how do I directly contact musicians like Neil Finn or Tim Finn?

      we do not have contact information for them. you can use the fan club information or send your email c/o Peter Green at he will pass on your message.

    i'm lost. where do i find out about the fan club, email mailing lists, live chat, and other ways to interact with fans?

      that is now all located on the resources page.

    ok, now where'd you put that neat page I heard about... the one with all the links to the best places on the internet to buy music, videos, books, sheet music, and the like?

    where did the audio files go?

    I've moved and I want to make sure the fan club has my current address; to whom do I write?

      you can reach Peter Green, fan club king, at make sure you include your old address so he can find you in his records.

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