where are they now?


    reunited and played Japan December 1998. in limbo land till "the next time."

    brian baker

    was in The Makers with Eddie Rayner. has formed a band in Victoria, Australia, called "Big Head Little Body". this band has a fan club that you can reach at: BHLB Fan Club, PO Box 890, Mount Waverley Victoria 3149, Australia

    noel crombie

    lives in Melbourne with wife Sally and 2 children. Reconstructs sixties cars and creates interesting props for tv shows.

    paul emlyn crowther

    works with The Muttonbirds

    liam finn

    Neil's older son. played on the Try Whistling This album, and also played live with Neil on tour.

    neil finn

    2nd solo cd ONE-NIL released around April 2001. Neil Finn-Once Removed tour-photo book now available world wide. check our site or his site for more info.

    tim finn

    currently promoting his follow up cd to Say It Is So, "Feeding The Gods." Tim, wife Marie, and son Harper now live in NZ.

    robert gillies

    special effects - armour/weapons technician for Lord of the Rings movie. worked on American TV shows shot in Kare Kare, NZ: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.

    nigel griggs

    lives in Melbourne amongst his cats and veggies.

    mark hart

    lives in Los Angeles. will be releasing his first solo cd "Nada Sonata" through PSB Records late July 2001. it contains 12 songs.

    paul hester

    has a new baby girl called Olive. Producing young bands at his home studio and playing golf. no word on Largest Living Things. possibly a solo cd later on.

    phil judd

    working on the music for TV show Stingers. has a new baby called Peter and a wife named Olivia. actually graced the frenz.com forum for 10 days answering questions and chatting with fans in late May/early June 2001.

    eddie rayner

    lives in NZ. ENZSO II CD released in late 1998. [ENZSO website]

    nick seymour

    spends most of his time in Ireland - is currently back in Melbourne for the month of January (2001). pyoung bands and writing the odd song.

    split enz

    haven't resurfaced since the New Years Eve 2000 concert. some semi-finished songs like "Edible Flowers" are waiting on decisions to be made.

    raewyn turner

    view her online portfolio here.

    andy white

    has a new cd called "Andy White" available now. check his site: http://www.andywhite.com

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