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Phil Judd's "Dreamin' Away"

Phil Judd's musical career began in the early seventies as a founding member of Split Enz. In the years that followed in NZ Phil pursued other artistic avenues and eventually had a rebirth of interest in music when he formed The Swingers in 1980.

In 1981, now resident and working in Australia, The Swingers released a song that had audiences in both Australia and New Zealand "Counting the beat". It featured in Australia in the national top ten for 13 weeks and was a national number one for 3 weeks. "Counting the Beat" went platinum easily and became the biggest selling single in the history of Mushroom records.

Since then Phil appears to have been relatively quiet....that's the kind of guy he is! Except, of course, for his involvement in Starstruck. Phil wrote four of the songs,the incidental music and appeared in the film.

Over the past 12 months he's been working on an album project that's swept him away to many parts of the world. The result of this adventure is a spectacular album called "Private Lives" which is to be released next month.

From this album we're proud to release the first single "Dreamin' away" which was recorded with producer Al Kooper earlier this year at Los Angeles Sunset Studios. It's very much a fun song about lazy days at the beach, blue skies and lilos. A perfect song to bring about the anticipation of Summer.

To accompany this single, a stunning film clip has been made which encompasses all the elements that make Dreamin' Away so accessible-humour,special effects and all the mystique that is Phil Judd.

You'll be swingin away with Dreamin' Away.

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