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    updated 7 January 2004

    for those of you having hard times finding that CD, video, book, LP, sheet music, concert ticket, or frenz-related item, here are some stores on the web that might have what you want. all stores are personally recommended by Debbie, your friendly neighbourhood webmistress and/or other frenz fans. companies that were complained about have been removed, so these should be safe, easy, and fun. stores are listed in NO particular order, so we recommend giving them all at least a try.
    any commission received from purchase(s) made via affiliate relationships goes toward's maintenance and evolution. links that connect you via an affiliate relationship are red (for users with current browsers) so that you can use an alternate link if you do not wish for a percentage of your purchase to be given to thanks for your support.

    you may also want to see the merchandise page for what we are selling through this site.

    netCD - NZ store with great prices (in NZD$), easy searching, and super selection. I got "ENZSO 2" here. an extra bargain for those dealing in money stronger than the NZ dollar (ie: US folks can multiply the prices by approximately .53 to see what they'd be paying).

    Whammo - good stuff here. I got "I Can See Clearly" and a few other things here over the years. Greg's prices are listed in AU$ and already have AU sales tax included. international people can deduct the 12% AU sales tax. his shipping costs seem reasonable.

    GEMM - "world's largest music catalog" showing you what over 4,000 sellers have in stock

    Netsounds - "the UK's #1 music market place" or so they claim. :)

    Proxis - a really nice site handling multiple languages and multiple currencies - claims to have over 120,000 items

    Gatefold Records - online store run by a CH/Neil fan

    espirit ( or - these guys seem to have an endless selection. their site is easy to use, and I found that my order came quickly. now their prices are certainly not the best or even "low," but if you've been looking for something for a while and they have it, chances are you might plunk down the extra money to complete your quest. (formerly WMI: World Music Imports) - they seem to have all kinds of rarities like coloured vinyl, every major country's release of any given album, and Japanese box sets. a search for "split enz" reveals sixty-nine items, fifty-three items for Crowded House. so I'd go here for the real find (though I've actually never bought anything here), but prepare to pay for it as their prices are NOT the best around (unless you can't find the item anywhere else on the planet!). - As one fan put it, "They don't have a great collection, but they do have the three new albums with Neil Finn songs for excellent prices and free shipping. I got One Nil and the import version of I am Sam soundtrack (with Neil Finn and Liam Finn singing "Just the Two of Us") for 12.95 each. Seven Worlds Collide was actually only 9.95 US with free shipping to anywhere in the world. These were brand new CD's no Cd-R's or notches, or open packages." books and music - surely you've heard of the largest bookstore on the planet. you can use this affiliate-linked interface to search or click here for the home page without the affiliate code:

    sheet music plus - sells sheet music as well as items for musicians. last I checked, they have a few Crowded House titles.
    [non-affiliate link]

    musician's friend - equipment, software, instruments, accessories, and supplies. I got Cakewalk Pro here.
    [non-affiliate link] seems to be reselling hard-to-find concert tickets. I haven't used them, but let me know how your experience is so I can post that on this page!

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