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    the forum is a web-based threaded discussion area that is like a newsgroup, but does not require any special software or knowledge. Just use your web browser, please follow the policies, and get involved! The forum is broken into sub-forums based on certain people or topics. Please make sure your post is located in the most relevant forum (ie: don't post about Tim's latest solo album in the Soundtracks or Neil Finn solo areas). Posts in the wrong place will be moved, and might be deleted if the moderators of that forum feel that is the best thing for the forum.

    The frenz forum is intended to be a friendly place where music fans are able to discuss the music of Split Enz and related projects, specifically, and other music generally. Discussion on matters which are not related to music or the music of Split Enz and its related projects do not fall within the intentions of this forum, and will most likely be removed.

    the frenz forum is now directly accessible at

    rules (last updated May 2004)

    The following are our rules and are numbered for everybody's convenience.

    1. Non-Music Posts
      1. Members wishing to discuss matters that are not related to the music of Split Enz and related projects specifically or music generally, are referred to alternative forums that cater for their discussion, web logs (such as, and other sources of electronic communication such as email. Members may promote their online journals or blogs from their forum signature as well as in the "Online Journal/Blog URL" field in their profile.
        To faciliate this, we have created a LiveJournal community open to the public. Anybody with a LiveJournal registration may post or reply. Please visit to read or participate. This area will be moderated based on the acceptable use guidelines of LiveJournal and not by the rules of the frenz forum.

    2. Mutual Respect
      1. The most important rule is that of mutual respect. Posts are to be made in the friendly spirit of the board, and the views of other members posting within the spirit of these rules are to be treated as valid. Flaming, provocation, and bickering are not considered to be appropriate in any forum and will be removed.
      2. Due to USA laws about children's access to online content, the board is considered to have a PG rating. As a result, discussions explicitly referring to sexual or drug-related topics are not appropriate and will be removed.

    3. Staying On Topic
      1. The idea of an appropriate thread is one that starts with a particular question or discussion point on a topic of relevance and is continued by additional information or points of view, which develops into a friendly and informative discussion. As a result, each post should be relevant to the sub-forum that it is contained in, and also to the thread that it belongs to. Posts that do not have these relevancies will be moved or removed.

    4. Single Login
      1. Each member of the forum should only be using one login. If the password to this username is forgotten, it should be retrieved via the "forgot password" tool, rather than another account being created.
      2. Duplicate logins deemed by the Administrators to be created by the same person will be removed.

    5. Moderators
      1. The role of Moderators is to facilitate friendly and informed discussion in their own forums based on these rules. This may extend to publicly/privately warning members that their posts do not abide by one of these rules, moving posts that have been posted to the wrong subforum, or removing duplicate posts or posts that have been made in contradiction to these rules.
      2. Moderators are instructed to never edit posts, but to either move or delete them as may be needed.
      3. Disagreements with Moderators' decisions are not on topic in any forum. Threads are deemed to be for the purposes of discussion of music-related matters, and not for discussion of moderating decisions. Members who wish to take issue with the decision made by a Moderator should either contact the Moderator or an Administrator privately. Posts complaining about Moderators' decisions will be removed.
      4. If you see a post that you think should be removed from the forum, please click REPORT POST under that post. That will alert the Administrators as well as the Moderator(s) of that particular forum.

    6. Administrators
      1. The role of Administrators is to ensure the ongoing friendly and informed nature of the entire forum based on these rules. Administrators are responsible for the creation, modification, and maintenance of the forum's rules.
      2. Administrators are always pleased to take suggestions from members regarding these rules, or to discuss their application or interpretation. However, since these rules are the sole responsibility of Administrators, and not based on principles of majority opinion, decisions made by them in relation to rules or their interpretation are final and not open to public discussion.
      3. You may reach the Administrators via email by writing to

    7. Harassment Outside the Forum
      1. If complaints are made to Moderators or Administrators about members harassing other members outside the board, Administrators will turn appropriate information over to Internet service providers and/or appropriate authorities. As this behaviour affects forum interactions, the harasser may receive a forum warning.

    8. All I Ask
      1. The intention of this subforum is to promote discussion about music amongst music enthusiasts and to promote a sense of community among Members. Discussion about Split Enz, its individual members, or related projects are to be posted in the appropriate subforums. The following are on topic for All I Ask:
        1. Music-related discussions, voting, or airplay requests for other bands.
        2. Members looking for others to join or listen to their own band or musical work.
        3. Links to fan websites for music or musicians.
        4. Meet-ups and get togethers for fans.
      2. Posts that are related to neither of these are not on topic at this forum, and Members are referred to different outlets to promote their discussion (as described in the Introduction to the Rules). The following are not on topic for All I Ask:
        1. Non-musical polls and quizzes. Recent examples include "Which Care Bear Are You?" "What Is Your Hobbit Name?" "Finding your inner Nemo," "Who Likes Guacamole?" and "Vote For Your Favourite Model of Car."
        2. Discussions of personal situations and/or preferences such as politics, news stories, charitable causes, hobbies, religion, work, and family. These topics are best for online journals and blogs and do not belong on a music-focused discussion forum.

    9. General Frenz
      1. General Frenz is not the forum where Members should post topics that do not belong anywhere else. General Frenz is for welcoming and introducing new Members, questions about the forum and website, and questions or discussions about the Frenz of the Enz fan club.

    10. Continual Rule Breaches
      1. A "three strike" rule is in force to deal with members who continually breach the rules of the board. Administrators are able to carry out the following:
        1. First Breach: Member is warned privately that his or her behaviour is not in the best interests of the community. The rule number will be cited; for example, Rule 8 is posting something to All I Ask that is not allowed on this forum.
        2. Second Breach: Member is warned privately that his or her behaviour is not in the best interests of the community. The rule number will be cited; for example, Rule 8 is posting something to All I Ask that is not allowed on this forum. The Second Warning serves as the final warning.
        3. Third Breach: Member's registration and any registrations deemed to be created by that person previously or subsequently are permanently deactivated. Member is banned from the forum.


    the forum has two main rules - everything else is really just a variation or flavour of one of these two: mutual respect and staying on topic. If you can match both of these intentions, you'll never find your posts deleted or have any trouble with our moderators. By mutual respect, we mean being allowing/tolerant of the varying opinions you'll surely find, and even though you may strongly disagree with someone, please don't insult them or resort to bickering. Staying on topic is easy... if you are replying to a message, just make sure it's relevant to that discussion. We also strongly suggest that you stay away from political and most personal matters as those just don't seem to fit here. This board has very specific intentions and topics, and if insist on ranting or posting wacky stuff that you find another forum that welcomes or doesn't mind that. We mind it, and we have moderators reading every post in every forum, and deleting what does not belong. Please continue reading so that you can understand the guidelines for participating in this forum.

    the forum is designed as a place for announcements and conversation about past, present, and future projects that involve members of Split Enz, Crowded House, or any groups or projects that include at least one of the following musicians (when posted to the appropriate sub-forum):

      MUSICIANS including Brian "Tim" Finn, Phil Judd, Geoffrey "Noel" Crombie, Anthony "Eddie" Rayner, Paul "Emelyn" Crowther, Jonathan "Mike" Chunn, Geoff Chunn, Wally Wilkinson, Mike Howard,Miles Golding, Robert Gillies, Neil Finn, Nigel Griggs, Mal Green, Paul Hester, Nick Seymour, and Mark Hart.

      BANDS and PROJECTS include: Split Ends, Split Enz, The Mullanes, Crowded House, Noel's Cowards, Schnell Fenster, Brainwaves, ENZSO, Finn Brothers, DeadStar, The Swingers, ALT, Largest Living Things, Deckchairs Overboard, and Betchadupa. Also included are solo and production projects of the abovementioned musicians.

    On-topic posts include:
      ~ questions, answers, announcements, and opinions on songs, albums, musicians, and performances

      ~ announcements of internet resources containing Frenz-related material

      ~ "for sale", "for trade", and "wanted" posts are allowed in the appropriate forum (Wanted/For Sale/For Trades); no CDRs or copies of fan club releases or real record company releases may be advertised or requested in any forum

    Off-topic and inappropriate posts include:
      ~ presentations of multi-level-marketing schemes; offerings of sexual services, materials, or correspondence; ads for cheap or psychic phone service or any product or service not related to Frenz-related musicians.

      ~ posting or attachment of any files or images. Links are allowed, but anyone interested in distributing Frenz-related files will be instructed to send these privately to people who express interest.

      ~ discussion of other musicians, Australasian or not, who have NOT been part of any Frenz-related band or project. this includes your finn-inspired music (unless posted the appropriate forum, All I Ask).

      ~ discussion of peripheral musicians outside of the work they did with Frenz-related members and projects (ie: discussion of Bones Hillman's work in The Swingers is relevant whereas discussion of his time as a bandmember in Midnight Oil is not. However, we believe that mentioning that Bones is in Midnight Oil or that Robert Gillies works for Xena: Warrior Princess is OK since some people may not have known that, and can then pursue Midnight Oil or Xena outside of

      ~ postings about where recorded Frenz-related music was heard (ie: "My local radio station played 'Something So Strong' today.").


      ~ flaming, disrespect, and bickering are completely unwelcome (ie: "Anyone who doesn't like the ALT album obviously doesn't understand it." That type of remark is a no-no.).

    While we expect the list to be social and friendly, we do not want personal posts or threads that are blatantly not about the musicians and their music, ie: "Do you like basketball?" or "Can anyone send me a good guacamole recipe?"

    important notes and additional rules

    • The moderators of this forum have the right to move or delete any message that does not abide by the above policies, is off-topic, or is an accidental repost. If you would like one of your posts removed, and don't know how to do it yourself within the forum, please note its forum and topic and contact
    • As posts may be removed or archived without warning, if you feel your post was a great literary work, please keep your own copy of it. We may not have a copy live on the server or saved in an archive for you later.
    • All public forums are just that, which means people outside of our fan base may have access to any information you've put in your profile including your email address. We are not sharing or selling any information about members to anyone for any reason. But we can't stop someone from picking up your email address from your profile.
    • Each time you post, your IP address is logged. This information will only be used if you do something so awful that we have to contact your internet company to complain about your behaviour or try to find out your real identity.
    • Please make sure your post makes a point, asks a question, answers a question, is informative, or encourages continued conversation. If the moderator can't seem to make at least one of these descriptions fit your post, it will most likely be removed.
    • Do the forum users a favour and name your post something that helps them know what this thread might be about. For example, please don't name your thread, "Walking Through The Runs," if it's not about that song or something relating to that song. If this post is about what Neil looks like while walking in videos, or the "ruins" left behind when Crowded House broke up, calling your post "Walking Through The Ruins" might confuse people.
    • when you use the forum, please be aware that it recognizes HTML (webpage language). so for those of you familiar with HTML, you can include it in the body text of your message. please do NOT use HTML in the name or subject parts of the message.
    • you may use UBB coding, which is similar to HTML yet not, also or instead of HTML

    If there are any problems with this site, please contact
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