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Enz promo pic

"Split Enz 44 years ago entered the Aussie charts with "True Colours" & it changed all of our lives ...."

February 12th

No time to get to the Hills hairdresser today so clippers out with an assist from Marky and hair a lot shorter. The colour turns out great-that chocolate brown with some micro auburn tints. Yes I shimmer in the Aussie sun! Perfect for swimming and it looks less like an out of control haystack. Shit at my age I am just lucky to have any hair. LOL.

I put the Crowded House clip up on our Australian Fanzines facebook page. Happy to show some support, it's family so why not. I need to play the song more, see if it clicks with me.

February 13th

I wake up feeling sick and Mark isn't crash hot either, a tiny case of food poisoning from a restaurant up here. Nothing serious but just feel a bit pukey. I stay for 1 hour at the charity, I do get the Book Nook all ready to go, so I'm glad I held in to do that. I rarely am ill so for me to head home is no big deal for them. The boss was extra kind and she got it.

I feel like I need a salad roll or something "leafy" so i call into the bakery and get a roll and juice. Just as I am about to drive off Jedekaih runs up so i sit for awhile and chat. His album is delayed but he is relaxed around it. He too has new short dyed hair. He's just being a "rockstar" and not a healthy swimmer like me. HA!

Home and Marky isn't surprised to see me, we both suffer together....and than the storm hits. Super hot, crazy windy and 15 minutes later a huge downpour. You can hear some trees crash down on the Tourist rd. Suddenly wham, the power goes out. It's a massive disruption, around half a million homes. Basically power infrastructure has been destroyed by the storm and the Coal burning power station fails.

So we light up the house with our disaster lighting. We spend the night chatting and eating our early Valentines Day presents of Rocklea Road. After 3 weeks of no power during the Kalorama Disaster we are both chilled around this one being out for a few days.

February 14th

I'm awake and look at my battery bedside clock, it's so exceptionally quiet outside. I can tell the power is still off and it is.

I head off mountain to fill up with fuel ("just in case") and a bit shocked that the garage is full and everyone has fuel cans filling them up for their generators. Disaster clean up crews are heading up the Tourist Rd, a few stray branches continue to fall. I drive to the boutique coffee shop as everywhere else at Olinda is closed, they have a generator so they are open. I have a small list of older residents up here so on the way home call in and just check on them. So many people come up and say 'Hello' and ask information. Thankfully I charged my phone with the solar charger so grabbed the latest News. A lot of houses are without power and many trees down. A big shout out to the amazing repair crews who go out at all hours and try and fix situations like this, sure they are paid but I still think they are magnificent.

Home and Marky walks up and gives me a Valentines Day pash! Oh-La-La! If I'm going to be powerless in a disaster he is the person I want to be with, he is the person I want to be with anywhere, anytime. The Prime Minister Albo proposes to his girlfriend Jodes. You old romantic PM. Good one Albo.

My power drill is charged so I spend a few hours working on Project X stuff. It's mostly nice outside so we sit together and go over bits and pieces for this Sunday's filming.

Wonderful Sarah and Bradley have sent off the video camera too so down the track Mark can attempt to transfer my Video 8 tapes, so fingers crossed for some more Gold for Markys Youtube Wednesday. BIG thank you to Sarah & Brad. We owe you guys, lets hope it does work. After all these years so many cameras and players give up the ghost. So it might not work either.

Nothing will stop Markys Youtube Wednesday going up, not even a power disaster and todays Youtube moment is extra special. It's audio, but very cool and never heard before. Tim Finns solo show at The Conty at Prahran. He played 2 nights but this is from the 2-6-99 show. The encore and our mate Paul Hester gets up onstage. The classic "Weather With You". So good to hear Hessie sharing the stage with Tim. Anyway enjoy and here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83MOh49FMRM

Night Marky, I love you, on Valentines Day and every other day of the year, see I'm far more romantic than the Prime Minister. LOL.

February 15th

I sleep in a tiny, tiny bit.

The charity is rather quiet today, I spot someone shop lifting and stare them down, they take the items out of their bag and put them back, they certainly didn't look poor. I think some people do it just for a thrill. My ice like stare marched them all the way out of the store. I never said a word, hopefully they are a bit ashamed.

I go grocery shopping at lunch time. Our crew arrive on Sunday for Project X so making sure they are fed and get some treats like my chocolate mousse.

February 16th

Taylor Swift is in town and she plays to her largest crowd ever tonight at the MCG. 96,000 people. Amazing. Two more nights to go.

I drive to Bunnings and buy some Kalanchoe (perennials) to go in along the walk way here at Kalorama. I went to buy Nigel of Split Enz a solar charger for his phone, as his power is still out but they have sold out.

I spoil Marky with Thai Red Curry with Aussie Prawns for dinner. It wasn't too bad, I got rid of some of it's heat with coconut milk.

February 17th

Up early, the bakery girls start at 6.00 am so I knew someone would be around to make me a coffee. In pre-production mode, so i work up the lists and tick off what has been done. Tomorrow is Project X, FINALLY we have reach this stage, some light at the end of the tunnel

Wendy and Doug off to Taylor Swift tonight with 96,000 other Melbournians. I wonder how many will end up with Covid?

I make mousse and some fresh fruit salad. I spend the afternoon in the art room and repairing some bits and pieces and by 6.00 PM I can say everything is finally ready for tomorrow. I crash and have a tiny Nana nap. I've been burning the candle at both ends (again).

February 18th

It's a frustrating F/16 diary moment as I so want to write about today. But it will 1/ spoil the surprise 2/ can't guarantee what is done today will yield results but I think it will. At 10.30 am Trudi, Laura and Wendy arrive for action. All three are marvellous and even during the countless hiccups, mini disasters etc they stand shoulder to shoulder with us and we get the job done. Today is frustrating for Mark but he always pulls rabbits out of hats and is my hero. Today is no exception, we get this done. There will be more on this project in a few weeks time. I promise. I feel a bit proud that the people around me are like us, when things go haywire around such 'projects' they hold strong and stay on course. To make it worse I had a terrible hayfever day, really bad so continually found it hard to focus. End of day i think we got the job done. Mark has a history of my worst stuff shine like a pot of gold.

...and speaking of shining. Today 44 years ago Split Enz entered the aussie charts with "True Colours" . This album changed all of our lives, really really changed them. A Pop masterpiece. So grab it out of your collection, dust it off and give it a play. Such a mighty band, no strings on Split Enz... well. LOL.

February 19th

Wendy also had a parcel of presents from Christmas etc so we were spoilt. One were a pair of "Iso Chooks"by Joan Denison at Eltham. Created during Covid isolation, painted on fence posts, and I love them. So i made a natural "frame" near Hercules the lemon tree out of the greenery growing on the fence and nailed them up.

A fascinating piece on the ABC news page on a recent study of a system of caves on South Australia's limestone coast. A snapshot of Australia's climate 350,000 years ago. Naracoote caves, about 26 of them, 4 open to the public, the rest closed for research & far too sensitive. The caves also known for their significant deposits of animal fossils like the Marsupial Lion and short nosed Kangaroo.

February 20th

Lachie my coffee bloke and his van are absent today. I'm guessing Covid from the public, it is everywhere. I am still Covid free. The last man standing? So i go grab a Starbucks Frappoccino from Woolworths. I'm certain full of sugar but it gets the job done. Another week of wild weather arriving, especially for QLD and NSW. Hope for my nieces sake the Sydney Taylor Swift shows are not blown out.

A new face at charity, a 19 year old chap called Rory and he is great. He gets along with us all and works hard. This is excellent, more like him please. He also has some chemist experience and tells me about some new Hayfever behind the counter tablets so I buy some of those. Very expensive but they work so well.

Finally home and crash, i need sleep. Midnight climbs in next to me and snuggles up, happy to join me in dreamland. Marky rubs my feet, life is good. We binge out on "The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace". It's so freaky and you swing 360 as far as who to support and what to believe half way through, it is done so well and even more strange because it is a true story. A real life version of the "Orphan" movie....or not!

February 21st

A decent sleep and a tiny bit of rain and some lightening wakes me up during the night.

I head to Olinda for a coffee and run into Alex who looks after the fan page for Skyhooks and Rose Tattoo. We joke what a wanker Angry Anderson is LOL. Nice to have a music chat too.

The bakery girls make me the best salad sandwich ever! Some rum ball treats for Marky.

Home and I spend the day working in the office. Mark shows me some of Project X roughs and I swear I am so happy, almost in tears. Excellent.

It's Wednesday again and Markys Youtube Wednesday is a bit of a rarity. Crowded House in Holland and Tim Finn is in the band. One of the few times The Crowdies covered Tims solo hit "Fraction Too Much Friction". No surprise as the song was huge in Holland and a top 5 hit for Tim. So Crowded House perform it at the Paradiso, Amsterdam on October 16th 1991. (They also played it at Utrecht). So a rare moment and I caught it on camera. You can enjoy it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QBnptQWUiI

It's been a year too since Enz bassist Nigel Griggs "All Alone" video was released to the world. One of our fun projects, lets face it, how many times do I get to wear a chicken suit, be the "hand of the goddess" and have a tunnel in Peru named after me, all in one video. It did well and Nigel loves it, so he tells us. Anyway you can find that on my youtube page too if you are interested. We love our one a year arty video creations.

The capacity of rooftop solar will soon exceed that of coal, gas and hydro combined in Australia's main grid a new report found. Rooftop solar will rise to 66GW. I remember many decades when we first got it, they were trying for 100 rooftops in Oz to have solar,we were #97 and apparently those 3 original solar panels are still working. The panels we have at Kalorama are great, made in South Australia and our buyback rate is still 66c! Thank you Sol.

February 22nd

It's going to be a hot one, the sun rises and the sky has that bushfire burn to it. I drive to charity and I'm wearing the coolest shirt I can find, not cool looking but cool fabric, we are going to cook in the predicted heat. As expected by 2.30 we close down and the doors are shut and we head home early. I buy fuel and run into Subway for some "foot longs" as there is no way I am going to cook during this sweltering weather, it is getting close to 40.

A cold front arrives here around 8.00 PM, add some thunder and a bit of rain. I hope the conditions improve at Ballarat. My disaster alert stuff is sending me information every 30 minutes. Properties lost because of the fire and three disaster centres set up. 1000 fire fighters tackling the blaze. True heroes.

Maddison begs her Mum to take her to a Taylor Swift Bingo night at the local club at Wollongong, and Sis agrees. It's also dress up. Maddie wins "Best Dressed". She grabs her prize pack and heads to the other side of the room. She does the kindest thing, gives half the pack away to another girl who didn't win and says "well i think you looked great" Come on, how sweet is that, what a big heart she has. We are so proud of her.

We couch it with the air con on, nice and cool, watching "Skinwalker Ranch" "Abandoned Engineering" and more " Natalia Grace". Not much sleep tonight.

February 23rd.

A certain kitten wakes up at sunrise and attacks my feet, forcing me to get up and feed her. The temperature has dropped by 16 degrees so thats good. A few emergency texts come through so am pro-active early today. Ballarat didn't get any relief last night and the fire is heading towards Elmhurst which has around 200 people from memory. The 3 emergency centres are set up and we make some calls to assist. Some friends help out with a few bits and pieces that they need so that is great.

I keep wondering when the next bushfire will happen up here on Mt D. We are long overdue for a fire, i think we have just been very lucky so far. While I have some spare time I do a bit more yard clean up. It really is endless.

Mark works all afternoon on Project X editing. I keep having to remind him to stop and have some lunch. I LOVE what I've seen so far, love, love, LOVE. More in a few weeks. I'm kind of excited, busting to tell you guys.

Hundreds of butterflies are hanging around our place, so many different shapes and colours. Some I have never seen before. Beautiful.

Taylor Swift's first Sydney concert and the weather is a worry, a small delay but the show goes on. Not sure if I really wanted to see Ex Pm Scummo with his man boobs bouncing around to Taylor on my Tv screen. Urgh.

February 24th

A scary morning around Midnight the kitten, she was in such a deep sleep next to me, I thought she had died in her sleep. She woke up but it took a little while, it scared the hell out of me. She seems totally normal in the morning, but her Cat Dads both had cat loving heart attacks.

I'm coming back from Olinda and I notice hard rubbish piles are starting to appear by the road, it's that time of year. Out of the corner of my eye I spot something that I need around Project X and it is perfect. I stop the car and am delighted with this find, it is in great condition. A bit of a clean and some tiny repairs but amazing. Others peoples rubbish can at times be someone elses gold. I send a picture to some of the gals and they go, "Oh my how perfect". They are impressed.

Once again IINET are stuffing around with our Emails. Mark keeps saying it is time to ditch IINET , but I wonder if other companies will be as bad. Plus all the hassle to inform everyone about our new Email address. It is very frustrating.

I pull out our rates notice, will get it paid on Monday for the entire year, it's out of the way. It really is the only big painful financial thing all year. Once it is done I breathe a sigh of relief for another 12 months.

Lynda Mc's is back at our Supermarket so her vegetarian burgers for dinner. I filled in one of those managers surveys and it asked how we can improve and I said you need to get Lynda McCartneys vegetarian meals back in stock. Enz bassist Nigel loves them too (I didn't put that bit in the survey). Maybe Supermarkets do occasionally listen?

February 25th

Warm, windy and I have the Kalorama sniffles in the morning. But what a grand old day, not too hot, absolutely perfect. I feel like I should try and get a lot done today. Marks in the editing suite all day. Apart from "Project X" there will be a "making of" and that should be on our Youtube page in approx a weeks time. It will give the game away but not the visual surprises. So make a note and check it out.

Off for my coffee and to say goodbye to a few friends who are heading overseas for holidays. I call into the IGA to buy some cat litter for Midnight and this familiar blonde woman comes up and says "Tell me about Project X". It totally took me by surprise. I cracked up- i was so taken back I probably told her more than I should. She had this great smile that beamed when I told her some details. OK I'm a sucker for IGA blondes of all sexes! HA. Shout out to you Libby. Mums the word.

I'm watching some TV while I have lunch. It is true Hayden Quinn does it for me. I really love his "Taste of Australia" show too-excellent. Yeah his girlfriend is a tad hot too.

So another diary comes to an end. The counter just clicked over 689,000 views- remember when it was a mere 100! Thanks for coming back and enjoying my waffle.

Now go and enjoy life, the world really can be a brilliant place.


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