love it, great songs. Three songs, three venues: "Don't Dream It's Over", "Left Hand" and "Tall Trees". Gent, Amsterdam and London. So nice and a bit sad seeing Paul Hester on drums, what an exceptional talent, Tim looks a bit dashing too. Am in awe that Mark managed to get anything from those dying video tapes of ours. He is the master, he is the Alchemist.

It's up now and you can enjoy it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhhRpqrjuko

March 16th

I wear my smart watch to the charity today, 10,000 steps, not my usual amount, obviously less time on the floor, plus we had ahead honcho meeting that left everyone very flat. Even tears. It felt horrid all day. Pretty much nothing i did so that is a relief.

I speak to Andy White when I get home and he is excited, the purple AT album vinyl stock has arrived plus 7 inch singles. We both cheer.

I'm hoping to get the A&T "Happiness Index" to 1000 views on my You Tube page so please support this and watch it here, that would be really amazing-so please if you can ....


An early night in bed as the rain falls, I sleep so well when it rains.

March 17th

I wake up with the urge to support public transport so take the bus to Olinda for a coffee. I'm the only person on the bus, so it's like a nice chunky limosine, the bus driver is a real sweetheart. This was fun. I go into the bakery and the girls are singing "Nutbush City Limits".

St Patrick's Day so of course I get to hang out with Mr White. he walks across the car park with bags and boxes, the last of the Australian vinyl AT singles plus a box of the cosmic purple AT albums. We pack the singles and go through the plan for the next week. Lots to do, press, social media plays a huge part. We joke and suddenly it is 2 hours later and he must go post these 45's. I love a hands on musician that gets that it is a GOOD thing to be involved with all areas of the release. Plus Andy makes my life easier. He deserves such applause on this project.

I works from 6.00 PM to midnight in the office on one on ones, media and tick everything off my two page list.

March 18th

It's meant to be super hot and windy today, bushfire conditions but only average hot (around 28 up here). So all good.

Everything falls into place and right on 9.00 PM the Andy & Tim album is up on band camp. We have digital, we have purple vinyl, we have autographed CD's and we have Triple packs (a slightly cheaper deal if you buy all 3 things). Plus on day of release the digital arrives in your IN box. Suddenly we are off and racing, as expected the "Triple Packs" take off. An hour later they have sold out. At one minute to midnight all the signed CD's have gone & the Purple vinyl down to a dozen copies. Andy is on the phone laughing like a crazy bastard, so happy. This is wonderful. Once again the amazing fans step up and say "Yes Please". I fall asleep smiling, I like it when it all goes to plan.

As I email Tim my email system goes down, so no emails for a few days till I speak to IINET. I am so relieved this happened after my email push. (PHEW).

March 19th

A tiny bit of rain last night so I sleep well. Suddenly I need to check on stock so no sleeping in for me. I go to ALT bandcamp and we have 11 purple vinyl albums left , which shocks me a bit, I expected way more, so I am guessing they will sell out today. I send a few texts to AW. The guys will be stoked.

I wrap my hand (still a few tiny aches) and head off for a celebratory coffee. A few locals sit and it's weird today, really busy, dead quiet, busy again, quiet. The bakery girls keep me amused.

I spot a nice Mandevilla with pink flowers at the Organic shop, so I buy it for Ailsa Craig. Some tropical colour for us southern gardeners.

I make time in the afternoon to create a big tub of Tzatziki dip from the cucumbers that Mick gave me.

Home and Andy calls, sounding rather blown away. We are doing a bit of a release for UK etc tonight yet almost zero stock so he's going to stretch us thin and try and find some more bits n pieces for the ALT band camp page. I told him you cant feel guilty over a sell out. So if you are reading this, go to the ALT band camp page, you might be lucky, or maybe not. Remember you can get a digital copy which IS on the page.


By 3.00 the final few coloured vinyls have gone. I take a snap of the AT purple record on the record player for the final mini push, it looks so good.

22 hours after we put the pre-sale up everything has now gone, with the exception of digital sales, I guess that's the beauty of digital unlimited. It's a wonderful vibe, we can't believe it. The entire pages covered in SOLD OUT SOLD OUT ! Still 12 days till the official release date, how good is that.

Tim sends me a nice message and a snap of him signing the albums as I requested. He still has such a good crop of hair. I must remember to thank the fans who are supporting the Andy & Tim album (so 'Thank you') all these years and people are still so loyal and love the new music, so inspiring.

Take care and all the best. Good luck Labor in the NSW election- TIME FOR A CHANGE.


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