Mushroom Press Release
September 1983


Phil Judd has shown himself to be a unique artist abounding with talent.

Possessing a somewhat elusive personality, he favours pursuing his artistic ventures without the usual fanfare. However whenever he has chosen to exhibit his talents to the public eye, he has been enthusiastically acknowledged.

He was a founding member of SplitEnz in N.Z. in the early '70s, and created the acclaimed Mental Notes album cover of 1975. His band The Swingers had a national platinum number one hit with "Counting the Beat" in 1981. Phil was also involved in the movie Starstruck, for which he wrote four of the songs, the incidental music and appeared in the film.

During the past 18 months, Phil has been working on his first solo album. This labour of love has taken him to far corners of the world - Auckland, (MandrillStudios,prod. Michael Letho, Phil Judd), Sydney (Alberts Studios, prod. Russell Dunlop, Bruce Brown) and Los Angeles (Sunset Studios, prod. Al Kooper).

Because of the variation, "Private Lives" has not been affected by the usual restraints of time limit, enviroment or personality clashs. It has been, in all manner of speaking, recorded in a totally freeform style.

Phil also painted the cover of "Private Lives".

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