schnell fenster

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Schnell Fenster was an eclectic New Zealand-based band comprised of former Split Enz members Phil Judd (guitar/vocals/keyboards), Noel Crombie (drums), Nigel Griggs (bass) and Michael Den Elzen (guitar). The band formed in 1986 and released their first album, Sound of Trees, in 1988 in Australia. A warm reception in their homeland prompted an American contract with Atlantic Records the following year and a worldwide release for the album in 1990. Without a supporting tour outside of their homeland and poor promotion, the album quickly faded. The follow-up, 1991's OK Alright A Huh Oh Yeah, suffered the same fate, this time with a release limited to Australasia. While promoting the album, Crombie developed tinnitus, forcing them to postpone the tour. They eventually broke up, with the members eventually playing a more active role behind the scenes in the music business.

-- Chris Woodstra

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