how you can submit stuff to sites

    maybe you just LOVE maybe you think it's stinky and needs lots of help. maybe it's none of the above. well, you, yes you, can donate something you may have to to fill in the holes of what the fan club does not give us.

    in general:

    • reviews of albums (from magazines or written by YOU!)
    • reviews of live shows (from magazines or written by YOU!)
    • articles from magazines (online or on real paper)
    • record company/fan club bios and/or press releases

    for the discography database:

    • we need credits, song lists and lyrics for the albums (Schnell Fenster, Phil Judd, Citizen Band, Makers, Swingers, Deadstar, etc). Please send those to

    financial donation:

    You can make a donation of money if you wish. All money goes into the maintenance and improvement of this site. You can use this PayPal link if you want. Otherwise, checks and money orders in US Dollars can be sent to: Debbie Levitt, PO Box 208, Massapequa Park, NY 11762-0208 USA. Many many thanks!!!

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