the finn brothers

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Brothers Tim and Neil Finn have been making music together since their childhood in Te Awamutu, New Zealand, continuing through to international success in Split Enz and Crowded House. However, it wasn't until late 1989 that they actually started writing together -- a reunion that yielded more than a dozen songs for a proposed Finn Brothers side project. That album was scrapped and most of the material was absorbed by Crowded House's Woodface (1991) and Together Alone (1993), as well as Tim's 1993 solo album, Before & After. The brothers' project resumed in late 1994, and in four weeks, they completed an album called simply Finn. The album, released in the fall of 1995 (the summer of 1996 in the U.S.), showed a much more casual side of the Finns and was less pop-oriented than their previous musical collaborations -- the brothers play nearly all of the instruments themselves, ranging from the primitive to the exotic. After initial pressings of Finn, the duo changed their name to the Finn Brothers to avoid confusion with a band going under a similar name.

-- Chris Woodstra

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